Bukit Batok By election – Just one reason

There is really just one reason for the Bukit Batok voters to think about. Do they believe that it is a good thing for too much political power to reside in one political party or one person?

Think about it, too much power in one person or one party will lead to abuses of power and corruption of power. The PAP already has absolute power in Parliament with 81 out of 89 seats. This is overwhelmingly more than the two third majority needed to do anything it wants, including changing constitution and writing new laws. Is this too much power given to a political party to wield freely with no means of controlling or moderating the party should it decide to implement policies that are unpopular or not what the people want? We have seen many policies that are detrimental to the country and people. To the PAP they are good policies but to the people they are bad but the people could not do anything about them as absolute power is in the hands of the PAP.

Do the people of Bukit Batok want to give more power to the PAP by voting in another PAP MP? Is this a wise and sensible thing to do?  Voting in another opposition MP can only do good and no harm to the country and people. There will be another alternative voice for the people in Parliament, to speak for the people, not to speak against the people, not to ignore the people and the concerns of the people.

For this reason alone, to dilute the absolute power of the ruling party, the people of Bukit Batok must vote for Chee Soon Juan, vote for the SDP, for the good of country and people.  It is absolutely silly and stupid to put all the power in one party and in one person. Anyone telling you this is good is insulting your intelligence, taking you as a fool. In a democracy, political power of the people must be balanced to offer checks and balance. Too much power in one political party, even in a democracy, is not much different from a dictatorship.

Vote wisely, vote for your interests, for your own good. Protect yourself and your children with more opposition representative in Parliament. 82 MPs of one party in a Parliament of 89 is simply too much and too dangerous for the good of the people and country. Voting for more opposition representation is voting for an insurance policy, to protect the people’s interest.

Put aside all the arguments, about personalities, about what they can or cannot do for you. Put aside all the upgrading, all the facilities. It is not about Chee or Murali.  It is not about the PAP or SDP. It is about interest and well being of the people. There is a bigger and more important issue, a more balanced Parliament with more representatives from the opposition camp to check on an over represented ruling party.


virgo49 said...

Wah, Mr RB you should represent SDP for tonite telly telecast to appeal to the voters of Bikit Batok.

Think many will be moved by your passionate appeal.

Unless the PAP is giving some special GST monies to the voters on behalf of the taxpayers.

Think BE bye erection no telly broadcast.

Anonymous said...


Wah, like that no hope lah, I mean for Chee, if Chee is hoping to capitalise on the spat between the Lee siblings.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the chances of Dr Chee Soon Juan winning BB BE is now as good as Dr Lee Wei Ling joining SDP.

Anonymous said...

They are sending a well versed scribe to screw the buttocks and here you are talking to buttocks? You not afraid they fart in your face? LoL

Anonymous said...

Wah, like that no hope lah, I mean for Chee, if Chee is hoping to capitalise on the spat between the Lee siblings.
May 05, 2016 11:39 am

Don't be daft.
Elections are won by persuading the majority of Singaporeans.

Who the fuck cares whether Lee Wei Ling supports CSJ or not?
- Lee Wei Ling will help you when you are unemployed is it?
- Lee Wei Ling dies is her business. We die is our business.
- You think Lee Wei Ling will invite you to live in Oxley Road if you are homeless?

Anonymous said...

A butt people always looking forward to be pampered to in the rear. The spirit is wiing but the butt is weak.

Anonymous said...

The spirit is willing butt the itchy buttock people are weak. Doesn't matter who screw them so long as they go behind their backs

Anonymous said...

do you think that the voters of BB care about national issues

do you think that the voters of BB care about how many PAP MPs vs opposition MPs

do you think that the voters of BB will be sending CSJ into parliament on 7 may

if yes......you are not alone, you are not alone

there are many many people outside BB hoping for a miracle to happen on 7 May.

there are many many people outside BB praying for CSJ to "squeeze" into parliament

as I had stressed before.....now, only HE can help CSJ to do just that

to "squeeze" into parliament

all the best to CSJ, SDP, supporters and families


Anonymous said...

The whole thing began when someone by the name of Lee Wei Ling and also a doctor signed the petition. And they thought it was PM Lee's sister.

And PM Lee's sister could have just simply denied it and full stop. But she went further to comment negatively on Chee Soon Juan. Poor Chee Soon Juan, and coming so close close to polling day.

