Bukit Batok By Election –The inexplicable happened again

The results of the last GE floored every academics, pundits and political watchers in Singapore. It was too good to be true. The only new variable was the Lee Kuan Yew effect. But this would not cause such a huge swing of votes, across the board to the PAP. It was unbelievable and inexplicable. I do not subscribe to the idea that Singaporeans are daft and blindly voted for the PAP. I believe they have been doing just the opposite but for some reason or reasons, the votes did not show up this change in the voting pattern.

The inexplicable happened again in this by election. There was no Lee Kuan Yee effect to talk about. But the votes in favour of the PAP are again difficult to believe. They mystery deepens. Unless this mystery is solved, the results of future elections would be in the same pattern, strongly in favour of the PAP and no one is wiser.

Let’s look at the cards objective like all academics and analysts would do before the election. What were on the table? There was an affair involving the MP that led to his resignation. 10% swing against the PAP would be on the card on this indiscretion.

It was a by election, there was no fear of PAP not forming the govt. Another 10% swing for the opposition. Chee Soon Juan was gaining more credibility and support from the people despite the character assassination. Not many people would be moved by the pile of shit thrown over him. He would pull 10% of the votes to his side.

Murali was a minority candidate. If one believed in the PAP’s mantra on minorities, 10% swing would go the Chee way. These would add up to 40% swing in favour of the SDP.

What were favourable to Murali? Nothing. Murali was nothing exceptional. He was not touted as a minister material. His 16 years in Bukit Batok was only known to the grassroots working with him, not to the ordinary residents. He was an unknown compared to Chee, a national and international figure with a lot of class, charisma and leadership quality, a fighter for the last 20 plus years. Who was Murali? Murali was a minnow against an established name in Chee Soon Juan. There was no comparison in the two. Could not think of Murali getting any swing votes to his favour. 0% swing!

The only likely swing to favour him was the minority votes. In PAP’s thinking, voters would vote along ethnic lines, not my view. So Murali might get 5% swing in his favour from his ethnic group. The majority would vote colour blind and their votes splitted equally.

The goodies and programmes were non issues and neutral as the SDP too came out with a big list of things they would want to do for the people.  In fact the SDP was leading the charge with new programmes that the PAP was trying to keep up with.

There were some suggestions that the voters would think very deeply about this and that. Bull shit. Only a small minority of voters would spend sleepless nights weighing the pros and cons and the consequences of their votes. Many would vote on first instinct, on very simple and superficial reasons. This would not be in favour of Murali on any count. Chee had the novelty and maverick effects in his favour.

On balance the SDP already won before the election started. Now the result is known and Murali won 61%. How so? How could he garner the 61% votes? It defies all logical and objective reasonings. The PAP gang of ministers speaking for him were wishy washy and should not have much impact.  They were beating to a dead beat.

And they were speaking to their converts in the rallies. How many people really attended the PAP rallies other than the grassroots and supporters and those that went there for free chicken rice? Excluding these groups, hardly a single soul bothered to attend a PAP rally. This is a very significant development in the politics of Singapore. The PAP has lost the audience. It is not connecting with the people. The people did not bother to listen to the PAP anymore.

The big question, how to justify the 61% win by Murali and the PAP given the above scenario and factors? It is as good as fiction. There was no by election effect, no marital affair effect, no Chee effect, no minority effect, negligible negative effect to the PAP.  In this uptight island ran like a church, that any small indiscretion would be scorned upon, how could there be no impact when there was a marital affair involving an MP and a grassroot member?

What is the mystery behind this result and the results of the GE? All the academics, statisticians and political observers must be scratching their heads asking the same questions. There is something that is beyond all logics, something that they could not understand. The crowds that went to the hills to listen to Chee did not go there to be entertained. They were serious minded people wanting change. They were there to support change and they saw in Chee as the change agent.

Until this riddle is resolved, the PAP camp seemed to have a 10% to 15% advantage from the word go and any opposition party wanting to score a marginal win must have a solid 15% advantage to just scrap through. The 15% is just to square the playing field. This is a very tough odd to beat.

In my view, statistically Chee won, but for some unknown factors he lost.  Blame the voters because they were daft? No, it is not so simple. The people are not daft just because they were called daft, just like Chee is not mad just because some people said he is mad.

What do you think?  I am still trying to figure out what is this X factor.


