Paris the new war zone

More than 140 declared dead and the number is growing. A series of terrorist attacks hit Paris, at a concert hall and a football stadium and the streets of Paris. Guns were fired, bombs exploded, people died.  The war in the Middle East has opened a new front, on the streets of Paris. The lesson, you can’t go shitting everywhere and think the shit would not come flying home.

The opening of borders all over Europe to accommodate the refugees running away from their war torn countries is a good thing on humanitarian ground. It is very heart wrenching to see grown men and women with children in tow and in desperation for a place where they can seek peace and safety, perhaps settling down to live life all over again, to get their children to school, to get a shelter over their heads and a job to feed the family.

But the problems the refugees are fleeing from would not leave them. The problems of war, ethnic strife, religious hate and what else, would find a new fertile ground in Europe to ferment and fester. The Americans and their western allies may think it is a good idea to stir enough shit and hate in the Middle East, to keep these countries in a constant state of war, to ferment animosities and to benefit from the pains and sufferings of these people, and the best part, their homes in the USA and Europe are free, peaceful and safe for themselves and their children. Such simplistic viewpoints, that wars could be isolated in this interconnected global community are simply foolish. The wars you stoked and created will come home to roost.

What is happening in Paris is only the beginning of a long and protracted state of terrorist warfare that would spread across the rest of Europe, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rome, Madrid, the list can go on, will not be left alone. Starting wars and fanning hatred are easy. Stopping them and preventing them from spreading are not that easy. And Europe would not be alone, the USA and even Asia, South East Asia, the Australia will not be spared.

A state of emergency has been declared in France.

Would Singapore be so lucky?


Anonymous said...

/// A state of emergency has been declared in Paris.
Would Singapore be so lucky? ///

Singaporeans very lucky.
Just ask the Singaporean taxi drivers who keep getting beaten up everyday.
Lucky, lucky lucky.

Those Ang Moh bullies even more lucky.
They stay in their home country and they get blown up.
They come to Singapore, and they get to beat up taxi drivers and fuck our wives and daughters.
Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Do you think PAP Millionaires are also very lucky?
What about our NS boys?
Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Anonymous said...

Would Singapore be so lucky?

Yes, and maybe because the terrorists think it is more worth it to kill Angmos rather than Sinkies.

Did the Sinkies stir shit in the Middle East? No, tio bo?

So why would the terrorists want to waste their bombs and bullets on Sinkies?

Why would smart, money making Sinkies want to waste their time and effort to join the Sinkie opposition? Or waste their votes to vote for the Sinkie opposition?

Anonymous said...

You sounded like a khongcum.

Anonymous said...

Paris attacks: Singapore condemns strikes, PM Lee says it is 'attack on our shared humanity'
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, and to the people and government of Paris and France."


Dear khongcum Lee
What about our Singaporean taxi drivers who are regularly beaten up by your Alien Talents?
What happened to your thoughts & prayers towards our beaten up Singaporean taxi drivers?

Anonymous said...

/// He wrote: "Condolences to our French friends over the loss of so many lives. We wish them courage and steadfastness as they deal with the situation. ///
Teo Chee Hean


Dear khongcum Teo
What about our Singaporean PMETs who have lost their jobs to your imported Alien Talents?
Any condolences from you for the loss of their jobs?

Anonymous said...

"These brutal acts of terror are another reminder of the need to remain vigilant and work closely to combat terrorism and counter violent extremism."
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Dear khongcum Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If I am a terrorist, I would enter Singapore legally as an Alien Talent.
Do you think this would be the easiest and safest way to gain entry into Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Singapore raises alert level after Paris attacks

"In Singapore, today, we have raised our alert level. We have stepped up security measures, border checks and vigilance," he ( PAP Minister K. Shanmugam ) said in a statement.


Dear khongcum Shanmugam
Don't waste your time on border checks and vigilance lah.
The smart terrorist will enter Singapore on a Work Permit, S-Pass or Employment Pass lah.

Anonymous said...

"Together, everyone plays a part to keep Singapore safe and secure. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or persons to the authorities."
PAP Minister K. Shanmugam


- when there is shit, you call Singaporeans to do.

- what about when there are good jobs and good salaries?
- you call Singaporeans or you call your Aliens?

Veritas said...

The source of terror is Sunni Islam and Sunni is the most terror ideology in the world. Islam is not necessarily violent. Ahmadya is never violent, Shia is quite peaceful but Sunni always keep KPKB they got shit from everyone and they start killing to claim their 72 virgins.

Face it, our Sunni Malay even though they claim to be peaceful hate Chinese and hate Jews for filmsy reasons that Jews shit on Palestinian, who got NOTHING to do with Malay. Malay being Sunni need someone to hate.

Then fucking pernankan PAP step in with Indians and everyone come accusing Chinese of racist. Chee bye.