Anonymous said...

Whether CSJ character change or not? Whether CSJ come out many ideas to tackle BB issues or not? Whether CSJ can run TC or have many supporters or not? The ruling party PAP will still win ...case close ..CSJ need to try harder next time or retire...BB voters have already decided prior to CSJ coming..reason ( BB want a peaceful & amicable good relationship with the ruling party & the one that can solve their issues & needs)...WA...not fair u all may say...back to work la...

Anonymous said...

CSJ need to try harder next time or retire...
Anon 12:34 pm

For sure CSJ will try harder until he cannot try, because "retire" is not in his vocabulary. Or else he would have retired long ago.

Anonymous said...


What is the outreach of your blog and articles?

How much influence is your blog going to impact upon the already-brain-dead daft sinkies?

Will it (your article) make even a dent in the Bull-Dozer Armoured Vehicle of the PAP, driven by a "Dishonourable Son" who "has no qualms to abuse his power"?

Do you think Bukit Buttock voters are any different from all other voters in Singapore?

Do you think Puki Buttock Voters care whether their Ex-MP from the PAP went around committing adultery with one of his constituent's wife?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Folks, you have only a few days left. So stop fucking around.

Singapore (i.e. us, the people and the sheeple) parliament desperately needs a "Punisher" to shake up the status quo o one-party absolute power.

Hand this role to Chee. Give the dude a chance, and gauge his performance. Don't pre-judge his abilities or lack thereof...you need to send this fella into the breach, and then see if he is up to "bringing it ON" .

Chee SJ could be our nation's version of "The Punisher".

'Sic vis pacem, para bellum': 'If you want peace, prepare for war'.

Stop fucking around and over-ANALysing this thing. Send this man---the people's choice---to parliament.

Anonymous said...

Wise BB voters can made Bukit Batok another Anson

Virgo 49 said...

Salute Matilah for his persuasive oratory.

Now must go Bukit Batok last day liao and persuade lao unckos and aunties to vote wisely.

If unckos and aunties see see must vote PAP, then follow Marksman Lee's style.

Tell unckos aunties, if you don't want Chee Soon Juan, then you must mark the cross next to Chee Soon Juan's face and party logo.

This is ton show that you voted PAP, your SAVIOUR and ATM machine from the peoples.


Anonymous said...

History do repeat itself

In diff setting n peple.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong and Goh Chok Tong, without the Dead Old Man around, are no match for Chee Soon Juan, inside or outside the Parliament.

The other members of the PAP are even worst, especially the new Paper Generals who sneaked into Parliament through the easy back doors with Security Guards holding their hands.

Therefore, the PAP present Leedership, with the stooges such as Grace Fool and Halimah Yaya , and even The Tar-Man, will go all out to hit below the belt to ensure that Chee Soon Juan does not go into the Parliament.

This BB Chee-Bye (or By) Erection (or Election) is caused by a Chee-by and a Lan-Jiow that could not control their sexual desires and went screwing behind the back of their own spouses and disgraced themselves, their children and their political party PAP and destroyed their own political careers, AND ALSO DISGRACED ALL SINGAPOREANS.

This above fact, all the voters of Bukit Batok must always bear in mind when they go to the Voting Centres on May 7,2016.

May 7, 2016 - This fateful day must not become just an ordinary voting day. This fateful day should be recorded down in the History of Singapore forever that Singaporeans can stand up to the occasion when Morality Is Called Into Question by the Present Leadership, thereby teaching our future generations an Extremely Important Lesson, i.e.

Such Immoral Practice must be CONDEMNED and not be allowed to Freely Win the Day. If it does, then Singaporeans have no place to hide their faces wherever they go in the Future.

Thia is the crucial time YOU STAND UP FOR SINGAPORE, instead of stand up to condone BLATANT ADULTERY!

Anonymous said...

RB's articles are carried in TRE, the Singapore News Alternative, the Singapore Daily and a few other aggregators. The reach is more than just in this blog.

Anonymous said...

A Vote for the PAP Mulari is a vote for David Ong, therefore it means a Vote to condone Adultery by leaders who are supposed to look after their constituents instead of going around facking their constituents' wives.

