The crime against the citizens

‘Acturial science graduate Michelle Lew has sent her resume to more than 100 firms since last December, hoping to land a permanent job. But almost a year later, she has not received a single job offer.

“I think it’s because the economy is bad. I’m not sure why. I’m working in an insurance firm as a temp….”’ Quoted from ST dated 2 Nov 15( Acturial should be spelt actuarial).

The difficulties in getting employment by our citizens have gone down to our young graduates. Our very own children are being employed as temp workers while hundreds of thousands of foreigners with silly degrees from silly universities are taking away their jobs. And no one is raising an eye brow, thinking that it is normal. This is a crime against our very own citizens committed by our employers and unproductive foreigner companies allowed to set up business here and to employ their own kind.

I thought after the last GE the govt will change its policies toward more pro citizens. Lim Swee Say is working hard to change the pro foreigner policies of the past to be more pro Singaporean. Hopefully this is the beginning of things getting betterer. He has started to give the breakdowns in employment statistics for citizens and PRs. But from this reported case, many Michelles are still left in the lurch. Our very own children cannot get a normal employment and we are giving hundreds of thousands of jobs to half baked foreigners.

What is happening? No, it is not the economy is bad. It is bad policies. If the economy is bad, why would so many foreigners of average or under average grades at executive and middle management or even senior management be employed and NOT Singaporeans?

Michele and her peers must not be misled to thinking it is the economy. We need to take care of our citizens first. We need to give jobs to our citizens. All the changes in education policies will be hogwash if we do not take our citizens, graduates of our education, seriously and give them jobs. We might as well close down all our universities if we continue to employ foreigners instead of our children.

Go figure why is this the case? You vote for a govt to take care of you, at least to give you good jobs, not temp jobs, not to give jobs to foreigners and say you are not good. Fully employed citizens do not need subsidies.  Is this not a crime against our citizens, our children?

Michele and many of her peers are not lazy, choosy and stupid Singaporeans. They are graduates from our world class universities and willing to work, wanting to work. Who is there to help them, our children?

MOM could simply not approve a few more applications for EPs and there will be plenty of jobs for our citizens. These are not highly skilled and difficult jobs that need special talents.

Ong Chuan Yan, a HR major has sent out applications for more than 6 months. He said, ‘It’s quite stressful because it’s already very competitive and, on top of that, there may be a decision made not to hire anyone.’


Anonymous said...

There is a 70% strong mandate NOT to employ young Singaporeans.
This 70% mandate includes 70% of the young and unemployed youth of Singapore.
70% choose to be employed as temps while Aliens get full time jobs.

Stop complaining.
We got the government we deserve

Anonymous said...

City Harvest Church achieves a 75% strong mandate since 2009


Do you see any church members complaining?
They are all very happy.
All 75% of them.

Veritas said...

It is true that there are many FT in Actuary but this lady is dishonest not to mention that it is extremely difficult to gain admission into the industry.

Normally they take in 1st class honor.

Once she is in, then she can look forward for a 10,000 per month career so long she keep passing her exams.

There is no way that every single Actuary major in Singapore can get employed in their field of study. Maybe 3-4 top students in their cohort.

Meanwhile you have a better chance getting in from an unknown KNNBCCB university in India never mind how stupid you are.

Right now, after killing most of the Chinese in financial sector, Indians start to murder one another and you see Indians write shit about their own cronyism.

Is this cause by Tharman or Menon who oversight financial industries? How about Tharman is PM.

I am now more and more skeptical.

Anonymous said...

You need 1st Class honours to be employed in actuary?

Common actuary is not rocket science my friend.

Ok, like you suggested, go and get a first class honours from India and MOM would be pleased to approved it and many companies here will employ you.

Veritas said...

Standard Chartered share price goes into shit.

Every banks that got infested by Indians go into shit, including Citibank, Deutschebank and now Stanchart.

Duetschebank are infested with the university biggest financial derivative fesces, and the guy most responsible is con artist Anshu Jain.

