Killing Chinese abroad is fair game

The attacks on Chinese nationals overseas, the killing of one Chinese by ISIS, and three died by a terrorist attack in Mali have put China in a quandary. China has been projecting itself as the next superpower that would not abuse its power to bully other countries or to intervene in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations. China would not want to be seen to be another USA or western powers, wielding a stick everywhere it goes. The world is asking what would Xi Jinping do with the recent killings of Chinese nationals by terrorist groups.

Australian National Security College expert was quoted by AP as saying, ‘For China, intervention would be a real game changer…Frankly, I think Xi is in a very difficult position here.’ China has been shunning getting involved in international squabbles when the use of force is necessary. According to Professor David Shambaugh of George Washington University, Chinese diplomacy is ‘hesistant, risk averse and narrowly self interested’ to the point that it is causing the West to lose their patience when China refused to join the gunslingers firing from the hips. This avoidance in getting involved in the use of force in the international arena is seen as ‘aloofness’ by Clarke and I quote, ‘If China remains aloof, questions will continue as to whether China is in fact, ready to play a global role.’

To play a global role, the West is expecting China to participate more aggressively, to be ready to use force when necessary. With the Chinese nationals increasingly showing their presence all over the globe as tourists or doing business, the risk of them being killed will grow and the demand for China to take action will also increased. The China of today has the capability to intervene when its nationals are at risk abroad.

Historically China had been inactive when Chinese nationals were massacred all over the world, particularly in South East Asia. It was then weak and unable to do much. The Chinese diaspora is also part of the Chinese civilization and when they are facing threats of genocide and ethnic cleansing, China would face further pressure to act.  When would China pick up the glove and stand up for its nationals and the Chinese diaspora abroad, to act and behave as a responsible global power?

There is no running away from such troubles and sooner or later China would have to take a new course in its non involved diplomacy. A super power must act like a super power, and to protect its citizens and its assets everywhere when called upon to do so.


Anonymous said...

What about killing of Chinese in China?
Fair game or not?

Anonymous said...

@ November 27, 2015 9:27 a.m.
And before I get accused of having a western bias ....
What about killing of Americans in America?

Chicago Mayor Emanuel Urges "Remain Peaceful" As Protests Begin After Video Shows Cop Killing Black Teen

Anonymous said...

"A super power must act like a super power, and to protect its citizens and its assets everywhere when called upon to do so."

But China will also weigh the pros and cons of acting like a superpower, despite a few of her citizens being killed abroad. Only then will they decide whether it is necessary to use force.

Just as majority Sinkies also weigh the pros and cons of voting more opposition into parliament, despite the ruling PAP being quite screw up. And on 11 Sep 15, they decided there are more pros than cons in giving PAP a much stronger mandate than they did in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27,
When your papa whacked you for your stupidity fair game or not?

agongkia said...

Please lah, Uncle .Tolong abit can or not.
You seems so interested to get the Chinese involved. Isis do not specially target China and the 3 Chinese happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time but not in China.
The 3 want to spent their time in Mali then they just have to meet their fate.Their family members oso understand. Its an isolated case.It may be Isis motive to cause friction.
Why must China fall into the trap , get involved and dirty their hand.Chinese work with their brain, will not be influence by those turnao playing with their keyboard, who only want to see action but dunno the consequences.
Do not cause more innocent lives lah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27,
When your papa whacked you for your stupidity fair game or not?
@ November 27, 2015 9:52 a.m.

Yes, my papa did whack me.
But he did not kill me.
The Chinese government is not my papa.
Neither is the American government.

There has to be a rule of natural justice in the government killing of Chinese and American citizens.
Same principle applies to jailing without trial.

This is not your father's government anymore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, you think you got taonao?
You are a real khongcum here.

Anonymous said...

RB, what kind of ternao can you expect from someone whose job is to google the net and smell mei meis?

Sheik Yahraz said...

This time I agree with redbean. However IMO China is not yet a super power.

China has no option but to act in retaliation or defense of its citizens who are victis of Jihadi terrorism---like any other cuntree would have to.

