Putin is the best thing to happen in the Middle East

Putin is the man that the evil American Empire must face up with. His decision in eastern Europe has put a stop to American aggression and encroachment into Russian sphere of influence. What is more important is Putin’s decision to send in his military forces into Syria. The presence of the Russian troops, ships and aircraft is to tell the Americans that the Russians will not go away and the Americans cannot go on taking down Arab leaders one by one in their so called ‘regime change’.  The Russians would not allow that and the Arab leaders now have a backer and need not fear the Americans anymore.

Putin is the best thing to happen in the Middle East and to the Arabs that have been bullied and murdered by the Americans since the end of WW2.  Putin must put in more troops into other Arab states. He is now more than welcome than the evil Empire. If the Arab leaders are confident that Putin will  stand up to the Americans, they would stand up and be united to take on the Americans instead of waiting to be killed and raided by the Americans.

There is hope for the Arab countries. Putin is the man, their hope for independence and free from American aggression, free from being bombed and killed by the Americans is getting brighter. The evil Empire would now have to overcome Putin if it wants to doing regime change and control the Arab countries and their oil.


TracyTan said...

Dear Redbean,

The Americans are indeed manipulating the leaders in the Middle East. We need a counter to the evil Americans. Yes, Putin is the best counter now

Anonymous said...

Yes, Putin is the best counter to the Americans.

But Singaporeans still do not have a good counter to PAP.
Our best counter is still not ready to be government.
And 70% of Singaporeans do not want to change government.

So redbean can blog until he is blue in the face.
And PAP will still be government.

Anonymous said...

Putin has the hero look and he looks like 007 actor in the bond movie

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, welcome to the blog.

Without Putin, Assad would have been murdered and cut to pieces by now. The Arab countries need to get together to dispel this evil Empire from killing their people and pulling all the strings like the Arabs were puppets on a string.

The American people must stop the butchers in Washington and the Pentagon from going around the world to start more wars and to kill more people.

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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

What has escaped many people, including journalists, is that Putin has probably had the most experience fighting and killing Islamic terrorists, for e.g. in Chechen. He is no fan of Islamic culture--he's openly condemned Sharia law and "tolerance" for Islamic influence in Russian culture...which is already substantial since Islam has been in Russia for over 2000 years.

Plus who knows? Putin's "long game" might be to get some sort of control or "deal" with the Middle Eastern oil, which would enhance Russia's role as a global energy player...big time, becomes even more big time. Plus he can get cosy with the oligarchs, who no doubt will appreciate "favours" from Putin, introducing them to "new opportunities" in the energy space.

TracyTan said...

Thank you, Anonymous for the welcome. Look at the carnage the Americans have done in the Middle East. Look at what the Americans have done to Saddam and Gaddafi. All these American atrocities must cease. Thank goodness that Putin is standing up against the Americans

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous @09.05,

I believe the pap will face the consequences of its wrong doings at the right time. The pap can avoid that

TracyTan said...

Typo error in my previous posting..I meant the pap cant avoid the consequences of its wrong doings

TracyTan said...

Dear Matilah,

Putin's entry into the Syrian conflict adds a major headache to the Americans. The Russians have warned the Americans not to fly in conflict to Russian flight operations. This is an interesting turn of events and let's see how the Americans react to the Russian warning. Will the Americans give in to the Russian demand and let the Russian Air Force have Air Supremacy in Syria?

So far it looks like the Americans have not dared launch flights in Syria when the Russians are flying.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ a little knowledge is dangerous, Tracy Tan:

>> Look at the carnage the Americans have done in the Middle East. Look at what the Americans have done to Saddam and Gaddafi. <<

Ah, a one-sided view, always the preferred option for sensible discussion ;-) You need to bone up on the Middle East narrative, or you'll continue to look like a dumb asshole.

Look at what the Arabs do to each other--Sunni vs Sh'ite. Look at how Saddam and Gaddafi treated their own people; at how Saddam slaughtered Kurds and Iranians with chemical weapons.