The problem of Indian bankers is once they took over a bank, it quicky become an institution of scam. Indians do not promote and hire on meritocracy. The more better you are, the earlier they are going to kick you out.

I wonder why no one smell fish when everywhere on streets of India are shit. If they are good people, there cannot be so many shit in their homeground.

In the end, the only 2 bank standing in SG are OCBC and UOB.

OCBC former CEO David Conner who is former Citibank India CEO never allow OCBC to go into India. You guess why.

Veritas said...

You need 1st Class honours to be employed in actuary?

Common actuary is not rocket science my friend.

Ok, like you suggested, go and get a first class honours from India and MOM would be pleased to approved it and many companies here will employ you.

It is certainly easier than the engineer maths and the matlab I am working this moment.

Why people would want to pay you $10,000 per month if you are not Indian? So high barrier of entry must be set for locals in case everyone who study acturial got in, and lower the salary.

Indians can always get the job.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Stop Complaining! Stop Kpkb Lah!

You don't know meh.....this is the New Normal!

Yes! The New Normal! Actually many asked for this!

So.........Stop Complaining! Stop Kpkb!

Getting a job after soon after graduation is a bonus now!

Keeping your jobs after that is a blessing.

So.........Stop Complaining! Stop Kpkb!

No choice! No choice!

Do you know why like that?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

I will post an article on derivatives and the remaining two banks tomorrow.

Veritas said...

The whole Indian flooding USA white man MNC is an ally between India and USA and it is the design of USA government.

As a Software engineer, I have seen Indians who fucking almost cannot code a single line in one of my previous company and he is the mother of fuckup programmer. This Indian went to one of the most prestigious USA software firm...example Goolge FB Amazon ...etc, passing through 5 rounds of screening.

Software engineer screening is coding exam, so this person manage to ace in 5 rounds of SE exams.

And the better Chinese programmer colleagues cannot even pass the first round.

Anonymous said...

redbean & veritas
Besides the banks in Singapore.
The Alien Indians are taking over many public hospitals in Singapore.

Veritas said...

redbean & veritas
Besides the banks in Singapore.
The Alien Indians are taking over many public hospitals in Singapore.

I guess there may be a deal between USA and PAP to bolster the presence of Indians here.

But ultimately Indians may lost out as many of them sucks big time. The good people must not be pessimistic.

Remember who the British want to handed this fucking Singapura Island to?

It was the Indians. Then the British flooded us with Sri Lanka administrator, doctors, and fucking Sepoy who knows nothing but mutiny and who later join the Japs.

British justify this by "meritocracy".

The Chinese survive on our own. Our ancestor NEVER get handout from British but we form our clans and build out own schools.

When the Japs came, the Chinese units fought while Indians surrender. And later the ONLY ASSHOLE against Japan are Chinese MCP.

British came and vilify Chinese with race traitor Kuan Yew.

Indians performance so sucks that British decide to hand over power to ISlamofascist Malay in Malaysia. Meanwhile in Singapore, they reluctantly hand over to banana Kuan Yew who is not the ideal candidate for them.

We will prevail so long we do good.

Anonymous said...

We will prevail so long we do good.
November 02, 2015 12:19 p.m.

But is it even better to do evil and receive a million dollar salary?

Anonymous said...

‘Acturial science graduate Michelle Lew has sent her resume to more than 100 firms since last December, hoping to land a permanent job. But almost a year later, she has not received a single job offer.'

Michelle Lew is only a minority of Sinkies lah, 30% or less, who are in such shit.

Majority (aka 70%) Sinkies still can get jobs or keep their jobs, despite the FTs flooding the country.

Or else how do u explain 70% voted for PAP in the recent GE? Most likely Michelle wasn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

"This Indian went to one of the most prestigious USA software firm...example Goolge FB Amazon ...etc, passing through 5 rounds of screening."
Veritas 11:55 a.m.

So how was that possible, if he fucking almost cannot code a single line...? Or is there something wrong with the screening?

Maybe Veritas can enlighten?

Veritas said...

The screeninng and interviewing panel got a lot of Indians. Period.