The Jihadis were really dumb to upset the Chinese dragon. Now they are going to kena terok terbokok from a culture who couldn't care less about your so-called "human rights" when they come to exact revenge.

Anonymous said...

More and more countries are being dragged into the war with IS. They are unwittingly being led to participate in the war, even though they are not willing to be a part of the coalition that will eventually force a retaliations from IS.

Of course the Western leaders can say this is a global and everyone's battle against IS, knowing very well that they themselves are well protected from danger. Not the innocent citizens such as women and children and those just getting on with their daily survival. They are the ones going to suffer the consequences.

The West is cunning. They make use of the UN to drag others into the fray. They coerced unwilling parties to provide logistics such as planes for reconnaissance. They threatened sanctions against those unwilling to do so by cooking up stories to support the use of sanctions. And they have the media to tell their side of the story, which inevitably will also be carried by the poodle press of the rest of the world.

So, dragging China deeper into the shithole of the IS debacle is the main objective of the West. Had China been a weak and small country, it would have been long become a poodle of the West. Thankfully, it is still able to stand up on its own feet.

agongkia said...

Agree .But not many got brain or have brain made of pig spare part that can see far.
One who fly helicopter can never see a better or bigger view than those flying airplane.
My father once told his classmate he can only fly helicopter but he insist to be fighter pilot.In the end...landed and hit against the mountain in the Philippines, in late 78s. .
My father lost a friend but still respect him for he sacrifice for a worthy cause.
Turnow will tell others to fight here and there becos they think its not their life at stake .
Moral of story.Treasure life whether it's ours or others else no difference between isis and U.

Imam Yumama Sheik Heraz said...

@ ignoramus 1135:

>> More and more countries are being dragged into the war with IS. They are unwittingly being led to participate in the war, even though they are not willing to be a part of the coalition that will eventually force a retaliations from IS.

Of course the Western leaders can say this is a global and everyone's battle against IS, knowing very well that they themselves are well protected from danger. <<

The situation is more complicated and confusing than your feeble attempt at putting forth an "anti-western" narrative.

ISIS itself is hardly "homogenised" and is made up of all sorts of different people fro different cultural backgrounds, and many with present or past affiliations with other "terrorist" groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria.

One main target of ISIS are other MUSLIMS, especially Shia Muslims. Assad is backed by Shia Muslims and Hezbollah.

Hamas, OTOH is Sunni....are you confused yet? Don't worry. You're not alone.

Before WW1 ended (and the Ottoman Empire let out its last fart), Great Britain and France secretly enacted the Sykes-Picot agreement---in secret, essentially carving up the Middle East---i.e. drawing the borders between cuntrees.

This has been a cause of Arab anger and hatred for 100 years. ISIS claims it plans to end this once and for all and draw new borders of their own, instead of allowing the various nations and peoples to enact the end of Sykes-Picot by "people's choice" aka "democracy".

However in the Middle East, democracy is not a "favourite" choice, except for Israel. America has been trying to "bring democracy" to the Middle East. The problem is you just can't FORCE populations to adopt democracy. American Exceptionalism frequently steps over the (proverbial) line of other people's "sovereignty", for e.g.: "Let's overthrow and then kill Saddam Hussein because he's an "undemocratic bad guy" (psst...formerly he was a friend to the US).

Go and do some proper research lah. Many posters on this blogs are history buffs, so bullshit at your own peril ;-)

agongkia said...

Aiyoh Matilah..
Its not as if isis went to China, place a bomb and kill the innocents there so the case should be view from different angle.
If I go to hug my You Know Who in other countries and got killed by isis, I cannot expect my Garmen to retaliate just becos I am a Sinkie.Garmen cannot stop you from visiting those high risk places.

Moral of story..Support and cooperate with our Authoritys effort in Defence , safety and security.Volunteer for NS if you still fit.
and travel at your own risk:-)

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be an intelligent comment?

Anonymous said...

But China is a secular State like most Han 人 ?

Imam Yumama Sheik Heraz said...

@ agongkia,

Don't worry so much lah. You're doing ok ;-)

Hermit said...

