China and her neighbours

China shares a common border with 17 countries and despite losing a lot of territories to them when it was semi colonized by the western powers, it only has problem with one of its neighbours on border issues. China has lost territories to Russia and Mongolia but has agreed to live with the status quo. The only other country that is giving China border problem is India, for wanting to seize the disputed territories cut away from China by the British that ended in a very embarrassing border war in 1962. In a way the humiliating defeat has kept the Indians from having more funny designs over the last 50 years and the border relatively peaceful.

If China is an expansionist country and harbouring bad intentions to covet its neighbour’s territories, China would have no peace with so many countries sharing a common border with her. And many of these are very small and militarily weak countries, like Laos, Bhutan, Nepal and bigger countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh that China could take advantage of. But no, they live in peace with no border claims issue.

And who are the countries that have border issues with China other than India? Japan is well known for stealing Chinese territories and claiming the Diaoyu Islands as Japan’s. Japan did not share a common border with China and is separated by sea. The other countries with border issues with China are like Japan, separated by sea, are Malaysia and the Philippines. And the problem arises from their claims on Chinese islands. Vietnam is also claiming Chinese islands in the South China Sea.

Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan are having border problems with China not because of China claiming their land but instead they are claiming China’s territories in the Seas. The accusation of China being an aggressive and expansionist country is therefore an irony, a fabrication. The problem China had with these countries is caused by these countries claiming China’s territories. These countries are the aggressive and expansionist ones, wanting to seize China’s territories, not the other way.

It is a case of robbers calling and yelling thief. They are trying to steal China’s territories but calling China the thief. If they have no designs on China’s islands in the seas, they would have no trouble with China. They are the trouble makers for China. China is the victim of aggression by these pesky small countries, with the US poking them from behind to keep provoking China.

This is another perspective of the South China Sea problems. Ask those neighbours of China if China is expansionist and claiming their lands? Don’t ask India. India is claiming Chinese territories like some Asean countries and Japan.


Anonymous said...

Xi Jin Ping should thank the Japenis on behalf of the CCP and Mao Tze Tong for saving them from certain wipe out by the KMT before the 1937 Japenis invasion disrupted and changed history.

Anonymous said...

In the late 1930s in the civil war between KMT and the CCP, Mao and his party were cooked ducks that flew away from the clutches of the KMT, after the Japenis intervention in the form of an all out invasion.

Anonymous said...

Xi Jin Ping should thank the Japenis on behalf of the CCP and Mao Tze Tong for saving them from certain wipe out by the KMT....
Anon 8:48 a.m.

Tiok. PAP should also thank the Sinkie opposition for PAP winning 70% of the votes, instead of losing more seats as predicted by RB and others.

Anonymous said...

As such, who could say history is deterministic?

Randomness is playing a crucial part in each and every outcome which are often taken as surprises.

By 2035, look back at the geo-political devt in East Asia.

Anonymous said...

2035 could be the end of civilisation after a nuclear holocaust due to man's ego and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Small countries can make claims, even wild claims. They must be able to back it up with big guns. The hired gun in the USA is always available.

Just make sure in the process of claiming other people's land, a small country does not get swallowed up by the hired gun in the process and loses its independence.

Greed is good is one is strong and powerful, like the Americans.

Anonymous said...

With MAD, the proxy war is in the economics dimension.

USSR lost. The Japenis lost. USA paid a heavy price in both victories.

The new fisherman appears more and more like somebody lurking extremely in the background.

Anonymous said...

War is the way of the jungle.

When war is MAD, it shifts to the economics front.

It is not unimaginable if the EZ-19 amalgamate their custom and monetary union into a political union to solve their economics problems.

Anonymous said...

That was the original objective.

Monetary union is now a reality.

The next target is political union.

Anonymous said...