But we should cheer the shit because ultimately China is going to be good. Once USA expel Chinese to China, and Chinese no longer serve in Microsoft, Google, FB...etc.. it will be the time of rise of China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans expelled Qian Xueshen, the Father of American Rocketry to China. Yes, after that China built its own missiles and rockets. The reliability of Chinese rockets is unsurpassed by NASA. Now NASA rockets one by one fell off the sky. Chinese rockets continue on target after every launch.

NASA is dying to cooperate with China in space programme but the anti China lobby in Washington is blocking it. It would be soon when China surpasses the USA in space technology and the Americans go begging to be included in the Chinese programme.

Veritas, your strong views of Indians need to be moderated. There are good and bad Indians just like there are good and bad Chinese.

Veritas said...

When I speak about Indians, I speak about the general culture. There are bad culture and to provide positive criticism is not racist, but helping to improve on barbarism.

For example, if one fuck the Islamo sensitivity on wanting to monopolize Allah, this is no racist. The fault is on the shit head Nazi Islamo.

Similarly you go China and see everything clean and go India everywhere shit. You fuck Indians for shitting on streets exposing vagina and dick is not racist. This is helping them improve.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't think they will take it kindly on your comments. They will tell you Singapore needs them to prosper and they are contributing to Singapore's growth, especially the financial industry when Singapore did not have any talent but fools. So they are doing Singapore a big favour by getting rid of the no financial talent Singaporeans and replacing them with their financial talents.

See how they built DBS to such a successful and profitable bank!

The shit part has no correlations to talents in finance.

Anonymous said...

/// I don't think they will take it kindly on your comments. They will tell you Singapore needs them to prosper and they are contributing to Singapore's growth, .... ///

For obe brief minute, I thought redbean was talking about PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

In World War Two - the rape of Nanking
- the Europeans set up a safety zone and managed to keep a few hundred Chinese safe from the killings by Japanese soldiers

- maybe the Europeans can also set up a safety zone in Singapore for Singaporeans
- where Singaporeans can be hired without fear of discrimination


Anonymous said...

Anon 12.52pm wrote:

"Or else how do u explain 70% voted for PAP in the recent GE? Most likely Michelle wasn't one of them."

I disagree. Statistically speaking, based on the 70% win by PAP, Michelle more likely has voted for PAP than not.

Michelle's parents who are rich enough to send her overseas probably have voted for their own good lives to continue. They are short-sighted and fail to recognize that the pro-foreigner policies in this country will be bad for their child.

Meanwhile, Michelle grew up believing in what her parents tell her about "study hard in uni and get a good job". So she did. But she didn't land a good job. To secure a good job, she likely voted for a strong government (=pap in the mind of the dafts).

We tend to think that those who have not would vote for change because they have nothing to lose. It is not true. These losers are so fearful of losing even more than they always vote for status quo.

IMO, Michelle deserves what she voted for. Perhaps she can blame her parents. Her relatives. But don't blame the economy. There are jobs aplenty. But just not for her.

Anonymous said...

A govt with anti citizen policies voted to power will inflict more harm to the people that voted it to power. The people deserve the govt they voted to power.

Veritas said...

Those people who studied Actuary should be prepared to go unemployed as you can only go in when someone quits or promoted.

This actuary cry baby should have knew the industry. The fat actuary salary is 10,000 per month using mathematics tool no more difficult than excel or at most R.

Too many people would like such job.

agongkia said...

Of all people how can you blame our employers.
Many created jobs for Sinkies but being seen by ungrateful Sinkies as someone who exploit workers or blood suckers.
Sinkies should know they are more expensive to hire and need to be realistic about the asking pay.Our employers do not owe us a living.
Michelle should consider applying to be a cleaner, gardener or guard while writing resume to apply for job.
Working as a temp is still a job.I would suggest her to find a caring husband and help to produce babies which is more productive.
My Ah Kong say last time women are meant to take care of family, serve the parent in law and hubby
well, produce babies and take care of the family.
Luckily nowadays they can stay away from kitchen so should considered lucky.

