The Great White God

To the believers, the unthinking believers, the Great White God is all goodness, fair, just, compassionate, loving, caring, a protector, the virtues of all virtues. They blindly believe so and refuse to see the real Great White God. They would not want to know the evilness of the Great White God even when all the evidence of wickedness is staring right in front of their eyes.

The Great White God is kind and loving and generous but with many conditions. You must respect and honour him, pledge to love him, obey him, prostrate in front of him, praise him and do as he pleases, and cannot believe in another God. The Great White God has decreed all other Gods as Satan and evil. Love no other God except me, the one and only Great White God.

What about the evil things done by the wicked Great White God? No, he does not do evil, he is all wholesome goodness! Remove the blinkers and see the truth, see the ugly truths and be set free from the evil Great White God. I know the silly and unthinking believers would not want to know the evil deeds of the Great White God. They just want to hear the good stuff and stuffed their ears with shit so that they would not hear the truth, the bad stuff of the Great White God.

But I must tell, to wake these shitty unthinking believers of the Evil One and thinking he is the Great White God.

Ask the Great White God how he came to live in the Promised Land, how the Promised Land is now the land of the Great White God? Were there inhabitants in the Promised Land and what happened to the inhabitants? How many were there and how many left after the butchering, under the Great White Decree to kill all the natives? How many million natives were murdered by the Great White God?

Ask the Great White God what he used to be the beasts of burden, to plough and toil the land, to water his trees, and to pluck the cotton in the cotton fields? Ask the Great White God how he amused himself with the women he called slaves, treated them as their comfort women, to entertain their guests, to make merry, only to dump them in the squatters after used, to seek solace with the beasts of burden.

Where did the beasts of burden come from? How manly millions of beasts of burden were hunted down, captured and transported to the Promised Land to toil the land for the good of the Great White God? How many died in the Great Exodus from Africa to the Promised Land of the Great White God in chains? How many died from beating, from hunger, from over exertion, from being kept tightly together in cages? Where is Kunta Kinte?

Ask the Great White God how much land they took from the Mexicans by pointing a gun at them? Ask the Great White God how they came to acquire so many islands in the Pacific Ocean? By showering the natives with love and kindness, or by grace, or by the gun and killings?

Ask the Great White God how many Pinoys they killed after getting rid of the Spanish God to occupy the Philippines?

Ask the Great White God how many Japanese were killed by the wrath of God when two A bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing young and old, male and female, no female left to be slaves?

Ask the Great White God how many Koreans and Vietnamese were killed in God’s righteous and holy war against the non believers? Ask the Great White God how many tons of Agent Orange and other chemical agents were scattered over Vietnam to fertilise the land? Heard of children of Agent Orange?

Ask the Great White God how many other Gods they murdered, killed or assassinated in the name of peace and harmony?

Ask the Great White God how many innocent Arabs, the heathens, were killed by the great flood of bombs raining from the sky by the chariots of the Great White God? Didn’t the Great White God find any Arabs virtuous enough to be spared to live in the Garden of Eden? Didn’t the Great White God want to keep the women as slaves anymore?

Collateral? What is that? Should ask Saddam Hussein and Mahmood Gaddafi or Osama? What is the difference between God Obama and Satan Osama, who killed and maimed more people?

Ask the Great White God what is he doing in the South China Sea, to bring peace on earth or to start another war? The Great White God has been fighting unceasing wars since the end of the WW2 in the name of peace and continue to kill and maim the heathen, the unthinking coloured people.

Now I want to ask the unthinking and blind believers, did they find a new truth, that the Great White God is not all kindness, love, and peace. He is just as evil as he accused Satan of.  Actually he is many many times more evil than Satan, killing more people in his wars of peace and freedom.  Remove your blinkers and seek the truth. The truth shall set you free, from the evil Great White God. His mission is to create wars and to kill and kill, the unthinking coloured people that refused to worship him. 

Do not be deceived. Do not deceived yourself and be blinded by the deceit of the Great White God.


Anonymous said...

Are we talking about the white colonialists or the white pigs ?

Anonymous said...

Without the Whites,

can Black Obama be the
President of the United States ?

Without the Whites in Stinkapore
can Stinkies live in the lapses of
Luxuries they are enjoying now ?

Anonymous said...

Without the whites stinkies will be fishing in their prahus and koleks and staying in wooden attap huts by the shore.
Africans will be hunting with spears, wearing leaves and living in the bushes.

Anonymous said...

I thot the Great White God died this year?

Anonymous said...


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Me atheist. Me don't believe in god---white, black, pink or gay or whatever.

Humans do bad things to other humans. They also do good things to each other. No need to invoke "god".

Human nature is what it is....FUN! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chief great white god dieded liao. But still got plenty other great white gods still fucking Sinkies. Sinkies still loving it.

Anonymous said...

A God is suppose to grant wishes to his worshippers.
What wishes has our Great White God grant to Singaporeans?

Dear Great White God who died recently.
Please grant my wish for an MRT system that does not break down 5 times every month.
Please grant me a hospital visit that does not infect me with Hepatitis C.

If he was so great, he will surely grant me my wish tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Americans are not perfect. They are not fit to be called "God". They are as sinful as you and me. They protect their interest

Chinese are not perfect either. Chinese killed fellow Chinese during cultural revolution. History recorded many Chinese traitors were greedy and be make used by the White against Chinese.

Let us be objective. All Humans are sinful from day 1.

Do not blame others. Look at the mirror and just reflect.

Anonymous said...

RB is soooooooo anti-USA, WHY? ?????????

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am not simply anti USA for the sake of anti USA. I am trying to show the other side of the coin to the unthinking believers so that they are not conned by the hypocrisies of the White God. The English media would only show and reinforce one side of the coin, that is the White God is always good, loving, kind and merciful. Now you are seeing the evil and wicked side. The decision is yours to choose to see the truth or continue to be deceived.

To stupidly seeing one side of the White God and refusing to see the other side and keep finding things to reinforce once stupidity is like what Jesus said, those who have eyes but not see, or have ears but not hear. Or like the Chinese saying, 走火入魔, sinking so deep in being deceived and refusing to see the truth, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the wrong and ugly truths. Or too embarrass to be told of one's ignorance and wrongful belief.

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother Chua.

Anonymous said...

Minister Masagos: Singapore’s firefighting team in Indonesia is almost a waste of time


What about PAP's attempts to fix our broken down MRT system?
Is it also a waste of time?

/// Singapore’s firefighters put out 50 hotspots in their two week stint in Indonesia but according to Minister Masagos, the area covered was “miniscule”. Minister Masagos then proposed that international assistance be standardized at an early stage so the situation could be nipped in the bud at the early stage: ///

But our MRT system.
Singaporeans already kpkb for more than 10 years already.
Why you never nip the problems in the bud at the early stage?