World War 3 is coming.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is wise.

Make love anywhere,

not war.

Anyway those using scientific strategy and scheme to plan war and drag others in are no match for nature.

Using science to understand a bit of nature to make use of that little knowledge is damn khongcum.

Nature creates beings and nature is in control of beings.
War is inevitable, however war will not be everywhere though it be called World War.
Those will suffer most will be those who start the wars.

Those not participating in the conflicts will live to see better days.

Anonymous said...

ISIS killed so many people both Muslims and non-Muslims around the world. But when they kill a handful of Chinese nationals, Redbean the PRC national wannabe gets hot in his pants. That's because Redbean is a known Chinophile. This will trigger Veritas, another Chinese chauvinist to rant hate against..... not terrorists, but Muslims!

What do you expect when two Chinese chauvinists, one an extreme Muslim-hater and another who allows Muslim-hate to be posted in this blog?

Anonymous said...

Hello, who say I Malay? See how you see enemy as Malay or Muslim? Self pwn again!

Anonymous said...

RB is very tolerant to criticisms in his blog. Many assholes have taken advantage of his generosity and kindness to scold him, tag him with all kinds of hate words. It only shows that RB is a much better person than the asses that are attacking him everyday.

No he did not delete those posts. It is his policy not to delete posts if he can help it.

The discussions here can be mature and factual and objectives. For adults only, not adults but with a mind of an infantile. Some refused to accept the hard truths spoken and started to make accusations of racism and anti religion.

Most readers here are adults and not imbeciles that pretend not to see the unpleasant truths when spoken and went on to attack everyone.

Let's see how RB deals with such empty heads.

Over to you RB. It is your call.

Anonymous said...

Veritas claiming to be of Malay origin when he posts hate against them is like Hitler saying he is Jew when he showed so much hatred for Jews.

agongkia said...

Please stick to whether China need to act or retaliate just becos its citizen are killed outside China.
As for those colourful words,
One Matila as my Sifu and idol is enough. I hug here and there oso never use those words.
Action speak louder than words.
Go hug different You know Who and keep your bedroom story to yourself.Dun fall into isis trap .
If too boring or boliau please go and join Volunteer NS and contribute to protect your country against terrorism:-)
Together we protect.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims have superiority complex against secularism but they cringe when facing the real Christian. Muslims have no psychological advantage against Christian and they remember that Moors (Spain), got Christianized."

Veritas, you are wrong. According to my Muslim friends who volunteer to help new converts, the largest group of Muslim converts are the Christians. Atheists are the hardest to convert.

Veritas said...

Basically NO ONE hate Ahmadya Muslims other than Sunni who are Muslims.

No one hate Ahmadya.

Anonymous said...

Veritas cannot tahan that when angmoh man marry chinese girl that chinese girl become angmoh. But when angmoh man marry Malay girl, that angmoh man become Muslim. Better still when Chinese man marry Malay girl, that Chinese man also become Muslim. There are 1 billion over Chinese and 1 over billion Muslims in the world. I suggest to end the imaginary Chinese vs Muslim feud in Veritas' mind, all the 1 over billion Chinese and 1 over billion Muslims intermarry and become one big happy family. Oops, that means that Veritas will be the only Chinese non-Muslim in the world. He/she/it cannot marry Muslim because he/she/it hates Muslims.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Where are you people heading? I must admit that whatever nationality I become, I am still part of the Chinese civilisation. And I make it an effort to dispel the derogatory and mischievous myths and remarks made by the West against Asians in general and Chinese in particular.

You guys don't expect me to laugh and agree with the biased and hate posts against the Chinese civilisation and directly against myself would you? Only silly people would lose their identity and laugh along when they are being wrongly accused,attacked and discriminated. The Chinese civilisation has been oppressed and suppressed by the West since they broke up China, looted and humiliated the Chinese and for centuries making sure that the Chinese civilsation would not have a chance to recover.

My blog in a way is to rebut the Western devious agenda against the Chinese civilisation by pointing at China and Chinese to divert the attention to their evil deeds. Sadly many silly Asians including anglophile Chinese are hating the Chinese more than the West.

