CNA hits by Pinkerton Disease?

Channel News Asia has established itself as a very credible news provider with a niche formula that is missing in a world dominated by westerners writing Asian news from the perspective of westerners. CNA engaged Asians to write their own news from an Asian perspective, eg Indians writing and reporting about India, Indonesians about Indonesia, Korean and Japanese reporting about their respective countries. This formula is not only important, it gives the readers a truly Asian perspective of what is truly Asia and not faked westerners’ view of what they think Asia should be. And there are very serious long term implications as Asians fed with a diet of potatoes and hamburgers would eventually think and behave like potatoes and hamburgers.

The integrity and respectability of CNA have taken it so far and wide with increasing readerships and popularity, with more countries being covered. The news is like a breath of fresh air setting it apart from the stale westerners talking about Asia with two fish balls in their mouths to look authentic.

I was quite surprised, shocking really, to see a Pinkerton reporting from Jakarta last evening instead of Sujadi or his colleague. I kept asking myself, no Indonesians good enough to report Indonesian news, or is it that the Pinkerton Disease, thought eradicated from CAN, is resurfacing?  They did not apply the anti fungal cream for the full two weeks to rid it for good? Is CNA suffering a relapse or someone there thought it is so sexy to flirt with Pinkerton again? When would they get rid of this colonial disease for good and be Asian, think Asian, truly Asian perspectives?

What is CNA without Asians reporting their own news? Isn’t CNA stands for Channel News Asia? Or is it Channel News Angmoh now?  Or is it that some Pinkertons are sneering at the Asian news readers for not speaking through their nose, not sounding like native Angmohs? So some Pinkerton lovers quietly sneaked in some angmohs to test water?

The CNA I enjoyed and respected is Channel News Asia, definitely not Channel News Angmoh. Why would Asians want to listen to western perspectives of Asian news and affairs? Have Asians not had enough of two centuries of western propaganda and mind games and want to pursue this line of indoctrination all over again?


Anonymous said...

// CNA hits by Pinkerton Disease? //

Mb not "pinkerton" but "pinky" disease .....?

What is that?

In short, aka "FBSS" ( fish ball stick syndrome ) or "MHLCD" ( mai hum ( but ) love cockles disorder ? ...... hu has his ears? ...... ha ha ha ..... juicy, fleshy cockles on Fish ball stick Ching Ho bor ...... ha ha ha ....... ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this Angmoh is now a new citizen, a new Sinkie? And if so, don't you prefer Sinkies rather than Indonesians?

Anonymous said...

If a Sinkie like May Wong can report from Myanmar for CNA, why not a Sinkie reporting from Indonesia? I mean if he is indeed a Sinkie, Angmoh notwithstanding.

But even if he is not a Sinkie, so what if RB doesn't like it but 70% is OK with it? Whose opinion really matters, RB or the 70%, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Singapore should replace all its citizens with westerners, then they will all speak good English and behave better like westerners.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 04, 2015 9:23 a.m.
//Singapore should replace all its citizens with westerners, then they will all speak good English and behave better like westerners.//

Pls do that NOW!

& replace "PINKY" with "PINKERTON"!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ...... LOOONG CHONG REPLACED! !!!!

Anonymous said...

/// Why would Asians want to listen to western perspectives of Asian news and affairs? ///

Because Channel News Aliens is targeting a "western" audience.
Asians and Singaporeans are too poor to be worth a bother.

/// Have Asians not had enough of two centuries of western propaganda and mind games and want to pursue this line of indoctrination all over again? ///

Asians maybe have had enough.
But what about PAPigs?
Maybe they have not yet had enough?
Maybe they want more?

Which famous PAPig worked for the Aliens when they invaded Singapore?

Veritas said...

CNA is one of the most fuck up media sprouting lots of mis-information and half truth. The most credible state sponsored news network is -- RT, so long as one does not criticrize Russia.

RT is extremely credible and entertaining, with lots of very good looking and intelligent host. Nothing is as good as RT today.

Al Jazeera used to be quite good but recently her stealth attempts to justify Sunni Islamofascism make me ad nausea, but she is still quite good once Al Jazeera is out of Sunni and Gulf topic.

The free world media like CNA, CNN, CNBC, BBC are whore and presstitute.