Anonymous said...

(Google "eli eli" if you don't get it)

Anonymous said...

He shalt rise on the third day.

Anonymous said...

What were favourable to Murali?

Who do you prefer to write your appeal letters to govt agencies, Murali or Chee Soon Juan?

RB, hope that settles your question. Just like the 61%, u are not daft, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Just like the 61%, u are not daft, tio bo?
Anon 8:49 am

Ya lor, what so inexplicable happened in the Bukit Batok by election?

agongkia said...

Haha.I know what Uncle RB is trying to say.

Anonymous said...

RB, don't say now, but why you didn't join SDP or the opposition in your younger days to contest elections?

I find this inexplicable too.

Virgo49 said...

See Caesar Milan to the Rescue.??

See How Thais can controlled a mammoth Elephant??

Sinkies are like the Dogs and Elephants trained and been Rescued by the PAP.

For years, they Voted for the NOOSE to be tied to their necks.

One tug and the noose tightened. You cannot breathe. Let go a bit and with a bit of fresh air, you are beholden to your Master.

The PAP had conditioned that Sinkies must be beholden to them in all fields of control.

From Fantastic slaughtering of your wealth in HDB, COE, ERPS prices.

In licensing you in all jobs and vocations.

In making sure you need their help in any approval for favours.

Sinkies are caught in this net that they have no choice but to vote the Evil Rulers in order to have some gasps of air or die by the tightening of the NOOSE.

Like one bro said. Who you prefer to write appeal letters to govt. agencies.

The PAP MP or Opposition MP??

All these Orr Amm approvals.

Opposition MPs letters of Appeals will go into the shredder or dustbins.

PAP MP just give a bit of reprieve then tightened the noose to make sure that he shall votes us forever.

Just a simple case of my conversation with an aquarium shop owner who has a Vietnamese girlfriend. He told me : What to do, have to vote PAP so their MP more chance for my girlfriend long staying visas to be extended. If Opposition MP, I never see my friend again.

So each election I have to pray that the PAP wins in my Constituency.

There you have it.

Sinkies are now at the mercy of the PAP besides the Elites and their cronies.

They have White Horses status for them to be first in any choice.

So, give up and let them have the fates that they had chose the last fifity years.

Sad sad

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In my younger days, the PAP was working for the people. I was helping a nice gentleman called Ang Kok Peng.

Things changed, people changed, our views changed, good and bad also changed.

Anonymous said...

The X factor in this by-election is quite simple...the ordinary people of BB just want a peaceful & amicable relationship with the ruling govt..they r not daft or fearful...it's simple as that..some say it's status quo..some says it's municipal..whatever it is the people have voted for 1 MP whom they think can work for them...that's it..

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, I think most voters want Chee Soon Juan as MP, but not in their constituency. Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Do not take things at face value. Must look through the veneer of truth.
Always be suspicious, questioning.
Don't be gullible and be really daft.

Anonymous said...

I was helping a nice gentleman called Ang Kok Peng.
RB 9:14 am

Oh I see. I thought you were working in a govt or govt related agency when PAP became "not working" for the people.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB,

Mr Ang Kok Peng in the Delta Constituency?

Previous PAP Ministers and MPs always have the hearts of all Singaporeans.

At that time, we are really vulnerable, desperate and poor.

See Mr Lim Kim San as MND Minister. Works for free as he is rich. See Dr Goh Keng Swee as Defense and Deputy PM. He for the servicemen who served the Nation.

See Mr Hon Sui Sen, The quiet Finance Minister who together with Mr Goh Keng Swee built up the economy.

Now the present lot are mercenary in nature and as the Wealth grew, they also became greedy and start digging at the Goldmines before they are gone.

We can always scooted away in the case Sink ka pore sinks.

Anonymous said...

"What do you think? I am still trying to figure out what is this X factor." - redbean

There is really no mystery.
The answer lies in the mentality of slaves.

“I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.”
- these are powerful words

Do you think it applies to Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

In his 1899 memoir, The End of an Era, former slaveholder John Sergeant Wise expressed the confidence he'd held in his slaves' loyalty:

" Were not the negroes perfectly content and happy? Had I not often talked to them on the subject? Had not every one of them told me repeatedly that they loved "old Marster" better than anybody in the world, and would not have freedom if he offered it to them? Of course they had,—many and many a time. And that settled it. "


Do you think Singaporeans are just like the American Negro slaves?