How this thread has taken this direction by Veritas is obvious. If you people are up to it to continue to exchange views in a mature manner, go for it. But if it gets out of hand and some are feeling the heat let me know and I will delete all of Veritas posts in this thread.


Anonymous said...

“I am still part of the Chinese civilisation. And I make it an effort to dispel the derogatory and mischievous myths and remarks made by the West against Asians in general and Chinese in particular.
You guys don't expect me to laugh and agree with the biased and hate posts against the Chinese civilisation and directly against myself would you?“

OK, fair enough. But here's the kicker. Has it not always been argued by the likes of LKY and his pro-Chinese gang that the fear about the Malays is that they will feel closer to their abang in Malaysia than towards Singapore? Well, isn't the above explanation exactly that fear? Except it isn't about Malays feeling for their abang, but a section of Chinese here feeling for their Big Bro in China.

So if the Malays are to be less than trusted for their affiliation up north, what say you now of Chinese Singaporeans who feel more for their brothers in China?

In the end, the question remains. If there is conflict, would you stand by Singapore or China? Isn't this the question that's ask of Malays so many times during the LKY era?

Now do you understand why Singaporeans who do not feel for China worry that some Chinese in Singapore feel so much for China?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

While waiting for someone to tell him to delete Veritas' posts, I went through them myself and found them unacceptable. So I will delete them as the right thing to do.

Veritas, please don't get carried away by your very strong views.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:58, if you live through the period when we were in Malaysia and the immediate years after separation and knew what had taken place, you would not be asking those questions.

agongkia said...

You dun have to worry Sinkies will standby China when there is a conflict.I am SBC, Singapore Born Chinese and naturally Singapore is the land that I will protect till my last breathe.
I have full confident that our other races will do the same and protect our country.

In those days certain vocation is not suitable for certain citizen as it's for their own benefit.
My Ah Pa suggested to my uncle that its not suitable for him to join the mata or if he join, should avoid certain appointment but may face difficulty.
Because when facing a gunmen he will hesitate to draw his weapon and may lose his life during that second.
Why? Becos my uncle is religious and will not even took the life of an ant or bee that is approaching.
So its for his own good not to be in such position.
Not becos he cannot be trusted.
One can continue to be Robert Tan or Vincent Soh but refrain from criticising their own kind especially in TR previously .
I defend and speak good on our neighbours too.Indo, Malaysia,Taiwan. .Just becos I am Chinese does not mean I cannot speak up foe PRC.
Speaking and defending others doesnt make me less Sinkieness.
Though RB use to call me khongcum but I still have to agree with him sometimes.

Anonymous said...

When 90% of the people in the world (who own less than 5% of the wealth in the world);
- when these 90% who include people like redbean, veritas, patriot, Malays, Chinese, Indians
- when all of you learn to stand up for Justice and Equality and Democracy
- instead of China, Malaysia and India
Then you will really have a chance for freedom from financial slavery

Right now all of you are being manipulated and divided to fight for peanuts
- while the 10% (who own 95% of the world's wealth) laugh all the way to the bank

Don't be daft.

denk said...

know your enemy, the puppet master behind all these terrarists whackjobs....


Anonymous said...

RB, Veritas and Angkokia, take note. Just like everyone questioned our Malay brothers many decades ago about their loyalty, you will have to accept that people will now question your loyalty. RB, it is because I lived in the old times I now question people like you. In those old times, it is the pro-China Chinese who were very violent. Chin Peng in the North and Chin Siong in Singapore. Chin Peng killed people who stood his way, even killing fellow Chinese who didn't support his pro-communist cause. Chin Siong destroyed public property and many were killed or injured because of the riots. It was Nantah, Chinese High, Chung Cheng High, the bus workers union and many other Chinese organisations that Chin Siong used to cause public disharmony.

So today, we still have these pro-China people supporting China. We have seen what they did 40 or 50 years ago. Why should we not question these pro-China people who have shown that they were more concerned about their motherland China than Singapore, even to the point they were willing to kill, maim and destroy public property?

