Bomb threat protocol on SQ001

SQ001 arrived from San Francisco on Sunday with 267 passengers on board. The media reported that it was the target of a bomb threat and was held at the tarmac for more than an hour with all its passengers on board. It was a great relief that it was found to be a hoax and all the passengers were safe.

The incident is receiving a lot of brickbats from netizens saying that the protocol was flawed. Should it not be top priority to get the passengers out of the aircraft as the first instance when the aircraft landed instead of holding them inside the aircraft that is the subject of a bomb threat? It sounds very logical. And the procedure of keeping the passengers inside the aircraft looked so silly to many observers and commentators.

Maybe there are other reasons or information that the public did not know. What is the nature of the bomb threat? Normally it is like a bomb being planted in the plane. So getting the passengers out and away from the aircraft looks the most reasonable thing to do.

What would it be if the threat says do not open the door for doing so would trigger the bomb to go off? Ah, no one thought of this right? I think the security people are not that daft as the public thought them to be. Understand the nature of the threat first and then the measures taken would make sense. Some bombs are designed to  trigger off at certain heights, above or below or at certain speed like it will go off if the speed falls below say 300 knots.

Now what is this case all about? Who knows? Did the security people made a booboo by allowing the passengers to remain in a plane with a bomb threat or there is more than what we know?


Anonymous said...


If THEY want to kill you, it is almost impossible to avoid.

So far, all past killings, all with "element of surprise"!

Not so easy to detect. THEY are not MAD! THEY will JUST-DO-IT!

No place is safe! No place to hide!

This is the NEW NORNAL!

No choice! No choice!

Anonymous said...

Rb you are really good as I never thought of it that way

Anonymous said...

/// What would it be if the threat says do not open the door for doing so would trigger the bomb to go off? ///

We should all believe what the terrorists tell us when they phone in the bomb threat.
And waiting one hour will automatically deactivate the bomb.

Just like waiting 55 years, you will automatically get your CPF money back.

agongkia said...

I may not be a security expert but I should say that they handle the situation well.
Since the decision maker has the same thinking as of mine .Its definately the right decision to make.

For security reasons and not to undermine our security effort, I will not disclose here on my view but if I am the decision maker I will do the same.
Even if one klkk in his airbase decades ago that does not make him understand what is security and safety.
Only those born with security intelligence can understand.

Anonymous said...

Did Sinkie fighter jets bomb ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq?

If not, then why the terrorists want to put bomb on SIA plane?

Anonymous said...

Even if one klkk in his airbase decades ago....
Agongkia 9:30 a.m.

U talking about RB?

Anonymous said...

If agongkia sees RB, he will have to tabeh and called him 'Sir'.
Even his superior would have to call RB 'Mr Chua'.

Knowing that his job is to mingle around with mei meis, you know how important he is and what kind of educational level he has.

Anonymous said...

Reading what RB wrote and what this khongcum agongkia wrote, the difference is like heaven and hell. No comparison.

One is snoopying around on the ground for info and the other a thinker.

Anonymous said...

If agongkia produces a son with a mei mei;
It will raise the average IQ score of agongkia's family tree for the next 3 generations.

Anonymous said...

RB, you and Agongkia gave them too much credit. What kind of bomb can be planted and will go off when a plane door is opened at ground level? This is simply a stretch of RB's imagination. You should be critical of govt agencies that remain opaque about the whole incident.

Anonymous said...

Think Rb may have to spend his remaining lucid years to understand the riddle posited here by Agongkia.

Guess Agongkia might be thinking that since Rb was not in the plane, there was no threat to Rb. Hence Rb worries too much about something for nothing concerning himself.

agongkia said...

To those anons here..
Lowly educated does not mean I am inferior to those so claim" paperful" Tua or Sheng or fake graduates.
Addressing one "Sir" to me is normal becos in my mind I am calling them "snake in Chinese".They happy I oso happy.Nothing to lose.
I may be poor but I hug more mei meis than the rich.
Whats wrong of having more money? Oops no, having more mei meis ?
If so interested in this bomb hoax incident, go join the screwty industry.

agongkia said...
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Sheik Yahraz said...

>> So getting the passengers out and away from the aircraft looks the most reasonable thing to do. <<

KA BOOM! One of the passengers happens TO BE The Bomb, and now the bomber is in "paradise" raping virgins (according to their religion).

Also if there was a bomb or "device", you don't know if it is a "dirty" nuke, or a bio-weapon, or a plain old suicide vest or a complete hoax.

Just like the "saving" of people trapped in a fire or a kid drowning in raging waters would depend on whether the level of danger faced by the rescuers could be transcended and thus offer a better chance of a successful rescue, the same reasoning would apply to the SQ flight.

In situations like this, the reality is not everyone can be saved, all the time.

Got Ah Lah Hoo Ak Bar, infidel motherfuckers?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, good thinking. You are now thinking every inch like Ah Q.

Anonymous said...

Said Threat happened abroad.

Who decided the Protocol?
The Captain of the Aircraft/Flight
or the Airport Authority.
There are International Procedures
for handling such emergency and
contingency. So were their decisions

There is a need to know the Nature
of the Threat, the Security Experts at
US and those of SIA cannot be Khongcums. Right?

Anonymous said...

Well, considering that the Chairman of Changi Airport Group is one of the passengers sitting in that plane waiting to get off while there is a bomb threat on that plane, I wouldn't make too much guesses on whether the Singapore airport operators have taken the right actions. The Chairman sitting in that plane knew what was going on and sat and waited in the plane.