Different agenda in G20 Meeting

The terrorist attack in Paris undeniably took centre stage in the G20 Meeting in Antalya in Turkey.  All the leaders, without exceptions, condemned the killings of the innocents in Paris. The economic conference for world leaders and central bank governors to chart the direction of the world economy and international financial stability was eclipsed by the fight against terrorism with the Paris assault lending weight and urgency to world leaders to double their effort against international terrorism. 

Even before the Paris attack, the agenda of world leaders attending the meeting were mixed. The Americans came with Syria on top of their agenda. The host, Turkey, was more concerned with the refugee problems facing Turkey and the rest of Europe. China came with the agenda on how to cooperate and stimulate the world’s economy with more initiatives, innovations and cooperation among the countries of the world.

In a main article in China Daily, ‘Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday proposed strengthening coordination on macroeconomic policy, innovation-driven development and an open world economy as prescriptions for boosting global growth.

In a speech delivered at the first session of a Group of 20 (G20) summit, Xi said the G20 should work to maintain a stable economic growth in the short term, while seeking to inject new impetus into the world economy in the long run.’

On the other hand the thrust of Obama’s speech was about stepping up efforts to eliminate the Islamic State and prevent more attacks like those in Paris and about a regime change in Syria. The economic agenda for the world economy and financial governance have to share with international security and terrorism.

What would be the takeaways from this meeting in Turkey? How much of the message and proposals of Xi Jinping would end up on the table or be left unnoticed? The different agenda and priorities of the leaders would have missed out the Chinese initiatives and proposals, the very purpose of this G20 Meeting of world leaders and central bank governors.

China may look forward to the next meeting in Hangzhou to push through its economic and financial agenda more effectively than what is happening in Antalya, Turkey. Xi JinPing would then be in a better position to take the meeting in the direction that a G20 Meeting is all about, the world economy and world governance on financial stability.


Anonymous said...

How much of the message and proposals of Xi Jinping would end up on the table or be left unnoticed?

Depends on whether the G20 members want to make war or make money.

If they are like Sinkieland interested only in GDP growth, or like the Sinkies interested in pioneer packages and money, then Xi Jinping's message and proposals would end up on the table.

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...

ISIS has murdered Chinese nationals. Very bad choice on ISIS's part.

The game's changed. China may now have many "targets" to test its newly developed weapons.

Sheik Yumamah Kontol said...

Dabiq Magazine, ISIS/ ISIL's English language propaganda magazine should be required reading for all geo-political aficionados.

Got Alla hu akhbar, ka-boom... gimme my virgins?