So if the situation escalates, where will your loyalty be? China or Singapore? If Singapore, why the obsessive concern about China? What? You feel China is part is part of your heritage? So how to believe that you will be loyal to Singapore now?

Anonymous said...

You are one of those sick asses who will argue that China is going to claim Malaysia and Singapore as part of China. Why would someone like RB want to waste his breath arguing with someone whose head is full of shit?

Go and enjoy your clever thoughts. Go enjoy. No one would bother with this kind of I am right and you are wrong clever people.

Thank you very much. Woof, woof.

Veritas said...

Definitely Chin Peng is destroying property when he was fighting the Japs while every single Malay elites suck Jap cock like nobody/

You can denigrate Chin Peng as saboteur but someone else can claim he is a freedom fighter.

Few months ago I read a Indon commenter explaining why Malay go into Islamofascism but not Indon. Reason is you guys are coward and then got your independence given to you FOC, and you cannot claim any heavenly mandate.

The Indon elites fought and they are confident as they have laid down their life.

Now RB is censuring me and I do not feel too comfy here.

Veritas said...

Tunku Abdul Rahman and the Thai generals have praise Chin Peng despite all differences. The problem of Chin Peng and Malay goes beyond what is written in mass media and not what you Islamofascist can understand.

Basically Malay Islamo and British and USA collaborate to damn MCP but MCP sort of give back to you guys in an very unexpected way.

MCP in Thailand was in bed with Thai generals against the fucking South Thailand Islamo and that buy time for the Thai.

If not South Thailand Malay could have won their independence. For that the Thai generals are grateful to Chin Peng.

When I speak more truth, people are going to ostrict and call me names.

Anonymous said...

A non-reply from the China supporting fans and readers. The question asked is, how to trust you all like that? You JUSTIFY why you feel for China more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Chin Peng was a terrorist and he even terrorised the Chinese villagers when they did not want to support him. It was because of him the Chinese villagers suffered. When the Japs came, Chin Peng and his coward men ran into the forest. He then depended on the Chinese villagers to smuggle food to him which endangered the villagers because if they are caught, the Japs would deal with them harshly. Then when the Japs fell, Chin Peng and his men came out of the jungles to claim glory. Such cowards!

After the Japs left, Chin Peng turned against the Brits instead. That's when he started to destroy public property, assassinating govt officials and even killed more Chinese villagers if they don't pay them “protection money” to feed his men.

Who suffered the most? The innocent Chinese villagers! Help Chin Peng and they kena either from the Japs or the Brits. Don't help Chin Peng and his men will come to rape your daughter and/or kill you. This is the type of man you worship?

A pro-China communist is a pro-China communist. No matter how evil his leader is, he will worship that leader. This is the triad mentality. Your affiliation is to the gang, not to the country.

agongkia said...

You are like a walking encyclopedia to me, well travelled and read many books.Me always looking forward to read your comments to gain more knowledge.

However indeed a sentence or 2 need to be censored and hope you not take it too seriously and understabd RB 's difficulty.
You are my idol betterer if only you can avoid some colourful sentence.
That is for the benefit of many .

Actually I would prefer to entertain those comments by those with moniker and not those anons.
Their contribution only carry weight to me with a moniker like you so I would suggest you skip those anon as , who knows, may be isis in their instigation and provoking action.
But not this khong cum for sure.

Veritas said...

Prophet Mohamad kill more than Chin Peng on the war he waged in Arabia Penisular. The Caliphate expansion from Persia to Spain is by Sword and all the caliph has blood in their hands.

And all your Sunni fathers have a hand in going against the family of the prophet especially her daughter Fatimah and her husband Ali. In Day of Ashura, Imam Hussein, grandson of Mohamad got beheaded in the Battle of Kabala.

The view of Chin Peng should be less Myopic, and that is why despite him being a commander causing death, the Thai generals have positive remark towards Chin Peng.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, please moderate the things you said no matter how strongly you feel. When race and religion are being discussed, it is not a simple matter of discussing facts and being objective. There are a lot of emotions involved for the right or wrong reasons.

