What is so bizarre in court?

The case of Han Hui Hui and his friends being accused of being a public nuisance to a ‘YMCA’s annual carnival Proms @ the Park when some performers who have Down’s syndrome were on stage’ is now in session. According to a Reginald Ang as reported in the Today paper, ‘People with Down’s syndrome are most sensitive to noise…Every segment of our dance is synchronised, but now everyone is doing their own dance, some stuck in their first pose, because they cannot hear the music.’ One also commented that the presence of the protestors was like bringing a coffin to a wedding.

The prosecution is pointing the finger at Han Hui Hui and her protestors for being inconsiderate and disrupted the event of children with Down’s syndrome and causing them great distress. How could the protestors be so unkind and inhuman to do such a thing in the presence of such children? This is one part of the bizarre happenings in Hong Lim.

The other bizarre thing is that why would parents or organizers, with such sensitive children in their care, host the event in the midst of a public protest and think everything will be peaceful? Do they really believe that a public protest and demonstration is a tea party of politeness?

The big question, are the parents and organizers being insensitive and irresponsible to put the children’s safety to unnecessary risk? Did they know that such a protest was taking place? Could they hold their event at another location so that it would not clash with a public protest that would definitely affect their sensitive children? They were very lucky that the protest was not big enough and did not turn violent. What would happen to the safety of their children should the protestors turned into a rioting mob? Does it require any exception foresight or hindsight to think that it was a wrong thing to do? Should they be taking steps to avoid such a confrontation or should it be the duty of the protestors to avoid the sensitive children?

Which is more bizarre, the protestors protesting and disturbing the sensitive children or holding an event for sensitive children beside a public protest? Who was more irresponsible and should shoulder the blame?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

If HHH had punched the PAP Minister and called him a "****** Asian".

- is the fine $5,000 just like the "Briton Joshua Powell Koke, 24, a pilot with Jetstar, was fined $5000 for punching a 18 year old student, Didier Oswaldo Molina. "

Anonymous said...

I'll be dammed if this case was not bizzarre.

Sinkieland Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Alice in Wonderland where black is white and white is black.

Anonymous said...

Who is more irresponsible depends on which side of the fence you are sitting. In the land of the blind, the colour-blind is still king.

Anonymous said...

What about the people shouting "We love our CPF"
- Are not those pro PAP people also harassing the special needs children with their shouting and noise?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Motherfucking Christians will complain about anything. They're behaving as if they own the fucking park, that all those who are "different" from them are not welcome in that SHARED PUBLIC SPACE.

BTW, how come so many Down's Syndrome sufferers? I thought they screen for such genetic anomalies and fetuses with Down's Syndrome are terminated. Oh wait...fucking religion again...cannot terminate a pregnancy because that is akin to "killing babies" because all fetuses have "souls". So religious fuck-tards would rather bring into the world a person who will face a lifetime of disability and probably die from a whole range of diseases.

Fuck your god lah. Your god makes you stupid, irrational and CRUEL.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, go to your mother and seek comfort under her skirt and stop misbehaviour among the normal people here lah.

Anonymous said...

Obviously somebody has made use of the "poor kids" for his political ends. This person should be pinpointed - he is dangerous!

b said...

May PAP be a big person and let her off with a small fine.
Chance to score points for next election.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, thank you for this article. What you said is absolutely correct, but you have been skirting the issue at the peripheral. There is an elephant in the room, so big that everybody is ignoring it.

Public protest in Singapore is so severely restricted that it can only be held at one location, and with proper permit too. You cannot hold it anywhere else. Yes, I'm repeating myself, and we should keep repeating and repeating that because the 70% population seems blind to it.

In contrast, on the extreme opposite, the YMCA performance could be held anywhere else in Singapore - in the various public park, or open spaces in HDB heartland, or as well as any indoor venue. There must be thousands and thousands of venue to list out. Yet the YMCA chose to hold their event next to a protest rally at Hong Lim Park, the only place in Singapore where such a rally could be held. Yes, I'm again guilty of repeating.

Hmmm... Only one place in Singapore versus thousands and thousands of other venues that YMCA can choose. Something is fishy here. What is the intention of YMCA? If anyone is still donating to YMCA, I think they should think about this matter? It's a very serious matter, yes? What is the aim of YMCA? Are you donating to the right cause, or are you contributing your hard earned money to suppress opposition voices?

This is a very big elephant in the room, please open your eyes and see it.

Let it be very very clear. Your tax money are already being used to suppress the voices of the opposition. Think of People's Association, think of the government budget allocated to PA - do you think PA sides with PAP or with the Opposition? If you think you should further contribute your money to suppress the opposition, if you think the Govt is not doing enough to suppress the Opposition, by all means continue to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for subjecting the special needs children to stress?

2. The parents
3. NParks
4. The protestors
5. The devils