GE2015 – Lessons learnt

The biggest lesson learnt from the GE2015 911 effect must be the importance of being relevant as opposition parties to stay in touch with issues and matters that affect the people and their interests. Chee Soon Juan caught the drift and demanded more transparency in accounting to what really happened in the hepatitis C crisis. What happened, when did it happened, who said what and when, who was informed what and when. These simple questions are going to rub some people the wrong way and instead of answering them, may be retorted with more questions or challenges.

Following closely behind the heels of Chee Soon Juan is the WP. WP had for the last few years avoided questioning the govt on current issues and adopted a strategy of looking after their constituents and their backyards. Work the ground real hard to show the people that the WP was very good in municipal affairs.

The result of the GE was punishing in a way. The WP must have done a lot of soul searching to find out what’s wrong and must have concluded that keeping quiet on current and national issues would not do. As politicians they cannot afford to shut up and only open their mouths during a GE.

And there you are, Leon Perera, the second generation leaders that would likely take over from Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim, has changed tack. They are going to speak up and take the bull by the horns. Here is a clip of what Leon Perera said on the hepatitis C crisis.

‘In the case of the Committee of Inquiry into the 15 and 17 Dec 2011 MRT breakdowns and the 8 Dec 2013 Little India Riots, the deliberations of the committee were made public so as to strengthen public confidence in the security and public transport systems respectively. In this case, we recommend that the deliberations of the committee likewise be made public. The Hepatitis C outbreak is at least as grave an incident as the MRT breakdowns and Little India riot, with serious implications for the public confidence of Singaporeans and foreign stake-holders in our vital national institutions. So as to facilitate this and in line with the norms established by the COIs relating to the MRT breakdowns and the Little India riots, we recommend that the current review committee be reconstituted as a Committee of Inquiry (COI) under the Inquiries Act.’

Yes, the new blood in the WP understood what should be done, what the people expected them to do. As opposition politicians, they must engage the ruling party all the way to the next GE on issues that affect the people. There is no running away or walking away if they want to win the hearts and minds of the people. They must continuously be there to speak up for the people, not to wait until the next GE.

The other nonsensical parties also have learnt their lessons. They are nonsensical parties and should just shut up, not be seen and not be heard, and hopefully not be seen and heard again in the next GE.

Tan Jee Say and whatever that is left in the opposition that thinks they are not nonsensical parties must also take the cue and stand up and be counted. Don’t reappear only in the next GE. The battle starts now and either they stay on to fight or take flight.

This is a brave new change in the WP, to stand up to face the music no matter how loud or unpleasant, to fight on, to represent the people and to fight for their well being at all times. To ask unpleasant and uncomfortable questions and not to shy away from a fight is now the new strategy of the WP.


Anonymous said...

The lesson learnt.
70% of Singaporeans are daft.

Anonymous said...


Is not I want to pour cold water.

GE in this tiny city state with its well entrenched UNIQUE political model is a total waste of time and resources. Why need GEs? For wayanging to the world?

PAP is too BIG to fail. PAP is everywhere. PAP is working very hard on the ground aiming "Everyday Is A PAP Day".

It is really very very tough for oppositions to gain ground. Must really salute the oppositions working very very hard in this kind of political culture and environment. Not easy! Not easy! Not easy!

Unless and unless there is a internal split within PAP, there is no chance for the oppositions to take control of the parliament.

In fact, you should not be surprised in future GEs, if it is a 100% PAP elected parliament.

How will politics here evolved? We shall see. Anyway, don't worry be happy!


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time for putting
up this article.

So long as the oppositions are not
able to provide handouts and free
the people from their bondages to
the Systems set up by the incumbent,
the voters shall be held in ransom.
They will always fear the those that
had them held hostage.

Kpkb for all you want, it will not
change anything.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to vote for pap fearing that they will take away your hdb or job if you vote otherwise. It is another to do so believing that asset enhancement is good and pap politicians have their interests at heart.

Credible oppositions can still get through to those who know that they need help.
Nobody can break through numb skulls. Our education system is excellent at churning out cohorts and cohorts of numb skulls.

So, our education policy is to serve our political needs. And it is doing a good job at it. As for the real workers, we can still get in foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they don't care if our graduates got job or no job. They know our graduates cannot work. Just give them a piece of expensive paper for show. Get the real workers from other countries.

You said it man.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have yet to understand their own kind.
Roy Ngerng had done all he can to fight for the people regarding their CPF. He was active at HLP with Gilbert Goh and Ravi. All 3 walked the talk actively and diligently. Whenever they can, they tried their best to get attention fr the authority, trying their best to get as much leeway for the people. When the 3 contested against PAP, what and how did voters treated them ?

Did any opposition parties did more than the 3 mentioned ? Did any opposition parties fared worse than the 3 ?

Do Sinkies understand Sinkies ?