Oh poor Britain!

‘Some people say spending large sums for luxurious trips is ok for politicians. Others argue that officials have to be modest. But £100,000 for a trip is a way too much… Even for a head of the British government.

A fresh release by the Cabinet Office shows what a pretty penny cost the UK’s taxpayers overseas trips of the Prime Minister David Cameron in the period from July 2014 to March 2015.

For example, a trip to Brussels to attend European Council meetings cost £500 on average. Trips as far as to other continents, like to US or Australia, were charged a bit over £10,000.

But look at the figures, which go under description “To pay condolences following death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz”. The Prime Minister used a charter airline and his 1-day stay is valued at £101,792.’

The above was posted in Sputniknews. It is so sad to know that the once world super power with an Empire where the sun never set is how living like a pauper. The expenses of a few hundred or thousand pounds for the Prime Minister are now a big issue. Come off it, what is 500 pounds or 10,000 pounds? Our ministers earn that in a couple of hours. One night in a nightclub in Orchard Road or Clark Quay for a Singapore would be many times that.

And what is 100,000 pounds for a 1 day stay in Arabia to pay condolence to the King of a past colony? You mean the Great Britain cannot afford that? Mine, how the world has changed. Come to Sin City and see how we spend money. But of course we are different. We are rich, your former colony is rich. We have money falling out of our pockets.

Britain must be regretting for letting this jewel slipped out of their control. If they are still in charge, what is 100,000 pounds?I would recommend the Brits replaced their ministers with the super talents from Singapore. Then Britain would be better run, be rich like hell, oops, I mean like Sin City, and their ministers can be paid in millions of pounds. And for all you know, the PM of Britain would then say, ‘No need govt subsidies, I pay for my trips from my pocket.’


Anonymous said...

Right, what is 100,000 pounds when the Arabs can donate a few thousand times that amount. It is just small change. The Brits should ask Najib how to go about it. Never mind for the former master to learn from the former serf.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The UK has the most billionaires per head. London itself, a whopping 72! And let's face it, why not? England is a fantastic place to rock out, London---even in those famous English economic recessions/ depressions---is one of the world's foremost hip and happening cities. It is an absolute shit-hole to be poor in, but if you are reasonably well-off, fuck me, London is AWESOME!

However, the Great British STATE, and the English govt in particular, need to watch their expenses, as they are close to being worse-than-broke; i.e. at a level they have to borrow and print to "keep things going", I think George Soros might be getting the same idea he had when he bet against the pound-sterling more than 20 years ago. (History repeating? No Shit!)

When most of the TOTAL wealth in cuntry is held by private individuals (tax-sheltered offshore, of course), you know you'll have a smokin' good time. Wild parties. The filthiest sex. Any of the myriad delightful vices you can imagine, and those you'd never thought existed. Freedom. Not "total", but more than enough...at least for the moment ;-)

The State should always be "poorer" than its citizens. In that way, the govt is always BEHOLDEN to the people. Thus the govt which has little money and behaves like a "poor state" gets my thumbs up.

Next time PM Cameron needs to travel, let him take an Über, and a budget airline, ok lah, give him the upgrades.

Kani nah, every cent the govt spends comes from the taxpayer. Why should politicians be encouraged to spend and then "justify" later? Fucking hell, in many Swiss cantons, the govt can't even put in a parking meter without getting approval from the canton's tax-paying "citizens". This is how it is when The People completely control The Government.

And if the government should complain, just say to them: The govt. get the people they deserve!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. Link:

Super-rich London becomes billionaire capital of the world