The militarization of the oceans and South China Sea

Is that a problem? If the islands are claimed by the Philippines or Indonesia or Vietnam and they put troops there, would that be militarization, would that be a problem? The Philippines still have a rusty unseaworthy junk rotting away in a Chinese island that they called a warship. Was that militarization? What if the Americans claim one of the islands and put turned it into another military base, would it be militarization?

What do you think the Americans have done in Guam and Diego Garcia? Both islands are military fortresses, one to control the sea routes in the western Pacific and another to control the Indian Ocean.  Any problem with that?  Not militarization? It is ok if the Americans turned these islands into military bases, islands they seized far away from their now homeland they seized from the native Americans and turned them into military bases, and yes, for peace, for Pax Americana.

Would there be any country out there to say no to the American military presence in the Indian and Pacific Oceans? No, even India is prepared to live with the American military presence in their sphere of influence, used to be the Brits in the island of Gan. But of course India could not say no, unable to drive out the Brits or the Americans.

With the Americans setting up military bases in Japan and South Korea and the Philippines, are they militarizing the region, the East China Sea and the South China Sea? With the 7th Fleet armed to the teeth and the impending entry of the 3rd Fleet, are the Americans militarizing the South China Sea and western Pacific Ocean? There is no need to put weapons on islands to militarizing the region. The American Fleets are moving islands of war. And what is so wrong about China building military bases in their own territory, their own islands?

According to Wikipedia, these are the military facilities in Guam,

·         U.S. Naval Base Guam, U.S. Navy – Sumay

In addition to on-shore military installations, Guam, along with the rest of the Mariana Islands, is being prepared to be the westernmost military training range for the U.S. Guam is currently viewed as a key military hub that will further allow U.S. military power to be projected via sea and sky.

The U.S. military has proposed building a new aircraft carrier berth on Guam and moving 8,600 Marines, and 9,000 of their dependents, to Guam from Okinawa, Japan. Including the required construction workers, this buildup would increase Guam's population by 45%. In a February 2010 letter, the United States Environmental Protection Agency sharply criticized these plans because of a water shortfall, sewage problems and the impact on coral reefs.[27] By 2012, these plans had been cut to only have a maximum of 4,800 Marines stationed on the island, two thirds of which would be there on a rotational basis without their dependents

American military facilities in Diego Garcia

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia[edit]


B-1B Lancer bombers on Diego Garcia in November 2001 during the Afghanistan bombing campaign

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia provides Base Operating Services to tenant commands located on the island. The command's mission is "To provide logistic support to operational forces forward deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf AORs in support of national policy objectives."[124]

United States Air Force units based on Diego Garcia[edit]

China should not back down when the Americans are militarizing the South China Sea and raising tension in the region. China should respond accordingly and bring in their defensive weapons to counter the irresponsible provocations and aggressive moves of the Americans. The US is forcing China to militarise the islands in the South China Sea. The Chinese must do it. The Americans only understand the reason of might. Learn from Putin and put military hardware in the islands and ask the Americans what do they want? War?

The hypocrisies of the Americans must be pasted on their faces. They have been militarizing the seas and oceans and have been the biggest provocateurs of war. Wherever there are Americans, there will be military tension and wars.


‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

The only cuntrees who don't want the USA military in the SE Asian/ S Asian region are China, N Korea, possibly Pakistan and maybe Russia. All the other cuntrees in the area are decidedly PRO-American military, even (so-called) "neutral" Thailand.

BTW, the American are well and truly "embedded" in the region. There is very little China can do to diminish US presence, pressure and influence in the region. For e.g.: the FBI has offices all over Asia, including 2 on sovereign Chinese territory---one in Beijing and the other in Hong Kong.

America. Policeman to the world, sorry, you don't have a choice ;-)

simple said...

The big pertinent question is whether the USA contributed immensely or not to world security and a balance of power, granting that self interest is also a motivation? The answer is YES.

Can China or Russia perform this task now and be accepted globally? Not by a mile

Anonymous said...

Can we have an American Air Base in Singapore? It will boost GDP and economy will be very good. Everybody will be happy.

Anonymous said...

Americans contributing to world peace or war? Who is fighting all the wars since WW2? Who fought in Korea, in Vietnam, in the ME, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan?

Americans contributing to world peace? Use you blain please.

Anonymous said...

The yanks are going to start a war in South China in the name of FON but really for control of the Sea.

Many young Americans are going die like in Korea when they fought the poor peasant soldiers charging at them with small arms. This time China is going to unleash everything they got to match the American arsenal.

JayF said...

Nah the South China Sea is not something the PRC will bring out the big boy toys for . There will be sabre rattling and a standoff but unless a tactical nco from either side looses it China is not going to start shit. They know if US is daring them to throw down any escalation beyond busting out the ASBM is going to end in Chinese losses and the ASBM is not coming out for anything less than Taiwan.

simple said...

Do not be complacent and take peace for granted. Stability comes with a price ie. war. The world would be a less safe place if N Korea conquered S Korea and becomes a strong military and economkic ofrce, if ME terrorsts rule the world.....

USA may not be perfect and all altruistic, but what's the alternative? Who else other than USA has the means and might to be the main global peace-keeper in a sustainable manner. More trusted countries are welcome to come forward, if any.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's support role: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diego_Garcia

"From 2004 to 2009, the U.S.-flagged container ship MV Baffin Strait, often referred to as the "DGAR shuttle," delivered 250 containers every month from Singapore to Diego Garcia. The ship delivered more than 200,000 tons of cargo to the island each year." On the return trip to Singapore, it carried recyclable metals."

Am sure it's still going on.