Tweaking or major changes to the Education Policy?

We have been hearing a lot of noise about what the education system should be like and how this new ideal education system will be good for the students and the future of the country.  We have had many education ministers and everyone went into the ministry, poked their fingers here and there and claimed that things would be better. The plight of our graduates not getting good jobs, not employable, dearth of talents in banking and finance, in IT and in dunno what industries speaks for itself. Can I safely say that our education system and policies to date are a big flop despite the glowing comments, achievements and accolades showered on us, and the students aceing their exams here and overseas in the best universities?

No, I am wrong, our education is the best in the world or among the best in the world? Really, then why are the new ministers talking about more changes and more good things to come? Ong Ye Kung said, ‘Singapore is in a position to develop its own system by combining the best of examples set by other countries.’ Did the past education ministers did this? No? Must be or else there is no need to talk about it now.

So, who has the best system for us to copy? The rigours of European education or the pragmatism of the American system? Actually in reality both the European and American systems are not that good except in the ranking systems and the biases built up over the years that they were good. The best education today is in India. The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the flood of Indian talents into our country. You can see them everywhere, in the private sector and the public sector, they are the leading light to bring Singapore forward to the next century. They have all the talents we need.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel and hope for the best. Just adapt the Indian education system and we will have all the talents we need to bring the country forward.  Stop messing around and sending more missions overseas to study other country’s education system. We know which country has the best education system and we have been sending our recruitment agents there to get the best here.

But of course if change is a must, then think very carefully what education is all about. It would be good if education is just for education’s sake, to get an all round education. They called it holistic, hopefully not full of holes. Very few of our young have millionaire ministers as parents and can get a holistic education and no need to work after graduation. We do not need an education that produces misfits and duds that are not employable like what we are seeing today.

The most important thing said by Ong Ye Kung is this, ‘…One that requires employers, education institutions and training providers and society to more in tandem.’ What is the key missing in our education system today? Two words, employers and tandem. The educationists or MOE can have all their wet dreams of what education is all about and what they want. They can be very holistic to produce graduates who know a little of everything but in reality nothing, no skills. A wholesome person, knows a bit of this and that but no core skills that the employers want. Why would employers want such holistic graduates that did not have the skills they want? This could be the reason why the employers are going into little villages all over the 3rd World, to dig into their dustbins, and say, these are the talents we need and want.

The employers must have a say in the education system. Or the employers must be handcuffed and told, you employ our graduates from our holistic system. Without the employers involved, without pointing a gun at the head of the employers to employ our best graduates from our world best education system, we are wasting the time and money of our children to get an education that would end up as a piece of paper, cannot be eaten.

It is ok to fool around, oops, sorry, wrong choice of words, on our education system. Let’s be real. Make sure their education ends up with good employment or make sure the employers must employ them. Be mindful of what you do to the education system and the lives of our young. This is not play play thing. Not masak masak. Many of them need to earn a living after passing out from our education system.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

// Many of them need to earn a living after passing out from our education system. //

Education system ......

....... or ......

..... ( Made-to Order Engineering aka "MOE" ) conveyor belt assembly pre-order semi-robot damaged-brain system ...... ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ong Ye Kung


ORH TUA KANG ( dig big, big hole ?)

Anonymous said...

Every school is a good school.

Every government (PAP or Opposition) is a good government.

Every person is a good Minister.

Anonymous said...

You think your Singaporean children so precious is it?
You think your Singaporean children deserve better than PAP children?
You think your Singaporean children deserve better than Alien children?

Do you think your Singaporean boys is only good for National Service?
To act as cheap security guards for Alien and Millionaires' assets?

What about Singaporean girls?
Do you think they help to attract and anchor Alien males to set up MNC headquarters in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Very CONfusing! Very CONfusing!

Living in this very very crowded tiny city state is like that,
very very CONfusing! Non stop CONfusing!

One top top person said "you cannot EAT degrees"!

