Jail verdict for City Harvest Church pastors and executives

All six were found guilty and sentenced to jail from 21 months to 8 years for Kong Hee. Chew Eng Han was given 6 years, Tan Ye Peng 5 ans ½ years, Serina Wee 5 years, John Lam 3 years and Sharon Tan got the least, 21 months.

The jail tem will start on 11 Jan 16 so that they can spend time with their families over Christmas and the New Year. The mitigating factor for the light sentence is that the money was returned and the CHC did not suffer any financial losses as well as the guilty did not benefited from it personally, maybe on Sun Ho, but she was not party to the crime. All the $50m involved in the round tripping was returned to the Church? So for those who think the punishment was too light, some may think it is too harsh since no money was lost. What about the expenditure to promote Sun Ho’s music career and the sum spent in the US? This one I am not sure.

Though the six were found guilty by a mortal court for committing a mortal crime, to the believers they are still innocent. What they did was unlawful in the courts on earth. The flock did not leave him and the CHC. 173 executive members of the church have submitted an appeal for clemency.

In a moot point, were their actions against God or in violation of God? Who knows? God has been silent on this. The courts of law and those who disapproved of their deeds have found them guilty of a crime of the state. The believers of their church would have a different view. So has God.


agongkia said...

Kind enough to allow one to start jail sentence after months for such act.
Should have send one a one way ticket long ago to meet the You Know Who immediately and let Him decide whether such act is justifiable.
If justifiable Niatee oso can continue to cheat, oops no,not cheat but
hug as many mei meis as possible, whether they married or not,my wife or not, just to produce many children .Fasterer than singing on stage and say its my mission to produce more children as followers, in the name of my God.

Anonymous said...

可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

希望明天会更好! 希望明天会更好!

可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

Anonymous said...

Pastor apologised. But not in his name or His name. Such detached separation of person and pastor. But not like the linked companies of CHC. How come!

Anonymous said...

In a moot point, were their actions against God or in violation of God?

Always remember, God help those who help themselves.

So the CHC 6 went to jail because they did not help themselves. Or rather they help themselves in a way which God did not approve. Hence God did not help to save them from a jail sentence.

Anonymous said...

PAP help themselves very well.

And God was so happy to help them further to win 70% of the votes in an election.

In contrast, the opposition did not help themselves at all.

So God made them lose a whopping 93% of the 100% seats they contested.

So whether as a church, a political party or even as an individual, please help yourself first before God can help you.

Anonymous said...

all things happened for a reason.......

in future we may have another NEW CHC......

the Changj Harvest Church........

not that bad after all......

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...

>> The courts of law and those who disapproved of their deeds have found them guilty of a crime of the state. The believers of their church would have a different view. So has God. <<

So have I. This is church business, the state should have not got involved. If people, by their own choosing, want to be duped, gullible and give their money to some "entity" that no one can prove to exist, then it is their right to do so.

If the church and most of its congregation actually believed that a horse-faced, worn-out Bangkok tranny could actually "make it" in Los Angeles's competitive music scene, then the church and its congregation should be left alone by The State to lose their own money on their divine enterprise.

The court has quite clearly established that not one of the so-called "guilty" pocketed any of the dough for themselves. It is not the function of the courts to determine the folly of consenting peoples' enterprises they had voluntarily engaged in and supported.

Fuck the courts! And fuck your god, in the ass with a broken bottle! 👾

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

It was reported that there were no personal gain and the Church(CHC) did not suffer loss as the Money were returned. The Question that comes to mind then is; what's the Case about?

As reported throughout the Whole Hearing of the Case, millions of Sin Dollars were used for the Singing Career Development of one Sun Ho; the Wife of the Chief Pastor Kong Hee. It was also alleged that Kong Hee himself travelled Business Classes when flying.

It was also revealed that the Couple, Kong Hee and Sun Ho had bought properties at Sentosa Cove, in Mainland Sin and abroad. There are also claims that they renovated their properties to the Tune of millions.
However, the Conclusion was there is no personal gains.

How do the Six enjoy their luxurious lifestyles?

Baffling indeed for the Whole Case.

Anonymous said...

The law works in mysterious ways, more mysterious than God himself. So help us God may not work at all.

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...

@ 142:

>> the Conclusion was there is no personal gains. <<

Yes, from the fund.

>> It was also alleged that Kong Hee himself travelled Business Classes when flying. <<

Sure, why not. He is an "senior executive" of a multi-million dollar legitimate enterprise (based on bullshit, but still legal). How he travels is no one else's business, and definitely not the business of the courts.

>> How do the Six enjoy their luxurious lifestyles? <<

Quite nicely, I would imagine ;-)

CHC is MEGA church, in case you haven't noticed. That means they take in lots and lots of money from their thousands of congregants every week. They have a "robust" revenue stream from tortured souls "screaming to be saved". CHC, like all churches sell HOPE.

"Hope" is a valuable commodity. Have you noticed how strong lottery sales are? That's HOPE for sale, and people just lap it up.

