NEA takes great pains to explain why not to give hourly PSI

The mounting pressure on NEA to provide hourly or live PSI so that people can use them to make life choices decision have led to the Agency coming up with a long grandmother story on why they are not going to accede to the people’s request. The explanations are all in the media yesterday. I just dunno want to laugh or want to cry or want to use the four letter word.

Ok, the NEA has valid reasons not to want to tell the people the current truth. They said the information is complex and people could not understand what they meant like water vapour and dust particles. They forgot to say that the pollutants in the haze could also have poisonous gases in it if there are foul intentions. Nevermind, the accepted practices by those agencies and institutions and academics and professionals are to rely on averages of 24 hours, 3 hours or whatever but not on hourly or live indices. So?

Should I suggest that the NEA provide whatever appropriate data to the agencies and organizations that needed those data professionally and provide the people, the masses, the data that they want? The data, 24 hr or 3 hr, make sense to those professionals but no sense to the masses and the public. The 24 hr data or even 3 hr data are totally useless to people on ground zero but important to the analysts and academics and institutions that need to study and record them and to write fanciful reports for the records. What would someone that wants to play football or bring the children to the park want those data for?

The public are not dumb asses and did not know the limitations of live data and the complexity of the air and the haze. All they want is a guide, to go out or not to go out. Is it therefore too much to ask the NEA to give the people the live data to act as a guide? What is the fear? Is there any life threatening issue if the NEA is to broadcast live data of the haze? Is it so difficult to produce the data? Hey, no need to collate or do complex computations, just the raw data. And if needed the NEA can add in all the backside covering clauses to say they are not responsible for anyone acting on those data and got into trouble.

Why provide data that the people did not want and not to provide data that the people want? Khaw Boon Wan should talk some sense into these PGO nuts.  Oops, we got a new minister in charge. Would he be able to see the farce and tell the NEA to give the data the people want? Or is it the similar to employment data, we only tell you what we think is good for you to know, give data on locals and not to show how many are Singaporeans and how many are PRs? Does the providing of live or hourly PSI data have the same secrecy considerations?

What do you think?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

No need for hour to hour reports of PSI levels lah. Kani nah, must explain some more to the motherfucking dumb science-challenged population.

Cheebye brains lah, most Singaporeans! (Die off soon, please. Replace with better "specimens" from overseas) 👏👌👍

Anonymous said...

You are tired of your mother's smelly cockle so come want people to tekan you.

agongkia said...

Chia Par Buay?
Chia Par Khar Eng har?
Providing hourly data for what purposes.
Its like 放屁脱裤子。
No need waste time and money on such provision as it does not serve any purpose.
Only boliau PG are interested in such hourly PSI for the purpose of buying 4D or Toto I think.
Give our Minister a break.Extra additional unnecessary task mean extra salary needed oso mean I may be poorer for such unnecessary task.
Go enjoy your quarterly payout and not ask for the unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Dear PAP Minister.
There is a river I want you to walk across.
On AVERAGE, the river is only four feet deep.
Although some parts are 30 feet deep and other parts are only two feet deep.

But the AVERAGE is guaranteed four feet deep.
Do you think it is safe for you to cross the river?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ same-o, same-o, no creativity, no originality, boring, I'll bet your kids are dumb too 146:

>> You are tired of your mother's smelly cockle so come want people to tekan you.<<

Wow! Same shit, different day. No wonder the cuntry needs to replace boring old farts like you who are bereft of any ideas.

BTW, whtf is a "smelly cockle"? Why don't you just MAN UP and use the proper words, for e.g.: chow cheeby, rotten cunt, puki.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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