How many of our politicians did not serve NS?

To be more specific, how many of our current serving politicians that are of NS age but did not serve NS? And how many are new citizens or not Singaporean by birth? This question will increasingly be raised by the people when more and more foreigners are being invited to become political/national leaders, to think and to serve the Singaporeans.

The big question in the minds of the true blue citizens would be this: You mean these people are better than Singapore born citizens, that we cannot find better Singapore born citizens than them to be our national leaders? Look at every one of them and ask, are they really that exceptional that they are the best, better than our Singapore born citizens and better than the men that have served NS and committed to defend this country with their lives?

You really believe that all the Singapore men are duds, not better than the foreign born citizens especially those that somehow did not have to serve NS?

What do you think?


agongkia said...

NS is for Sinkies and senior posts are for FTs.
Screwty guard are for PMETs and management posts are for FTs.
This shows the importance of national defence and security and we are fortunate that we have wise leaders and top management who only trust our own local born Sinkies on defence and security.
Moral of story.
Only Sinkies are trusted with responsibility of defence and security. Be proud of being one.
Thanks to our leaders and management for providing us job with jobs of security.

Anonymous said...

If Yew do not give the best jobs and salaries to Aliens;
they will not come to Singapore, (True or not?)

On the other hand;
Singaporeans will always want to stay in Singapore, (True or not?)
And at least 70% Singaporeans will always vote PAP, (True or not?)

And since PAP government cannot seem to create enough good jobs for Aliens and Singaporeans;
Then it only makes sense to give the limited number of good jobs to Aliens, (True or not?)
Because Singaporeans will always believe whatever PAP tells them (True or not?)

Anonymous said...

@ November 11, 2015 9:40 a.m.
Is the following true?

It's not that Aliens are better.
It's because Aliens have stronger negotiating power against PAP.
Aliens can say "no good jobs and salaries, I don't come to Singapore."

Singaporeans will always say;
"No good jobs and salaries, never mind.
I will still vote for PAP.
My sons will do National Service.
My CPF money will also do national service."

So the rewards for voting PAP is a taxi drivers job or a job as a security guard.
And if you are a Singaporean graduate, a promising career as a hawker.

Anonymous said...

All wrong. Because we have stupid people in charge. People that are easily conned by foreigners. People who don't have faith in our own people. People who would sell out our own people.

Anonymous said...

"You really believe that all the Singapore men are duds, not better than the foreign born citizens especially those that somehow did not have to serve NS?"

No only Singapore men, but Singapore women are also duds too. If not, why they cannot form a party stronger, better and ready to be govt to replace the lousy PAP?

Anonymous said...

" Because we have stupid people in charge. "
November 11, 2015 11:00 a.m.

In a voting democracy who put "these stupid people in charge"?
It was the 70% of the Silly-poreans right?
Stupid people voting for like minded stupid people to be in charge.

Anonymous said...

Why the Sinkie opposition cannot be strong, united and ready to be govt hah?

What's wrong with them?

And if something is wrong, why Sinkies cannot make it right? Are they indeed duds for not being able to make things right?

Anonymous said...

It's very hard for Sinkies not to be daft, stupid or a dud.

Anonymous said...

big deal ?

Anonymous said...

It is big deal for agongs and khongcumkias.

The said...

All our female politicians did not serve NS.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But some have husbands who are NS men. Some have sons who are NS men. Some have fathers who are NS men.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are not duff, darts or stupid. They simply love the PAP. They simply cannot do without the PAP. They simply love to do National Service, in any form, whether for being screwed again and again, never mind. So siok. National Service in any form is good for them. Their parents and grand parents also love National Service. That is why only a handful KPKB in the cyberspace. Nobody else make any noise or protest. So, Sinkies please carry on to enjoy your National Service of any form, especially the form that screw you again and again. Am I right or not right? I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Sinkies really love to do NS. That is their second love. Their first love is the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Huh?!?! Simi NS lanjiao?!?! Only idiots do NS lah. Smart ones will siam, defer indefinitely or downgrade out of NS. This is what the sons of PAPies are doing.