Race and religion – A rude reminder

Do not take racial and religious harmony for granted. Hsien Loong spoke about it again yesterday. Race and religion will always be divisive and will always be sensitive fault lines in our country. We have walked pass the days of racial riots in the 60s but the troubling consequences of those days would never be forgotten and would never go away. Our superficial racial and religious harmony will crack at the slightest provocation, even if unintentionally misquoting or commenting on an event. These problems will plague us for the next 100 years or forever. No, they will never go away. There are deep emotions and sensitivities involved. Do not believe in the superficiality of cordiality and smiling faces. These are the real hard truths we have to live with in a multi racial and multi religious society where bigots are bound to exist.

The govt knows and understands these problems, or at least the senior members who lived through it. Not sure whether the bright eye little ones can feel the same way. Look at the number of foreigners of all stripes and colours being brought in in great numbers and over a short time told of a different story. For economic numbers, they are willing to play with fire. They are prepared to look elsewhere and thinking or hoping that they have brought in angels to live with us. Or they are simply ignorant, perhaps pure stupidity.

The Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees surging across the borders in Europe are heart wrenching sights. Many Europeans could not bear to see the sufferings and are opening their hearts to them, to invite them into their countries and into their lives. In the name of humankind and human kindness, they are welcoming and embracing the refugees even knowing that they are very different in race and religion and culture. May God bless them for their kindness to the refugees and that the refugees will reciprocate their kindness in the future.

We are also very kind to the foreigners we brought in and are still crazily bringing in knowing the fault lines of race and religion that would never go away. I am not sure our decisions are based on economic reasons or wisdom. There is no point to be emotional and to choke up when reflecting on the painful past. We will have to live with the decisions we made and are making today, to bring in more and more foreigners, of all races and religions. It is a conscious choice, unlike Europe when a bad situation came knocking at their doors. May God also bless us for our kindness and the generosity to the foreigners we invited to live with us. One thing for sure, no one will be kind and forgiving to stupidity when we will have to pay for them one day. We know it is dangerous and difficult, but with eyes wide shut, we went into it like there is no other choice.

We decisively, intentionally and purposefully asked for it.


Anonymous said...

"I am not sure our decisions are based on economic reasons or wisdom."

Our decisions are based on choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

Without bringing in foreigners, just like if the "not ready" WP become govt, the Sinkieland economy will for sure liao lah (finished).

Bringing in lots of foreigners, just like voting for PAP, although it can turn out to be dangerous and difficult for the future, but this is not a sure thing, so it is still the lesser of 2 evils lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP govt make choices based on the lesser of 2 evils.

Just as 70% Sinkies voted PAP, not that PAP is really good, but rather as the lesser of 2 evils. They prefer Hsien Loong to be PM rather than WP Teochew Ah Hia, or worse, Aung Juan Soon Chee.

Anonymous said...

Tiok lah, tiok lah.

Everything must be blamed on the WP. If bringing in the foreigners causes racial problems, that must also be blamed on the WP. If not bringing in the foreigners causes the economy to 'liao lah' that must also be blamed on the WP. Tiok boh?

Anonymous said...

Be Careful In Bringing In Instant Citizens "NOT-TOO-FAST-TOO-MANY"!

1. They must not affect the peaceful integrated equation of the current
major races and religions we have in Singapore.

2. Beware of the new social ills.

So, be very very careful!


Anonymous said...

Beware of the new social ills.
Anon 10:17 a.m.

The new social ills due to instant citizens "TOO-FAST-TOO-MANY", evil it may be, is still the lesser of 2 evils, as compared to Sinkie fertility rate below replacement and Sinkies no enough for GDP growth.

Hence PAP choose the lesser of 2 evils as their policy, and this is strongly supported by 70% Sinkies who also consider and hence choose PAP as the "least evil" of all the political parties.

Anonymous said...

The govt did not bring in foreigners just to meet replacement rate. Look at the rate the population is growing.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.50am pls note.......

How to account for married couples (instant citizens) very often bringing
along their father, mother, father-in-law and mother-in-law?

That will be......2 "young" and 4 "old"!

So how to "replace", you tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

// We know it is dangerous and difficult, but with eyes wide shut, we went into it like there is no other choice. //

Some prostitutes also went into the vice trade same way.

Just like some people called themselves the best but went into other vices, some more using the whole country's future to wager on it to make more ( dirty and filthy amount of ) money NOW!

Rb, heard about the " religion of the super rich and powderful"?

"The Gospel of $€£¥₩$" .......?

According to this "religion", the fault lines are literally the cracks that old ladies are falling through and collecting card boards for exercise. And more cracks are created everytime when some ( cynical ) people immediately jacked up fees paid by the some of poorest and needy in society right after GE 2015.

How to trust such people when they are so blatant?

Can YEW trust them?


Whenever such people talk, whether about anything, even the NEWATER filtration system CANNOT purify the words that come out of their mouths clean enough to warrant "entering" the airspace outside the eardrums.

It's WORST than shit pour into one's ears ......

Even if YEW are standing right in front of such people, nothing they say can be allowed to go beyond the eardrums cos they are just what they are ...... "PURE CONCENTRATED TOXICS" .......

Any small dose is ENOUGH to kong cum the mind .....

Anonymous said...

Now you know why agongkia is getting more khongcum everyday? Drank too much newater.

Anonymous said...

Is it true?

Singapore's one true God is called Lee Kuan Yew ?
Singapore's official state religion is called Lee-galism ?
The Bible is called "Hard Truths" ?
The Pope or church leader is called Lee Hsien Loong ?
The Ho-Lee Church is called PAP ?
The Divine punishment is Sue until broke or jail without trial?
The Ho-Lee congregation is all the Millionaires in Singapore ?

It sounds so false and ridiculous, it cannot possibly be true ... right?

b said...

Thats why people must have dual citizenships - can run to another coountry if the host country cannot make it. The gov should encourage that. LKY also has dual citizenship and that is why he dare to do so much because there is always a plan b.

Anonymous said...

A Plan B is vital in any and everything.
However, 70% voted against one on Sept 11.

These voters are also ok with keeping the
population young and vital thru a 2
young, 4 old formula. None so blind as
those with $ signs in their eyes.

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