Bukit Batok By Election – The day after

To those looking at the result of the by election superficially, there will be despair, the cursing of the voters for being silly and selfish, and the gutter politics that got another PAP MP into Parliament. But there are several positive trends developing and clearly evident in this by election and a confirmation that the trends would continue and change will come, a matter of when.

The first trend that is getting more serious today and reflected in this by election is the ‘absence’ of spectators at the PAP rally.  The few hundred attendees were there for all the wrong reasons. What is very important and evident is that the people are tired of the PAP narratives and no longer listening, not wanting to listen, nothing to listen anymore. It is all the same.

The fact that the people were crowding and flooding the SDP rally is a sign that they were hungering for change. They wanted to hear something new, they wanted to see something new, they were looking and hoping for change, hoping for a messiah to lead them to freedom. The forces are building up for an exodus. Do not foolishly write off the crowd at the SDP and opposition rallies. They took the trouble to be there. They were serious people wanting change and the crowd is growing.  As long as they are listening they will be converted and more will be converted in a matter of time. As long as the people are listening, willing to listen, coming all the way to the hill where he spoke, taking time and effort to be there, they will become believers one day, if not already.

The other major trend is the coming together of the professionals to join the opposition camp. In this by election, more professionals are stepping forward to be counted. The trickle is getting stronger and more will join this flow. The result of the by election may not be something to gloat about for the opposition camp, but for those looking for signs of progress, signs of positive change, they could be comforted. The effort is starting to pay off. It is not total despair.

The build up to the next GE in 3 to 4 years’ time is now, to build on the momentum gained in the by election. The SDP and serious opposition parties must jump onto this trend, go out to invite the professionals to join the camp. They are coming and waiting for the right time. The time is now.  There is a 3 year grace and reprieve to build up the strength of the opposition camp. Do not go to sleep. The work has started, starting from the by election it should continue towards the next GE. Winning the professionals will raise the interest and confidence in the opposition cause.  Change is on the way.

Who knows, there could be more miracles coming the way of the opposition camp.


Anonymous said...

After this bye erection, change is on the way...how? The people is so dump like a zombie, it's hard to wake up these zombies & zombots Sinkies..oppo party need a srong & unifying figure ( not that kind of Trumpo or Hilarious US presidential elect type)...don't expect any miracles bcoz it's now dead but to work very hard & listen to the voices & sufferings of these dump zombies zombots dafts.

Anonymous said...

No! There will not be miracles in future GEs or BBs.

No more! No more! Don't hope! Don't hope!

In fact, PAP will try their best to recapture all lost seats in the next GE, leaving only the NCMPs to the oppositions.

Yes! People may KPKBs. Yes! People may be unhappy. Yes! People may be crying.
But....when come to voting, still PAP!

There is really no alternative parties to choose from. Just look at the oppositions, they are so diluted with so many parties in this tiny city state.

As I had commented before, unless there is an internal split within PAP, otherwise it is very difficult for opposition parties to survive here.

Until that happened, Singapore = PAP and PAP = Singapore!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If more high profile professionals were to join the opposition camp, it would start a movement for change. Many are waiting to take the plunge.

Anonymous said...

"In this by election, more professionals are stepping forward to be counted."

But did you notice the age of these professionals stepping forward, eg the team that will help Chee in Town Council should Chee win? All are in their 60s, some even in their 70s. And for other initiatives like Money Sense, there is one Tan Kin Lian, in his 60s too. I guess at this age, there is nothing to lose by identifying and helping an opposition candidate like Chee Soon Juan. Maybe RB should help out Chee too. Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

"Those who know, but don't DO, don't know"

Too many people who attend Opposition rallies end up voting PAP.
Do you think they are all PAP moles?

Anonymous said...

Good morning uncle RB @9.01am...

I loved your view that more high profile professionals are joining
the opposition camp and that would start a movement for change and that
many are waiting to take the plunge.

You think many of the professionals would be willing to give up their
comfortable life and quality time with loved ones?

Anyway, it is always very good to be optimistic in life!


Anonymous said...

