Singapore in 2015 World Universities Rankings Fraud … AGAIN!

WHY Do We Continue to Risk Our Brand of Honesty, Trust-worthiness, Reliability, Integrity, Probity and Incorruptibility?

Have we no shame?  No sense of decency?
Is this the way to Honour our Late Founding Mentor LKY?
Is this the manner to celebrate 50 years of Authenticity and Integrity?

Are we so Unthinkingly STUPID and DESPERATE to allow those who tweaked their “Criteria” to elevate us on their False pedestal of dubious Excellence that we should therefore wear their Shameful Badge of Bogus Acclaim?

In the 2015 ranking by London-based education consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), the National University of Singapore (NUS) took the 12th spot this year, up from 22nd last year, and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was placed 13th, up from 39th last year. 

Wow, indeed! NUS and NTU have leapt incredibly into the top 13 of the annual World University Rankings, partly due to a change in how research citation is evaluated. 

Hold it, people … ! An Eminent Professor has once called the QS Rankings “a Fraud on the public.” Another Eminent Professor said: “QS simply doesn’t do as good a job as the other rankers that are using multiple indicators”. 

“University world rankings are pointless”, said University College London’s President, “because there is no definition of the ‘ideal’ university.

Under vigorous academic evaluation, the QS Ranking Methodology failed to withstand penetrative scientific scrutiny. In essence, World Universities Rankings contain serious fundamental conceptual and methodological flaws to render Word Universities Rankings practically useless, irrelevant and immaterial for any serious educational policy purpose. 

An European Union Research Centre concluded that the Rankings was not statistically robust in numerous aspects and highly unreliable for inter-University comparisons.  Their different Ranking Methodologies are also fragile in their ranking approaches and often inconsistent in its treatment of objective data and subjective variables extracted from surveys. 

In fact some survey results used in QS study were strangely re-cycled for 3 years for unknown reasons and in accordance with no associated research methods. 

IT IS OUR RIGHT AS SINGAPOREANS TO DEMAND ANSWERS AS TO WHY, in 2015, OUR UNIVERSITIES ARE STILL Participating in Bogus Ranking Standards of Dubious Excellence?

In fact, the United Nations Education agency, UNESCO, has challenged the validity and reliability of University Rankings:

“Global university rankings fail to capture either the meaning or diverse qualities of a university or the characteristics of universities in a way that values and respects their educational and social purposes, missions and goals. At present, these rankings are of dubious value, are underpinned by questionable social science, arbitrarily privilege particular indicators, and use shallow proxies as correlates of quality.”

UNESCO’s found it “difficult to argue that the benefits offered by the information they provide, given the lack of transparency that we have observed, are greater than the ‘unwanted consequences of rankings’. For there is a danger that time invested by universities in collecting and using data and statistics in order to improve their performance in the rankings may detract from efforts to progress in other areas such as teaching and learning or community involvement”.

Singapore universities should never have participated in the “Global Universities Rankings” Frauds.  Singapore’s presence in the Global Universities Rankings invariably lends our hard-earned Reputation for Authenticity and Honesty to mask their lack of credibility, validity and reliability. OUR Universities MUST be held to the same high standards of integrity and authenticity as the rest of the Nation. 

And “Yes”; even Nunzio Quacquarelli who is the Founder of QS has publicly urged that Governments should Ignore QS Rankings precisely because they were never intended for strategic education policy use. 

Our new Ministers for Education should launch an investigation into NUS/NTU’s continuing annual participation in the ongoing Fraud. 

We must continue to uphold the honest Truth before the World and ourselves, not because of laws and penalties but because this is WHO WE ARE.  Our High Standards of integrity and honesty reflects the Society we want to live in, and the values we uphold and hold ourselves to embrace.



Anonymous said...

I think we have the best MRT system in the world.
I think Singapore is the hub of everything in the world.

Anonymous said...

"Our new Ministers for Education should launch an investigation into NUS/NTU’s continuing annual participation in the ongoing Fraud."

Please lah, if it is really fraud, our well paid and talented ministers should know lah. No need MIKOspace to tell them.

And if our ministers know it is fraud and yet still want NUS/NTU to participate in the ranking, then of course they must have seen something good about it that MIKOspace, not being of minister calibre, cannot see lah.

agongkia said...

Low ranking mean fraud.Cannot swim mean underwear too big......
Luckily one know how to carry LP else I wonder how these Ah Tai survive. Simply too egoistic to admit lose.

Anonymous said...

We know what degree mills are. Are we paying university ranking mills to put us up there as top universities?

Anonymous said...

Cannot swim means genitals caught by seaweeds.

Anyway, everything is to me, nothing but fraudulant in essence. In politics, in sports, in banking, in insurance, in ranking bodies, inside world bodies overseeing others like the UN, FIFA, Olympics, cycling, FI etc, are all infested by fraudulent characters, who are there drinking from the same trough, and are elected or appointed to cover each other's arse.