For having a hateful mind, Sunni is a loser everywhere on this earth, running their state into shit if no oil gush out from backyard. Sunni pride themselves as morale but they are the 2nd most unmorale people in this world, only Hindus Brahmin win them.

Sunni enclave are rape, murder and pedophile land in Europe. Then Sunni pretend to be moral people simply by asking their women to hijab. Even Malaysian Malay who are the biggest connoisseur of incest, come back point the Chinese as immoral.

The biggest reason why Sunni go murder spree is else killing are far more attractive than the shit life they are living. Being idle in school, while East Asian study 24x7, these proud Sunni are going to stack up at the bottom of heap in society. They are never grateful their host country give them free food, healthcare, monies, education and house.

Then they masturbate their mind orgasming in how many Muslim got killed since crusaders.

Immediately murdering people are far better than the bleak prospect and shit life they are living in.

The problem of European Suni are not poverty but their own laziness and hate, and having too much pride not wanting to stooge in society. Being a stupid and lazy people, they want dignity and they can only do it by means of terror, not unlike the sam-seng.

Veritas said...

Another big reason of Sunni terror swaggering epidemic is there is very little patriot around, other than the Myanmar tough guys.

Sunni loser always claim to be tough guys by killing women and children but they are just serial loser. When they see patriots like Myanmar, they cringe in fear and they rely on their ally USA MSM, like CNN, fox news ranting everyday how rohingya got shit.

They dare not strike Myanmar because they know they are pussy and not going to win. And Myanmar does not buy the shit that 99.99% of Sunni is good and Myanmese patriots will make entire Sunni community pay with blood even they behave naughtily.

So no Sunni terror in Myanmar but many terror in neigboring thailand. Sunni can only stay outside Myanmar and cry discrimination.

In war, they even lose to women. Close to 50% of fighters in Kobani are women and women make up top commanders there. These women kick out ISIS.

I have zero sympathy for Rohingya and all those sunni who claim to be discriminated.

If Sunni look around, they can always find the Jews and Chinese who got even more racism shit in white man land. Why jews can prosper under discrimination and why Sunni cannot? Sunni will not answer this question and admit they are lazy in schools or they have low IQ. They will just say they are victim of racist.

Anonymous said...

Will Singapore check the foreigners they employed at the security check points before they check on others?

Anonymous said...

Singapore employs aliens to secure its' entry(immigration) points.

Any issue ?

Anonymous said...

Wah shiok, my stocks in gun companies, bullet companies, bomb companies, tank companies, jet fighter companies, mercenary contractors, and other war companies going to BOOMZ. When there's blood in the streets, go and invest!

Anonymous said...

Singapore employs aliens to guard its checkpoints?
Wah nice. Wait for them to turn their guns at Sinkies.
Now won't that be nice?

Anonymous said...

The 3rd World War has just been declared openly.

This is going a long protracted guerrilla warfare.

The West can coin the term 'terrorists' and make it stick. But the fact is, there is not only the ISIS group.

There was the Al Qaeda before that. Al Qaeda is still very much alive and kicking.

And there was the Mad Saddam Hussein with Weapons of Mass Destruction which were never found, not even a shred of evidence found by the Massive US and Coalition Forces all over the whole country of Iraq. Even Saddam Hussein and his two sons had no place to hide. Discovered, arrested, killed or murdered - swift and fast. Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Before that, there was the Axis of Evil - comprising Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

Now, Obama hails the Agreement signed with Iran as a 'GOOD' Thing. How about North Korea? When the Republicans come back to power again, the whole works are going to be unraveled. Then war with Iran, North Korea and China?

This 'Terrorists' or 'Extremism' concept is going to run counter to the proponents and play into the game of the Anti-Coalition Forces. The sooner the West realize that this is the new form of warfare, the better it is for them to think out a better strategy to counter these so-called 'Terrorists' or 'Extremists'.

Just by condemning them as 'terrorists' or 'extremists' will not end the war. In fact, it has just begun. It is getting momentum. It is spreading.

Fighting a proxy war has become a direct war now. Is this what the Doctrine of Perpetual Warfare all about?

Anonymous said...

Do not do unto others if you do not want others to do unto you.

Anonymous said...

Do accept the FACT
that so long there is beings
there is wars.
Lucky that non happens
here because Sg is lucky
thus far.
But, no one can stay lucky
all the time, therefore what's
tomorrow is anyone's guess.

May peace prevails.

Anonymous said...

In the past few centuries, there were major wars every hundred years or so.

A major war about 100 years ago was WWI in the early 20th century.

Before that about 200 years back was Napoleonic War in the early 19th century.

In the early 18th century, about another 300 years back was the Spanish War of Succession many European powers.

In the 16th century, about 400 years ago, the Thirty Years War that started in 1618 ........

Time to sell everything and enjoy life like no tomorrow. ......?

Clarke Quay, here we cum .......

Anonymous said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

Masagos said very sad of terrorist attack in Paris. Did he feel sad when a few hundred thousands of Arabs killed by the American and allies bombing?