I will have to delete your posts again if I got complaints about them.

You will also realise that this is one topic that I avoid.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:19,

You the one claiming that China is going to claim your mother and that you are China's illegitimate son?

Does RB or anyone here owes you a reply? Does anyone need to gain your trust? Who the shit do you think you are? You are an idiot.

Shoo, shoo, go and hide in little shit hole.

Anonymous said...

But you believe the lie that Malaysia is going to claim Singapore and that is why you distrust your Malay friends, no? So why now people cannot distrust you when u show so much concern about China?

Veritas said...

The tribe who shows concern about motherland is Islamo, especially those in Europe. And Malay Islamo even hate Jews for some funny race by the name of Palestinian making them champion busybody.

Anyway, Islamo will point fingers at others, as per their standards of virtue.

Anonymous said...

Must agree with Veritas for his plain truth that lesser minds refused to acknowledge and keep blaming others. When one is inferior, it is inferior, no where to hide, not even trying to accuse others as a defensive tactic.

The word is inferior.

Anonymous said...

There are many silly people who feel offended by the slightest thing people said but did not know how silly they are. These are the no brainers pretending they got brains and demanding for attention.

Anonymous said...

"There are many silly people who feel offended by the slightest thing people said but did not know how silly they are."

Agree. Like getting all upset when a Jap politician says he wants to visit the Yasukuni shrine.

Anonymous said...

Those without Motherland

and those with Motherlands

will not be able to feel the Same.

Anonymous said...

Motherland is just an imagination in the mind. If you love your country Singapore, your motherland does not exist. Your home is Singapore. If you do not love Singapore, you will think about where your ancestors come from and hope that one day you can go back there. In the end it is still about your loyalty. Who will you support in conflict?

Veritas said...

Malaysia will support China in the future despite Malay hate Chinese. Malaysia only empire to showcase the Malacca Sultanate is the tributary of China.

Malay forget that when they get shit from portuguese, they go to China for help.

Today Malaysia is the first ASEAN nation to host a China base. And Malaysia on the whole is far more pro China than Singapore, who is a dog of USA due to peranakan banana PAP.

The Malayu joe on the streets are TOO stupid and keep on fucking and bad mouth Chinese, because they study too little.

Your leaders has already wage the bet on China. Soon, Malay leaders will tell you guys that Chinese are the best people in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Veritas thinks Chinese around the world will support Chinese in Singapore. Sorry lah but history shows otherwise. Who called Singapore “pisai” (dried nasal mucus)? Ans: Taiwan. Who called Singapore “mercenary prick”? Ans: Malaysian opposition Chinese based party, DAP. When Singapore invite Hongkongers to apply PR in 1990s what happened? HKers tell Singapore to fly kite. Stop thinking Chinese all over the world will support Chinese Singaporeans lah. I know LKY sold to Singaporeans that Deng Xioaping took LKY's advice and that is why China prospered. Sorry again lah. That is like a loser saying he was Bill Gates classmate in school and that's why Bill Gates is so successful today.

Veritas said...

My answer to this is more convoluted. Chinese race do not have Islamo concept of absolute Umah. In Islamo society, so long as someone shout that they got shit from a gentile, all Islamo are suppose to bash the gentile up, and in numerous occasions, burn down homes and maim relatives of gentile.

Chinese work in a more different way. Chinese race weight things logically and if you look at PRC blogger, they are hostile to Singapore, due to the fact that SG is pro USA.

The fact that SG being pro USA and pro China speaks a lot of internal schism of Chinese.

Nevertheless, I support China out of my self interest. A powerful China aligns to Chinese interest far more than a powerful USA -- on a bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Veritas has no reply that Malaysian Chinese, Taiwan Chinese and HK Chinese don't support Singapore Chinese and see us as second class. Wake up. Now China Chinese also see us as second class. Double wake up! Stop loving someone who hates you. You should support Singapore and not another country.

Veritas said...

This is a lie. Inherently the Chinese has not so much class conscious, and even Singaporean Chinese view Thai Chinese or Indon Chinese with a lot of reverance.

