Lean-Sizing Solution for Singapore – How it Works

Going Lean - The Best Organisation for the Marketplace


Singapore wants to maintain a low but sustainable foreign workforce growth as she engages with increasing decline of the local labour force.   In essence, Singapore needs to learn to grow its economy and to do more with less.  It means going beyond hitherto low human productivity growth to deploy new mind-sets to unleash unconventional innovative approaches to everything that Singapore managers and workers have been accustomed to doing so far. 


“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind-set that created them.”

― Albert Einstein


The empowered lean business corporation is the proven most effective organisation. No business success is based solely on technology.  Quality people make products/services distinctive through superior quality and total customer satisfaction.  And it is their commitment, determination and resourcefulness which drive the business organisation to achieve excellence and advances in technology and systems for a sustainable excellence in the marketplace. 


The Secret of Successful Lean Organisations is Empowered People.


Empowered people in a company have a profound sense of control and ownership over their jobs.  A high-commitment human resource strategy will encourage empowered employees to take on more responsibilities, emphasising mutuality or team synergy and produces a stronger commitment to excellence.  Within such a corporate culture, and guided by leadership providing clear mission and strategic directions, your people will focus on getting the job done, and having more responsibility further makes their work more challenging and rewarding.


Exceptional management leadership in lean business organisations focus on corporate values such as openness, honesty, self-direction, development and the promotion of innovations in the workplace. 


The fundamental management task is to motivate ingenious, creative and responsible marketplace-oriented contributions from its people.



It starts with a strategic business review and planning to clarify the future direction and nature of the business given the increasing crunch in manpower.   Only then will it be possible to design, develop and build the most effective organisation that will “do more with less”..  "Business" and "Organisation" are not the same thing.  A Business applies resources to create superior products and services to meet the market needs; whereas Organisation is the way in which those resources are administered; referring to the systems, structure, jobs and corporate culture.


Companies who want to command continuously sustaining competitive positions in their current marketplace must continually renew their organisations.  They do this by changing the organisational "shape" and "size", reducing “layers” and increasing the “span” of responsibilities as well as embedding “agility” and “adaptability” in their corporate culture to engage new and dynamic challenges in the changing marketplace environments.


The values, beliefs and norms that constitute corporate culture also provide the cohesiveness for corporate activities and affect the implementation of the flexible corporate strategies by the language and manner that strategy is communicated from one organisational level to another, vertically as well as horizontally.  Shared values and beliefs define the fundamental character of a lean business organisation, providing that unique organisational personality that distinguishes it from all others.


The Human Talent Oracle empowers organisations and people with a greater awareness of your corporate values as well as helps to develop an ongoing organisational response, driven by these values, to the ever-changing and competitive business operating environment and marketplace.  The Mission as a Human Talent Oracle is to facilitate the growth of lean business organisations and empower the people inside to achieve greater effectiveness and success through understanding and discovering the value of leadership in human resource management.


The “Secret” in growing effective Lean Business Organisations is High-Commitment People Teams nurtured from the foundation supported by the corporate pillars of Leadership, Culture and Strategy. 


This is how you can “Grow Big by Going Lean”, through working on the following sequential areas:


[1] Culture Development & Strategic Planning

[2] Strategic Human Talent Management

[3] Lean Sizing and Organisational Development

[4] Training and Development for Fewer Jobs with Higher Pay

[5] Corporate Employee Conversations Strategy

[6] Impact Oriented Rewards Sharing System

[7] Continuous Corporate Values Reinforcement





Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Michael present this paper to the govt earlier. It is too late. The govt is blowing up like a hot air balloon.

Anonymous said...

Lean-Sizing Solution for Singapore
– How it Works
Going Lean
- The Best Organisation for the Marketplace

Really ah?
Then what about PAP government?
Singapore is one of the smallest country in the world.

Why we need 5 mayors?
Why we need 2 Deputy Prime Ministers?
Why we need 3 Coordinating Ministers?
Why we need 2 Ministers in Education?

Why we need 2 Ministers in every portfolio?
Why we need so many Ministers of State?
Why we need so many Ministers in the Prime Ministers Office?

agongkia said...

The trouble here is every Sinkie Arthur Ah kow,Ah Pui Ah San.. Cheng Hoo .tingtong teng ah ghee...like to teach others how to run a business as if they know best.
They themselves do not have the courage or entrepreneurship and like to teach how one run their business like they are successful businessmen.
Sai ling kong kark..technology. machiam machiam rubbish. .My towkay use abacus business thrive.Use calculator nearly close shop.

Can we stop teaching our grandmother how to suck egg?Go start a business if you think you all so good.
Ah Kong money can spend any how.However, please spare a thought for our local entrepreneurs .
They started with their hard earn saving.If we cannot help them, do not kaykhiang with those rubbish regulations or idea which one think is good but actually destroying them.

Veritas said...

I love working with lean corporate, and such institution make your managers accountable with his mistake.

While the managers will be harsh in such environment it is far better than PAP public sector whereby there is entire no accountability so long you manage to suck your boss cock.

In Singapore civil service, there is excessive manpower shuffling paper cho bo lan, and doing work at PSLE graduate can manage. Then a certain KPI are invented to rank people on Bell curve to make sure the bottom 10% are humiliated and force to leave.

As a result there are rampant backstabbing, and politicking for people trying to out perform one another in doing paper work.