You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

You can bring a Singaporean slave to an Opposition rally; but you can't make him vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

I agree with RB that more professional are stepping forward to opposition. WP is a real beneficiary. Not so much for SDP. SDP has this "come and go" professionals who stepped out. Tan JS went on. The team with TJS in 2011GE vanished in SDP.
This BB BE, we saw Paul T. and a few newbei. I John something s english in speech needed to eat more potatoes or rice. He better asked Chee on this issue. Frankly, SDP is still a party with no concrete professionals to form a good grc of 4.

It s the party leader Chee needs to go or stay. Not others professionals to join or not to. Others may choose WP. WP is not an easy path, there is a long period of serving the mp as volunteer. Whereas SDP, there is non, as there is no mp to serve. That is the difference.

I have this thot why Chee must go. Its because Chee brought out LeeHL s sister in the speech. Its a sensitive name to mention to the big crowd. My immediate judgement in mind was: Chee was just a nut, a stupid coward, hypocrite is not a word i prefer to describe him, instigator is more appropriate.

Chee likes to see other fights with each other, even the said brother and sister. Chee fought with so many people, so bad karma he has garnered and collected, that his career is already fixed by the bad karma. I advise Chee not to further expose his son and daughters in politics with him. Let them go please. These children are under age below 21.

Chee must resign from politics to allow SDP to re establish its image to capture the next BE or GE. No professional will want to be in shaky position to be SDP candidate with Chee when coming forward. If u were them, u want to go WP and not SDP.

Anonymous said...

CSJ should be promoted to Founding Mentor of SDP and retire from politics.

Anonymous said...

Laochek Redbean must be reading the bible lately and taking the christian doctrine faithfully and seriously.
Messiah at the mount drawing crowd as sign of forthcoming of change that he is wishing for.
Which oppy rally did not draw more crowd than pappy rally and what were the results of all the general elections ?

Punggol East was won by Lee Li Lian of WP in a by election, the goddess of mercy was displaced by the voters in the subsequent general election.
Rb's Messiah captured less than 40% at the latest by election at Bukit Batok. Yet Rb is ever hopeful of miracle.

Matilda, the man of truth, is the messiah to wake up Rb.

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
Q: How do you get all the PAP MPs to attend parliament?

A1: Elect Chee Soon Juan
A2: Debate lowering the MP allowance.
A3: Discuss another "Remember LKY event"

A4: ???
Any other funny one liners can you think off?

patriot said...

SDP had some good Lady Candidates in the Last General Election. They were not seen in the Bukit Batok By-election; WHY?
The Answer to the Question shall give one the Answer why SDP should not be in politic due to leadership quality.

Sin can be better off with LESS
Alternative Parties.


patriot said...

It is a case of

too many cooks or
crooks, spoil the Soup.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, the ladies were all there lah, helping at the stalls. Even the sister was there.

With more professionals joining the SDP, the leadership will be shared by all. It is not a dynasty and Chee is the current leader. Tambyah is there and if more of such calibres were to join, the credibility and visibility of SDP will be noticed. Tambyah is a magnet to many professionals.

Agree, SDP is not just Chee. SDP has to grow. Jee Say and his gang who left may want to consider joining back as his PPP is not working and fading away.

Anonymous said...

in Singapore it is not just oppositions vs pap

it is oppositions vs pap plus etc etc etc and etc

how to win how to win

everyone is so very busy working just to survive and feed the families

where to find time to care about politics

no choice no choice, this is the new normal

sad sad sad

Anonymous said...

SDP has to grow.
RB 10:31 am

If even WP cannot grow, how can SDP grow, with or without Chee?

RB to join SDP to help SDP grow?

Given the current situation, no Sinkie in his right mind will want to join opposition to hope to win elections.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He had his sermon on mount Batok, but was betrayed.
For the gospel to be fulfilled, he shall die and rise again on the third day : )

Anonymous said...

/// everyone is so very busy working just to survive and feed the families
where to find time to care about politics
no choice no choice, this is the new normal ///
May 11, 2016 10:55 am

Typical daftie.
Because you don't make time to understand politics & learn to vote wisely.
That is why you are so busy working just to survive.

Vote Opposition and your life becomes easier.
Vote PAP ... do you think you will end up paying more tax?

Anonymous said...

Is there more to it than meets the eye for Chee Soon Juan?

