17 countries in Vienna to decide the fate of President Assad of Syria

What an irony with 17 countries attending a meeting in Vienna to determine the fate on who should be the leader of the Syrians. They are going to decide the fate of President Assad, not the Syrian people. The meeting was understandably led by the Americans and their allies in another of its plan for a regime change. The Russians too were there to make sure the Americans would not have their way to remove Assad, a Russian ally.

China was also represented by it Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong while the Americans were represented by their Secretary of State John Kerry to take on his Russian counterpart Sergio Lavrov. China’s low key presence was like a watching brief as China’s policy is not to interfere in the domestic affairs of another country. In the meeting China’s position was for the Syrians to determine their own future and to help in the reconstruction of Syria after the war.

The interference of the domestic affairs of another country is fair game to the Americans. Any country watching this sad episode should be aware that their fate would be similar to the Syrians once the Americans take an interest in their affairs and decided for a regime change. Malaysia seems like a good candidate with Najib under siege now that Myanmar is out of the picture. Who else would be a potential candidate for regime change in the Asean region? Indonesia or perhaps the Philippines should there be a challenge to Aquino’s leadership or a big tussle in the next Presidential election, or should the Muslim rebels in the south provides a good opening for the good Americans to step in?

Would another 17 countries be meeting somewhere to decide the fate of an Asean country and their leaders?


Anonymous said...

"Would another 17 countries be meeting somewhere to decide the fate of an Asean country and their leaders?"

Why u bother, since Sinkieland will definitely not be one of the ASEAN countries?

Remember, the fate of Sinkieland PAP leaders will always lie solely with the majority (70%) Sinkie voters, and maybe including many new Sinkies, not USA, not 17 or what not number of countries, and not even the Sinkie opposition!

Anonymous said...

You so sure the US will not do a regime change in Sin?

Hermit said...

As long as the PAPpy govt remains a lapdog of US, or should I say a papdog of US, the US won't do a regime change here. Rest assured.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Hermit, welcome to the blog.

In politics nothing is sure. Enemies can become friends and friends can become foes.
Saddam Hussein was America's best friend. Osama was America's hatchet man. Japan was America's enemy, so was Vietnam. China was America's friend.

Anonymous said...

17 counrries, not to bad.

In the case of Irag, only one person decides , Bush. For Libya it is better

NATO members decide. The Chairman , of course is none other than the Empire.

With Middle East in flames let us now look at Asia.

Al La Ka-Bhumi ibn Ka-Lashnikov Bang Bang Bang! said...

@ RB:

>> The interference of the domestic affairs of another country is fair game to the Americans. <<

Thank god for that.

When there are people who think that they can succeed in getting their way by terrorizing others, there will be people who will put a stop to that.

Islamic Jihad celebrates DEATH. Their aim is to kill. When they themselves are killed, it is martyrdom. DEATH, is a "value", an "objective".

Me? I'm a horny, occasionally inebriated BLASPHEMING INFIDEL happens to enjoy being ALIVE. And I'm sure I'm not alone, nor a minority!

Fuck your god :-)

Anonymous said...

Do believe that regime
change is possible in
Asean Region.

It is happening in Burma.

It shall happen to the Others.