Anonymous said...

Yet during the Civil War many slaves fled their owners as soon as they could, heading north or wherever "behind Union lines" took them.

Many others could not leave or would not leave without their families, often convinced that the Yankees were their enemies, too.

And, finally, many were loyal to their slaveholders, defending them and their property from raiding Yankees while simultaneously yearning for a Union victory—a dual loyalty unfathomable to most slaveholders, and aptly expressed by Martin Jackson, who accompanied his slaveholder in the First Texas Cavalry: "I wanted [the Yankees] to win and lick us Southerners, but I hoped they was going to do it without wiping out our company."

Here we read selections to illustrate the range of attitude and experience during the war, excerpted from 19th- and 20th-century narratives of formerly enslaved African Americans.


Do you think Singaporeans are just like the confused American Negro slaves when they were first offered freedom?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with you. When daft could not see themselves as slaves toiling away while the masters collecting millions doing you know what....screwing them.

Anonymous said...

I have no difficulty to accept Pap s decline by 12%. Randomly i put lky effect as 6% and CSJ effect as 6%.
Look at BB closely. The smc was t o p around mid 80s. These owners are in 50s and 60s. They are Pap ardent supporters. Have anyone had different view on this group? This group of people voted for Pap. 40s, 30s and 20s are likely to swing to CSJ. Reason: the previous SDP candidate was not their choice candidate.

Csj came into BB is a very short period only. Those in 50s and 60s were influenced by the reminders from the ministers what Csj had done. But to the 30s and below, Csj s shouting at someone was just words to them.

I would speculate that if SDP invite WP to take over the smc against Pap, the votes for opposition might have been 45% or even 51%, depending on which candidate.

Opposition is considered underclass comparing to Pap. Voters are very attracted to the real potent, speak out of mind, yet staying afloat opposition candidate. LTK could survive was a good example. Csj was not. Why? In Hokkien, the voters avoid those "ai sack chui type". Ltk keeps low profile. Not the "ai sack chui type", Csj in the past was the exact type they wanted to avoid. Csj that kind of past baggage has imprinted in those 50s 60s minds. Csj will stand better chance when these old generations fade away in BB.

OR alternatively, Csj must actively make contacts with BB old generations to support them. But that is not something Csj is committed to do. Habis for him, if u take my post seriously. I think Csj has changed in the surface, but inside to help residents or not, he is hesitating. At at of mid 50s, if he shows signs of hesitating in kindness, most people in 50s would interpret such person as failure. Believe me. The chinese are like that. When they are old, they tend to be generous. If someone is not, they can feel it fast. Its time for Csj to completely give up politics. He cannot get votes by talking on stage to win young voters while old voters cannot shake away his old baggage. Habis if an opposition has such image.

Anonymous said...

Blacks Loved Slavery and Regretted Its End

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2014



/// ... I suppose I just took it for granted that blacks would have preferred freedom over slavery, and the whole thing was a bit unfair to them. Now that I have come across this information, it makes perfect sense that they would have felt comfortable and satisfied living as slaves.

Clearly, as slaves, they had things that they never would have had otherwise.
For one, they had a stable family structure.
They were treated like children – but children that were loved, a part of the family – and the masters made sure that they married and stayed together.
They were also given order, and knowledge of the joys of a hard days work.
The comfort that they had living in houses built by Whites was something they never would have had if they hadn’t been slaves.

... some folks got the idea to go down to the South and record the narrative of the last living slaves, and George P. Rawick compiled these narratives into a 19-volume collection called The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography.

These are excerpted from that work.

Patsy Mitchner, age 84 when interviewed on July 2, 1937:

Before two years had passed after the surrender, there was two out of every three slaves who wished they was back with their marsters. The marsters’ kindness to the nigger after the war is the cause of the nigger having things today. There was a lot of love between marster and slave, and there is few of us that don’t love the white folks today.

Slavery was better for us than things is now, in some cases. Niggers then didn’t have no responsibility; just work, obey, and eat.

Anonymous said...

Blacks Loved Slavery and Regretted Its End (Con't)


LBetty Cofer, age 81:

The rest of the family was all fine folks and good to me, but I loved Miss Ella better ’n anyone or anything else in the world. She was the best friend I ever had. If I ever wanted for anything, I just asked her and she give it to me or got it for me somehow.