A Vote for the SDP Chee Soon Juan is not only a VOTE TO DISAPPROVE ADULTERY BY LEADERSHIP CADRES, but also means:

1. Singaporeans have matured and become wiser, to be able to dismiss gutter politics for a better Singapore.

2. Bukit Batok Voters are not daft and stupid as some people would like to think they are.

3. Bukit Batok Voters are able to STAND UP TO BE COUNTED for Righteousness and Morality.

4. Bukit Batok Voters are not easily persuaded by offerings of material gains dangling in the air above their noses by the PAP's cunningness.

5. Singaporeans are not afraid to vote against the incumbent ruling party when the need arises. (This is the Moment that need has arisen.)

Anonymous said...

Chee is performing in BB BE. I hope Chee can look beyond the results in BB. He should establish SDP in the west. In order to achieve this, he must do it personally and be seen around within the legal limits.

The west part is an open area with RP and SDP, also some ex nsp now ppp, running around sometimes here sometimes there. Voters do not take them seriously that they really want to be a mp. Chee s show with 3 rallies so far, and his composed posture is refreshing on opposition camp.

Chee must not look at the results if he loses, and go to Yishun the next election. He will never make it that way.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the bookie's current market "han-cheng" betting index?

There are many experts with lots of forecasts.

One of them I heard over today's lunch is very very surprising!

Don't know real or not?

Anonymous said...

There exists a big flaw in this argument that the peoplr cannot do anything ad the regime is overwhelmingly from one party.



virgo49 said...

Anon 2.30

SDP 50.1% PAP 49.9%

Recount till 3am. Three times.

Still SDP 50.1% PAP 49.9%.

LEE SIAN TOW SAID PRESIDENTIAL Election must have minority candidate in rotation.

Heads they win tails also they win.

Anonymous said...

SDP 50.1% PAP 49.9%
virgo49 2:41 pm

If that can happen, Chee, and with Prof Paul Tambyah in his GRC team some more, would not have received only 33.4% votes in GE 2015, and against an unpopular PAP opponent as Vivian Balakrishnan.

Even Presidential material Tan Jee Say as SDP candidate also could not get past 40% in GE 2011. And in case you not aware, in GE 2011, all WP candidates got more than 40% votes!

It would be a miracle if Chee can even get past 40% votes, let alone win.

Only those who don't know and don't understand Singapore politics will say Chee has chances of winning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe to Chee, if can win, good lah, if cannot, also doesn't matter. Because life goes on, political work goes on, even if cannot win. If not, he won't be in this for more than 20 years!

Anonymous said...

Chee is naive or worst dumb as a blind bat, together with his supporters
Seriously, if you can't win outside of parliament you will certainly not win in parliament because you need to lower yourselves to pigs level to get into parliament and to stay in parliament

Anonymous said...

A word of advice to the IBs.
Please think of what you are saying and doing before continuing with what you are doing.
Are you doing it for the good of the country and people or doing it blindly to support something you don't understand?

virgo49 said...

Anon 3.36

Don't be so coxk sure thAt PAP bao Chiak. Man proposes Heaven disposes. Old records REdundant.
Now new economy restructuring and reappointment of opposition MP.
See Two I clock heavy downfall.??

Heaven's also fed up that want to punish PAP.

We shall see on May 07 and Happy Mother's Day to CSJ for stepping into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Chee said in cna: "He described the situation as “serious”, citing the relocation of oil companies McDermott, Technip and Subsea to Kuala Lumpur, and the Al-Futtaim Group signaling their intent to close some of its stores in Singapore."

I think Chee hs not over exaggerated. Will Singapore gic take over Robinson group if Al futtain close it?
Oil companies move to KL, will ST will start to do oil companies business, similar to telco like Singtel?

Singapore govt can sell properties, do retails, do banks, do telco, operate shopping malls also do hawker center business.

But the people are indebted to hdb, banks like dcs, buy things from mtcu, rent shops from capitalend. Indebted? prices adjusted up by 100-200%.

So far 80% of gdp household debts has achieved in sg. Few years down the road, household debts will be 100% or over of gdp.

Jobless? They will have to stop paying debts and apply bankruptcy. If there are many, banks will also close shops.

Salary will be the same for life time as govt will hire pmet from india, philippines and 3rd world, debts will be increasing among pmet citizens when jobless cases increase.

Its true, people should receive the outcomes from voting for the govt. Hope pap can be in power for another 50 years to screw these voters harder.

