Bukit Batok by election – Miracles are happening

I wrote earlier that God has his plans and this by election appears so. For the non believers, I have changed it to heaven’s will or heaven’s mysterious way of getting something that defies the logic of man. Man proposed, heaven disposed.  As it is, no one would give Chee Soon Juan a chance to get into Parliament after the disastrous GE 2015. No one would think Chee Soon Juan could think of getting into Parliament at least for another 4 years, in 2020. Now, without any notice, without any effort, the door is open, the road to Parliament is beckoning to Chee Soon Juan.

Having said that, it would need a miracle to overturn the result of the last GE in Bukit Batok when the PAP won by 70%. How could this be overturned in a short few months even if the reason for the by election is bad for the PAP. Yes, a miracle is needed if Chee is to get into Parliament. And if God willing, if it is the will of heaven, miracles will happen, now and then.

Actually we have witnessed several miracles in the prelude to this by election. The first of course is the affair and the resignation of a very popular and hardworking PAP MP in David Ong. His resignation was the last thing that anyone and the PAP would expect. David Ong was doing so well, big election victory, all the residents loved him and had kind words for him. All that is history now. His story has turned sour and a liability to the PAP. See how miraculously the picture has changed?

The next miracle came out like a thunderbolt. Who would expect the brother and sister to fight openly over the use of the image of the father for political or other reasons? There was a big campaign, 100 events or more scheduled by popular demand that would be rolled out to commemorate the first anniversary of LKY. This had abruptly been put to a halt. No more, cannot talk about LKY.  If this fight had not broken out into the public domain, it is quite conceivable that LKY would be still fighting for Murali in this by election. Now, it is the PAP and Murali fighting on their own merits. LKY is not going to be there to back up the party or Murali. I regard this as another miraculous event. No one saw it coming, like no one saw this by election coming.

More miracles? God or heaven works in a mysterious way. God or heaven has whispered in the ears of many people in Bukit Batok that Murali is to be the candidate for this by election. Hsien Loong also received the message from heaven. It just came to his mind, that’s what he said in an interview. Normally a message from God or heaven is good, but not to everyone. It is good, to do God’s will, to fulfill God’s plan, like Judas had to betray Jesus for the resurrection to happen, for the scriptures to be fulfilled.

Murali is now the candidate of Bukit Batok. For those who believe in miracles, this is God’s or heaven’s will. The performance of Murali, just another lawyer, has so far been eclipsed by the charisma and presence of Chee Soon Juan and by the PAP leaders speaking on his behalf. Chee has come out better than Murali in all quarters.  There is no question who is the better politician and the better man for Parliament.  Chee is a cut way above Murali. But the PAP has been led to believe that this minority candidate would do a David versus Goliath act, to beat Chee and walk into victory. We would have to see what is God’s plan or heaven’s will after 7 May. This could be another miracle, or would it be according to PAP’s plan, more PAP, more good years?

Another miracle that is emerging is the support the professionals are giving to Chee. More and more professionals are standing up to show their support for this man, the stone that was rejected but became the corner stone for a church to be built. When the professionals made up their minds and joining the SDP in force, it is a statement of defiance against the PAP. They are marching to the SDP camp as has never been seen before. SDP, under the leadership of Chee and Paul Tambyah, is seeing a transformation as the party that is going places.

The biggest of all miracles must be Chee Soon Juan walking into Parliament with the blessing and full support of the people of Bukit Batok. This is a miracle waiting to happen. Without a miracle, without the intervention of God or heaven, Chee is unlikely to win in Bukit Batok. If it is God’s will or heaven’s way, nothing, no one can stop Chee from going to Parliament. If it is not to be, than nothing that Chee and the SDP do will change the situation and PAP will triumph again.

Will there be a miracle on May 7? If it does happen, it would be the end of the old story and the beginning of a new story.


Anonymous said...

Dr Chee Soon Juan will be in Parliament in this by election..it's God's will ( meaning the people of Bukit Batok)..If Dr Chee didn't make it this time, it mean that the "timing" is not right yet. Coming BE the result will be a close one ( maybe a 51%vs47%or even a close 50% fight)

Anonymous said...

Remember, God help those who helped themselves. And Chee Soon Juan was also working the ground very hard in GE 2015, as hard as he is working the ground now.

But why God didn't help Chee Soon Juan in GE 2015, causing Chee to receive only 33.4% of votes, despite all the hard work?

Is there a lot of difference between the Chee Soon Juan of GE 2015 and the Chee Soon Juan now? If not, what makes you think God want to help him now, when God didn't help him earlier in GE 2015?

Anonymous said...

Remember, God help those who helped themselves.
Anon 9:22 am

Tiok. But unlike Chee, PAP help themselves very well, everywhere and every time, and not just during Bukit Batok by election or during elections.

That's why, and with God and smart Sinkies's help, PAP will win Bukit Batok by election. If not 100%, but at least 93% chance this will happen.

Virgo 49 said...

Remember that Bukit Batok was once held by SDP.

So never say never.

SDP and CSJ to Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Never under estimate the stupidity of Singaporeans.
Do you think many millionaires have made their fortune on this fact?

Anonymous said...