With a population of 350 million and gross GDP of about 20 trillion, it is big enough to fill the void when uncle Sam retreat back into its shell and cina focuses on rounding up its smallish neighbours and parade them in the open South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

Knn, why bother with border, territory, race and culture ?
Time to do away with those nonsensical
restriction and classification.
The World is for all to share. Please do not divide oneself with skin color, language and faith and cause much disharmony.
Welcome any visitor that chooses to be near you. Good to have friends come a calling, the more the merrier. Is it not ?

Anonymous said...

Knn, who would u pay tax to?

And who run the police force, Knn!

So what number to call when 10 India ah nehs raping your wife and daughters?

Anonymous said...

The ONLY REASON why all these fucking cuntries (incl. China) are fighting over seas is becoz there are tons of proven OIL & GAS deposits.

Yep, the reason is due to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Remove the oil & gas, or drop 100 megatons of nuclear bombs into the sea, and you'll see all the cuntries fuck off & won't give a fuck.

b said...

The world should focus on other sources of energy and not just oil and gas. Too much time and effort wasted on accumulating the oil and gas.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the chinese .... and the other greedy aseans.

Anonymous said...

// They are the trouble makers for China. China is the victim of aggression by these pesky small countries, with the US poking them from behind to keep provoking China. //

In this nuclear era, unfortunately the nature of international relations and mankind have not transformed at all or sufficiently to this change in nature of warfare, to avert a possible outbreak of an all out hegemonic war between an existing hegemon and an aspiring hegemon.

In history, the great wars were not willed by statesmen nor were they often predicted. The course of great wars historically was never foreseen.

World War One, in a way, happened by "accident" or "premeditated interference by outside parties" to "invoke" mutual destruction of one another among the European powers or "provoke", "instigate" hostilities and/ or eventual wars among the European adversaries.

Anonymous said...

It is possible in this nuclear era that a small skirmish in the South China Sea might cause developments to spin out of control.

Despite the advent of the nuclear age, the values and interests of societies have not evolved and been replaced with other values and objectives to preserve peace and subordinate all others to this preservation.

International relations is essentially still an anarchic jungle based on self-preservation, not unlike the herds and prides in the wild. That makes the consequences of miscalculations (to mankind ) as many times as the the multiplication of the lethal force, made possible by nuclear technology.

Anonymous said...

In his account of the Peloponnesian War more than two thousand years ago, Thucydides sought to lay forth what he observed as the unchanged fundamental nature of human behaviour and therefore of international relations.

The most recent past of the devastating destructions of World War One and Two had probably not taught much lessons in terms of using them as aid to the interpretation of the future as far as recent events on both sides have shown.

Thucydides, in his times, sought to reveal the phenomena that would repeat in the history of mankind, underpinned by the underlying and unchanging nature of humankind behavior and thus international relations. And right up to World War Two, Thucydides General Law of International Relations had proven spot on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only thing that should knock some senses into warmongers is the devastating destructive nature of modern weapons. The Americans could start wars with small nations without nuclear weapons, like the Arab countries, Vietnam and Korea. Once the victim of American aggression has nuclear weapons, they better lay off and stay clear.

China has a policy of not using their nuclear weapons. But if the Americans are attacking China and winning, do the Americans really believe the Chinese will raise the white flag and not to use their nuclear arsenal?

Anonymous said...

The Okinawans are calling for independence from Japan. And they have no fear of China. They said China is a friendly country. Compare their thinking with those of the stupid South east Asians?

Anonymous said...

Why so many neighbours of China with share borders never complain China claiming their territories?

Why here got silly buggers so scare China come and claim their mothers and their pigeon holes?

Anonymous said...

real intention of US is on arctic water, not south china sea.

US is using south china sea tension to deflect attention away from US action in arctic water.
US dont want their action would alarm russia .

Territorial claims in the Arctic
Russia lays claim to vast areas of Arctic- The Guardian

Anonymous said...

China should exercise FON and sail to the Arctic region claimed by the Americans.