Benjamin Lim’s death – Who caused it?

The inquiry into the premature death of this 14 year old boy is all about how or what led to his death. It is not about whether he did or did not molest the 11 year old girl.  When State Counsel Wong Woon Kwong posted the question to the judge, ‘Ultimately, the finding as to whether there was (a) touch is for Your Honour to decide upon your review of the objective evidence’, the State Coroner Marvin Bay replied, ‘This is (an) inquiry into the death of Benjamin. It is not a criminal trial.’ With that reply the question of whether Benjamin did touch the girl or touched her skirt was left unanswered.

According to the Investigating Officer ASP Mohamed Razif, ‘…he (Benjamin) used his right hand to touch her….The girl felt a soft tap on her left buttock…’ According to Benjamin’s father, after viewing the same footage, ‘From what I observed, I saw (Benjamin’s hand) brush at the area of the girl’s skirt. But it appeared to me that there was no bodily contact.’  Different parties watching a short video footage and came out with different interpretations. Is this a case of seeing what one wants to see? Would there be a neutral party, an expert witness to tell the truth? So difficult to tell whether touching the skirt or touching the buttock in a video footage?  It must be either touched or no touch right? Can view it in slow motion right?

I am disturbed by the report that said ‘A serious offence involving the outrage of modesty of a very young girl’ was reported. And the police took this case so seriously after viewing the video footage and 5 police officers were sent to the school to bring the boy in. Even Shanmugam said, after viewing the same footage, that at most Benjamin would get a reprimand. Nothing so serious as an outrage of modesty.

I contend that young boys and girls would behave like young adolescents, sometimes trying to get friendly, to want to know the other party but did not know how best to go about it and fumbled along. Outrage of modesty in this case is, in my view, you can disagree, going a bit too far.

A proper investigation is needed to clear the air for Benjamin and his family. Did he or did he not touch the girl’s buttock or skirt? But this is not in the agenda of this inquiry on how and what causes Benjamin’s death. Many young and hot blooded kids may fall to temptations of the opposite sex and went one step too far in their youthful innocence and ignorance. But outrage of modesty is seldom in their minds.

I hope I did not in anyway affect the minds of anyone in the inquiry and some jokers start to wave the sub judice flag at me. I just commented on what was reported in the media yesterday. Today’s report is even more interesting. Today’s report comes closer to link the causes of Benjamin’s death and I shall not touch on it. I can only say that I am astounded by what is being reported in the media, so eerily kind, good and proper to the point of perfection. Oh, must add the word sensitive.


Virgo49 said...

It needs an Inspector and four investigators to arrest a fourteen year old school boy.

This Insispwctor must be a newbie bak seow boh kow NS man.

Too afraid to even bring in a 14 YEAR old boy into custody for some minor case of so called molestation.

Wah piang, want to rehearse and pak Kat what to say in Court also cannot over dramatic until pee Chiak lobang that become absurd.

All what to push blame to the mother. As usual chinese mothers always scream when children do wrong or naughty unless she the Ang mo sai or ah neh sia do not give a damn mentality.

The children mostly kept silent as this is the norm.

The Insi spec tor can revelved in Court that the mother agreed to Benji being brought to the police station.

Can Benji allowed NOT to go to the station??

Any sane person will able to comprehend that the police come to investigate an offence and ask you whether you want to go to the station or not??

This stupid inspector is saying that you can said NO to Police not allowing your children to go to the station.

So parents, UN future when the police ask whether they can bring your children to the station for any investigations, please say NO and save your child.

Don't pa Kat pa Kat to blame the mother until your hindleg also exposed and become laughingstock.

Why must clear the Court room.


HOPE THAT GIRL AND HER PARENTS WHO WANTED PRIVACY CAN SLEEP PEACEFULLY TO THEOR LAST DAYS FOR just reporting a trivial Incident that taken away a young life.

And also those involved in the episode.


Anonymous said...


善有善报! 恶有恶报! 善有善报! 恶有恶报!

善恶到头终有报! 不是不报时候未到!


Anonymous said...

I can only say that I am astounded by what is being reported in the media,...

Is this the first time you are astounded by what is being reported in the media?

If not, why are you astounded?

Have you not heard the Chinese adage "Seldom see, astounded, often see, not astounded."?

Anonymous said...

This is China's sexual revolution today.


Do you think the backward Singaporean slaves also need a sexual revolution?
Or maybe our Emperor and his cronies also need a sexual revolution and more pretty women in their lives?
Then maybe no need to sneak around any more?
And maybe no need to send in 5 policemen to arrest a 16 year old boy for such a "serious" alleged crime?

