Breaking the cardinal principles of Total Defense

I read Darkness’ article on his lamentation on how the Israelis went about the defense of their country and people and why a Paris or Mumbai style attack is highly unlikely to succeed or even take place in Israeli cities. There are a homogenous people honed by circumstances to be consciously alert to any sign of trouble and everyone is trained to take ownership and responsibility of the surrounding. A bag left in the train or anywhere that it should not be would receive immediate attention by an Israeli nearby, not necessarily a uniformed officer. The Israelis practiced Total Defense to the hilt.


Comparing the Israelis, our Total Defense is a joke, a tragicomedy waiting to happen. Total Defense is not lip service and to be written on paper. The whole strategy must be understood by everyone, the citizen on the ground and the people at the top. A simple review of why the Israeli Total Defense is working and ours a farce would point to all the cardinal sins that we have committed to turn our Total Defense into a fishing net, full of holes.


For economic growth, for some silly theory that we need more foreigners to grow our economy, for coveting other people’s talent, for foolishly and dangerously embracing every foreigner into the country, into our social and govt organizations, and the nightmarish acceptance of foreigners to guard our entry points, sensitive organizations and even joining the police and armed forces, how can anyone talk about Total Defense? Even our commercial organizations, the IT and banking industries are controlled by foreigners. They could simply deactivate all the networks and commercial systems, collect all the sensitive information and data by now to do damage if needed.


How can we practice Total Defense when the potential enemies are living with us when more than 50% of our population is foreigners, when they are working side by side with us, eating and sleeping with us? If a bag or parcel is left in the train or a shopping centre, who is there to check on it, to alert the security when 6 out of 10 people are foreigners who have no interest in the safety and security of the people?


You cannot practice Total Defense, you cannot have Total Defense when the person beside you is not one of you and could be a potential enemy or terrorist. We have compromised our national security for the sake of economic growth. And some are so stupid to open their arms and legs to welcome every foreigner into their homes, into security and uniformed services.


How stupid can this country be? We have raised our security status due to the Paris attack and think we are now safer. How would it work, how can it work when the enemy is already with us? Who is going to guard against those that are guarding our security? Did they discover that one of the Paris attackers registered himself as a refugee in Greece and was allowed into France? How many are already in Europe? How many are already safe and secured in Singapore and waiting for the order to strike? We have more than 2 million foreigners here. You only need a handful of trained terrorists, 3 or 5 or 7, to strike terror deep in the heart of town.


Would someone want to rethink about Total Defense and the policy of bringing in foreigners by the millions? Did someone encourage these foreigners to integrate with us and betterer, other than joining RCs is to let them join the uniformed services, to be trained, to be armed, to put on our uniforms? And for sure, those recruited must be the most innocent looking and did not look threatening, did not look like terrorists. They have the fairest ladies to seduce James Bond not for no reasons.


Anonymous said...

We have compromised our national security for the sake of economic growth.

Not so bad lah.

Was our IT networks and commercial systems deactivated and damaged done?

Were bombs exploded anywhere?

If this can happen, it would have happened already, after so many years of taking in foreigners. And if it did not happen by now, it will never happen.

Just like the Sinkie opposition, if they are not ready to be govt on 11 Sep, they will never be ready.

Anonymous said...

It will never happen in Singapore!

agongkia said...

Another simple minded Sinkie thinking.
You want full security then propose for military law like ROC in the past.
We may not be perfect but we have spend more than enough budget on security.
Even our ah pek oso trained in security. They can easily tell the difference between a bomb and a hidden tae tae.Not necessary to get foreign talent involve.Have confident in our home security .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, only a fool will believe in confidence will be the answers to a very serious threat. Thank goodness you are not senior enough for your views to be taken seriously.

Don't wait for a Paris in Singapore and start to run around like silly asses asking what happened, increase checks, increase securities, everyone runs for cover, stay indoors.....

Please go and mingle with your mei meis, that is the level you are competent in. Don't try too hard to understand anything more than you can grasp.

Anonymous said...

He can only bluff the mei meis on how important he is and how clever he is.
A khongcum pretending to be clever. They assigned him to mix with people of the same level of intelligence, the mei meis.

