Bilahari Kausikan's caustic speech at a policy forum in Tokyo

Bilahari Kausikan caustic speech at a policy forum in Tokyo

Singaporeans should take umbrage to Bilahari Kausikan's speech as Singapore's ambassador at large at a policy forum in Tokyo. If he was speaking in his personal capacity it was bad enough. But he was speaking as Singapore's official representative and that was a disaster .
Singapore officials should be very careful and more guarded in their speech when they touch on matters, relations or issues concerning big powers especially involving China, India, USA, Russia and Japan. This is diplomacy and what is expected of diplomats is to be diplomatic. You have shown the dark side of your mind , your biases and prejudices when you lash out at China though in a veiled manner. In your speech you have used innuendos and insinuations to unnecessarily paint China in a bad light. It is especially unnecessary for you to claim arrogantly that small countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei and Vietnam should dare to challenge and go against China vis-a-vis the hegemonic warmongering Americans and at the same breadth shamelessly claim the need to get along with China hoping to supplicate China's help for economic survival.
Kausikan's speech is clearly pro American and openly hostile and anti China. Yes, Singapore is not a Chinese State as he frivolously state and by the same token we want to remind him that neither is Singapore a state beholden to any state.  Singaporeans are smart enough to read between the lines and smart enough to know you have agendas in your speech and are very riled with it. As a diplomat, a representative of Singapore, it is good that you stick to diplomacy and be diplomatic when dealing with foreign powers.
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Wednesday, 25th May,2016


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, please lah...Why are you getting your baggy diaper-underwear in such an over-reactive twist?

Bilahari is the world's foremost undiplomatic diplomat. He is "Lee Kuan Yew Lite"---i.e. as caustic as Lee, but without Lee's famous knuckledusters and hatchets.

China is big enough a cuntry to withstand a slap from a small tiny island lah. Bilahari's sharing of his "opinion" is not altering the course of history any time soon...or ever...make that NEVER!

Bilahari's mission in life it would seem is to make people fucking angry...and others (like me) laughing uproariously, although at times I cringe at the silly things he says.
It is obvious, the man "gets his rocks off" when people react to his "witticisms".

"Playing nice" all the time doesn't get you any where. Bilahari is fully aware of this. In that respect, he's a great ambassador for Singapore. He will fuck the French, he will fuck the Chinese, he will fuck the Malaysians...and the Indonesians.

He speaks his mind. And has always said so. In that sense, he's honest. Singapore needs more Bilahari Kausikans---speak your mind, damn the consequences!

Majulah freedom of speech, motherfuckers!

Veritas said...

This Hindus mofos simply does not read enough. It is not USA dont want to instigate ASEAN against China, but USA created enemies in ASEAN and now they are all going to China. In the past, all ASEAN leaders in one time or another want to suck USA cock but USA having so many sex slave to choose from turn them down or simply screw them.

In Cambodia, Hun Sen initially want to be USA lackey. USA conduct color revolution against him and want Sam Rainsy to be in power. Hun Sen got no choice but to go to China.

In malayisa, USA now doing color revolution against Najib.

In Vietnam, USA stooge Nguyen Tan Dung initially got the support of everyone. Then he plunder the country dry. Now pro China Nguyen Phu Trong in power.

In Myanmar, USA entice junta to open up and go against China. Once junta did that, the whole world suddenly know a "Rohingya race", under fucking oppression.

USA, just like the UK now only cling on to Hindus, who is the most useless partner in anything. The war of malaya was lost by coward HIndus. Similary pax americana will be lost, a lot due to the fucking incompetency of Hindus.

Anonymous said...

Bidalari Kausikan, being an ambassador at large does not meant you have the right, the freedom to speak with fork tongues. You claim Singapore is not a Chinese state which everyone knows it is not. What are you driving at? What is your hidden agenda for making such a stupid remark. By the same token you must know Singapore is neither an Indian state . Kausikan you should not let the issues between India and China crept into your feelings and emotions and using the issues between China and USA or any third country as a side kick for your veiled hatred for China and the Chinese people.I must remind you we are Singaporeans and I believe you are too so don't let issues between China and India cloud your thinking, leading you to some wayward ideas and thus let people doubt your loyalty to Singapore. Problems between India and China is none of our business. So please don't exaggerate or blow your own importance with swanky speech in commenting on big power politics.

Anonymous said...

Kausikan's speech at a policy forum in Tokyo exposes the deepest recess in his mind which shows his strong biases and prejudices against China. His speech clearly shows he has hidden agendas and this does not bode well for Singapore. Kausikan should know his place and not involve Singapore in big power politics which is of no benefit to us but rather may incur future or potential harm to our well being. We begin to doubt and suspect how a person of such low standing can get himself appointed as Singapore's ambassador at large. He is doing more harm than good to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The time will come eventually for another big war.

This has been repeated in history and we are long overdue for one. All because of money distribution at the end of the day after growth as we head for downturn.

No such thing as whether one wants to get involved or not. It is a matter of how much extent you are prepared for it as you are sucked into it.

In short, due to our location which has created a lot of opportunities for us during peace time will also mean disaster naturally in wartime.

Red Dot Apple said...

Singapore, under our First Foreign Minister S Rajaratnam and all subsequent Foreign Ministers, had always used diplomacy to balance the Super Powers. We had outwardly tried our very best to maintain Neutrality as far as possible, without directly and openly antagonizing any super powers.

Bilahari Kausikan has openly demonstrated a pro American stance and is clearly hostile to China.