It is ironical that Russia has move so far in progress from her USSR minitruth era, while PAP elites stagnate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CNA's Singapore news may be similar to the print media. But CNA's foreign news by their native reporters are genuine and much better.

Veritas said...

CNA host are fucking ugly. WHy cant we hire like RT? Even Japan and Korean host are much pretty.

The top managers must got their head checked.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, CNA is just a prostitute bitch of the PAPies. All the top mgmt are vetted & appointed by Ministry of Communications & Information. After 50 years, they still have weekly meetings with ministry officials on what to report, what not to report, how to report, when to report, who to report. If you want to have a career in CNA, you better toe the PAP line. Otherwise you'll be forced to resign or sacked.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas November 04, 2015 9:51 a.m.

The only safeguard of TRUTH is freedom of information.
- access to multiple news media and organization is the way forward

Take a look at satellite TV.
These are banned in Singapore.
But even in poor 3rd world countries like Indonesia, African nations and Silk Road countries like Kazakhstan (and all the other Tans), you will see satellite TV.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousNovember 04, 2015 10:08 a.m.
//CNA is just a prostitute bitch of the PAPies.//

This statement paralleled the other hardtruth statement expounded by a 16-year old ......

The Chinese version for " prostitute bitch " is

贱 ----- "下贱的贱"!

Anonymous said...

Not much difference from the prostitutes in Desker vicing their holes to the blangas and ah nehs. ...

One is vicing the below holes ......

Those in C(hee)N(ude)A(sshiok) prostituting their upper holes .... ( & mb " other holes " too ..... )

Anonymous said...

PAPigs do tend to suck a lot of white cock.
So next time you see a PAPig talk in public.
Tell him not to talk with his mouth full of food.

Anonymous said...

So who more "Tua Kee"?

Pinky or Pinkerton?

The Chinese say "for Guys, the worry is NOT to enter the wrong profession, for Gals, the concern is NOT to entrust her happiness to the wrong person." In PAPigs world of PLP, is it the "way to million $$$ Jobs is NOT to suck salah "wee wee" ( aka cocktail sausage )?"

The Don said...

Channel News Asia is run by kids, youngish people with very little real-world experience in journalism or media. It's the same with the whole of Media Corps. The youngish still wet-behind-the-ears crowd has taken over. What do they know? And indeed why so many ang mohs? Don't we have locals who can do the job? True, idiots like Maria Seow and Valerie Tan should not have been hired in the first place, they are such duds with horrid phony accents. But Toni Waterman? Why do we need her? Such a loudmouth who loves to exaggerate, reporting "from the heart of Singapore's financial district" or "catastrophic impact" or "Teutonic shift" are words with heavy weightage she throws about every now and then. Makes my hair stand. She does a great disservice to genuine journalists.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me come to the defence of CNA. It is pretty young and so would have younger breed of journalists and reporters. They would age beautifully overtime. They have to start somewhere. Hope they don't discard the older staff as this is a profession that gets better with age unless they prefer the young and impressionable type with no ideas and views of their own.

Sure the younger set still have a lot of kantang and hamburgers in their blood and not very genuine in many areas and views. They would grow in their job and define their style and views. Hopefully they will eat more rice and use the chopsticks more often and be truly Asians.

For journalism this is a transition period when the old hands have disappeared and a whole breed of young journalists and reporters are picking up the trade. I agree some of the old wines of western journalism are very good and experienced old hands. But they have been on the job for a long time and have developed very independent views and style and don't have to take the shit from directors and editors who think too much of themselves and wanted to dictate their ways.

Veritas said...

RB your taste of pretty is probably different from mine. I think CNA host fucking ugly. They simply has a banana face and for the guys, a gigolo look.

The Japan, Taiwan and Korean host are infinitely far more sweeter.

It is not that young is no good. The young host of North East Asia exude a kind of vibrant and wit that compensate their lack of world experience.

Ours are really really shit. The sarong party girls has nothing to show off except for suffixing their names with some Ang Moh surname to show how high class they are.

And CNA host are the most lowly cowards. You go see RT and you see how these sweet RT girls outwit intellect, wall street crocs and politicians.