Sometimes I was wondering if there are some sources, which are funding him to do their bidding.

Because there may be agencies or even individuals, eg foreign ones, who are willing to fund people (who are also willing) to carry out certain political activities for their own objectives. Of course the funding may not be direct or obvious, but perhaps through some activities Chee participated. Chee was an active speaker at foreign forums and also some NGOs.

Or else how could he and his wife be not working for so long and yet could raise a family and run a political party contesting elections?

That could also explain his persistence in politics despite losing so many times, and not feeling that bad about it, and refusing to step down as SDP leader.

Anonymous said...

You need to hold a mirror to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Voters in pongol should have

Let lili liang complete her 5yrs

As mp.i think

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20am

Your question on who funding Chee and SDP, if foreign funding is involved shows u are a kid or a foreigner. In Singapore, funding sources are disclosed to the govt, ie controlled by Pap. U should not question if illegal funding is involved for Chee and SDP, unless u implied Pap govt are not competent to check.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In 3 years time, there might be blood on many of the world's city streets, as the effects of a large financial crash bite hard into most of the once rising, but now all but dead MIDDLE class.

Voters could go either with "the new" or stick like shit to a blanket to the "tried and true OLD---i.e. the incumbent".

Seeing as how risk-averse kiasi kiasu Singaporean political culture is, my bet is that scared people who mostly will be in severe financial difficulty will vote PAP to "save them" from their self-inflicted DOOM.

The opposition will introduce policies based on REDISTRIBUTION---i.e. to make everyone EQUALLY POOR, and the kiasu kiasi Singaporeans will hang onto for dear life what little they have left and vote PAP, one more time.

The voters of BB could have lit the fire of change...or at least HOPE, by sending Chee to parliament. But in the zero sum game of politics, they fucking BLEW IT.

However, as LUCK would have it, Chee did score his highest number yet---but it is unclear why this is so. If you look at the numbers, it is fairly consistent. I see a RANGE of about 60-40 to 70-30 split in voting preferences, with the PAP always winning.

Majulah till you drop, bitches!

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, funding sources are disclosed to the govt, ie controlled by Pap.
Anon 12:02 pm

You are naive because that is for direct funding to the party. Neither the foreign sources are stupid to do that, or Chee stupid enough to accept that.

In fact for amounts which are not large, it is not that difficult to conceal, explain or even disguise sources of funding and the purpose. Which perhaps explains why Chee and family only stay in a 3 rm flat and drive a 20 year old car. Probably because he did not receive much, but enough to raise a family and to run a political party.

Anonymous said...

@ May 11, 2016 12:46 pm

Why you ask so much questions about funding for SDP and CSJ?
They don't even have a single MP in parliament?

Why you don't ask about PAP and Temasek and our national reserves?

Anonymous said...

Why you ask so much questions about funding for SDP and CSJ?
Anon 12:51 pm

Did I even ask questions? I was only trying to explain and enlighten 12:02 pm, who is really naive.

Why I don't ask about PAP and Temasek and our national reserves? Because this post is about Bukit Batok by election and Chee Soon Juan, so stay relevant. Talk about that at another RB post, place or another time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46pm
Ur post:
"You are naive because that is for direct funding to the party. Neither the foreign sources are stupid to do that, or Chee stupid enough to accept that.

In fact for amounts which are not large, it is not that difficult to conceal, explain or even disguise.."

I dont want other readers to have doubt on Chee and other opposition s integrity and honesty on funds. I posted my reply.

In ur reply, u are talking about s series of payment concealed under whatever to fund Chee. U r likely to be a foreigner.

I dont want to tell u more. RB and all other readers all knew about how JBJ was fixed and sacked from a case when he was mp.

Naive belongs to u. U need to learn more to be better IB.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, the leader went to the promise land and had a shot of inspiration(too free and can indulge in hobby). He received a message and he probably didn't much of what he wrote, till this day.

Anonymous said...

Rb, I do not want to pour cold water on your thought. In sg, professionals are very busy holding very demanding jobs as they work the longest hours on earth. Where got time and energy to do ground work for ungrateful sinkies. Not worth the effort lar. It's better to focus on the job and uplift one' s standard of living and let the 70% get screwed lar as they do not mind so why bother.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46pm
Besides clarifying the wrong perception of opposition handling funds and donations, i also hope to teach some people s attempt to take funds and donations for the party cause into his living expenses, as u described in ur post.