Though Singapore may not be considered as a Chinese Country but she has a population of 70 percent Chinese. AND our Government and Cabinet have always been lead by a Chinese Prime Minister and composed of 90 percent Chinese. Although we expound Multi-racial, Multi-cultural and Multi-religions, the statistics show that the Dominant Race is Chinese, the Dominant Culture is Traditional Chinese Culture and the Dominant Religion is Buddhism.

Those are the undeniable facts that, as an ambassador of Singapore, Kausikan should have known and should always bear in mind.

Just because he (and the present Foreign Minister) is of an Indian origin, does not give him the free-political-will to express his personal feelings, idiosyncrasies and personal bias as a matter of National Foreign Policy on behalf of Singapore People and Government.

The fact that he did it blatantly, openly and without restrain, in an international forum in a foreign country shows that he has totally no respect for our Prime Minister, our Cabinet, and the People Of SINGAPORE.

The Hard Question we should ask of him is:


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, please tone down on your racist comments.
I have deleted two of your posts.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, What I said is true. The Malay/Indon invented, no should be re-invented "keling" as synonyms of coward and liars.

Hindus hate Malay. This is NOT racist but fact.

And for the good of Hindus, I always ask them to marry their dalits first. If not they are very fucked race.

Anonymous said...

[Though Singapore may not be considered as a Chinese Country but she has a population of 70 percent Chinese. AND our Government and Cabinet have always been lead by a Chinese Prime Minister and composed of 90 percent Chinese. Although we expound Multi-racial, Multi-cultural and Multi-religions, the statistics show that the Dominant Race is Chinese, the Dominant Culture is Traditional Chinese Culture and the Dominant Religion is Buddhism.]

Times have changed. What you say is the skin colour is the same. But a lot of things have changed inside the brain.

This is probably due to various factors. China also realized that we are not the same. This will also include Taiwan and HK especially the younger generation in all areas.

Red Dot Apple said...

@Anonymous May 26, 2016 10:50 am

Quote: [Times have changed. What you say is the skin colour is the same. But a lot of things have changed inside the brain.] Unquote.

I noted the singular form of the word "brain", so you are pointing out one man's brain.

In this case, we are discussing about the brain of none other than the guy called Bilahari Kausikan.
Therefore, I agree with you fully that a lot of things have changed inside THAT BRAIN!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas and everyone here,

Please note this para in a post in TRE on Amos Yee.

'The 17-year-old is facing 5 charges of allegedly wounding the feelings of Muslims, 1 charge of allegedly wounding the feelings of Christians and 2 charges of allegedly failing to show up at Jurong Police division when required to.

Earlier this year, the self-proclaimed genius posted a picture of himself carrying a religious book in one hand with his other hand making an obscene gesture.

Be sensitive in your post on religion and race or you may get into the same shit.

Anonymous said...

@ Red Dot Apple

No lah. Do not think too much. I probably miss the 's' if you are so particular in a blog.

I mean the youth in general think very differently nowadays.

Very simple observation, how many singapore youths want to go to china for vacation compared to the senior citizens? You tell them go Sk, japan or Oz, they like doggie. Vice versa for the senior citizens.

Times have changed. Nothing to do with Bilahari Kausikan or even the old man in his times.

Veritas said...

Hi RB we cannot be shrink head tortoise. We need to call a spade a spade.

The one who write racist are not me but Malay. Look at their kamus and you see things like Lidar Keling means liar. And whether is malay racist or are they just merely stating fact.

There is a concerted campaign by PAP to paint Chinese as racist, as to hide the shit of our minorities.

Our minorities are miserable not because they are victim but because they are racist and they got many shit ways. They hate one another more than they hate Chinese.

But here they lie. They lie, they lie. They are liars. Knowing Chinese are not racist and good, they keep accuse us of bad.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, agree. But when shrink tortoises are in power and would throw the book at you, you would end up the loser even you may think what you said is fair game and other racists are doing the same. The shrink tortoises don't have much brains in their little heads.

In situations like this, better be safe than be sorry. I don't start a blog to be a martyr.

Patriot Chua said...

Hi RB,

All ancient empires had already vanished except China which after 5000 years, still remains a sovereign nation until today. China has also been the most populated nation in the world since recorded history. These speak volume on the Almighty God's wish to have an eternal China and to have this world populated by mostly Chinese.

China is a civilization. All Chinese including overseas Chinese would identify themselves with the Great Chinese Civilization no matters where they live. Only a Chinese understands the innateness of a Chinese.

Therefore, it is no wonder that this Indian diplomat (I don't even bother to know his name)is so ignorant about the Chinese even though he has been living all his life in Singapore which is a Chinese-majority country.

He may think overseas Chinese including those living in Chinese-centric countries like Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore behave and have different values from mainland Chinese. But he cannot be more wrong.

Let me give him an example of how strong is the overseas Chinese still affiliated with the Great Chinese Empire and Civilization. If there is a Third World War today in which China and America are enemy, the Singaporean Chinese would still fight for China against the America even though Singapore maybe an ally of America.

Virgo49 said...

Right, I for one will definitely fight for China even local banana Sinkies hated Ah Tiongs.

Hello, fight for China hor???

NOT ISIS- Industry Sugar International Singapore.

Don't put same group as the banglas.

But unfortunately can only help to carry bodies bags as no strength liao.

Virgo49 said...

Poor Amos, so many charges.

Wah piang, these religious groups must be real religious, so righteous. So sensitive.

They can criticise other religions but we cannot say a word of them.

This must be a Muslim and Christian state.


Hello Pastor Kong, please open your holy mouth and criticise the devils worshippers.

Hello, anyone wants to test whether he be charge in Court after making a police report.

If not time to apply for ROC PR as millions of devils worshipers there.