Lawlessness in Singapore

A LTA officer was seen beating up an old Uber taxi driver in full uniform. This was caught on video and is being circulated around like wild fire.  What is happening to Singapore when a govt official thought he could go around beating a citizen? When criminal intimidation without hurting another person is a serious offence, now you had an officer beating a citizen as if he was the law, acting like he was above the law.

While beating up the old man, all the LTA officer was concerned with was that he would not mind losing his job. He probably knew that that was the worse he could get. He would not be arrested or charge in court for a crime, for beating an old man while on duty. Just like Jover Chew of Sim Lim fame, he knew the law and nothing would happen to him.

What would the ministers be saying? Vile, or good, acting beyond the call of duty? What would the police say? Got offence or no offence? Or shall the old Uber driver get a lawyer to sue the LTA officer or sue LTA, settle it in the court, no crime was committed. The old man did not seem to be badly hurt, just a lot of blood on his face, loosen tooth, so not serious, not a seizable offence.  Why is this LTA man not arrested? He was just relieved of his duty pending investigation.

The streets of Singapore used to be very safe, at least save from thugs and hoodlums. Now who is making the streets of Singapore unsafe?

Watching the video is so scary. As an old uncle myself, I must stay away from such uniform officers to be safe. Better don’t argue with them. When they say move, quickly move and say sorry for causing any inconvenience to them.

This is what my Singapore is turning into. It is safer to stay indoors with my computer.


Anonymous said...

Rb: // Lawlessness in Singapore //

For a while, the words to ring:

" Lawrenceness in Singapore "

And the narrative below the title resonate with it .....

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is very hard to recruit such frontline LTA officers?

Or was the LTA officer an outsourced one for LTA? Of course even if it is outsourced, the responsibility still lies with LTA.

Remember, we even had to recruit auxiliary Police Officers off the streets in Malaysia because it is so difficult to get Sinkies to do such jobs.

Anonymous said...

Beat up ONE old man, Singaporeans complain.

Don't return all the CPF money to ALL the old people at 55 years old,
everyone keep quiet.

Fucking daft.

Anonymous said...

// Remember, we even had to recruit auxiliary Police Officers off the streets in Malaysia because it is so difficult to get Sinkies to do such jobs.//

The fella fights like Bruce Lee ....

Mb an ex-bouncer or ......

CHINA SZ have 黑拳 。。。。。。

This fella can consider go there fight lor .....

One bout as much as $100,000 if it is a big match .....

Anonymous said...

Rb: // It is safer to stay indoors with my computer.//

Thought u commented in 2013 your legs and ( creaking ) knees as strong as bull and can run faster than young men?

Anonymous said...

Not so safe (with internet) as you think (at home) - be warned of (illegal) eavesdropping, spying, penetrating, cracking from (even legitimate) underhand sources -Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

...and you may locked IMH.

Anonymous said...

...and you may locked IMH.

agongkia said...

I love to go LTA to meet those stern looking but sweet and understanding mei meis.Not many has this chance.
The likely outsourced staff in action who put on LTA uniform should not be seen as LTA staff.
A professional police officer never lost his cool and I dun think he is even a qualified auxiliary police.

Stay cool.Instead of getting involve with the grade A ah beng, pray to be being summon so as to have a chance to meet the stern looking but sweet, adorable and understanding mei meis at SinMing for explanation.
Pay up any summon when told to because you must either be at fault , rusty face or rude to the sweet mei meis.

If i am the uber Ah Pek I will look forward for a summon and as such, a chance to visit my sweet and understanding mei meis in LTA Sin Ming.
LTA best to me so far.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the mei meis at LTA Sin oso luv gong gong, a very tasty type of seashell.
It is a very popular item in Sin and maybe becos of that, most become gongkias and claim that those working for LTA as outsourced personnels are not to be accountable under LTA.


It is time for Sinkies to eat less gong gongs, too much of it can make one to become kongcum.

Anonymous said...

Sad, very sad, very very sad for both the uncle driver and the LTA officer.

Do you know why this incident happened in this tiny n very crowded city state?

Is this the new normal?

Think about it.


Anonymous said...

The kongcum in a shipping line oso not much better than the regular kongcum here.

Anonymous said...

Bugis is a human sardine in sardine sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

Traitors would not know they are traitors.
Khongcums would not know they are khongcums.

Tankie said...

I don't think front line officer is hard to recruit. It's hard to recruit only when LTA wants to scrimp and safe their way out.

Anonymous said...

What do YEW call those that are both?

Anonymous said...

Roy Ngerng was wondering if Singaporeans feel happy whence other Sinkies are being punished for their deeds. He posted his thought at Facebook.

Roy Ngerng himself was sued by the Sin Prime Minister and though there were much supports from the Commoners, there were as much brickbats against him.
Me surmised that he got as much disdains as he got sympathies. Personally, me has the impression that Singaporeans as a whole are sadistic. It could be due to numbing by violent movies and the much relaxed media releases of violent footages as well as the lax procedures of censoring or measures to expedite clean-ups of violent scene.
Road accident, suicide, homicide deaths, some very gruesome, were allowed on media. Covering the body/bodies and thorough clean-up of the scenes were immediate if not as fast as it can be expedited. Now, drowning, fighting and killing are like watching free movies. Some even instigate and encourage violence to entertain oneself. The souls of many have gotten sick.