I found the way u described using donations as personal income without clearing with the party (u said concealed) is very unethical and immoral, as people s donations to the party comes with good intention for public cause. Yet u had that kind of thinking the money can be used as personal expenses. And i dont want any one to learn the wrong approach in life.

U need to wash your hair and talk to yourself how mature you are. Sg society is preparing for opposition party to take over in 5-15 years ahead. Ur kind of thinking s just very wrong approach to any politician.

Anonymous said...

2.10 pm, I agreed. I see no reason for professionals to beg the ungrateful sinkies to vote for them. U die your business since they don't mind. Let them be screwed lar. Why spent your precious hours to help the ungrateful sinkies. Just be one of the voters and vote opposition enough Liao

For those very enthu type go ahead Lor and we shall vote for u

virgo49 said...

Why the Opposition's slim chance of their MPs to Parliament??

Many a time, a bro anon used to harp that the Opposition MPs would find it hard to win the elections if they are not Ready to be the government.

Many a time I had tried to rebut him that it is not necessarily so

Not I have to fully agreed with him.

Unless the Opposition becomes One under one chosen leader which they accepted and Ready to form the government. It is very difficult for most Opposition MPs to make any headway to win.

For fifty odd years, Singaporeans have been conditioned by our ex Great Leader in a climate of fear that some one is behind ready to sabo or take over your liviehoods.

SINKIE are now a feared society nobody wants to take any risks or guinea pigs to suffer any unnecessary fates.

Those wards that voted the Opposition MPs are exceptional due to maybe main one being the residents there are long time neighbours living there since Sin is Independent.

They had a kampong spirit of togetherness and common destiny.

No Sinkie in other constituency wants to be ruled out of any benefits if under the Opposition MP as they knew the ruling leaders can be very ruthless to them.

The government's agencies can be very unforgiving to Opposition wards.

So the self interest Sinkies will not take this route unless the Opposition is strong enough to form the government in a GE and they might be safe from dangers.

Majority's Chinese voters who are smart in calculations the chances of probability of the Opposition becoming the Govt.

So need maybe as some bros said some members with still some conscience from the PAP camp might come out to lead the other side or alternatively we are lucky to have one charismatic Leader like LKY reborn again to change the next chapter.

Just like the United Opposition Front of west Malaysia who won nearly half the seats last GE under charismatic Anwar Ibrahim but now wanely away.

Anonymous said...

"...how JBJ was fixed and sacked from a case..."
Anon 1:49 pm

Do you know the case and facts? That was in the 1980s and it was about cheques issued DIRECTLY to WP for which it was not properly handled according to the law.

You are not only naive but also uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Yet u had that kind of thinking the money can be used as personal expenses."
Anon 2:17 pm

Please use your brain. They are not funding SDP directly and for which Chee draw out some of the funds for personal use. That is a criminal offence.

Chee and his wife are both not working full time in a normal job that we know. But definitely they have income, or else how can they raise a family, survive and run a political party, and for so long? And it is that income, although not illegal (or else PAP would have pounced on them) but is intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Few showed up in PAP camp is because most are too familiar with PAP brand of politics and kind of bored with it. You can always trust sinkies to seek out troubles(people who dig a hole for themselves etc etc) or places and events to relief their boredom. After all, when the headlines hit the streets, they want to have the bragging rights to watching it first hand.

As usual, it is the usual theatrics, a bit of human drama and then chest beating that they were all too familiar with. When the curtain falls once again, the jeering and cheering subsided and some went for supper.

The next day, they went back to their familiar cells and shopped for familiar brands

Anonymous said...

When you show up at the devil's door, don't be a nut case and challenge him because he will play with your balls until you go back with no balls.

Anonymous said...

The external debts of Sg is USD1780billions as at end 2015 according to Wiki. This external debt is larger than China USD1680billions as at march 2014 (no other figure).

Can any citizen imagine the figure, sg debts is bigger than the whole china s debts. Sg debt is top 10 in the world.

