The Americans complicit in crimes against the Chinese people

The hideous crimes of the barbaric Unit 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army have been carefully documented an displayed in a museum in Harbin despite the pain caused to the Chinese people of such vile inhuman acts befitting of animals and not human beings. The Japanese Unit 731 as reported by The New York Times, headed by Dr Shiro Ishii, ‘bred plague microbes, then deliberately infected thousands of men, women and children. It conducted vivisection, frostbite and air pressure experiments, transfused prisoners with horse blood, and studied the effect of weapons on the body among many things.’

What was the Americans role that made them complicit to such unspeakable crimes against humanity? While the German criminals of biological warfare were prosecuted for war crimes by the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal, the Japanese criminals were let off under a private arrangement between Japan and the USA that benefitted the Americans with all the records and research material of biological warfare conducted by Unit 731 against the Chinese people.

Such dastardly act of the Americans, to take possession of wicked and cruel records of biological warfare and experiments and in return to free the criminals from war crimes is as good as the Americans condoning the crimes of the Japanese and complicit to their crimes.

The world and the Americans are told today by The New York Times of this American hypocrisy against humankind in general and the Chinese people in particular. What have the American people got to say of their forefathers’ insidious acts while going around the world claiming that they are the protector and champion of human rights and humanity?

Are the Americans ashamed of their forefathers for being a part of such crimes? Maybe not. It is in the American blood, in American history that they also spread and infected the native Red Indians of infectious diseases to wipe them off the prairies of North America.  There is nothing new about such crimes. It is very American. They did it in the Korean and Vietnam War, spraying biological and chemical agents in Korea and Vietnam.

The New York Times must be pricked by their conscience to publish this piece of news today which they knew long ago. And the revelation did not really make the Americans nauseated for the part they were involved.

Japan’s war atrocities committed by the Unit 731 would go unnoticed and the Americans uninterested in them. They are allies against China today.


Elephant said...

The Communist Party probably killed more Chinese than the Japanese in their entire 66 years of rule! History is full of shit and neither the American Empire or the Peaceful rise of China are anything to be proud of!

‘We have a very daring and skilful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general.’
The words were Winston Churchill’s and the great general he was referring to was Erwin Rommel.

So far, neither President Obama nor Chairman Xi are great statesmen. They leave the world stage in 8 and 10 years respectively. Can they leave a better world for the rest of us? Small countries like us just have to live along with the Sharks or Killer WHales!

Anonymous said...

It was not just insidious deed,

it was vicious and unpardonable.

Rest assured that the Perpetrators

shall be punished.

Anonymous said...

Elephant will be extinct in 3 to
5 decades as it lacks mind though has a giant head.