I done lived to see three generations of my white folks come and go and they’re the finest folks on earth.

Adeline Johnson, age 93:

That was a happy time, with happy days.

I’ll be satisfied to see my Savior that my old marster worshiped and my husband preach about. I wants to be in heaven with all my white folks, just to wait on them and love them, and serve them, sorta like I did in slavery time. That will be enough heaven for Adeline.

Mary Anderson, age 86:

I think slavery was a mighty good thing for Mother, Father, me and the other members of the family, and I cannot say anything but good for my old marster and missus, but I can only speak for those whose conditions I have known during slavery and since. For myself and them, I will say again, slavery was a mighty good thing.

Simuel Riddick, age 95:

My white folks were fine people.

I haven’t anything to say against slavery. My old folks put my clothes on me when I was a boy. They gave me shoes and stockings and put them on me when I was a little boy. I loved them, and I can’t go against them in anything. There were things I did not like about slavery on some plantations, whupping and selling parents and children from each other, but I haven’t much to say. I was treated good.

Sylvia Cannon, age 85:

Things sure better long time ago then they be now. I know it. Colored people never had no debt to pay in slavery time. Never hear tell about no colored people been put in jail before freedom. Had more to eat and more to wear then, and had good clothes all the time ’cause white folks furnish everything, everything. Had plenty peas, rice, hog meat, rabbit, fish, and such as that.

jjgg said...

RB ..what is X factor ah...is it publicising the arrests of terrorist cells in Singapore...3 days before election?....what happened to all the terrorists now?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans are just like the American Negro slaves?

Do you think we love slavery?
Do you think we like to be told what to do all the time ... just like a slave?

Anonymous said...

If they put David back for the by election he will re elected .

I talked to one of the hawkers in the market n this just what he said.

My business is very good , so many people. Government policy of increasing the population

Is good. Now , try talking to the coffee shop owners , neighbor provision stores

etc they extended their displays so much outside they r so happy because business is good

Do u think these people will vote for opposition. Like these what else can I say.

Anonymous said...

We are finished at the way things go. Next election results: 90 PAP - 0 OPPO. WP will be finished too. WHY? OPPO facing a machinery. Like AR 15 against a nest of GPMG guns. We were like dragons, but sad to say we have been reduced to WORMS.

Anonymous said...

How much more contact you want Chee to contact the voters?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:42am
AR15? That is the american version? I dont think Pap can get 90.

Voters in Singapore are practical. Eg in BB, there is no social issues. Overall, there is unemployment along the factories nearby. Almost all the factory building are emptied. This is the beginning. Last year, those buildings were used. So David husband made the complaint too early. If he makes the complaints 12 months later, the votes for BB will be far worst for Pap.

That is the point i drive at. There is no magic for Pap present ministers to create employment to get employers to hire the residents nearby in BB smc. No new ideas, no new industries are willing to settle here. No here means msm did not report about new industries or investors. The trend can tell: next 4 years before 2020GE is going down hill.

U expect the voters will not react to the poor economic results and they all vote for Pap with 90% support? Not likely.

U should look at each day each month as a new reality. It is no longer the old Pap days where foreign investors find Pap and sg are good partners for business. The rental is too high.
Hiring the 3rd world pmet is not going to help their business. Its proven. So Pap is caught on the hard rock now. U think voters in sg going to listen to their explanations if they are hungry? Many families are paying high hdb installments and high coe cars. There is no time to think. If Pap cannot do, then they will vote for opposition to punish Pap.

That might explain the 12% swing in BB, at least some % is inside the swing. The Pap candidate is a grassroot known to many residents cos he had more than 10 yrs there. Yet the result is only 61%, not 73%. U can see the trend is going down.

Anonymous said...

CSJ said these words to his children at the BB final rally.......

we don’t ruin others in order to rise up.......
we don’t step on others dreams just to fulfill ours.......
we don’t ridicule others for not being like us........

worth repeating here......


Anonymous said...

Chinese slaves do not understand the need for diversity of opinions in parliament.
Single mothers and their sons.
Single mothers not allowed to "apply" for new subsidized HDB flats.
But the sons have to serve National Service.

Only SDP speaks up for them.
Not PAP.
Not WP.

