Enemy within

Today paper on 24 Nov published an article from Financial Times titled, ‘Enemy within is the biggest threat in cases of cybercrime’. It does not need a super talent not to see the truism in the title of the article. The article went on to say that most cyber attacks, more than 80%, was inside job, committed by people within an organization. However, many of the cases were simply deflected intentionally or otherwise to outside sources. Notably the massive attacks on US govt and commercial organizations were claimed to come from North Korea or China. What is the truth? The 81% statistics that such attacks were from within needs no further explanation.

How is this serious threat relevant to Singapore? Obvious isn’t it? With the IT industries dominated or even overtaken by foreigners, with many foreigners taking over important and financially or strategically sensitive institutions and corporations, would these people within be a threat to the interest of Singapore as a country?

The answer is a BIG NO. Singapore is very comfortable with foreigners, and foreign talents to take over our institutions and maybe even our countries. Just issue them a pink IC and they will not be foreigners anymore but Singaporeans. So simple.  Did anyone say so silly? We have complete faith and confidence that the foreigners coming here, given important appointments and CEOs, even sitting in Parliament, are all for Singapore and will not betray the trust the ever trusting Singaporeans took them in, hired them, to run our show. It is all about faith. We trust them and they would reciprocate our trust. Nothing to worry about. Do not be hysterical over such things. All is well.

Have no fear of foreigners doing inside jobs to compromise our security and interests. Singapore is an exceptional country in that every foreigner coming here will be good, like angels.

In the Today article, Tommy Helsby, the Chairman of business investigation firm Kroll said this, ‘Cybercrime is one of those things where the insider is the dominant threat…You have all these clever defences against people on the outside, but people on the inside are already on the inside.’

What nonsense, this kind of things would never be a problem in Singapore or in Singapore’s institutions. We are absolutely safe from inside attacks. We have many experts and security organizations overseeing our security from such attacks. If there is a risk, they would have opened their mouths. So far they are very comfortable with the situation.

And we have the strongest armed forces to guard against external attacks. We got Total Defense also. Where got problem? Insiders, 2 million foreigners here? So what? We need growth and they are here to help us grow our economy and provide jobs for our people, plus the talents that we are sorely in need of.

We have all the holes covered. Fear Not. Just build a strong defence force against enemies coming from outside. Buy more F35s to frighten them away.

PS. The enemy within did not wear a tag saying he is the enemy. He probably wears a smiling face full of innocence and a tag saying ‘I love you, trust me’.


Anonymous said...

PS. The enemy within did not wear a tag saying he is the enemy. He probably wears a smiling face full of innocence and a tag saying ‘I come to create good jobs for Singaporeans".

But who is a bigger danger to Singapore's security?
- real enemies OR stupid Leeders?

Anonymous said...

The enemies are the opposition parties and bloggers.

Anonymous said...

@ November 25, 2015 9:21 a.m.

How does Opposition Parties and bloggers endanger Singapore's security?

Anonymous said...

Stupid leaders with



Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

U said that....buy more F35s to frighten them away.......

How to frighten them!

No need F35s or F36s, just haze our sky already cannot tahan.


agongkia said...

Aiyo Uncle
You dun need a chairman to tell you there is such a thing call insider job or dominent threat.Bortartcheh like me oso know everywhere oso got.
Important is to be able take precautions and be smarter than insider and make full use of them in advance to cover any would be losses in future.
Reminded me of my Achu....
Like bringing in a foreign domestic helper into my house to care for my ah kong...Day care for ah kong night I give her special privilege and welfare to sleep on my bed.
One day if i found out she kapo my coin in my coin box which i intentionally count and put , i dun feel the pain becos the coin she kapo will never be more than what I will have to spent elsewhere to get someone to sleep on my bed .

Same same.We can take precaution on insider in many ways and reduce further losses.What enemy are we talking about.Have confident lah.


Sheik Yahraz said...

Sometime I think redbean is 10 years old. He lives in a world of his own creation where everything is an "either-or" situation. To get some kind of measured comment on anything is, it would seem, improbable.

Yes, increasing the uptake of productive immigrants does contribute to economic growth. But opening your borders to foreign cultures also lets some "bad stuff" in.

Cybercrime is growing, mainly because the users of all things internet and connected are growing. you want the ease, cost-effectiveness, speed and convenience of online dating, online shopping, online entertainment, online banking, online navigation, online professional and personal networking, online spouse-cheating, online where-to-eat, when-is-the-next-bus-arriving, what-is-the-cheapest-fare-to-Bali...and so on. In order to have such "modern conveniences" the various environments need to be SECURE.

Well, you can SECURE the environments most of the time. But crackers and other cybercriminals are INTELLIGENT and PROACTIVE. Cybercrime:

1. Is very lucrative, and it is easy to remain anonymous when doing it

2. Most people using the net FAIL SPECTACULARLY when it comes to ensuring their own security and generally have the attitude it won't happen to me.

You want the net to be easy to use so as many lay-people as possible can use it to enhance their lives. But you also need good security. But you can't have security so tight that lay-people cannot use the net for even the most basic things like paying a bill or posting a selfie.

Balance, motherfuckers, balance.

Anonymous said...

Now who is the naïve one talking?
Or is the runaway from IMH?

Anonymous said...

Realistically speaking, Sinkies need
Aliens here for safety and wellbeing.
Since the Aliens are well treated here, they will not harm the Locals or wish
to be unfriendly.

Who will harm a place where they can get safety for their fortunes and also a place where they can make fortunes.

Aliens are not as daft as Sinkies la.

Anonymous said...

"I say we let them in. What's the worst that could happen."