Anonymous said...

Many of our defense theories had not been tested. They are paper theories, no more no less. Same as the implementers, paper qualification only.

You are right to doubt our ability to defense. With almost half foreigners amongst us, this complicate the issue.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait for a Paris in Singapore....
RB 11:36 a.m.

Not to worry lah, RB. Terrorists will not waste their bombs and bullets on Sinkies, as they have more worthwhile targets to kill.

After all, did any Sinkie fighter pilots bomb ISIS in Syria? No, tio bo?

In fact one Sinkie fighter pilot even find it is better to become minister, rather than flying fighter jets, and let alone doing bombing of targets!

agongkia said...

Being too security conscious will become unfriendly.
Are Sinkies themselves concern about security?
Start with basic security.
Go and propose and make it punishable for anyone who is not in possession of their ID.
Give our security uncle the power to reject entry to those who fail to furnish I D when visiting a premises.Are you ready to be inconvenience.
Sinkies oredi unhappy , not cooperative and kpkb when being asked for identification when entering a premises .You think Sinkies know the importance of security?
Please lah.Want to compare with other countries .Go join our security uncle else leave security to our Home Team professional lah.

Anonymous said...

"Don't wait for a Paris in Singapore"

Maybe very soon.
Many countries will say "don't wait for a Singapore" to happen in our country.

Anonymous said...

Is our "Total Defence" founded on the principles of "Total Idiocy"?

Do you think only Total Idiots would send school children to climb Mount Kinabalu?
Do you think only Total Idiots would use Aliens to write the programming code for our IT security?

Do you think only Total Idiots would give a 70% strong mandate for these types of policies?

Anonymous said...

Though I believe a Paris Incident in Sg is remote, I can never rule out the possibility of alien individuals executing their act of revenge on person or organization they hate or bear grudge with. It might have had happened, who knows ?
We had threat from an alien healthcare worker and how many others have not voiced out their unhappiness bearing similar intent ?

Anyway, it is only fair to say that aliens who feel exploited and bullied may resort to retaliate in violent ways to deal with their employer and or superior and co-workers.

It will not surprise anyone if armed alien employee(s) open fire on local one day whilst on duty. However, rest assured that it will not be a terrorist act, more likely settling personal unhappiness.

Sg is US friendly, so do expect all kinds of possibilty. Aliens are not as timid as Stinkies.

The said...

We have a fifth column, sixth column and a seventh column.....

The S said...

THe fact that this is an island is already a strong defense.

Anonymous said...

Security is a joke in Sg.

Just look at what security personnels are doing when they board to check the vehicles.
Those security at commercial building and installation are not even armed with baton or anything for self defence. Worse, many are old and overweight walking like penguin. What can they protect ? Are they able to protect themselves ?

It is also not uncommon that most security personnels are deploy for 12 hours and more each time. They are no superman and woman, how do we expect them to be alert or stay fit ?

Thus far touch wood, no terrorism in Sg, but it does not mean it will not happen. Some weaknesses are obvious, the only consolation is the tight control on firearms. However, terrorists are no simple folks.
Cannot afford any lapses, for it could be very damaging.

Anonymous said...

When a tiny compact island gets blown up, the Damages shall be comparatively much higher.
It's no joking matter.

Pray that Sin has not done
anything to invite any trouble.

agongkia said...

Anon 5.18
You another typical example of khongcum looking down on our own uncle.
The fact that they are able to handle cases or help to reduce incidents without being armed shows they are more capable than those who need T baton ,firearm ,bullets ,power etc.. to get things done.
Security uncles work with their brain., not by weapon or force.
You can sleep peacefully because we have reliable n capable security uncles around. Dun be ungrateful.

Anonymous said...

Some congcum are seers that forecast events in advance cos they are guided by instinct rather than intellect.

Nature is great, it makes up the deficiency in congcums.

Anonymous said...

Lucky chap to have
Mei meis believe in
Living must be

Gong gong chia

Anonymous said...

If he keeps abusing his position to take advantage of mei meis, he will be caught like the CD guy.

Anonymous said...

When you have khongcums in charge of our security you might as well forget about it.