Japanese dare to bully or not?

Anonymous said...

It looks like 3 plus 1 Against 1.. How not to believe.

agongkia said...

Problem is some investigater got the wrong impression that their duty is just to secure a case.
This is nothing new .Me oso kena Wan Ong before.,though not for outraging modesty but some minor offence that was force on me....only difference is I dun jump.
My bortartcgeh Ah Kong always make it a point to remind our family members who are chenghularng on every zeekowmeh that
not only one should stay free from corruption,one should never Wan Ong a subject just to secure a case.,else return the uniform and not be a disgrace to the organisation or the family.
What has happened had happened.
Hope the late Benjamin rest in peace.Hope we learn a lesson.

Anonymous said...

should have known so long as sinkies in charge, even with the system in place, it is going to fail. something about this breed that is good for nothing except eat shop and be slaves

Anonymous said...

...and talk trash

Anonymous said...

yes...talk trash they expert. pls dont expect them to solve problems because they just create more problems for others in the process. hopelessm mother fuckers

Virgo 49 said...

I believed the Mrs Lim's version that the school already made up their parochial minds not allowing Benjamin attending the school camp.

They had already pronounced guilty sentence on him.

This is what unthinking civil servants are trained for.

If the counsellor is truly a qualified trained counsellor, she will speak to Benji personally asking him want to attend camp or not??

If he rejected the offer, its his decision to stay away.

Now you are all ostracising him before he is found guilty.

They broke a young man's heart.

This is the last straw that's broke the camel's back.

Anonymous said...

They can't even talk properly or communicate effectively...how to be counselors or teachers?

Sinkies better go jump better instead

Anonymous said...

all probems due to duck chicken backside talking sinkies experts..sure more deaths expect

Anonymous said...

The evil and wickedness of the whole show can be seen in what is being reported in the media. Read in between the lines, it is all there, looking so innocent and wholesome, but you cannot escape the wickedness all over them.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Ahgongkia,

How many more lives to be sacrifice before they completed learning all the lessons??

How many lessons more to learn??


Hopefully the next tragic lesson to learn have the guinea pigs from the Ministers and MPs beloved children and kins as the sujects.

Ex MOE minister sending children to death in KK now got what heavens called stroke.

Anonymous said...

What's "wan ong"?

SG Girl

Anonymous said...

Pick any item for a sinkie to sell on line(impromptu) and the person won't last a minute talking about let alone make sense.
Do the same with a white kid, under 10, and immediately you see the difference.

And we are pitting a white kid against an aNUS graduate mind you.

Poor communication leads to mrt work related deaths to army boy being killed by his compatriots

agongkia said...

@SG Girl
You disappear for sometimes.
Glad to catch your attention.
Wan Ong is 冤枉 in Hokkien dialect.

Anonymous said...

Take advantage of people or use people..especially for profits..sinkies very expert ..follow the leaders lah. Other than that...talk trash. Good for nothing lah confirm double and treble confirm

Anonymous said...

Why sinkies like talk economy improve economy...because inside their heart..they are pigs! tio bo trashy pigs

agongkia said...

Lao chek Virgo
Parent also play a part.
Those civil institute ,HTA..can only teach limited basic .
Grandpa like you should also help to teach your family members that not only one need to be good citizen,but must also be honourable and treat others equally with respect.Never bully the poor using the Authority entrusted to us.

Anonymous said...

This teen unnatural death case has demonstrated administrators of laws on right or wrong are all out to kill whoever is alleged to be considered a "criminal".

To the teen who died under the administrators hands, this is his message: its not worth living in this kind of world.

Many who suffered the same mess chose to survive because of support. Could be family support, could be friends who can reason out about the problems they suffer.

To this teen, there was no chance to live if he did something. We can see from the reports, one side approached the allegation against him with excessive force:
1. set in 5 adults to talk to the principal, there is no chance for the teen to understand what went wrong.
2. the principal took him out of the sec3 camp he had prepared the following day, there was no options for the teen and the family.
3. brought the teen to the law enforcement process in the strange place he had probably never been and gone through, without his parent s assistance.

If we look at these 3 factors, they are made by adults administrators to pressure the teen, without a slight interest on HOW DID the video the adults saw on the lift HAPPENED.

We have hypocrites who talk about animal pains. We have no conscious efforts to let the dead teen expressed his emotions. It could just be a growing up teen trying to know his fantasized person. (That is pure discussion only. Not real reason). A 14 yr old boy might not realize a 11 yr old felt threatened he would harm her. She was too young for that.

However, the administrators in laws and school went for the "touch" or "brush" on what the teen did. It sounded silly if readers see from this perspective.

