Whose problem is ISIS?

The West cries for the blood of ISIS following the Paris attack. The French launched more air strikes in Syria in vengeance. The rest of world condemns this uncivilized attack on civilians in the streets of Paris. I am not going to harp on the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians killed by the smart bombs and drones of the Americans and their allies without any condemnation by anyone, without any leader saying he feels sad about it. The big question is, whose problem is ISIS?

A Sulaiman Daud posted in his facebook to acknowledge that it is a Muslim problem. His full article is posted in the TRE titled, ‘ISIS is an Islamic problem, we Muslims must confront this reality’. And I quote a couple of paragraph from his post,

‘ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and it is an Islamic problem. Let me say it again to be perfectly clear. ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and they are a cancer at the heart of Islam. And the problem will not go away until Muslims confront that….ISIS is not America’s problem, nor the British, nor the French. ISIS is not Syria or Iraq’s problem. ISIS is a problem for Muslims. And if you can’t admit that, you’re not really a good Muslim either.’

I would agree with Sulaiman that it is a Muslim problem but it is also not a Muslim problem. In the ST on 17 Nov 15, there was another article by a Mohan J Dutta titled, ‘Violence and terror…’, where he described the Western narrative as the conventional truth that the barbaric ISIS is the scourge of modern civilization. But Mohan also got into a bit of the history of how ISIS came about, who created them, trained them, armed them and financed them. No need to guess for the answer. For the sake of the ignoramus, the mother of ISIS is none other than the Americans and their allies. They created this Frankenstein to do their dirty work in removing Saddam Hussein and now in the process of removing Basher Assad.

ISIS is the work of the West. Period.  So, whose problem is ISIS? Is ISIS just a Muslim problem or is it an American or Western problem? I say again, those who lived by the sword will be killed by the sword. The sword is swinging back at the Americans and their allies.

Sulaiman Daud should not be too hasty and liberal to accept full responsibility. The responsibility lies squarely on the big devil that created ISIS. Islam is just a collateral in the Americans’ devious war on regime change in the Middle East. They let out this monster ISIS and could not put it back into the bottle.

The saddest part of it all

The unthinking are now feeling so remorseful, so guilty and responsible for the killings in the streets of Paris. Did they ever want to know who were the real devils behind the carnage in Paris? Iraq, Libya, Syria and many Middle Eastern and North African countries are in turmoil, a plan conceived and executed to perfection by the Americans, to destabilize these countries and agitate them to keep on fighting and killing each other, to be bombed to Stone Age. As long as these people are killing each other, their countries will be in ruins, their lives will be in ruins.

Now who are the greatest beneficiaries of the war in these countries? No need to think so hard. If you still cannot figure out, think Americans, their western allies, the Israelis and of course the arms merchants of war. And the devils are partying in Washington, seeping wine and whisky with caviar without any sense or remorse or responsibility, without any sense of guilt.

On the other hand the unthinking around the world are feeling so responsible and guilty and wanting to kill the ISIS. Yes, the ISIS is evil and must be destroyed. What about the devil that created them, trained them, armed them and financed them?

The devil is now in the South China Sea trying to destabilize the region and inciting the unthinking to start another war. And some of the unthinking would be joining the ranks of the devil. And when war starts, when their countries are bombed, when their people died, they will blame everyone else except the devil and themselves.

The lost sheep are the unthinking, being manipulated to hate, to kill, and the devil is smiling from afar, offering more arms, more aids, more training, and more bombs, for the unthinking to kill themselves, or feeling guilty and responsible if not doing so.


Anonymous said...

Bad investments in GIC and Temasek.
- Whose problem is it?

MRT train breakdowns.
- whose problem is it?
- Transport Minister or SMRT's CEO?
- PWD engineers or SMRT engineers?

Anonymous said...

Agree fully. I strongly opine that sulaiman daud is really mr Tan Ah Kow ir maybe a Mr John Smith. No true muslim would think and write such utter rubbish ... which went viral and many westerners applaud him because his words are music to the western ears.

Anonymous said...

Sky high government salaries.
- whose problem is it?
- PAP government or stupid voters?

Anonymous said...

I do agree with most of your views but disagree that the blame should fall squarely on the West, in particular USA. The biggest problem is that ISIS invokes the name of Allah when carrying out these senseless killings. This has nothing to do with injustice by the West. Its a holy war against the infidels and that is why Sulaiman mentioned is a Muslim issue.