But, on the other hand, people were still encouraged to go for
lifelong learning and upgrading.

Many many part-time pathways were created for people to finally get
their degrees.

So which is which? Degrees important?

Very CONfusing! Very CONfusing!


agongkia said...

I am doubtful education can guarantee success.
Experience shows that Shaka,PLP ,ruthless,even traitor who betray their countrymen can.
Get someone to start a private PLP class or institute .Thats the best education.
I know one Ah Pui here good in that.Sure make money.

Anonymous said...

Just get a PAPer qualification.
Do you think it's the best qualification in the world?

Anonymous said...

The reality is that employers prefer foreigners even if their education is lower quality than Sinkies becoz:
1) cheaper
2) no need to pay CPF
3) e-pass no need to pay levy; also no quota limit
4) s-pass the levy is still less than paying CPF
5) no NS for male employees
6) already have 3-4 years experience back in their home country
7) easier to abuse & threaten as they are stuck with large debts to pay off

I have worked with many foreign PMEs. Frankly if just compare their education standards, it is just at most 60%-70% of S'pore education standard.

Their trump card is that many of them have a few years OJT experience with well known MNCs (international banks, pharmaceutical companies, software giants, engineering conglomerates) back in India.

Most of their employable skills & knowledge are obtained from trial & error in their 1st few years with those MNCs. And this makes them employable in S'pore.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousNovember 04, 2015 9:39 a.m.
//What about Singaporean girls?
Do you think they help to attract and anchor Alien males to set up MNC headquarters in Singapore?//

Yew are only half right ......

ORH TUA KANG will help dig holes in the ( poor ) sinkies children ......

Yew are half wrong. ...... bcos their employers in the future are not the MNCs headquarters males ....... but the blue collars workers ( read ah neh, blanga and ang moh sailors ) roaming the back alleys of notorious and sleazy Geylang, Manga Kar and Desker Rd! Sinkies children no skill still can make living bcos ORH TUA KANG education system already next time dug many holes in sinkies children's bodies to vice a living ......

Anonymous said...

This is unique PAPer qualification. Good one.

Veritas said...

Singapore education is going down, as far as engineering is concern. I work with my juniors and start to realize how fuck up they are.

One problem about engineering school is everyone despise engineering nowdays and engineering is among the MOST difficult discipline in university. PAP think we can create Google, FB..etc just by flooding us with engineers, and open create big admission in university.

Nothing is further from truth. Now only fuck up students apply engineering and the vaccancy is so big that engineering schools got to lower their standards fucking big time.

Hence engineering school cut syallabus big time, affecting even good students.

And I see idiots and lazy pig graduating and everyone shunt local graduates.

Veritas said...

The so call idle Europe still produce VERY good engineers, and ALL colleagues from "Grande ecole" are very good.

If you are clever in Singapore, the best thing is not to study engineer. 20 years ago I will choose arts faculties and put on tattoo neck.

Then the girls in Arts fact who idle and party will let you fuck, while you see engineering fac students mug at lab until 0000 hours. You only have 16 hours class per week while engineering students got 40 hours.

And you can fuck how many girls in art fac you like and they are all idle bitch.

Then when you graduate, you go become civil servant cho bo lan and huat ah.... civil servant salary is the fattest in SG today.

Anonymous said...

@ VeritasNovember 04, 2015 9:57 a.m.
//Singapore education is going down, //

But many ex-MOE ministers are FLYING VERY, VERY HIGH ......... and HIGHER AND HIGHER .....

Ah SUAY ( aka Heng Ah ) is now miser of $$$ ...... Ah ROOSTER ( aka Hen Ah ) is now Generalissimo of Sinkieland spotting a 5-Star military cap wherever he goes in patrol of the SIN island like the male lion in an African pride prowling his domain .....
她妈 lagi better ...... now 一人之下, 万人之上 。。。。。all going higher and higher ......