>> All these American atrocities must cease. <<

Why? They're good at it ;-)

>> Thank goodness that Putin is standing up against the Americans <<

No he's not. He's trying his own style to combat terrorists in the region. Many terrorists are THOUSANDS of Russian nationals. Putin is going to have a shit-load of worry when these idiots return home to Russia. Because he is a military man and Obama a lawyer being "advised" by the military, Putin knows that he needs to address a threat NOW, so he's been busy on a "quan xi" mission with the Arabs, as well as beating the shit of of Islamic terrorists and killing as many of them as he can.

Anonymous said...

The Americans taking so long to fight the ISIS is just like the PAP.
Like the Americans, PAP likes to wayang and say it is so difficult to manage Singapore.
And how Singapore will die without the PAP.

All Singaporeans need is a Putin (a good Opposition Party like WP), and the problems we have will be solved in one year ... maybe less.
That's only because we have been brain-washed to accept PAP's story that "we have no room for error" and the other usual PAP fairy tales.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ Tracy Tan:

You are (mistakenly) trying to imply that Putin's entry into the ISIL conflict is directed at being anti-American. I would say, that is incorrect.

I will agree, it LOOKS like that, but it's not. The Yanks still hold the cards in the Middle East. But they're pulling back---as you would if you are WISE and in the dominant position.

Anonymous said...

"Putin is the best thing to happen in the Middle East and to the Arabs that have been bullied and murdered by the Americans since the end of WW2."

But why the Americans want and dare to bully and murder the Arabs since the end of WW2? Why they dare not bully North Korea? Is it because North Korea got intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach USA? Or got backing from China?

So RB, u may be right. With backing from Putin, the Americans will not dare to bully the Arabs, in particular President Assad of Syria, and not that Assad is a good Arab anyway, anymore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Tracy,
Welcome to the blog. Just ignore those big ego people who think they know a lot. They are mere jokers of the highest order of conceit.

Putin has no choice but to come in or Assad would be gone and Russia would have no more foothold or influence in the region with Saddam and Gaddafi murdered by the Americans. This is Putin and Russia's last beach head and they would not give up without a fight. By putting his tanks and aircraft and soldiers there, Putin is telling the Americans to get lost.

Assad is safe and so is Syria. The Americans would not dare take on the Russians.

October 17, 2015 1:49 p.m.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ half-rate writer and journalist, RB:

WOW! So wonderful of you old fella to be handing out "advice" to new cummers in your blog.

Anyway, you forget the Asad-Russian relations go back decades. The Assad-Washington relationship also goes back long time, despite the odd "diplomatic incident" now and then.

Being the self-centered asshole you are redbean, you have very little observational knowledge of relationships---i.e. how they rise and fall, intensify and de-intensify over time, and in time.

The USA were indicisive over Syria..."Should we back Assad or the rebels?" OK, lets tekan Assad a bit, supply the rebels with a few weapons....see what happens...duh..this is what happens when ACADEMICS try to fight wars.

Also: Fucking hell lah, this is a CIVIL WAR...not so "easy" to pick a side. It is the same people vs their own people.

Putin OTOH was very DECISIVE. Putin: "Shit! So many thousands of Russians fighting for ISIL! One day they'll come back to Russia and make a big mess! Fuck that shit, I'm good buddies with Assad, I help him, and tell the Americans to stay out of my way!"

100 point for Putin making a decision and acting swiftly.
Obama? Time to go back to Harvard and become a professor again.
Hillary? Soon you'll be President, and you'll have a chance to kick Putin in the balls ;-)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Redbean meets Mr Bean

Just the right size for a profile pic :-)

TracyTan said...

Dear Matilah @1.32,

My view is one-sided to you? Only your view is balanced? What audacity!

If you wish, we can have a thorough discussion on American's involvement in the Middle East.

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@1.35pm,

You said: "All Singaporeans need is a Putin (a good Opposition Party like WP), and the problems we have will be solved in one year ... maybe less."