Remember the Little India Riot Incident whereby Enforcement Officers and their Commanders kept themselves safe by running away from rioters instead of doing their duties. It was then that the Police Commissioner claimed that tge SPF was badly short handed.
It is my personal feel that most Singaporeans do not fancy joining Enforcement Professions. Firstly, there are too much rules and regulations aka Law. Many such Laws are non-existent in other countries. Chewing Gum Ban, no entry into unoccupied places after the Settlers are cleared by resettlements, no fishing at river and lake etc.
As for traffic rules and laws, those who had gone abroad know how much freedom those in other countries enjoy.
Be it in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, India or anywhere.

Last but not least, the lack of self discipline in Stinkies is the Worst that any enforcement officer faces.

Many must have read the Sinkies who uploaded his grouses against an ICA Officer at the Airport. The Complainant even went so far as to claim that said Officer was not mindful of the Half a Million Worth of attire he was in.
The Complainant apparently was not aware of billionaire like Madoff cheating on small time investors. And why should an enforcement officer care about his worth in apparel and position?
There are many such sick Stinkies around and these people put many Sinkies away from taking enforcement jobs as careers.

It is indeed wrong for anyone to use violence as a mean to settle any problems. 君子不动手/动粗, a sensible person do not resort to violence.
The LTA Officer was arrested and has to answer for his mistake, but the Uber Driver is not blameless. As seen in the video, he went over to the LTA Officer when the Latter went to his motorbike after someone stopped the Fracas. That got him another fight with the Officer again. Seemed like he(Uber Driver) provoked the Officer to his limit.

May Sinkies have better days when our political leaders find a more enlightened way to manage Sin.

Anonymous said...

// May Sinkies have better days when our political leaders find a more enlightened way to manage Sin.//

YEW sound so patriotic. ....

Anonymous said...

// May Sinkies have better days when our political leaders find a more enlightened way to manage Sin.//

May Singapore have better days when our Singaporean voters find a more enlightened way to choose their political leaders.

Anonymous said...

Too late liao

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Never stinch on rank and file how to have 99.99% subsidised $8 ops. ....?

How to have 20+ months bonuses vs 0.65 mths for rank and file?

agongkia said...

Not because Sinkies dun fancy uniform jobs but because not many are qualified to be one.
We are not at the scene so let the authority investigate, decide and take the necessary action.

The job of a uniform personnel is never an easy task except our POs or APOs .

Anyone who wish to don on a uniform should have a proper temperament.
For those PMET who aspire to be one, you must be reminded that such enforcement duties requires one to be courteous, tactful, impartial but firm and without fear or favour.
Being abuse or shouted at is normal not only from the less educated but also the rich in their luxury cars, even the tingtong sampat tai tais who are unreasonable and love to screw others to vent their anger.

Important is to use your brain.Be diplomatic.
There are many bortartchek uncles and aunties who can handle better than our young .
Using of force should never be encourage or tolerated.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Here cums Kong cum again trying his luck to make more dafts in MSN so that he can slide his hands into the dafts sisters, wives panties and dig the hole and hell out ...... Ouch! Your sister or wife just screamed? What has (evil) kongcum done (again) ? Another sister/ wife kena hooked by his ubiquitous fishing lines laying traps, lines, hooks, sinkers everywhere?

agongkia said...

Secretly I tell you but dun tell anyone....
I am actually happy to see those kl, rich and powerful to be punished . They always have a way out or have the money to throw and they never cooperate and like to abuse our uniform officers .
If laws cannot punish the bully or is ineffective then its sometimes good to have them punish on the spot.
Only setback is I heard the word KNNBCCB .
In any case, anyone who insulted another's mother is not acceptable to me.That is why I cannot support him.

Anonymous said...

Rb // What would the ministers be saying? //

$8 cow + $2 aim bz "fixing" his heart and Mr Teochew, got time for the men, women, oldies, children and babies on the streets?

Anonymous said...

Rb // What is happening to Singapore when a govt official thought he could go around beating a citizen? //

Papigs see Papigs do?

Look at Aung Juan Soon Chee, JBJ and Mr Teochew, all oso kena "walloped " politically with "broken banks account, shattered careers, ruined reputations, evaporated confidence, family setbacks, social ridicule, suspicious on-lookers, assassinated credibility " .......?

The opposition got more than " political black eyes, broken teeth, jaws, rip cage, fractured arms, legs, ruptured lungs ........ all the while ...... so what has changed ...... "?

Anonymous said...

Most folks here are patriotic, however, no one loves Sin more than the men and women in white.
The folks in white will swear allegiance to Sin till they die.

Can anyone here match them ?

Kyet said...

I would kick that Uber driver. I am glad the LTA officer taught Uber driver a lesson. He thought he could get away with provoking the LTA officer. Maybe he can, but at least he got a well deserved bruising.

agongkia said...

Please lah.Unless you are at the scene no one has the right to say that.
From the video footage not only this ah beng was seen punching first at the same time Knnbccb was heard.
If you understand Hokkien you should be able to tell who first scolded KNNBCCB.
Ah Beng is a total disgrace and tarnish the image of LTA.
Hope that he and his employer is being investigated to see whether they are license to carry out such duties.
But from the Hokkien that I heard,ah beng should be a Sinkie.Likely one of the 30% like many of you here.Be kind to him.