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...


Fuck the courts.

Fuck your god

Anonymous said...

Like the Way Matilah Singapura
deciphers the Case.

Oops! It is actually no case to Him
and some Others here.

Do the Six Convicts and their
Lawyers feel the Same?

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...


Sad to say, nothing will change for them. I can't stand their beliefs and I think that their mega church is one big scam...but hey, if people believe in some old angry invisible Jewish sky-fairy space ghost, that's up to them.

But they are people minding their own business. Whatever they're doing, as fucked up as it is, is being done peacefully.

The Singapore courts have been good about protecting the rights of REAL VICTIMS of violent, theft and fraud crimes, like women and kids who have been raped, executives stealing fro their companies. This one is purely church matters.

Fuck the courts.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like nothing amissed.

Much less fraudulent.

agongkia said...

Aiyo Matila...
Going by your logic why not you try bringing those below 18 You know Who and check in hotel .Tell her you can make her go heaven by sleeping with you.
Then tell court you that it is being done peacefully and mind their own business.
Can or not.

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...


You raise a very controversial issue---the age of consent. This is purely a matter of State Law. In some states, it is below 18, in others like Baharain, as high as 21. For e.g.: Most of Europe: 16. Austria, Germany, Portugal and Italy 14, France, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Greece it is 15. In China, the age of consent is 14.

So... it is purely a matter of LAW in different territories, forget about the so-called "arguments", they are all SHIT. The age of consent is arbitrarily determined.

In the Bible of any bullshit stories, the Jewish god of the universe fucked Mary when she was only 14 years old. The Jewish god is a sick, dirty bastard of an old man. Today, he would be prosecuted for "penetration of a minor" aka "statutory rape" in many cuntries which have their ages of consent older than 14.

Any adult who believes that young teen kids are not already banging each other needs to have their citizenship revoked and their heads examined. Listen to the music the kids are listening to. Have a look at the messages ("sexting") they send each other. YOur children are having sex! OK?

Personally, I don't believe in an "age of consent". However, the law is the law. I don't make the law. Even if I comply, doesn't mean that I don't think the law is WRONG.

Similarly, it is a matter of how our courts (normally quite good, in this case: fucked) apply the LAW. IMO, then overstepped their authority in the CHC case.

But I am not a judge. All I have is an opinion.

CHC folks in jail: fuck the courts

Age of consent: fuck the law


agongkia said...

CBT, Cheating ....is an offence punishable by law, penal code or whatever.
IMHO its a fair trial.
One can fly by business class , even first class , chartered the whole flight or squandering on as many aqua shows as one like.The law is not interested if its your own pocket money.
But its a different case if its money entrusted to you for another purpose .
Bortartcheh like me oso know, not to mention those educated.

Anonymous said...

Money donated to god or those representing god shall be for the receivers to use as they deem fit.

What CBT?
Did the Donors stipulated how their donations be used??
Or did the Receivers put in writing how the Donation will be used?

Oral promises no count okay!
Must have written undertaking
and better legal arrangement
to be official, like buyer's beware.

What do they call it?

Anonymous said...


In some countries, it would have being done as You have stated as the Amount is huge.

But, there was no personal gain and no one suffered loss in the Said Case.

How can You suggest the Harsh Punishment?

agongkia said...

How do you define personal gain? Personal gain may not necessarily be in monetary term.
Can i say i am not richer financially by bringing my below 18 mei mei to sleep in hotel and she never suffer so no offence done.
Law is Law.

agongkia said...

Put the above case aside.

In normal cases,a building fund is a contribution solicited to built a building.A donation is a donation.
Can I ask someone for contribution to build a house for my clan members to share and enjoy and when there is enough fund to built, fail to built but use the contribution to do something that is not related to built something that I promise and continue to ask for contribution.

Anonymous said...

RB, God has spoken long ago. It is man that choose to interpret God's words to man's tempted desire.

Anonymous said...

Was there any complaints or reports made that donors were coerced or deceived to make contributions and donations?

It appears that Church Members are as supportive of the 6 Convicts as ever, if not more than before they were convicted.

agongkia said...

anon 11.49
Use your commonsense.
Even if no one report it is the duty of the authority to protect the citizen from being cheated or harmed.
Your imaginary supporters are peanut compare to the number of followers.
There are some who are god fearing , live in fear of being punish ,continue too contribute and do not want to be seen as not supporting and prefer to keep quiet.
As citizen we must protect one another irregardless of faith.Many respectable Pastors around.
Rotten wood are only good for the furnaces.

Anonymous said...

Kong Hee said to God, 'God, these are the tithes your children want to give you. I am throwing them up to you. You keep what you and throw back what you want to share with me.'

When all the money fell back on the ground, Con Hee turned to his flock and said,
'See, this is what prosperity gospel is all about. I give to God and God returns to me a hundred fold, a thousand fold, ten thousand fold. Praise the lord.'