Our CNA host let these big shot off, and the talk shows are boring like shit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


I agree with you that speaking and thinking on their feet are not something that Singaporeans are good at. The few imports on business news are pretty sharp and good. Our oppressive culture has turned out a nation of people that are not very good in public speaking, not too articulate and inhibitive.

Look at the native Chinese speakers in CCTV or in Hongkong or Taiwan TV, they are distinctly different from Sinkies. I have met young Singaporeans that were raised in other countries and their confidence and ease in communication are amazing.

Who to blame for the kind of Sinkies we have today?

Veritas said...

Actually all the East Asians are oppressed. Problem with SG is PAP kill our culture and we speak in a fucking banana English just like all the PAP Peranakan tribe.

Banana is well known as fucking no culture, monies chasing, race traitors, prostitute, sarong party girls and they like everyone to be like them.

Banana are shallow and they dont read. The magazine banana girls read are Her World. Banana man got no sense of honor, duty and they feel ashame as Chinese. Even Fucking George Yeo are stupid in all his worldview, but trying very hard to disgrace himself.

When you lost connection to your own culture, you cannot articulate.

Veritas said...

Look at the gigolo face host and they slut face ugly female host of CNA, I really ad nausea.

But everytime you tune to RT, Japan, Korean Taiwan HK TV, the host are really beautiful.

I have to balance my view that CNN BBC AL Jazeera have ugly host as well.

Anonymous said...

There is a outstanding bald male
presenter who looks alien as he is a
No local presenter comes close in comparison to him.

there is no need to describe others
with derogatory and condescending
Unless one is truly good looking and talented.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Teymoor Nabili is the best catch of CNA. He is very smart, fast and a class of his own. I think he is middle eastern origin, in other words an Asian, and thinks like an Asian. The Americans hate him but could not hold a candle to him.

Anonymous said...

One who does not know where one comes from would not know where to go.
One who does not know his forefathers would go around calling anyone father, except his own father.

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanNovember 04, 2015 3:22 p.m.
//Let me come to the defence of CNA. //

Which is WORST?

Prostitutes TRUE to their own SOULS that they make an honest living donning the worst oldest profession and meeting a demand in the free market place, harming no one in the process except willing buyers and willing sellers?

Or "Prostituting Professionals" making a living selling their (conscience and souls and) innate self in a controlled MONOPOLY doing what they are told to do ( or say or act ) regardless of the consequences ( and potential harm and possible havoc, real or perceived, tangible or intangible, immediate or over the long term ) on the society in general?

Who is more worth defending?

Somebody who sold their bodies to make a living but not their souls or those who are willing to trade their grandmothers for another one more gold nugget to immerse themselves or otherwise in soaking a materialism and what not?

How is one going to explain to their grandchildren that they rather defend those who chose to work in a propagandist apparatchik and inevitably have to forgo their inner conscience to make a living or even live perceived glamorous life than those who work in legalised brothels in Desker Rd, Petain Rd, Geylang and Kong Saik St?

Anonymous said...

Typo ....

Should be "world's oldest" not " worst".

Mistake by spelling autocorrect problem. ....

Anonymous said...

One more typo ....

" immerse themselves or otherwise in soaking a materialism and what not? "

should be

" immerse themselves or otherwise in soaking up materialism and what not? "

The message is simple.

Are the souls ( and conscience in the PAPigs camp ) "meriting any defense" in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Teymoor Nabili is listed
as English in wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Conscience 良知/天理/天道 and 礼义廉耻 are beyond leaders in Sin.

Anonymous said...

most newspaper in the world published the article from reuters, afp, ap

despite they had their own journalist.

most tv channel in the world love to parrot Washington viewpoint as " fact"
because they follow CNN, BBC style

singapore should spread their influence by promoting ASEAN viewpoint about international affairs -

like south china sea, ukraine crisis, syria civil war, russia airstrikes.

the world could learn about US viewpoint, china viewpoint, russia viewpoint and singapore viewpoint.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CNA has done a very good job for a new kid in the block. Hope they don't scuttle this by turning it into Channel News Angmoh. Then they would lose credibility and readership very quickly and be seen as another fake western media disguising as Asian media.

There is a great need to balance news reporting and not reporting news as if the world is owned by the West.

CNA has all the makings to be that media. The danger is that Pinkerton Disease is surfacing and may be cancerous.