Anonymous said...

Singapore graduates cannot find jobs because they are not good enough or maybe they are expecting too much. It could be the foreign graduates are better and more employable. Maybe the foreign graduates are less picky, less demanding, more hard working, less complaining etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The last 3 comments are like 3 khongcum parrots repeating what their masters told them.
Signs of a diseased mind, no brain cells but full of mush.

Anonymous said...

Yeah suck it up you silly Singaporeans. For all your schooling, you are mostly a bunch of selfish, gutless wonders trained to sell your own grandmother down the river for short term profit. You see this reward system is school, N.S., Uni and the workplace. Always siding with your oppressor or higher up in the hope he or she throws you a bone over the next door beggar. So you voted for more shit and you got it. Eat it up.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, I don't think she's asking to be employed as actuary. She's just asking for an executive perm job in an insurance company.

In Singapore insurance companies, actuaries are part of top mgmt. There are at most only 1 or 2 actuaries in each insurance company in S'pore.

The ideal starting position for an actuarial graduate is as junior underwriter.

denk said...

have u missed this one...

AFTER shandaman declared matter of factly that there'd be non chinese pm soon, *its only a matter of time* !
THEN lhl kinda like obliged to concur , saying it's a *highly plausible.*

shandaman was so cock sure, looks like he'd be the next pm, thats the agreed script
but he wouldnt even let lhl announce the news, !

like i said before, veritas is right about this,
this is a desinicised program handed down from washington,
the unitedsnake wants sg as a cog in the anti china posse,
just witness the lateral warships in changi,
it wants sg to be in trusted hand when the shit hit the fan.

i bet sg is crawling with cia/mi6 now,
have u noticed the increasing army of six footers mean looking dudes jogging past u in the evening ?

yet another taxi uncle got whacked...by an ex murcunt special force goon !

Anonymous said...

Good point 12:34.

The gullibles could not see anything wrong with foreigners esp the westerners wanting to serve NS and becoming moles or sleepers in the SAF.

Where got hope with the gullibles?

They are stripping themselves and asking to be screwed by anyone willing to do so.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies, do you want your sons and daughters to be like Michele and Ong Chuan Yan? If the daft Sinkies don't wise up, their fates will be the fate of your children and even yourself.

Anonymous said...

"The crimes against citizens", unquote.

Who say ?

Says who ?

Everything possible is done to
benefit and protect the citizens.

What more do the people need
or want ?

agongkia said...

Do not be like the rest who cannot see out of the box like uncle RB.
Moral of this write up is to tell Sinkies it is pointless to go university or study too high echoing what someone said.
Let your children go for the paper if you have the mean but never be discourage if one cannot get a job that he or she want.
Hard working and paper may not necessarily guarantee success and lazy or brainless may not necessarily mean failure, if one know how to get connected or PLP like any ah pui .

Anonymous said...

Your towkay arrowed you to attack Ah Pui is it?

Anonymous said...

Who is Ah Pui ?

Never come across any
Ah Pui here. Only one nick
with P here, that one cannot
be a PLP by any measure.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi denk,

Singapore will now be put to a test. The Americans will say to Singapore, you are with me or against me. Singapore will have to choose between China and the USA.

Anonymous said...

We need more websites to provide unemployed Singaporeans to tell us their situation. I do not trust the numbers put up by the mainstream media. The numbers may be much worse than we think.

Yahoo main page, for instance, is regularly spammed with advertisement that lots of jobs are available. I wonder why? Is it fake? Why are unemployed Singaporeans not rushing to fill those posts? It just doesn't add up.

So, if it's fake, why would anybody waste their money faking it? Who would gain by pretending that Singapore has lots of jobs open to Singaporeans?

That's why we need alternative websites to let the truth come out. We need people who responded to such ads come out and tell us what happens when they applied for those jobs. If there's a scam, let the scam be revealed.

If people are unemployed, they need to know how many others are like them. Just like victims of child molestation, they need to know that they are not alone. They need to tell us how widespread the problem is. Let's have more websites where they can post their distress.