In 5 years time, or 10 years when the prince increase the population to 7 millions or 10 millions. Citizens will feel the squeeze in hospitals, schools, transport, and may be water is the precious foods like gold, available at limited time.

Citizens have less income due to joblessness and lower salary due to S E passes. They will eventually dump Pap for good.
The debts of so huge for a city is gonna be killing point when some loans and banks default payment.

Unless people can tell me Sg is as garang as S Korean industries, can make money through exports, i will bet on sg. Facts show Sg is worst than Taiwan which has option to lean on China for help. Sg will not have help and the politicians will let their hands off.

Citizens will still have to vote for "tough measures", pay more gst and high cost like coe, erp and public transports.
Whoever is in govt. Hopefully opposition will cut minister pay and scrap presidents to take measures to save cost to reduce debts. If pap is on for next 15 years, the debts will continue to pile up. Can it be as big as USA debts? Think.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The professionals are not homogenous as a group. There are those that would support the opposition, then the PMETs that are now jobless or underemployed and others that have other reasons to gripe about. Not all professionals are busy making money and not all are making a lot of money on beholden.

Anonymous said...

He is a changed man. Use to wear L size now wears XS

Anonymous said...

Rb. Yes it's no joke when the sinkie voters asked u where were u the last 5 years. Why do t they think holding a full time job plus family commitment can spare time wasting time with them or not. Let those jokers rot lar and focus on your own career and family. For those u employed pmet no loss and can join opposition. Since nothing to do anyway. Sinkies very u grateful so don't waste time lar. Look at csj any point or not? His wife suffered his kids suffered for what ?

Anonymous said...

Ya look at all the new wp candidates, put so much effort and what did they get?

Anonymous said...

Each gets $16k for 5 years.. About a million dollar for just {careful} questioning in parliament and playing kampong chiefs

Anonymous said...

I hope PAP do not just push away the fact that nobody is interested in their rallies while the reverse is true for the opposition. PAP may think that people already know their policies and therefore not interested in attending their rallies but have they actually think that may be, just may be, they really have no good speakers and that their MPs are merely parroting what the government has decided? The large crowd cannot be ruled out as curious onlookers. These people can translate to a powerful game-changer at a critical time.

Anonymous said...

Or are there many "WHO HAVE NO CONFIDENCE" ( and oso "NO TRUST AT ALL" ) in the ( current ) garment?

So logically will not ( go to ) listen to "more bs" ......?

Does that make more sense?

Anonymous said...

These people can translate to a powerful game-changer at a critical time.
May 11, 2016 5:46 pm

Tan ku ku.
20 years already.
Still waiting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With current situation added to "an absurdity" ( as described by old man way back in one of the 1957 Legislative Assembly debates ), things may have become more "absurb" ( and beyond hope maciam a patient with multiple organs problems and failing ...... )?

Anonymous said...

Some said ( some ) rallies could be "circus" to watch for fun?

Then after that go supper .....?

But what if current situation is "a big circus"?

When "water" runs out, "lunch would be a problem" .......?

Still can have "supper your Seow ting tong head"?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 401:

Re: Singapore EXTERNAL debt.

I'd double check that with MAS or Treasury. As far as I know, sg.gov is proud to not have any external debt. Sovereign debt, yes, and it is HIGH.

However if the sheeple keep on paying their CPF like good little obedient boys and girls, things should be OK...or at least appear to be ok. In Singapore, that's enough: appearances count. They are always true ;-)

However if the external debt is actually true, and it is the amount stated...look forward to interesting times.

Better stock up on KY. Arses are going to be REAMED! (_*_)

patriot said...

Thank You Redbean Sir for the Information that the SDP Ladies were all out there at the By-election Rallies at Bukit Batok.

Me did not attend any of the Rallies due to failing health. Just watched the Snippets telecasted and did not get to see the Said Lady Candidates who I watched and listened to at Rallies in the 2015 GE. Hence my comment.

Thank You again.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by the sheeples paying the CPF then everything will be ok?
The sheeples paying for the govt's sovereign debt for the milionaires to become richer and the sheeples becoming poorer?

Anonymous said...