Anonymous said...

If a terrorist enters Singapore on an employment pass based on fake academic qualifications
- whose problem is it?

Anonymous said...

life should be full of fun and joy........

but, no more no more.......

this world is increasingly uncertain, cruel and dangerous........


Anonymous said...

Maybe all moderate Muslims should stand up in solidarity and denounce ISIS killings?
Maybe all moderate Christians should stand up in solidarity and denounce Allied bombings?

Maybe PAP Millionaires should stand up in solidarity with unemployed Singaporeans and take a pay cut?

What do the above three scenarios and a unicorn sighting have in common?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, if indeed it is the Muslims, then why did the Muslims allow ISIS to be formed and become a problem? Or rather why did the Muslims allow, or give reasons to allow, the Americans to attack them in the first place?

Just like why the Sinkie opposition allow themselves not ready to be govt? And allow the voters to give them only 30% of the votes in the last eelction?

Maybe the Chinese, Vietnamese, Pinoys or even Malaysians are smarter by not allowing the Americans to make war among them in the South China Sea? Why make war when they can make money?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a religious problem

The Christian West had their Crusade on since the day they claim Non Christians as sinners.
Similarly, the Muslims claim Non Muslims to be infidels.
Muslims have their holy mission call Jihad which is not much different frim Crusade.

ISIS had killed Non Whites and the Philippines Muslim Faction had been killing Non Whites and their own Philippinos of Christian Faith.

There is no doubt that it is the Religions that caused and are causing the Bloodsheds around the World.

Anonymous said...

The muslims have been fighting amongst themselves in various degrees of severity, ever since mr Mohamed died hundreds of years ago. Muslim kill muslim and they do shout allah akbar too. Mr. Mohamed himself was a brilliant soldier with expansionist ideas. Yes, this is A muslim problem. However, when muslims go out of the way to paris to bomb caucasians, it is no longer a Muslim problem per se. Every action has a reaction, Mr Newton said so. Over the years, british, us and french fries have done a lot of unjust things to muslims. So isis is a reaction to the actions. No sulaiman daud, isis is not just a muslim problem. Sulaiman daud you are fake.

Anonymous said...

Middle-eastern-look men moving around some housing estates flats floor by floor in recent days .....

Why should they do that when there is a lift?

And some more walking down the stairs from high up 20+ floors down ......?

Anonymous said...

It is an undying
unending problem
cause by RELIGIONS.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 9:13, before ISIS, the states of Libya, Iraq and Syria were stable and functioning. They might not be the same model as the west. How many countries in the world have the same model as the west? They may be run by dictators. So what. there were abuses, but there was order and stability. Most of the people had jobs, children went to schools, they also went on holidays.

And the most important part, there was no ISIS. Somehow, the dictators were able to clamp down on the radicals and kept ISIS from emerging from the bottle. You need the dictators to deal with the radicals. Now with the dictators removed, with the country destabilised, govt broken down, country broken, economy collapsed, no jobs, no schools, no holidays, people being killed, everyday, bombs from the Americans and allies dropping on them, ISIS emerged as their saviour, to take on the invaders, the murderers of their people and destroyers of their homes and countries.

The Americans and the West not to be blamed? If Saddam and Gaddafi were still around, there would be no ISIS. There would be no widespread wars in the Middle East.

Al La Ka-Bhumi ibn Ka-Lashnikov Bang Bang Bang! said...

@ RB:

>> Whose problem is ISIS? <<

Right now, everybody who cherishes life.

>> If Saddam and Gaddafi were still around, there would be no ISIS. There would be no widespread wars in the Middle East. <<

Cool story bro'! I've been noticing you like singing the same song over and over. Is your music player in "loop" mode? 😂

Even if your "theory" was correct, dictators don't live forever. Over simplifying causes of complex issues like "war in the Middle East" by apportioning the blame to one govt. is intellectually lazy, and drags down the editorial standards.

Redbean, as I've said before: stop embarrassing yourself and go bone up some NEW SHIT...like...oh...I don't know...COMPLEXITY THEORY. Discover how things really happen, instead of your weak-sauce finger-pointing to "the evil whitey of the west". That shit is getting old and tired. 😩

Get smartER, or continue to expatiate as an intellectually weak douche-nozzle. Your choice, mate.