Anonymous said...

"Its true, people should receive the outcomes from voting for the govt."
Anon 3:59 pm

So how? Vote opposition who is not even ready to be govt, let alone can do a better job than the PAP govt?

Sometimes one has to make a choices between the lesser of 2 evils, as not to have a govt is also not an option.

Anonymous said...

This country is dirty as hell

Anonymous said...

To CSJ, SDP, Supporters & Families.

A campaign well fought!

All the BEST! All the BEST!


Anonymous said...

In saving Sin, they go deeper into Sin

Anonymous said...

U sounded smart from the words u said:"opposition who is not even ready to be govt" .

U must, not only u should vote for PAP. U must also teach your children to be smart to vote for PAP.

When the uneducated voters in 1959, they got screwed by dirty Lim Yew Hock govt, they voted for PAP. These people got what they wanted too.

I hope the familee will rule PAP and will last for another 50 years, then the whole of household debts will reach may 300% of GDP. Smart voters need more screw from the same govt. Vote PAP, dont change it or u will lose out.

Anonymous said...

In trying to win by going down so low into the gutter to assassinate Chee Soon Juan and SDP members,

once again the PAP is actually pointing three other fingers back at itself,

1) directly reminding the Bukit Backside Voters again about the adulterous character of David Ong and Michael Palmer,

2) indirectly showing their own negative character traits by not honoring their own words and principles,

3) directly reflecting their own lack of confidence being the power-that-be, despite having the support of the whole gigantic government machinery, the PAP-controlled mass medias, the Peoples' Association, the NTUC and also PAP's own immense party logistics, infrastructure and membership.

Anonymous said...

The family closing rank lah. Don't underestimate blood ties or the corrupted DNA

Anonymous said...

In 1959, the population of Singapore was only 1.3 million.
The pioneers of Singapore-Today voted for the PAP to take over power from the then Lim Yew Hock's government
because those voters were screwed from behind by Lim Yew Hock and his Government.
Those pioneer voters were mostly UNEDUCATED but they were smart, and had the GUTS to change the course
of Singapore's History.

Today, in the year 2016, after 57 years, the population of Singapore is 6 million (with 3 million parasitic foreigners living off the wealth and prosperity created by the Pioneers).

The present voters have been screwed from left, right, centre and behind, not once but many
times, in multiple small and big measures (especially their CPF, jobs, housing, education and health care)

BUT they continue to vote for the Pigs of the Animal Farm. Tragic!

That shows, although they are more well-educated, they are actually NOT SMARTER THAN THEIR UNEDUCATED FORE-FATHERS.

And of course, it also reflects that they simple have NO GUTS to CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY.

That is why Pigs continue to rule the Animal Farm, known as SIN City or SIN-GAP-O-R-E.

This is the sad sad story of a People Who Has No Guts, No Balls, No Color, No Brain, living like zombies,
with their brains dead and their balls castrated. Pathetic!

Having this kind of colorless, ball-less people forming 70 percent of the voters, DO You think your NSF and NS Men can defend Sin-gap-or-e against an external invasion either from Malaysia or Indonesia?


WILL THEY BE WILLING TO DEFEND THE COUNTRY for whatever reasons or motivation?

Even if they are stupid enough to want to defend the country, HOW EFFECTIVE WILL THEY BE?

Therefore, it is only a matter of time before you sing a different NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Anonymous said...

Lesser of two evils and a lot of bodohs and self seeking elites mouths staffed with silver coins

Anonymous said...

"DO You think your NSF and NS Men can defend Sin-gap-or-e against an external invasion either from Malaysia or Indonesia?"
Anon 6:21pm.

Defend what? more than 80% gdp household debts (from ft.com, 2014 sg 77%)is about S$300billions. If can run off with the debts and let it fall, there is not need to pay the debts anymore. Let go is the option.

Smart and educated cannot let go because they dont want to be bankrupt. At war, their option is to run off, let the banks take over the debts and also the assets: to be bombed into rubble.

virgo49 said...

Happens to scroll thru for CSJ live speech and happens to read Kee Chiu same old propaganda creating fear that watchers from outside the results of the election.

Hello CCS, the watchers are the unemployed trashes waiting to pounce on Singaporeans ricebowls not investors kudoh.

Singapore still dependable on foreign investments to sustain its economy after 53 years of Nation building? ?