I fully agree with you.

Just as CNN paints the Americans as the Mid East saviours, the MSM paints the PAP as Singapore's saviour. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The Americans are looting the middle East. Likewise, the pap is looting Singapore.

TracyTan said...

Dear Matilah @1.36pm,

I disagree with your views on Russia's and America's roles in the Middle East now.

American used to have unchallenged pre4sence in middle east until recently when Putin decides to intervene. This intervention has seen the Americans drawing back. The saga continues to evolve and interests the world. The Middle East will continue to be a burdensome stone

TracyTan said...

Dear Redbean @1.49,

Thank you for the welcome.

I agree that Putin's intervention has saved Assad and has changed the political and military landscapes in the Middle East.

If Putin had not intervene, Assad would have been a dodo bird.

I am looking forward to how the Americans will respond to Putin's intervention. So far, the Americans have not dared face the Russian Air Force

TracyTan said...

Dear Matilah,

Political ties are never permanent. Don't count on past ties and past glories.

America is a poor shadow of its past glories

Anonymous said...

Islam in Russia for 2000 years ?

Islam is about 1600 year old.

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous @3:00,

Great job for spotting Matilah's mistake. Perhaps Matilah didn't know that Islam originated with Prophet Mohamad

TracyTan said...

Russia has launched hundreds of air strikes in Syria in the last few days. America has been conspicuously quiet during the Russian strikes. Is this a clear show of America's weakness?

Is Russia going to propose some kind of coalition govt in Syria?

Russia is leading the reconciliation process in Syria. Wither the USA!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American's primary interest is to create instability and war all over the world so that they can come in and intervene. They create fear, raise tensions and forced or conned the countries in the regime to seek their presence. In the Middle East they played the stupid Arab leaders one after another, one against the other, so that they will always be there to whack whoever they wished and to keep the Arabs constantly at war, to control their economy and rob their oil.

In East Asia they would continue to provoke the North Koreans, to incite the North to react and then tell the South Koreans and Japanese that the Americans must put troops in their countries to counter the North Korean threats.

Now in South China Sea they put up the Chinese as a threat and they would come in as the big gangster to sort out the Chinese. The silly Asean countries could not see further than their nose and think China is the real threat and invited the wolf into their homes. Of course you got stupid Pinoys who wanted to compete with China for uninhabited islands and would do anything to bring in the Americans, even becoming a semi American colony.

The Americans would continue to create trouble to make themselves indispensable. The Latin Americans saw through the American deceit and banned the North Americans from their continent. Africa is in a way doing the same except those in the north that had already been destroyed by the Americans and their countries and economies totally in tatters.

Let's see how the silly Asean countries get in or out of the American trap.

The South Koreans are smart enough not to be provoked many times by false flag incidents to kill the North Koreans and get themselves killed in the process.

Ok, Asean smart asses, the ball is in your court now.

TracyTan said...

Dear Redbean@5:34,

Yes, I agree with you that USA is creating and causing wars all over the world. This is their strategy to destabilise the areas and also to sell their weapons.

SG is silly to be sucked into USA's evil strategy. Singaporeans will suffer because of pap's silliness to be on the side of evil

JayF said...

What is that sound?

Oh it is all those dead mujahadeen the Saudis Israel and the Yanks armed to fuck with the Russians when they were the Soviet Union and far stronger

JayF said...

Funny how the last major power to invade and trade blows with an Asean member was the PRC rather than the USA.

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF @6:35pm,

ASEAN is controlled by the USA. ASEAN has no backbone to stand up for what's right

JayF said...

The same Asean with a Chinese puppet Hun Sen as PM and Myanmmar who is only just recently showing they are not North Korea ala tropics?

Anonymous said...

Guess which Asean state would suffer a regime change?
Guess which dictator in Asean will be bumped off like Saddam and Gaddafi?

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF@9:51,

Sad to say that many ASEAN leaders are corrupt. Hun Sen is no exception. ASEAN is a bad neighbourhood, unlike NATO which generally has good governments and intelligent electorates.