Many Chinese see Singapore up because we are prosperous. The only more "2nd class" Chinese POV is probably how HK see PRC.

Anonymous said...

You are spouting nonsense. On one hand you say Chinese not so class conscious. On the other hand you say Chinese Singaporeans see Thai and Indo Chinese with reverence! What contradiction. That's lilke you say you don't slap yourself but simply use your hand to whack your face. I know you talk a lot of nonsense with ignorant brain. You don't have to prove it to me one more time!

You should also stop believing that many Chinese see Singapore up. Please remember that many people come to Singapore to work, steal your jobs, then retire back home. They see us as stepping stones to a better life in US, Europe, Canada. Stop being a vain narcissist believing you are worshipped.

Anonymous said...

So many comments from so many people. I give mine here. Here is something that will make Veritas jump up like a monkey on a hot stove.


Brave lone Chinese woman fighting Evil Chinese Empire.

See? Not all overseas Chinese like Veritas support China.

Anonymous said...

China might be a rising superpower militarily and economically . Still she should not get involved in military conflict esp in middle east. There are many things to be done to for the Han people to reclaim its former glory like during the Tang dynasty. There is still catch- up needed. Time is of the essence.

Anonymous said...

Nobody will ever question australians' and new zealanders' citizens of english ancestry, never doubting their position to support their respective host countries, in the events of a diplomatic standoff with Britain. and of course why should they not support UK afterall their head of state is Queen of Britain !

Anonymous said...

The Queen is the head of state for Australia and New Zealand. Not only the whites pledge allegiance but also non-white Australians and New Zealanders. Note the union jack on their flags. You mean to say the Chinophiles in Singapore are pledging President of PRC their head of state? Some loyal Singaporeans these people are! Wah, you see our five star flag as PRC five star flag ah?

Anonymous said...

Singapore flags look like Indonesia flag in the back. The moon looks like MY flag.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.18

NO you got it wrong . Of course australian and nz citizens of english ancestry is loyal to their countries whether or not there is a union jack in the flag.

Anonymous said...

"There are many things to be done to for the Han people to reclaim its former glory "

I like the irony above. The real historical Chinese glory is all internal. China was closed up and inward looking, save for the Admiral Zheng He era, which was very short. Other than that, China was not looking outwards be it geographically or politically. So if that is the glory China wants, I am happy. Be inward, be insular. Stop exporting the military expansion into Spratly Islands and cause unnecessary tension in the region, splitting even overseas Chinese into pro-China vs anti-China. Yes, let's support the past Han glory of non-involvement in of external affairs.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10.31
"NO you got it wrong . Of course australian and nz citizens of english ancestry is loyal to their countries whether or not there is a union jack in the flag. "

How you know? They got say ah? Where? Show example leh. Don't anyhow accuse people ok? Lastt time you accuse your Malay friends that they support Malaysia. Today you accuse Australia and NZ support white ancestry. Just because you support China does not mean others support their ancestor land ok?

Anonymous said...

Singapore flag looks like Indo flag when got haze. Cannot see the moon and stars.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.31

sir think u got the wrong person

Anonymous said...

repost @ 10.37

sorry sir you got the wrong person. too many anon. i always avoid those topics u mentioned thank you

Anonymous said...

When the Root is rotted and gone,

it is pointless talking about the Tree.

Based on the Debate and Argument
here, it is apparent that it is not going anywhere and the Bearings are different.
Some are like polar bears born in the Tropic in artificial environs, how are these bears to know the Poles are their homelands which they know nothing about. They can only live according to what their captors want them to live.

Anonymous said...

Only stupid low IQ people would go around arguing my is bigger than yours but got nothing to show.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore flag looks like Indo flag when got haze. Cannot see the moon and stars."

Hahaha! That is the best comment in this whole "who's LP is bigger" thread!

Anonymous said...

Those who don't understand history will not know why they are so happy becoming bastards. Ignorant is bliss.

Anonymous said...

Agree. There is one bastard here that is so happy linking terror to Muslims. Ignorant is indeed bliss.