Why? How much pleasure can a "brush" "touch" on the thigh or buttock had the 14 year old boy gotten? Experts care to provide?
If there is no real pleasure, what is the point to "molest"?
(This point is applied to a 14 yo and a 11 yr old, not for adults). An adult touch the same part of another adult might derive pleasure. This part is clear, that what "molest" was used for.
So was the teen did the "molest" or just a growing teen might have done?

The administrators of laws must allow for such consideration. Let the parents knew about the video and warn the teen about the consequence. That s the first trial to correct the teen. It should work as the teen was a good student.

The administrators should not go to the school to publicize the matter. It is to respect the teen's rights to live.

The school had no rights to take the teen out of the camp. His absence would put the teen in serious embarrassment, as his peers would have asked him why.

The school environment should be the number one problem to the teen s survival, correct? As he was absent from the camp and was seen taken away by 5 adults.

Give support to our teens to change, not push them to the edge.

Anonymous said...

On the brighter side, Benjamin has been spared of growing up in Sin

Anonymous said...

yes...good for ben...he no need grow up talk trash like sinkies or grow bird brain and kill innocent people at work

Anonymous said...

Sinkies do not understand what trash talk is. Go read the papers. Sinkies journalists, especially the women, are expert in trash talk

Anonymous said...

men also what...act act hor...the real criminals are the act act innocent ones who put Benjamin to death lah

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The kid either took his own life, or slipped and fell when trying to surreptitiously exit confinement in his room.

Trying to pin this unfortunate death on the adults involved is just sheer insanity, and shows you how the culture has deteriorated into a mess of chronic "victim-hood", entitlement-mindedness and a 100% rejection of personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I think slip and fell from slippery banana

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story?

You cannot trust sinkies to do the right thing. To them, right is your car signal light. Left is also your car signal light. Their eyes are glued to the backside watching the lights for direction. It is in their culture(if there is even one) and in their education

agongkia said...

Sifu,either took his own life or slip and fell is like saying either one is in Singapore or outside singapore.
I cannot and do not want to speculate but I dun think the subject is ignorant of safety.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.13

Please so not insult the true blue journalists at The Straits Times.

Just two days ago, they have a seminar entitled :

Come Tap Our Best Brains in the spread sheets.

Hey, best brains you know. Won many awards in photo journalism aa well as written.

Among their own circle of ten everybody also gets awards because there are so.many awards for all.

Just like Media corpse. Thirty artists among themselves and there are more than thirty awards.

Don't rush, ever body also got.

Don't push.

Anonymous said...

And they are so proud. Totally toads in a sink.

Anonymous said...

"Thirty artists among themselves and there are more than thirty awards."
Virgo49 12:01 pm

So whar really matters is the type of award lah, tio bo? Not just any prize, but must get the first prize. This happened during my company function lucky draw, where everyone got a prize, and some even got more than 1 prize.

Anonymous said...

Is there GHOST in this world?

Anonymous said...

Too bad, loser Chee Soon Juan didn't get any prize, not even consolation prize, because winner takes all.

Good thing is that he didn't even feel bad about it, and is even proud of being a loser!

Anonymous said...

More sinkies trash talked beating up a boy who bitch about hypocrites

Amos's tweet(3 hrs ago): ......."that bitch's cunt was so huge, like throwing a sausage down a hallway"
A few childbirths can do that to a woman.
Did he just go to Geylang for an MILF.?
· 16 hrs
Kil Bil Ooi
Kil Bil Ooi Should have used his mop head.
· 1 · 15 hrs
Michael Lou
Michael Lou .... @ KBO ... His mop head got no feeling. Only his didi-head got that syiok syiok feeling.
.......Now, doctors can do penis transplant. He can transplant his didi to his head.
.......He will need scuba diving gear as well.

Anonymous said...

Will Amos be the next Benjamin? How you think?

Anonymous said...

motherfcukers...these are adults doing the trash talk...who bring their children to temples and pator pator their wives in NTUC

SM Goh said...

My 2 cents' worth:

It seems to me that the school and police is closing ranks together to defend each other, and trying to deflect the blame such that the kid was only agitated after speaking to the mother. Note that they can now say whatever they want because from the point they pick up the kid at the school canteen until they finished interrogating the boy, there is no one alive to dispute their words.

All parents will tell you that a distressed or wronged kid, in the presence of strangers will maintain his demeanour, but will break down once a trusted parent/teacher/sibling talks to them, so I think this is exactly what happened here and the school counselor is using that to say that the mother caused his distress.