What a shame. We should be leaders in investing in other countries with the WEALTH created by our people.

Not vice versa. We are in the year 2016 NOT 1959/65.

CSJ wins Bikit Batok, all companies shifted away??

With their billions dollars investments in sinkieland??

Don't use scares tactic of LKY to scare the voters.

Old tactic out of date. Anyway nothing much to lose with so much unemployment of Its citizens but with a new voice beings hope rather than have parrots and err kow in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Urgent urgent. Pl read.

The report of MOM stated “local employment increased marginally by an estimated 100 in 2015, after growing strongly by 96,000 in 2014″.
What a complicated statement!
Two ways to interprete,
2013 new jobs created(absolute nett of retrench etc) 100,000 (example)
2014 new jobs created(absolute nett of retrench etc) 196,000
2015 new jobs created (absolute nett of retrench etc) 196,100
2013 exact jobs existing. 100,000 (example)
2014 exact jobs existing 196,000
2015 exact jobs existing. 196,100
It is not easy to interpret correctly. I would have thought the 2nd interpretation is more obvious, leading to the conclusion only 100 jobs were created in 2015. I dont think Dr chee was trying to twist the statistics . As with many govt documents, it is hard to figure out (try going to cpf web hahaha).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

1. Singapore is a NET EXPORTER of capital...i.e. it is a money lender.

2. Even if the state did not take in any tax/ GLC revenue, there's enough reserves to last 20+ years.

Anonymous said...

American Sheep Awakens ... Singaporean sheep, not so much

... one single number: $55,191.
That was median household income, adjusted for inflation, in June 2015, the month Trump declared he was running for the Republican presidential nomination.

That number is neither good nor bad on its own, but when you compare it with a second number, the problem becomes clear. In January 2000, median household income was $57,371, which means when Trump declared his candidacy, the buying power of the typical family had fallen 4% during the prior 15 years.

There are now nearly 13 million more U.S. jobs than there were in 2000, for instance, but if median household income is essentially the same, that’s de facto evidence that many jobs pay less than they used to.
Housing and financial net worth are indeed at or near new highs, but if the gains are clustered among the wealthy that doesn’t tell you anything about the fortune of the middle or lower classes.


virgo49 said...

Twenty odd years back Sin with Korea, Taiwan and not so prominently .uk were labelled as the Tigers of Asia.

Not after these dud no foresight , no hindsight millionaire ministers took over the reins, Sin is now the pushy cat of Asia.

Taiwan got.its HTC and Korea got Samseng, oops Samsung. Brand names of their innovation. What Sin got??

Dirty brand names of having thousands of pinoy / prc performing artists cum prostitutes and casino monies for those unsavoury tourists.

By now Sin should have brand names that equalled these countries. Twenty odd years the PRC came to learn our HDB construction of flats. My ex HDB friend in the construction sector told me that they can tell Sinkie arrogantly so-called teams ways of better constructing techniques and quantity and quality calculations mentally.

Their mathematics are superb better than the genius straight A-s parrot rote learning PM.

Now China build better flats and townships than Singapore. Their construction sectors earned foreign exchange back unlike sin builds internally and considered this as a sector of the enconmy.

The Temasek SF should be creating jobs for Singaporeans as the PMETs managing the imported labours instead of vice versa. Still like in the 60s with. DR GOH lowering ourselves for foreign investors exploiting and bread crumbs thrown at us mostly uneducated work force.

These Ministers cannot even gauge what sunset and ailing and promising industries. Still depend on PSA- Please Suck Again as entreport port??

Now most container quay cranes Hormat Senjenta at Keppel and Brani terminals. Shipping in doldrums and Nonok NOL sold.

With these no foresight, no hindsight, no backsides in charge, sinkieland is doomed. Botak, goldfish eyes talk only. HAVE ex policeman to take charge of education. Seow, kongcum.
Our economy just fleece our citizens with the high cost of COEs.
Hdb, ERPs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

More paper money does not mean more buying power.

$30,000 once could buy a 5 rm flat. Today you would need to cough out at least $500k to buy a 5 rm flat. The buyer power has been eroded by inflation, price jacking and profiteering and clever accounting.

virgo49 said...

Sorry, should be HK not .uk
Pussy Cat not pushy cat.

Computer tried to be smart.