Remember that Bukit Batok was once held by SDP.
Virgo 49 9:32 am

If you go back to election history, that was before Chee Soon Juan's time. SDP candidates even got more than 40% votes when Chiam See Tong was SDP Secretary General (SG)

But after Chee Soon Juan became SDP SG, SDP candidates never got past 40% votes, not even with a Presidential material candidate like Tan Jee Say!

So can Chee even get more than 40% votes, let alone win on May 7?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I m a great believer of miracle!

What CSJ needs is not just miracles!

CSJ needs A miracle of all the miracles!

CSJ needs the MOTHER of all miracles to walk into parliament!

Hope this MOTHER'S DAY is CSJ's best present for his mother!

CSJ, SDP, supporters and families had campaigned very very hard.

Please remember.........

天無絕人之路! 天無絕人之路!

做人做事......一定要心安里得! because 人在做天在看! 善有善报!

HE will decide! 人算不如天算! 人是斗不过天的!

All the BEST to CSJ!


Virgo 49 said...

That time Chiam in Potong Pasir

Ling How Doong in Bukit Batok

Both of them heygey heygey unlike CSJ

Kena bully by all government agencies gave up

CSJ different kettle of fish

Those stupid sinkies think aggressive MP dangerous

Need aggressive MP to have results

Not like Wps all sleeping

Anonymous said...

In the last 3 decades, never has an opposition party received so many supporters and endorsements from the professionals. This is a new beginning in SDP.

The force is with the SDP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Kotek. This election isn't a "god" thing lah. It is 100% a PEOPLE thing.

Unfortunately people invariably act against "god", and so they suffer punishment from a wrathful old imaginary angry and jealous son-killing Jew who hides everywhere apparently.

Get that Chee fella into parliament. For once, do the rational thing and vote in the PAP's biggest pain-in-the-ass. The PAP need Chee like JFK needed a hole in the head. 🤓

Chee probably won't change anything, but he will make the PAP gabrak, say more silly shit, thus rewarding the Sheeple 🐑 the opportunity to mock and laugh at The Authority with greater verve and zeal.

God knows the cuntry and its sheeple 🐑 need that. The Sheeple are paying their govt so much 💰 stolen money to run the circus. ThereforeI think it is only proper and right that the sheeple should have the opportunity to laugh at their "servants" with great frequency.

So far, there isn't anyone in Parliament House to make the almost-human PAP 🐒simians dance. Our man Chee can change that by being a willing and able partner to get the govt. to dance...It's SHOWTIME! So...

DANCE MONKEYS, DANCE❗️❗️ (no need to throw money or peanuts, we're paying continuously...plenty)

Anonymous said...

Is it spelt Murali or MuraLee ??
Is it a distant cousin from a long lost branch of the family tree?

Anonymous said...

what a show if Chan Chun Sing were to debate with Dr Chee.

Anonymous said...

Depending on god or believing in god means one does not have to do anything, everything shall be served on a platter.
For Chee Soon Juan to work all these years and still have to depend on BB Voters, it means he is god forsaken thus far.

Good that Chee is not depending on his god and works hard.
Just wish that BB Voters appreciate his toil.

Anonymous said...

The Bukit Bastards will vote like the rest of the Singaporean bastards in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Superstitious folks

depend on miracle.

Tiok bo ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.10 am......

Angry Not! Angry Not!

As the Chinese saying goes........



强求也没有用! 强求也没有用!

Life is like that lah! No choice!


Anonymous said...

If there is god,

there will be no Sin.

Anonymous said...

If I want to give Mura-Lee some free mangoes, where should I go?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should be tired and waried of Wendies and Palmers and

Dishonourable Sons. So Bukit Batok residents please vote wisely and not be influenced

by cheap propaganda of lies, half truths and evil insinuations.

Anonymous said...

If Chee is your man, you will get what you deserve.
If Lee is your man, you will get what you deserve.

The Man of Sin you support

Anonymous said...

We all known that GOD IS GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Now we shall wait and see who can walk on the waters of siao gui lin. the one who can walk on waters must be the anointed one?

Anonymous said...

Miracles my foot. The Singaporean cowards will vote PAP again and CSJ will lose again.
It will be much better for CSJ to emigrate to Australia and become a loyal citizen and defender of Australian freedom and democracy.

CSJ is waiting his time and talents on Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Right. Bukit Batok voters, this is your last chance to keep Chee Soon Juan here. Another defeat would probably send him packing and not to waste his time in serving Singaporeans. Do your best to keep him in Singapore by voting him into Parliament.

Now is the time. It is now or never.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Behold...The Punisher

Anonymous said...

Wow !
Redbean invoking the scripture.
Embracing the christian doctrine ?

Anonymous said...

There is no truth in the Christian doctrine however, the book is apocalyptic. What do you think?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some will believe the book, some will know. Some will believe in everything, some will not.

Heaven will know.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I believe the pages from Holey Babble makes lousy toilet paper. The paper they use doesn't grab and remove the shit from your asshole as effectively as regular toilet paper.

I have not tried ass-wiping with the Quran, simply because I don't want to offend Muslims, due to their lack of humour about their faith.