US, The Evil Empire creates and thrives on wars and instbilities

US. The Evil Empire creates and thrives on wars and instabilities

For the last seventy years there has been endless wars and instabilities throughout the world.. Why is it so? The fingers inevitably point to the Evil Empire , USA. America believes in permanent warfare and conquest and this is based on their evil Doctrine of Christian Discovery and Manifest Destiny.. Under this doctrine America claims it has the divine right to attack, conquer, subjugate and hold complete hegemony over all other countries.

America uses various ways and means in its evil mission of conquest and hegemony. It uses cheating, fraud, currency manipulation, unfair trade, commerce and industrial sabotage, espionage, political control, cyber attacks, direct and proxy warfare.

Between the 1920s and 1970s America had a monopoly of Middle East oil.It set the price of  oil at five US Dollars per barrel. It was able to sell in the market at between fifty to eighty dollars per barrel. The Arab oil producing countries were ripped while US enriched itself fabulously. Further the Arabs had to agree to trade the oil in US dollars only. This locked out the Arabs from trading direct with other countries other than through US oil giant corporations. Thus when Iraq under Saddam Hussein and later Gadaffi of Libya tried to trade oil direct with other countries in currencies other than the US dollars they were atacked and killed. Thus regime change is US evil policy against countries which do not toe the US line. Further when oil was depressed at five dollars per barrel US was able to ship billions of tons of Middle East oil to US to be kept as oil reserves .

Before the 1970s there was international agreement that every US dollar must be backed in gold. This means that a country has every right to demand from the US government to be paid in gold equivalent to the amount of US dollars it is holding and which it now wants to return it to US. The US government reneged on this agreement in 1972 and in the Bretton Woods Agreement it openly defied the world by refusing to peg the US dollar to the value of gold. Thus US is and has been able to cheat the world since the US dollar is still the world's standard currency for trading. When US is in trade deficit with other countries it is just able to print more paper money to pay the creditor countries. This is a dangerous trend because eventually the US dollar will become a banana currency with little or no value.

When US wants to control and hold hegemony over a region it will first sow seeds of dissension and discord among the countries in the region. It will then create a demand of dependency and protection from US. Behind the scene US will continuously foment distrust and hatred among the squabbling countries and quietly leading the unsuspecting countries to hostilities and open warfare. It is then how the US enrich itself by seliing weapons and all kinds of military hardware to the warring factions. In the meantime US pretends to play the peacemaker though for holding hegemony it never really will want the warring factions to have peace. This can be seen in the whole of the Middle East. Now US is trying to replicate the same scenario in the Far East and in the South China Sea . US is really a horrible evil empire .

US is also exerting world hegemony by manipulating the world's monetary, financial and banking business as well as manipulating the stock markets , trade, commerce and industries all over the world. American rogue leaders in private sectors are synonymous with rogue leaders in the government. They work as one banditry team and correlate their activities in supplanting and robbing each and every other country in this world. They are able to cheat and swindle the whole world because they hold full sway over the World Bank and the IMF.

To maintain its continuous world hegemony, America has build over one thousand military bases in all corners of the world. It is signing up unsuspecting countries as allies to help in its aggression. It will stir up trouble in peaceful regions and create tensions , instabilities and wars among the unsuspecting countries so that American war industries will keep on humming as they are able to sell weapons and military hardware to the warring factions .

It is time the world wake up and put a stop to the evil doings of America , a country born out from their evil Doctrine of Christian Discovery and American Manifest Destiny, a country which robbed and stole the lands from native American Indians.


Friday, 20th November, 2015


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! All my war companies keep giving me big capital gains and dividends for 15 years liao. Better than DBS, UOB, OCBC, Reits, and all the other hopeless stocks on SGX. Shiok man.

Anonymous said...

USA a country that exists on and legitimizes corruption in their system - which they refer to as Law of Lobbying. The biggest lobbyists are the drug makers and the purveyors of weapons of war. The economy rests on export of killing machines. They therefore thrive on promotion of conflict and destabilization of other countries in the name of democracy.