The US Calvary is here, Indians, you are dead

How many of you remember this fetish Hollywood stuff and stood up to cheer when the US Calvary arrived to massacre the Red Injuns in cowboys and Indians movies?  The Injuns were the bad guys and the cowboys and calvary were the good guys, the land of the Injuns, oops, what land of the Injuns, they were God’s given land for the white settlers. Grab as many as you can by killing the Injuns that were illegally occupying the land, the Promised Land God has willed for his believers.

Many Injuns were butchered, murdered, starved to death or inflicted with deadly diseases brought in by the Europeans to infect them. Today you could barely see an Injun in North America now called the United States of America, minus the original natives that once roamed free in their land.

The story of the Calvary killing the Injuns and driving them away from their home land is being repeated all over again in the Middle East. The modern day Injuns are the Arabs and Muslims in the region that is now war torn, with the modern day Calvary bombing their land to Stone Age and inhospitable.  The modern day ‘Injuns’ are marching into Europe to escape being killed or starve to death. And the Americans and the rest of the stupid world are looking on and cheering the modern day Calvary to kill the natives of the land all over again. The modern day Calvary are the good guys and the natives of the land are as usual, the bad guys. They will be resettled in new reservations. If they are lucky to survive the long march to the North, they could find themselves in Europe, definitely better than the Reservations given to the Injuns in North America.

The American Calvary are all over the Middle East to as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan, used to be in Vietnam, still in South Korea and Japan, and now emerging in the South China Sea, to do what they were good at, looking for more Injuns to kill and take away their lands.

And the rest of the stupid world stood up to welcome the Calvary and to cheer them on, without knowing that their land too will be at risk, that they too could become Injuns of their homeland. Malaysia better watch out, the Philippines will be going that way when they invite the Calvary in.

The American Calvary are the saviours of mankind and will kill the modern day ‘Injuns’ as they deemed fit. It is their right to do so, Manifest Destiny.

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Anonymous said...

The modern cavalry are so used to armoured protection that they fight thus: send others to fight for them after training; hide in all manners of vehicles and send missiles or UAVs to expend expensive high tech missiles to kill the enemies. Seldom do they fight man to man.

If they ever fight with the PLA, they will chicken out. But that is not to say they are not brave. When they fight overseas, they are less brave and less committed.They used to be called GIs or gov issues. Issues is the legal term for dependents.