Also if the counselor is saying in this situation the boy ought to be with his parents, then unfortunately she does not know teenagers very well. Think about it, when you are a teen and you get in some trouble, do you seek to run to your parents or want to hang around your friends for comfort?

Anonymous said...

From this , maybe MOE should teach "kindy" kids onwards - no touching, brushing and rabai2 one another. We have become more sensitive and less tolerant. Brushing or touching can be labelled molest. How about crowded buses and trains squeezing and pushing? You realised how small the seats are? Bum touching bum while seated. Molest ah?

Anonymous said...

On 18 May 2016 at about 6.45am, another 11 year old
boy committed suicide at 470A Fernvale Link.



Anonymous said...

Picture these.

1. Shanmugam watched footage. Not so serious leh.
Would he say tell the teacher to give him a reprimand, a warning or a scolding?

2. Police watched footage. Molest ah, damn serious ah.
Send police officer to arrest boy. Send 2 not enough, must send 5 big men to arrest boy.

3. Father of boy watched footage, never touch leh, only touch skirt.
What the fuck, so serious meh?

4. Police interviewed boy. Confirmed molest. Told boy he was under arrest.

End of story. Now boy dead. Now mother to be blamed for talking loudly to boy.
The school, teachers all did the right thing, very kind, caring and sensitive.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:43 pm

Just to add:

does the boy live in the same block as the victim? If yes, then there is maybe a explanation to the CCTV footage. If boy follows victim to her HDB block and lift, then it is a bit hard to explain the coincidence?

The other thing is we also do not know what happens next when the boy follows her mother home. I am not sure of the family nowadays, last time if the police looks for my father and mother for this kind of thing, i will think for myself xiao liao, this will be my judgement day.

But i think the point is everybody is educated since young that doing something wrong and getting police involved is a wrong and shameful thing. In Singapore, i think this fear is overly instilled as such that one's right is forgotten until as of such age that he is able to think more freely and gets more life experience.

Anonymous said...

There was a case years ago in a crowded pub called my wife place. A construction supervisor was alleged to have touch the buttock of a swimwear model walking around. The club was about a shop house size. The accused was found guilty. I could not remember how many round of appeal. I was impressed because the construction supervisor accuse had to attend court in the day, and went to hospital to look after his mother in serious illness at night.
As man i found this kind of destiny was far beyond pitiful. Cash was on reason and alleged crime he claimed he did not commit was another.
In the final appeal, a eye witness testimony was taken. The supervisor leaned backward on a chair, and his hand might have touched the model s buttock. This was consistent to the story that the model only told her boy friend after the incidence. She did not shout on the spot. So the accused walked free.
In other words, the accuse might or might not have touched the buttock. Certainly could not be intentionally.

The intention to touch was so easily accepted in his previous trials. It is very dangerous to be with women in crowded places like lifts. I have made the habit to avoid unknown women on the same lift just in case.

For this teen who was seen by his father on video, only touched/brushed the skirts of the victim, the consequence as death to the teen after going through the series of "legal process" can only retell us again: this is an unjust society when laws enforcement could be applied to weak evidence case, using the full force of interpreting that it was a case of using criminal force against woman.
In real fact, there was no criminal force seen being used in such social settings.

My point is something like this: someone went into a big super mar. He did not want o buy an trivial item, let say dried shrimp. He intentionally picked up 1 dried shrimp and put into his mouth to munch. On CCTV, the store detective alleged that he stole an item from the super mar. Police takes him in an charge him for theft. U got it?

Makan 1 hey bee kena charge for theft. This is the kind of society, risky for trivial mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I see, agongkia. Thanks.
Am always here. Reading RB's more than main stream papers.

SG Girl

Virgo49 said...

Let me relate another case of my 70plus senile bro-in-law.

Went to small HDB now allowed display shelves outside so called super market.

Went inside to buy an item. Carry in hand Cannot find another item in store so went outside to look for Another item displayed outside suppose to buy. NOT available.

So walk away and later discovered that forget to pay for item taken in shop.

Went back sheepishly to pay for it. Bloody foreign trash PRC cashier accused him of theft.

Supervisors also no brains, called Police straightaway.

These jokers jumped the gun very fast as they are very honourable Sinkies conditioned for fifty years to report to authorities of any dishonourable acts against the tenets of our upright and honest government renowned throughout then whole world.

He was questioned till nearly midnight and the stupid polis got no initiative to even call his family.

How frightened they are are thought killed in accident or what.

My nephew went down to inquire about making report and they told him that he was arrested.

Later, they settle matters by watching the store cctv and found him to be absentminded in not paying.

Where got a foolish man if stole from you bring back and tell you that sorry forget to pay. Pay you now and got cuffed.

