The Americans turning their allies into addicts

What does one know about being an addict? Yes it is addiction when the dependency on a drug or something is so great that one cannot do or live without it. The Americans have done exactly this, to convert their allies into addicts for American presence and protection. The American military umbrella now is indispensable, more badly needed than before after the Paris attack. All the countries that were forced into the Coalition of the Unwilling are now accomplices to the act of violating the land of the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East. They are now trembling in fear that they will be the next target of the ISIS. No one knows where and when the ISIS suicide squads will hit next. But they are sure that the ISIS will hit, only a matter of time and only where.

‘According to Ernest Bower of Washington based think tank, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), “Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei have real and immediate concerns about citizens who have left to fight in Syria and Iraq, and will be returning…After Paris, most Asian countries will be looking to the US for leadership in the counter ISIS fight.’ And Ernest gloated, ‘This will underline the US’ global security role.’ I quote this from an Agencies report dated 17 Nov 15 in the Today paper.

What Ernest did not say is that those countries that were involved in the American’s war in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Syria, will be the main targets of ISIS with France being the first victim. The rest will have to wait for their turn to see carnage on their streets. The Americans have succeeded in turning their allies into a high dependency states for American protection by dipping their hands in the blood of Iraqis and Syrians in their joint campaigns in these countries. There is no escape and no where to hide and no one to turn to except to the Americans.

And there is no option to go for cold turkey treatment. Once addicted, forever tainted and cannot get out of the game of American treachery and deceit in the game of death. They destabilized and broke up countries and dragged their allies to do the dirty works with them. The allies will now have to go down on their knees to beg for protection and get more addicted everyday.


Al La Ka-Bhumi ibn Ka-Lashnikov Bang Bang Bang! said...

America won the culture wars coming onto 100 years ago. Almost everyone is "addicted" to some aspect of US culture. Even in China, when they pirate movies and content, they pirate mostly US intellectual property.

Sorry, there is no cure for US addiction. US addiction is so strong that many locals of non-US cuntrees start slang-slanging (VERY FUCKING ANNOYING!!) as if to "look down" on their fellow locals as "inferior".

In the OVERTLY RACIST area, you will notice many locals of darker complexion often mimick (with epic fails and embarrassing comedy) the US African-American, i.e. they try to be BLACK. And they end up looking and acting like SHIT.

Dr Martin Luther King would be vomitting if he were still alive. And he would be sad.

Just because you have dark skin, doesn't make you a US African American Stop your nonsense!

jjgg said...

U.S. Military might? Remind me again...how many wars did US of A actually win?

Al La Ka-Bhumi ibn Ka-Lashnikov Bang Bang Bang! said...

What the general blur-cock population know about "winning" is cheering on their "people's favourite" whilst spit drools down the corners of their mouths, as they vicariously savour their brief respite from the wage-slave, in-debt-to-the-eyeballs lives the majority of them live ;-)

In American culture REAL "winning' is making off with the CA$H (as quietly and as quickly as possible), whilst the bloody fools who think they have won are going giddy with their delusion.

The US, as a cuntry ,ight lose or maybe even win a war/ battle/ whatever. However the savvy private interests ALWAYS win. (especially financiers).