The British can give democracy to the Chinese slaves.
But Chinese slaves do not know how to use the instruments of democracy to create a better lives for ourselves.
Just like a monkey does not know how to use a can opener to open up canned food.

It's better for Singapore to return back to the British Empire.

Anonymous said...

To CSJ, SDP & Supporters,

拿的起 放的下!



加油! 加油! 加油!

Anonymous said...

RB you're the one that is stupid and know nothing of human psychology.

It's so obvious that CSJ will lose. Sinkies still don't trust or like him. Plus it is so easy for PAP ministers & state-controlled propaganda to bad mouth CSJ character.

It was only a matter of how badly he will lose. I had predicted Chee 35% and PAP 65%.

If SDP had fielded Paul Tambyah instead then SDP will have 50:50 chance.

Anonymous said...

Eh ass 11:59. If you know, why don't you say it before the result.
You are more powderful than God. You know everything.

Give me your name and I will recommend you to be the Special Adviser to the PM.

Anonymous said...

Chinese slaves deserved to be slaves. They have slave mentality. They are so happy to be slaves as long as they get their 3 meals. Freedom is not impt.

Anonymous said...

U expect the voters will not react to the poor economic results and they all vote for Pap with 90% support? Not likely.
Anon 11:24 am

That is provided the opposition is ready to be govt.

But if the opposition is not ready, or Chee Soon Juan is not even on speaking terms with Low Thia Khiang, then the voters will still vote for PAP, despite poor economic results. It is a choice between the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

"The Pap candidate is a grassroot known to many residents cos he had more than 10 yrs there."
Anon 11:24 am

Really meh? I have been staying in my area for more than 20 years but I still do not know who is my grassroot leader or PAP branch secretary. Actually Murali was a PAP branch secretary in Bukit Batok.

Anonymous said...

@ May 09, 2016 8:40 am

Eli was executed by the Nazis.
If she had been Singaporean like CSJ;
Do you think she would have been voted out?


Anonymous said...

"The Pap candidate is a grassroot known to many residents cos he had more than 10 yrs there."
Anon 11:24 am

Only those "por lam pars" (those active in CCs and accompany MP in walkabouts or help out in MPS etc) will know who is Murali. The rest, I doubt so. In fact some of these "por lam pars" may not even be staying in Bukit Batok.

I know of one of my "por lam par" neighbour, after he shifted house, even came back to help out the MP and other CC activities.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54pm
Pap has many reason to tell voters why opposition is not the choice. Opposition cannot form govt is one reason.

U may have your reason to support the argument.

It has no meaning to me. Cannot be govt. U may not know which is govt which is the politicians.

The govt are the perm sect downwards. When a new party say WP takes over, it forms the heads of different departments like foreign affairs, defense, health etc.
The rest are changeable like perm sects, etc, not immediate handing over.
The salaries are good. If the new WP dont want to change, many civil servants will stay to do their daily jobs. U bet. I can be sure because of the salaries scale and job security.

There is no need to have so many ministries and pmo ministers etc.

SG is just a place smaller than LONDON and TOKYO. The governors in these 2 cities govern without many senior positions comparing to Sg.

U should think. If the new PM needs so many ministers similar to the old one, he is also a similar problem. Some ministers may not have things to do. Sg is very small place, it once had more than the US cabinet. Only upon criticism, the size

I would say this: its fair to say that there is no ambitious opposition want to be pm. LTK claimed so. But I think the new batches of WP younger generations may not think like Ltk. Indirectly, its also Ltk should ponder if he should take back seat in order NOT to block new candidates who might want to form cabinet. Lets look at 2020GE, if WP has 30-40 seats, there bound to have other oppositions with a few to form a new govt. U better dont bet too fast that opposition cannot do.

In S Korea, the ruling party lost the opposition by 1 seat, lose the majority last month. Sg show is not started yet.

Anonymous said...

