The USA pulling out its blue prints to create an ISIS in South China Sea

Watch this video, ISIS was created by the US, VID-20151015-WA0001.mp4. It is only 11 minutes long to open your eyes as to who is the real evil one. The formula was to destabilise the Arab states one by one. The first to go was Iraq and then Libya, and now Syria. The strategy was to keep the Middle East in constant warfare to benefit the war industries in the USA and of cause you know who are the other beneficiaries?

The blue prints said, first topple the govt, then destroy the infrastructure, then destroy the societies and the country will break apart. It happened to Iraq, Libya, Eygpt and many of the North African states and those in the Middle East. Syria is on the way to be like another Iraq.

The second step is to feed the socalled rebels or resistance movements or anyone that would accept the arms, money and training to fight the existing order. Break down the law and order, and keep feeding the fighters. And there you have it, disorder and a destabilised country. And ISIS rules from the ruins. The people were displaced, no jobs, no industry, no schools, no services, basically anarchy. That is the main goal of the Americans, to keep the Arab countries forever at war, countries in turmoil, and be kept at the stage of Stone Age. And they have succeeded exceedingly well. They will keep fanning the war and keep destabilising the region.

The same blue print is being rolled out in the South China Sea. There is law and order and stability in East and South East Asia at the moment. But the US has created an enemy for the unthinking and silly leaders in the region to hate. Now the Americans are pouring money in to the unthinking but willing to take on the straw man as their enemy. They will arm the silly leaders and train them to fight. And soon there will be wars in the South China Sea, and the region destabilised. The silly people will be shouting God is Great and fighting without knowing why they are fighting. And their economies will be in ruins and they will be depending on the USA for more aids and assistance so that they can continue to fight a war they did not know how it happened. What about economic development for their country and people?

Who are the silly leaders that would want to be the ISIS of the region? They will not put up their hands but we can see them standing up to volunteer for it. The Americans are starting with US250m and maybe a junk warship for the Philippines to start with.

Welcome aboard thick heads, to do the killings and to be killed and turn South East Asia into another war zone. Who would be the potential ISIS countries to help to destabilise the region? The Americans will be your strongest backers to supply you with arms and money to fight a war they started for you while your country and economy will rot like Iraq, Libya and Syria. Is that what you want for your country and people?

Oops, my apologies, I am wasting my time. Thick heads would not understand. They just want to have guns in their hands and to act like the Americans, be trigger happy.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah, RB.

If the Americans can make lots of money with China, why would they want to make war?

If they Americans really want to make war, they would have attacked North Korea already. Because there were reports that North Korea has intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM)able to shoot over Japan and across the Pacific ocean and even reaching the western coast of USA!

And North Korea is protected and supported by China! And if North Korea is attacked, the USA is also going to war with China, which the USA of course do not want. So why would they want a war in the South China Sea, when they can make money with China?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The US will avoid an open war with China. But there will be the eager thinkheads that would be willing to do the dirty works. The Pinoys are so eager and happy to turn themselves into the next ISIS in the region.

The Americans are arming and training them just like they did to the ISIS.

Anonymous said...

U cannot compare Libya, Syria or Iraq with China, or even North Korea.

And the Pinoys, Vietnamese and Malaysians, just like the Sinkies, also want to make money, want GDP growth, not war.

Once you realise this, u will know that a war in the South China Sea is as likely as the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

First big contract of $1.29b to buy more bombs from Saudi Arabia. The American weapon merchants must be laughing. The destabilising of the Middle East is bearing fruits.

Old Man of the SEA said...

With or without the US creating wars in the South China Sea and destabilize the region, China is going to be the next World Super Power. Period.

When the sleeping Dragon has been disturbed and waken up, there is only ONE Consequence. It is going to rule the Whole World, either by financial and educational aids, economics means, transfer of technologies, friendly diplomatic relations, by proxy, by infrastructure developments, by whatever means, etc. Sooner or later, it will be exactly like the United States of Assholes.

There is no way the United States of Assholes can destabilize the Asian or South East Asian Region. The Bank of America, Citibank and many of the Foreign Banks, with their Headquarters for the Asia Pacific Region located in Singapore, are only making money from the Asian and South East Asian Regions. They are not making money in America, nor in Europe or the African continent. Even the oil resources they have been milking for the past decades are slowly drying up.

So, how can the Think Heads in the Pentagon and White House destabilize these Regions and make their Big Banks all go broke?

Is it a correct assessment? What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Malaysians and the Philippines seem very eager to be the hatchet man for the Americans. Just hand them a few guns and they will go shooting at the Chinese.

Al La Ka-Bhumi ibn Ka-Lashnikov Bang Bang Bang! said...

>> The Malaysians and the Philippines seem very eager to be the hatchet man for the Americans. Just hand them a few guns and they will go shooting at the Chinese. <<

One can only hope that they pull such a HILARIOUS caper. WOW! That indeed would be banyak bagus FUN!

Pinoy male culture is very macho. They think they have massive balls. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Americans just donated two pieces of scraps to the Philippines Navy. Now they are so strong and can take on the PLA Navy for sea battle.