Of civilized and uncivilized wars

The war has come to Paris. To be politically correct, this cannot be called war but terrorism. If it is to be called war, it is must be called uncivilized war. There is a civilized way to conduct wars, called civilized war. Uncivilized war is an attack against humanity. I must also condemn this war to be politically correct. How can these terrorists, not soldiers as they were probably not paid, did not wear proper uniforms and ranks on them but suicide bomb belts, attacked innocent people in a football stadium watching football, people attending a rock concert or people having a good time drinking in a bar? I will join the civilized world to condemn this uncivilized war in the streets of Paris.

But the terrorists are shouting God is great. They never think it was a bad thing. They never think that it was uncivilized. Do you want to know why they thought that way? Ok, I must say this again in case people think I am supporting them. No, I am on the side of civilized people and would only support civilized war. Where am I, oh, why did these people think they are fighting a just war in the name of their God? It is unbelievable that people can invoke the name of God to fight wars. Only imbeciles did that, going to war and praying to God and said God help me.

Did anyone want to know why were these terrorists shooting innocent people in Paris and then blew themselves out? Not important, no need to know? But let me explain a little, without supporting them of course. You see, these people lived in countries in the Middle East and Africa, maybe in Syria, Iraq, Libya or some of those countries that the civilized people are conducting civilized wars. The civilized people did not kill people in sports stadium or in concert hall. These countries are at war and there were no concerts or football matches to watch. But many of them, and their relatives, were killed staying at home, having dinners or just passing their time, not sure they got TV to watch. Hundreds of thousands of these people, not sure if they were innocent but very likely not as innocent as the 150 people killed in Paris, had been killed in the civilized wars in their countries.

Did anyone know that many hundreds of thousands of them, including women and children had been killed in civilized wars? I think no one knows as no one ever sent condolence to their leaders or condemned the civilized wars that killed them. No, they were not the deads in wars but collaterals of civilized wars.

What is a civilized war by the way? A civilized war, my guess, is a war conducted by paid soldiers carrying flags and wearing proper uniforms and with the blessing of their govts. And they not only carry automatic rifles and small bombs, they have tanks, warplanes, warships, very big guns and very big bombs to kill many, many people at one go, innocent or not innocent not so important. What is important is that the bombs are very smart and only killed the not innocent people. And the war is so civilized that they don’t used soldiers in some cases to fight the wars. They sent drones, cruise missiles with smart bombs, like playing computer games, absolutely civilized way of killing people. They don’t hear the cries of fear, of shock and pain and despair. They just pushed buttons to conduct civilized wars.

And when countries conduct civilized wars, they can kill by the thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, and it is ok. No one will condemn such killings, because the people were killed in a civilized war. And the best part, civilized wars are conducted in other people’s countries so the civilized people at home are very safe, like in Paris.

Is my explanation on civilized wars right? Or is there a different explanation, like wars conducted by the Americans and their allies are civilized wars and cannot be condemned. When the Japanese invaded Asia and South East Asia killing hundreds of millions, it must be civilized war also. Are the French also active participants in civilized wars? Who are fighting civilized wars? Only those who are fighting civilized wars have the right to condemn those who are fighting uncivilized wars because they are on high moral grounds.

I also condemn uncivilized wars like the one in Paris. I am on high moral grounds too. And the French have vowed to respond with appropriate force, and will continue their bombings in Syria and other Middle Eastern and African countries in their civilized wars, fighting on the side of the Americans and their allies.

PS. When one stirs the hornets nest and get stung by the hornets, please do not curse the hornets for being uncivilized.


Anonymous said...

The best is to join the Americans to fight civilized wars. There will be no condemnation from any country. The Arab nations will also support America's civilized wars against Arab countries. And will come out to condemn uncivilized wars by IS.

The next civilized war the Americans are going to start is in the South China Sea.

agongkia said...

Civilize or not, terrorism comes in many ways.Not necessarily must be done physically.
It can come in a simple letter with perfume and can caused death if you try to be curious to open, smell or use it.
Hope to see letters being screen before delivery.

Anonymous said...

Found the Best Definition for the
Words Civilize/Uncivilize here.

Redbean alone is many times better
than the United Nations.

Someone should send this Article
to the United Nations and especially Ban Ki Moon. He does not seem to know Justice and how to go about doing his duty.

Better to have Redbean replaces
Ban Ki Moon.

Anonymous said...

You see, in a civilised war, the killing of innocent women and children, like those in Irag, just goes unnoticed. No condemnation from any world leader for the hundreds of thousands killed by bombs. Probably their lives are worth less than others and the perpetrators are not doing anything against humanity.

Now, what would some people do if their wives and children are the victims of those bombs? Just forget about it? Those who dropped the bombs and do the killing can forget about it, but not the families of the victims.

For sure they are not going to forget about it in this life.

The war in Iraq may have ended long ago, but it sure as hell is now being waged on the doorsteps of the perpetrators. Saddam's palace guards and military units may have disappeared after the war, but their expertise are all evident in the operation of ISIS.

As for calling this attack an act of war, isn't it a little late to realise that? The war against ISIS was proclaimed and started long ago.

Anonymous said...

Whether a war is "civilized" or "uncivilized" depends on how rich and powerful you are.

Is it the same in Singapore?
Whether your criticism is "constructive" or not depends on how rich and powerful you are.

Anonymous said...

Britain’s special forces are officially on standby to deal with a Paris-style terror attack
Britain’s home secretary Theresa May is going to chair a Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms meeting crisis meeting — known more commonly as COBRA — imminently to discuss how the UK government will respond to the devastating attacks in Paris.

COBRA meetings are usually tabled when events abroad could have major implications for Britain.


Britain has COBRA meetings before a potential crisis meeting happens.
What about PAP's Singapore?
We have COI (Committee of Inquiry) meetings AFTER a crisis happens.

agongkia said...

@anon 10.02
Congcum meeting or cobra meeting.
Any meeting that is reveal to the world is just a wayang and not a productive meeting.
We definitely have top secret meeting without the need to reveal to the world .That's why you dun know.

Anonymous said...

/// We definitely have top secret meeting without the need to reveal to the world .That's why you dun know. ///
November 15, 2015 11:04 p.m.

If so top secret, then how is it that you know?
- Are you a secret member of the Leedership renewal committee?
- Is Lee the only surname that is always perennial?
- Is the surname renewed and yet not renewed?
- Is retired and yet not retired?
- Is not active in government anymore but still in the cabinet?
- same, same but different?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

He is just a low ranking NCOs given licence to grope mei meis lah.

Anonymous said...

Redbean may cloak himself with the flag of the moral high ground, yet he is silent, SILENT about the murders of aid workers, ethnic cleansing of minorities and the genocide of the Yazidis in areas under ISIS control. Who is going to act on their behalf? So go on, keep writing about civilized and uncivilized wars as if taking the moral high ground excuses the writer of moral ambiguity one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad to see so many people got killed in Paris.