Never mind the education system that went through them is going down the gutters, monsoon drains and soon abyss .....

Anonymous said...

So is it paper Generals or PAPer Generals?

Anonymous said...

PAPer 僵菌s........?

Anonymous said...

If the govt can tell the employers or at least govt and GLCs to employ Singaporeans first, as they are graduates from the best education system here, our Singapore Brand education system, then the ministers can do anything they want to the education system, teach less learn more, no need to teach also can, every student can be happy happy and go for holistic education and live their aspirations to the fullest.

Let it not be a case like now when our children are not good enough for employment, and ended up in temp jobs and applying like crazy for a perm job that only goes to foreigners.

How cruel can this be to our young? Many must be in despair, demoralised and think they are really useless compare to the fakes and cheats coming here and getting employed so easily.

Lee Hsien Loong, Lim Swee Say, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousNovember 04, 2015 11:14 a.m.
//Lee Hsien Loong, Lim Swee Say, are you listening?//

Listening? Soni hor, bz, bery bz .......

Need eat "叮胎蜂" hor, oops, sek Ding Sum hor at 10.30am to 2pm ..... ! What did YEW say again, anon 11.14 am?

What is Ding Sum? The only tinkie worth savouring day in day out is juicy, fleshy cockles on a fish ball stick, ok! Dun kajiao mai hum savour his favourite cockles between 10am to 5pm, ok! Anon 11.14 am, what did YEW say again?

Anonymous said...

"Singapore education is going down, as far as engineering is concern."
Veritas 9:57 a.m.

I agree. Foreign workers are now working as technicians, installing car park meters, cctv and as electricians doing cabling, fibre optics works etc.

Sinkies who graduated as engineers or dip holders want to work in banks, admin, in sales etc.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong, Lim Swee Say, are you listening?
November 04, 2015 11:14 a.m.

What? What?
What talking you?
I'm a deaf frog.
70% mandate lah.
No need to listen anymore.

Lu Gong Simi Lanjiao?

jjgg said...

Every time each ministry got new ministers always got new pattern. Waiting for new housing minister to reverse all of $8's decision..

Anonymous said...

MOE also want to chut pattern liao.

b said...

Employers only look at dollars and cents ie maximise profits. Make university education really really cheap so the asking pay of graduates can also be really really low since the outlay is low and only need to pay small amount back to the bank. Thats how third world graduates made it here. Not because they are better, its because they are cheap.

Anonymous said...

They screw up our graduates so badly and then blame it on them for being choosy and demanding high pay.

Anonymous said...

Stinkies are being unfair to the current education ministers as well as those of the past.
Did they volunteer to be education ministers ? No report on that.
Did they have experience in the field of education ? Doubt so. So why are they appointed to be education ministers ?
Simple, those dumb superiors of theirs do not know anything themselves.

Which ministry ever got appreciated by Stinkies ? Complaints and brickbats aplenty, but voters did not find better calibres than those currently in the cabinet. As such, why blame those that the people have chosen to run the country ?

Maybe the problem lies with the Stinkies themselves for sticking with the dumb leaders.

It is unfair to blame others when you have chosen them as your leaders.

Anonymous said...

Tweaking our Singapore jet fighter - F35-SG

"Earlier this month Defense News reported the Pentagon had learned the fifth-generation airplane’s ejection seat could cause fatal whiplash for pilots weighing under 136, despite the fact that the seat was designed to handle any pilot weighing between 103 and 245 pounds."


Hopefully our Singapore pilots are as fat as our PAP Millionaires

Veritas said...

Hopefully our Singapore pilots are as fat as our PAP Millionaires

Singapore pilots or India pilots? Now PAP is hiring pilots from India saying that no Singaporeans want to be pilots.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they sell the island to India?

Veritas said...

They already did sold this island to India, at least spiritually. We are now under a caste system whereby India degree no matter how fuck up is good and must be given high pay. Local graduates are dalits who will be given job of shit collector in the future.

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