Sinkies highly educated but no common sense.

Went to several countries and when.asked where you from.

Say Singapore and they will exclaimed wah very law abiding citizens and country.

Very disciplined and sad episodes got boh kouk from the government.

Anonymous said...

That's what following the book does to you...it renders you stupid.

Sinkies are good for nothing stupid fucks. Work with them...sure die

Anonymous said...

Male Lives Matter - A boy died because of one little 'tap'. Females get tapped everyday all over the world. In fact in many countries, it's the norm. But a death sentence for a tap?? Now that's unjust. When a female brushes a male on a bus, do you hear a hue and a cry, molestation claims etc. We take it with our chins up. Male lives matter too!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi SG Girl,
Nice to have you back.
This island is now filled with stupid people everywhere, in high position of power, in low level position of power.

Now a young boy died for a little indiscretion. Sure the boy was trying to get fresh. Many young boys and girls have had such infringements before. A little discretion, kindness, compassion and commonsense would have dealt with this case very differently, like what Shanmugam said after viewing the video. At most a reprimand.

For what was seen on the video, do you really need to send 5 police officers to the school? For what, too many manpower, frighten the boy hit back?

Now Benjamin died. Everyone feeling guilty but pretending to look innocent and sheepish. All the trappings of power disappeared. All looking like angels, sooo gentle and sensitive. My goodness, I want to vomit.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, the people in low level of power after seeing that the cowed citizens so afraid of the people in high power were in time after been rubbed with the power from the high power will behaved as though they are also people of high power.

Sheep afraid of the Shepard will also be afraid of the Sheep Dogs.

That's why they are called Police State.

Monkeys see, monkeys do.

After observing that the frightened sheep are so afraid of the domineering Shepards, the Dogs also wanted to be the Shepards.

Why still so many countries under dictatorial rule??

Later other foreign pariah Dogs
After observing that the Sheep are so obedient and docile also promoted themselves to sheep Dogs and some even become the Shepards.

Just blame the stupid sheep who deserves to be devoured and Billy by these evil Shepards and Dogs.

Anonymous said...

Unjust deeds will follow

Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Certain high pay job dose has a detrimentel effect.i think.

I m happi b cos i no greedy.

Anonymous said...

This case went strictly by the book. In fact, that's how things are done in Sin, just follow the manual written by a group of scribes and pharisees and the result, a religious judgment.

Thou shall not touch the flesh of female because its flesh is of goddess descend purer than the purest virgin oil.
If touched by male, the flesh becomes dirty and shall not fetch gold in meat market

Men are basically a threat to the masculine powers and must be reduced to tiny sausages kept in the drawers of their nannies.

You get the idea?

This, if seen through the eyes of one's soul, is not even a criminal case or should not be regarded as a criminal case.

The boy is a boy and has some human issues who needs help but in a soulless society, like how this case was handled by the soulless state(because of corrupted power), it cannot afford the costly help and can never help such people(never trust idiots to solve this problem).

Hence, everybody lives by the book and dies by the book(hassle free of managing idiots so greedy pigs are untouchable pigs and eat and live like glorious pigs).

It is basically a nation of stupid educated idiots.

Anonymous said...

The dark forces have taken over and ruling over the sheep.
But the dark forces think they are the forces of light.
The unthinking sheep cannot tell the difference.
Wickedness is all over the land in the guise of goodness.
Evil is worshipped and goodness is despised.

Anonymous said...

11 yrs old girl 14 yrs old boy? Give me a break. BGR never sounded so fucking dirty

Anonymous said...

Wah...touched only got VD..cannot see daylight...must go hiding...see sunlight after touch...skin burn chowtar...so garbagemen say...you very shame now...must hide...think think think...shame shame guilt...shame...

poor cheebye...no wonder so smelly because...molested by garbagemen izzit?

Anonymous said...

maybe not pat pat only leh...maybe boy shoved fingers up her vagina leh...but camera too steam to capture woh..girl too stunned to say woh..cry molest loh

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:58, you deserved to get a stroke.

Anonymous said...

who is responsible for his blood?

The State, and those vested with powers

Virgo49 said...

Let's learn from this lesson.

We can do better next time.

Famous quotes from Top PAP Leaders.

Let's move on.

All right Sirs, next lesson please let your children and love ones be the subjects of the Inquiry.

Anonymous said...

I still think older peple should

Giv up thier luck to d young

Like young giv up thier seat

To old.

Anonymous said...

The wages of Sin is death
The strength of Sin is the law

Anonymous said...

The flag of Sin is Red on White

Anonymous said...

You mean bloody red on white hands?