Some people mentioned that due to some legal processes then therefore ( some things are ) not correct ......?

So some people must be some "DIVINE BEINGS" who are "PERFECT and FLAWLESS"?
( otherwise how come "many are not penalised" as rightfully to err is human ( beans ) ?

From Eco-nomics point of view, beyond certain functional purposes, "even some or many in the legal fraternity ( privately ) conceded that they are parasites" in the eco-nomic system just like "parasites in the animals kingdom"?

Laws after all, are created ( by human themselves ) and some are "not for so obvious reasons"?

Egs of "nonsense laws" in the past are "those of unequal rights" when up to the 1960s, certain colour skin cannot do certain things and later were found to be "nonsense" and promptly abolished and eventually culminated in Obama becoming President in Jan 2009?

So perhaps "some laws ( in existence ) are meant to enslave others? just like the unequal rights laws enslaved certain colour skin in the past and literally treat them as slaves"?

In other words, beyond the realm of "natural justice", "many laws are unnatural or man made to control/ subject others to certain ( fair or unfair ) conditions"?

From some eco-nomic points of view, such are "total waste of ( precious and limited ) resources" and "outright deadweight losses"?

A society or rather an eco-nomy cannot do well if it is "UTTERLY INEFFICIENT" in many ways yet "think" otherwise?

When someone or someboLEE is "very sick" yet dunno or dun think "they are sick", what "will be the outcome"?

Anonymous said...

5.39pm, only if u get in. Like csj after 25 years investment also nothing so what for lar. His caliber he can get 16000 else where no need to suffer like that and begging all those idiots for votes

Anonymous said...

Rb //But there are several positive trends developing and clearly evident in this by election and a confirmation that the trends would continue and change will come, a matter of when.//

曾经沧海难为水, 享用Buttock's的OrhLuak。
回味无穷永不悔, 除却Buttock's非OrhLuak。

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:23pm
The word external was used in wiki on listing of external debts and also use as external in cia list of external debts by countries.

The cia list: sg external debt was USD1330billions in 2014.

Some professor in nus explained that sg has internal debt and no external debt, so it was no a concern. U really think so? U dont want to take back your cpf?

A debt must be paid. Internal debt must be paid by govt too. It means in S$, so much easier than paying USD. Govt to pay the due debt, still has to increase gst, taxes, or simply print the S$.

SO what is significant? I think its the % to GDP and the trend. Sg GDP is around USD360billions. If u look at the figure at wiki as debt=1770billions 2015, it means what % of GDP? If u look at cia figure 1330billions in 2014, what is the trend? Increasing or decreasing?

U take your own judgement. I hate to owe or indebted. So i find the figures a risk for observing how the prince spends money.
If u use EU s standard for its members, the % of govt debt to GDP is 60% maximum. 1770/360 is more than 60% right?

In other words, i get the answer is: the debt is just too big to pay off, the govt must increase taxes on the people. U and your children will be happy? The taxes can be in flat price, coe, gst, and many other forms to cover the debts.

If worst that sg cannot pay, it may declare to reduce the debt by paying $0.1 for each $1 owes to debtors. So cpf is only 10%?
Or it can reduce the currency by 30% in one go. etc.

In conclusion, high govt debt figures will not work out to be good for citizens future. That is what i tried to drive at.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "panic for nothing" 910:

>> The sheeples paying for the govt's sovereign debt for the milionaires to become richer and the sheeples becoming poorer? <<

Yes, that is how the REAL WORLD works.

@ "still panicking for nothing" 1134:

>> high govt debt figures will not work out to be good for citizens future. That is what i tried to drive at. <<

The people are expendable. They're born, live out their lives, serve the cuntry and the regime which controls it...and then they die and fade away. But the cuntry keeps going, as does the regime. This is what a Dick-tater Ship is all about. The individual...the sheeple are but a part of a much greater plan, and a spectacular future.

Mari-lah Kita Beseru. Majulah, motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

They are enjoying the lives of millionaires with money jiat buay leow, and the silly monkies are made to slog day and night till they drop dead.

And the silly monkies are so grateful, some even behaving like dogs, go around barking and biting anyone saying not nice things about their masters excesses.

Welcome to the world of the millionaires, except you are not one.