Got feedback?

Anonymous said...

The nut from IMH is proclaiming he is the smart one again.

Anonymous said...

How long would these asses stop their state of denial and called a spade a spade?
They are protecting the crimes of the Americunts everywhere and refused to see them.

Anonymous said...

In the past, when innocent women and children who were killed by the thousands by smart bombs, there were no recourse for the relatives of victims because there were no one with the resources and expertise to lead these people in their search for vengeance. The Western powers can continue to kill at will without getting a taste of their own medicine. Not now.

ISIS is different. They have the resources (guns and weapons left over from the Iraq/Iranian war, the war against Saddam, the war between Russia and Afghanistan etc). They also have the financial backings of middle eastern muslim countries. And they have the ability to recruit fighters who have axes to grind with the West.

The good question is therefore who created ISIS and would not admit creating this problem for the whole world to face up to? And the other question is how are they going to deal with this problem?

Right now it is just more air strikes creating more people who had the misfortune of suffering losses in the air strikes and who utlimately will be recruited by ISIS in their so-called fight for justice. That is probably their only way in their path to justice.

Forget about the nonsense about misguided youths out for fun and being recruited by the terrorist. It is not a simple explanation for a much more complex problem.

Let us just take it as what the West used to say, 'colateral damage' that we do not asked for in the first place and pray that we do not get dragged into the shit that gets smellier and smellier as they continue to stir the shit-pot.

Anonymous said...

Despite the killings and exploitations by the Americans and the West, the Muslims all over the world love them most. And they blamed everyone for their woes but not the Americans and the West.

How idiotic!

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch, the West

do not believe in Karma, they
have other Faith.

What they sow, they shall

They will have bumper

Nature has it's arrangement
and it is known as Karma.

Can the West decipher an
Oriental Concept?

b said...

I think the blame should be shared - 50% blame on the west and 50% blame on islam. Mideast, turkey and northafrica used to be christian countries but now are islam land. They did not turn islam by using agreements but by force, killing, looting, raping etc. Peace means different things to islam. It means there is only one faith. It does not mean goodness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle redbean
Below is the link to historical facts that supports your blog article:
- In the 1990's, America and her western allies supported Islamic extremists to drive the Soviet troops out of Afghanistan
- Osama bin Laden was once praised as an anti-Soviet warrior



Al La Ka-Bhumi ibn Ka-Lashnikov Bang Bang Bang! said...


re: Zero Hedge article >> how-islamic-extremism-was-born <<

You should never accept an article just because it supports the ideas you already have in your mind. Doing so invariably leads to confirmation bias.

One of the planet's best "identifiers" of Islamic extremism our very own Lee Kuan Yew, who purportedly referred to Islam as a "venemous religion". 👍🏽👍🏽

For years and years, LKY has been warning everyone about Wahhabi Islam (a Sunni sect predominantly Saudi, Al-Wahhab 18 century dickhead Grand Poobah and all time evil-asshole on par with Hitler, Caligula and Attila The Hun). 💩

REMEMBER: One of the MAIN REASONS for National Service in Singapore is that our wonderful island paradise is **surrounded by 2 Muslim cuntrees**, which at the time were viewed as potential threats to the security of Singapore and the safety of her people.

And who trained our kooli-kang boys in Temasek green, and those ridiculous boots which took hours to shine?

Why, the Israelis, of course.

Come to think of it, without the perceived threat of being overrun Saladin-style by marauding Malaysians and Indonesians shouting "Allah-hu Ahkbar!" 💣 and killing as many 🐖pork-eating infidels🐗 in Singapore...

...Lee Hsien Loong would probably never have become a Brigadier General.

Anonymous said...

RB, ISIS will slaughter u alive if you are caught.
But if u visit America, u are welcome as tourist.
The issue is money religion. Dont keep blaming the whites.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope you are not an ethnic Chinese. If you are, go and read up American history and how they discriminated and oppressed the ethnic Chinese, locking them up in chains intellectually that they were not allowed to participate in anything except as coolies, cooks and laundrymen. They even legislated such racist discrimination into law.

And if you are an African or Red Indians, you know what they did to your forefathers?

And if you are Muslims or Arabs, go and ask the Arabs what the Americans have done to them and their countries.