When a leader is corrupt he looks after his interests first. Such a leader is vulnerable and has to align himself with a godfather to ensure that he survives. Many ASEAN leaders have aligned themselves to a superpower, whether it is USA or China.

Najib is gravitating towards USA and is hoping that by aligning himself to USA, he can last a little longer.

Do you think SG is really neutral and is able to speak freely without fear or favour? Or do you agree that LHL is beholden and is a puppet of the USA? Do you think SG, under the power is scheming together with USA, Australia, S Korea and Japan?

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@11.19,

No ASEAN leader has Saddam's clout or Gaddafi's control over their citizens. Do you agree that Philippines, SG, Malaysia. Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam appear to be pawns of the USA? These countries act like political prostitutes serving USA interests. They don't realise that USA's star is dimming on the international scene whereas China is glowing. When the political landscape changes and USA is no more the only superpower, these prostitutes will suffer the consequences of their evil deeds.

Anonymous said...

Najib is thinking and behaving like Saddam or another Arab tin pot leader and thinking that the USA would save his ass. He is so naive and blind, like many Asean leaders, to think that siding with the Americans is a safe thing to do.

Maybe he will join Saddam and Gaddafi one day in the underworld to cry together when he is no more useful to the Americans and a regime change arranged for him.

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@8:52,

I agree with your views on Najib and on corrupt leaders who think they can get away with their bad deeds.

I believe that a person reaps what he sows and no alliance can save him from ultimate judgement.

A person must have the right conscience to live righteously

JayF said...

Dear Tracy

I don't know if you've realised it, but just as many people have predicted that coming collapse of the PRC as people like you have predicted the USA's being eclipsed by a rival power. The Soviets did it, the Japs did it. For all their bluster, the PRC is undergoing a very delicate transition right now. They've seen the coming end of their export based economy and are trying very hard to make the switch to a consumption based economy ala the West.

The problem of course is that their middle class is feeling vulnerable. That recent market adjustment isn't a real dent in the PRC economy, but it did send feelings of fear and unrest among their wage earners. The recent devaluing of the yuan means the much needed transition is going to be delayed while Xi struggles to purge the Party of his rivals. China is rapidly approaching an aging population of their own, where young workers who have no siblings and little extended family support struggle to pay for their parents. And China still has close to a billion citizens living below $200 USD a month!

China might undergo a lost decade of their own. For a country with so much inbuilt instabilities that is the PRC, China's so called rising star could very well become a shooting star.

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF@1:29,

You made very insightful and analytical comments. I am impressed.

PRC is expanding very fast. Many predicted that the economic bubble will burst for China. I can see that USA is creating problems to slow down China by using its pawns. These include Japan, S Korea, ASEAN in the SC Sea conflict and demonstrations in HK.

Let's see whether China will be affected by USA's sabotage.

It is interesting to see where SG will stand shd there be a China, USA conflict

JayF said...

If push comes to shove within the next 25 years SG will be with the US. The US Pac Com has more naval and aerial assests than all of the PLA navy combined and that is discounting ROK and the JMSDF

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF@2:38,

Yes, USA has much more military muscles than PRC. But it wont be just a China vs USA conflict. USA is in decline and is not as supreme as it was in the 1980s. Any future war between USA and China will include friends and proxies like Russia, N Korea, Japan, S Korea, NATO, etc. So it can be messy and can inflict huge damage on all sides.

USA, under Obama, has shown a lack of resolve to exert itself and even smaller countries like Syria has slapped USA by crossing Obama's stated redline and got away with it.

I doubt USA will want to go into a conflict with China and risk Russia coming in.

As the situation in Syria shows now, USA has obediently stayed on the ground and allow Russia free reign over Syrian skies

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF@2:38,

The way I look at it, several possibilities for SG in the next 50years are:

1. Remain independent
2. Rejoin Malaysia
3. Join Indonesia
4. Join Australia
5. Be a PRC colony
6. Be the 52nd USA statue