The wickedness of the evil American Empire exposed

All those silly Asians that still believed in the goodness of the Great White God must watch this short video on the evil intent of the Americans in the Middle East. (Watch "Putin Killing ISIS" on YouTube - https://youtu.be/Dg9TqwlbB_w).  If the content of this short video still cannot wake you up from your stupidity, nothing else would and you can go on living with your fantasy.

The clip is produced by Infowars.com on the origins of ISIS. But that is what everyone knows, even the incorrigible believers of the Great White God know. What they did not know is the real objective of the Americans in creating, arming and supporting the ISIS. The removing of Assad is only a side distraction. The real intent and purpose of ISIS are to keep the Middle Eastern countries in perpetual warfare, to be bogged down in warfare in a pathetic struggle of self destruction. It would keep the Arabs/Muslims fighting and killing themselves and with the Americans and the western powers, particularly the Brits, supporting and selling all the weapons they need to keep the weapons merchants very happy and their military industrial complex very busy.

And all the hypocritical senators and congressmen in Washington, the infamous John McCain, knew how the game is being played. The Americans have no interest in wanting to wipe out the ISIS. And they are furious that Putin is doing such an effective job destroying the ISIS that they are now arming the ISIS and the so called anti Assad rebels with weapons to shoot at Russian planes attacking them. The British RAF has also been given the permission to shoot at the Russian planes.

The whole game plan was not just about regime change, but about creating instability and continuous warfare in the Middle East and to profit from the slaughtering of the Arabs and Muslims by the western forces or among themselves. This is the evil plan but unfortunately the Arabs and Muslims are falling for it and happily, furiously and passionately killing each other with gusto.

View the video clip and ask yourself what is really going on. The same game plan is going to be replicated in Asia, particularly in South East Asia. Who would be the ‘ISIS’ to do the dirty job for the Americans? The daft Pinoys are very eager to take on this role, but the good thing is that they will behave like weasels and could only make noise and have no bite. The Americans have been agitating the Vietnamese and even the Malaysians and Indonesians to be their henchmen, to go start a war and get themselves killed in the process and to be heavily indebted to the Americans. So far none of them is taking the bait. Why would they want to send their people to kill or be killed to benefit the Americans?

Then there is the very dangerous Abe at the door waiting to swing into action. Now this is a really dangerous animal and very difficult to deal with. And he wants to con the South Koreans into this silly and deadly game too. The only hope is for the Japanese themselves to rein in this wild beast in Abe and his yakuza and prevent them from dragging Japan into another world war. This time Japan will be annihilated by the combined forces of China, Russia and the two Koreas. Abe and the Americans still believe that the Koreans are stupid and can be manipulated to kill themselves because the Americans and the Japanese will it so.

The rest of the South East Asians are starting to get to see the true picture especially the Indonesians and the Malaysians. They would not want to become the Arabs/Muslims of South East Asia and be caught in an unending warfare that they did not know why or how they got involved.

For the silly believers of the Great White God in the little Red Dot, they can keep on believing in the Americans as the God of wholesome goodness and can do no evil.

Watch the clip. It is only 11 minutes, and wise up to the evilness of the Americans and their wicked schemes. Remove your blinkers and save your own skin and the skin of your fellow country men and women. Do yourself a favour.


Anonymous said...

Hishammudin, Malaysian Defence Minister was invited by Ash Carter, a zionist protector and killer of Muslims to a US aircraft carrier. It looks like the Malaysians are very comfortable sleeping with the zionist ally.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Please lah, the clip is based on conspiracy theory crap...Alex Jones (InfoWars) will continue to make millions as long as gullible people continue to believe his extraordinary bullshit.

One thing you'll notice about the Alex Jones show: there is NEVER any "good news". It is ALL doom and gloom and how the US govt. is going to come for your guns, money and freedom.... This stuff gets old after a short time. And yet Alex Jones continues his long and lucrative career simply because his listeners can't get enough of these wild-assed (mostly untrue) stories.

Another fella is the Brit David Icke. He'll have us all believe that there is a "race" (species??) of reptilian humans control our planet! 😂

Anyway, believe what you want lah. Me? I'm into living well and enjoying myself as much as possible!

Got skepticism?

Anonymous said...

You unhappy people say your white god also evil?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


white god, black god, yellow god, red god...all the kind and brutal asshole gods say one thing in common:


And guess what? People just give up their "evil" willingly...😂😂

Best cashflow system in the universe!

Anonymous said...

@ 1.28pm "死掉了"! ( 华文翻译 )

What money u talking about?

As in money is 1) wealth, 2) income, 3) wages, 4) a stock concept or 5) a flow concept. In everyday language, money can be several things ....... When "money" is not defined, which money u talking ( cock ) about?

Separately, in monetary term, money is defined as M0, M1, M2, M3, M4. In M0 and M1, it is used as a medium of exchange in everyday transactions. Again, which one are u talking abt?

U seemed to talk money as a stock concept ( that is wealth (1) which some consider source of evils since how can (2), (3), (4) or (5) be evil in itself? ) yet u proclaimed "Best cashflow system in the universe!"?!?!?! How can something be a stock AND flow concept at the same time? What (cock) u spouting? U IGNORAMUS?

Anonymous said...

@ 1.28pm

Pls lah!



Anonymous said...

How many silly people would believe or want to believe the Americans are so evil? Hishammudin is a muslim and feel very proud to be in the company of muslim killers.

This dumb Matilah ass is a good example. His great white god cannot do evil. And he gets angry when he is told the painful truth.

Anonymous said...

'SIMI VALLEY: US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter on Saturday (Nov 7) warned that land reclamation efforts and a military buildup in the South China Sea could lead to conflict between nations in the region....He added that the United States was modernising its nuclear arsenal, investing in new technologies such as drones and a new long-range bomber, as well as lasers and new systems for electronic warfare.

The defence chief hinted at additional new weapons that would be "surprising ones I really can't describe here." Additionally, "we're updating and advancing our operational plans for deterrence and defence given Russia's changed behaviour," Carter said.'

The Americans got rid of two devils in Cheney and Rumsfeld only to replace them with a bigger and more aggressive devil in Ash Carter. Actually the whole Capitol Hill and the White House are filled with such beasts. Hard to find an exception, just a degree of evilness separates them.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 812:

>> This dumb Matilah ass is a good example. His great white god cannot do evil. <<

I say, you have the wrong idea. I love it that America does evil, because when it does it is very entertaining.

Here's wishing that BIG EVIL comes to visit your house and strike down everyone of your kin...for e.g. may your kids' heads explode and their brains splatter all over the room ;-) 😈