Dr CSJ should & must stay on in BB & be their voice in times to come ( perhaps in next GE or next next one). Why? CSJ must show his sincerity, humility & honesty dedication to serve the BB people even he lost. Don't worry about the redrawing of electoral boundaries & efforts wasted..because people got eyes to see..If really the ruling party redraw boundary in next GE it just show a no confidence of the ruling party, besides the people of BB voices that CSJ had touched will transmit to other parts of the country, CSJ sincerity will eventually be touched by other voters as well. If BB electoral boundary still same & Dr Chee stay on & fight, chances r his votes shares will increase ( unless voters really think oppo no use),even if CSJ lose next round he could still stay on else BB voters will juz say " Chee....bye" loser really opportunists & insincere...If CSJ stay on & remain, chances r in the not distant future( mayb 4,10, or 15 years) he will win ..a fengshui master days if the SDP inverted V logo is change to a V logo - in a not so distant future SDP will emerge as Victorious in the election who knows...

b said...

CSJ should migrate and live in other countries and he will appreciate what pap has done for singapore. PAP is not perfect but pap has delivered what many other political parties in this world failed - used whatever little resources to improve the lives of many people. I see many countries with vast resources but people living in horrific conditions. What pap has done is remarkable.

patriot said...

Is this the b that used to advocate Sinkies to emigrate for better living and better future here in
My Singapore News?

PAP has done remarkably
and many countries with vast resources have people living in horrific conditions.
Then why should Chee Soon Juan emigrate?

China becomes rich, advanced and even rich with no one expecting it.
Likewise, her Immediate Communist Neighbour may spring a similar miracle.

While there are miraculous leaders that bring their nations
to much greater heights, there
are also those that corrupt the Societies they are leading.

Chee Soon Juan is his own man and many Sinkies see him as a great potential leader.
He should know what to do to be a leader.


patriot said...

'China becomes rich, advanced and even POWERFUL with no one expecting it. Even the Late
First Prime Minister of Sin initially shunned her.

Above to amend my post before this.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

there is no X factor

as long as the GE is tie to upgrading programmes, TC and PA, it would be difficult for opposition parties to survive

this is the new normal for future GEs going fowards

would not be surprised if PAP recaptured all lost seats at next GE, leaving the only the NCMPs to oppositions

people like to kpkbs but when come to voting.....still PAP

unless there is an internal split within PAP, between the military and non-military fractions, otherwise PAP = Singapore and Singapore = PAP


Anonymous said...

as long as the GE is tie to upgrading programmes,
May 09, 2016 4:30 pm

Sure or not?
No PAP government means no upgrading meh?
No PAP government means Singapore will die meh?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00 and 1:10pm
Ur response sounded Murali was not that kind of grassroot i thought he could be. I knew what u both tried to drive at. I came to know 1 grassroot chairman. He organized activities regularly on festive days and also family tours to Malaysia. I support non pap. I still joined my kids as they went along with these activities. Then the mp changed. The grassroot leaders changed too. Despite known that grassroot budget raised from $500miliions to $1000billion. There was no activity. Really i dont know who is the grassroot chairman or leader.

If BB is the same, then CheeSJ s BE results is also questionable. If opponent is not well known, then Chee scoring below 40% is not very good for SDP. This is a by election. The score must b higher than Tan Jit Say scoring in Bukit Timah GRC in GE2011. Ang yong guan s team scored more than 40%. That represented SDP s election score. Chee being leader should have no reason to explain he can score less than Tan Jit Say and Ang Yong Guan. The places are nearby. i smc i grc. The smc should do better because the economy is bad and jobless is a problem. But the score is not exceeding 40%. I would expect better base on the new information of Murali.

If the SDP leadery is not doing well, then he must do harakiri according to Kaw. But i seriously hope Chee stay in SMC BB and dont join Tombyah in GRC so that at least someone can enter into parliament. Chee if he cannot gain acceptance from the 50s amd 60s voters, he has to wait for these people to surrender i/c. That is 10 years from now.

Most opposition supporters would want a potent party to break through in the West similar to WP in the east. May be WP coming to the West is the only practical hope.

Anonymous said...

Wah! One more part time Millionaire parrot in parliament.
Singapore is saved.
MRT train will never break down again.

Anonymous said...

"The score must b higher than Tan Jit Say scoring in Bukit Timah GRC in GE2011. Ang yong guan s team scored more than 40%."
Anon 5:28 pm

I think you got it slightly wrong. Ang Yong Guan's team, which also included Tan Jee Say, scored 39% in GE 2011, which is still below 40%. And for your info, in that GE, all WP candidates got more than 40%.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen from ThinkGeek - YouTube

Great fun to fix your boss.

Rose Maria said...

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