Special breeds that do not need skill futures training

I once wrote about the politicians and their envious positions that come with instant skills and knowledge. Once a person is elected as a MP, better still made a minister, suddenly he knows everything. His intelligence and skills went up by several times. A doctor can become an expert in warfare, a soldier becomes an expert in education, a lawyer becomes an expert in terrorism or whatever permutations you can think of. But this sudden acquisition of intelligence and skill sets did not stop there. They are now perpetually intelligent and do not need any further training or skills upgrading. They become natural talents of all things under the sky.


The only time they displayed some modesty of their ability is when they decided to go overseas to learn from less talented people in other countries. And of course they did not learn anything from such trips as they are already the most talented, and who else could teach them and what else could they learn?


Now I just discovered that there is another exclusive breed that does not need upgrading courses or skills training, at least not at senior management and top management level. This breed also does not need to go for training courses. If you don’t believe me, check up with the training providers, you would not find anyone of them there.


I am referring to the foreign talents. Singaporeans all ran out of talent after some years working in the industries and their skills and experience became obsolete. They need to be retrained to work in lower skill and lower level jobs the more training they received. And the worse cases are those that freshly graduated from the universities and hit the wall. They are unfit for work, their skills are not relevant and not wanted in the industries on graduation. And they did not graduate from degree mills or from unknown or unranked half past six universities. They are graduates of the best universities in Asia and among the best in the world.


This is a new paradigm in Sin City and is really puzzling. But to many in Sin City, there is nothing wrong. It is the new normal. So more training institutions are set up to train the unskilled citizens who are no longer useful or irrelevant and the fresh graduates who somehow went to universities to learn nothing. No wonder training is such a big thing in Singapore. They called it life time training to get ‘stupiderer’ as they grew in age and experience.  And the govt is giving the people more money to get trained so that they can find jobs with lower pay.


I rather be a foreign here, with special talents and skills that would not need any more training, never go obsolete. And must also thank my village schools and unranked universities and degree mills for training me so well, better than the citizens of Sin City. While they furiously go to attend their upgrading courses to get a lower paying job, to downgrade, we foreigners will party and drink and make merry and wait for the next promotion, for our skills are perpetual skills that can only get better with no need for training. And if needed, just buy a degree from another famous degree mills that produced quality degrees would do the trick.


Sin City is heaven for foreign talents.


Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans all ran out of talent .......the worse cases are those that freshly graduated from the universities and hit the wall."

What so surprising, and where it matters most, even the Sinkie opposition (no foreigners allowed) also ran out of talent to be ready to be govt?

And if PAP, which RB always condemn, can even be govt, why not lousy 3rd world foreigners to take over the jobs for Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

RB, I think the problem with you is that you are not a boss who employs people to work for you. Are you?

If you are, I doubt you will not be so uninformed as to write such a post in such a manner.

Anonymous said...

天堂! 天堂! 天堂!

Yes1 Yes! Yes! U are correct!

SQ is heaven for foreign talents!

如果第一世界新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂?

新加坡是天堂! 新加坡是天堂!


Anonymous said...

It is a confirmed fact that 70% of Singaporeans are stupid and will never learn.
- This 70% voted for the untrained politicians to run Singapore.
- And these same untrained politicians chose the untrained Aliens to take over management of key Singaporean industries from Singaporeans.

Q: How many untrained politicians does it take to successfully run a Transport Ministry in one of the smallest country in the world?
- So small it only take 50 minutes to drive from the eastern tip of Singapore (Changi airport) to the western tip (Tuas) on the PIE.

A: Confirmed. It takes more than two Ministers.
- Maybe it will require more than three Ministers.
- at least the third Minister had the brains to bring in a Singaporean professional engineer to oversee the problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48, you know better than RB?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48, you know better than RB?
Anon 9:25 a.m.

At least I know RB is not a boss who employs people to work for him.

If he is, he would have rebutted my 8:48 a.m comment by now, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Rb // Sin City is heaven for foreign talents.//

=> SIN City is "HELL" for sinkies talents?

Anonymous said...

SIN City is "HELL" for sinkies talents?
Anon a.m.

Not "HELL" for all Sinkie talents. Only some, maybe 30% or less.

Only in "HEAVEN" will there be no "HELL" for all Sinkie talents.

Anonymous said...

Dr Goh Keng Swee knew nothing about defence. He merely read some books and quickly too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33,

RB got his writings accepted and posted in many media, Asian Correspondence and China Daily. RB got a professor posting in his blog.

What have you?

Anonymous said...

"RB got his writings accepted and posted in many media, Asian Correspondence and China Daily. RB got a professor posting in his blog.
What have you?"
Anon 10:47 a.m.


If you think for that RB is good, I think you have not heard or read about Dr Chee Soon Juan, his blog and facebook, or even his books. And RB's credentials pales in comparison.

And even with that, given what Dr Chee being what he is now, so what's the big deal about RB, as compared even to me?

Anonymous said...

All RB needs to do is to be better than you? What are you, jamban cleaner?

Come on be proud of what you are, tell us you are a jamban cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Hero worship is out of fashion.

Even gods are less worship nowadays.

Worship not but worry about how the Future of the Younger Generations of Sinkies.

Someone asked if the People in White are against Sinkies at My Singapore News Blogsite in an earlier post.

Uncle Redbean has provided the Best Answer here.

Anonymous said...

Uncle redbean suffers from neurotic insecurity and always has this inferiority complex. He is undoubtedly a person who sees bad in everything. A very sad person indeed.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb 活在福中不知福
Maybe he is too idealistic.
A man who is never satisfied with the good living he and his clans are enjoying.

He is not wrong to want better for himself and others. Living is all about hopes and wishes for the better.