‘Move you Asian *****’

Briton Joshua Powell Koke, 24, a pilot with Jetstar, was fined $5000 for punching a 18 year old student, Didier Oswaldo Molina. The incident happened in the wee hours of the morning at Raffles Place Building. Koke had finished a quarter bottle of Vodka at 1 Altitdue Bar. The victim and his friends, several ladies in high heels, were blocking the path of Koke in the stairway.

The group moved slowly as the girls were wearing heels and Koke shouted, ‘move you Asian *****’ and that started a verbal dispute between the two groups. Koke than punched and hit the student.

ST reoorted that ‘DPP Yong did not press for a jail term but noted Kpke had consumed alcohol and was physically and verbally aggressive towards the victim.’

It is right that such valuable foreign talent must not be ill treated even if they misbehaved and are fond to spout ‘Asian *****’. Not sure what that ‘*****’ meant but must be complimentary. He is unlikely to be sacked though his lawyer said ‘Koke has suffered mental distress as the case could mean termination by his airline’.  Let’s be kind to these talents. Spouting words like ‘Asian *****’ is second nature and nothing to it. Asians, especially the ‘*****’ are used to it and love to be seen in their company.

We must not be too harsh to them or they would not come here to grow our economy. For the sake of growth, let’s welcome them and integrate more with them.

Case closed.


Anonymous said...

For the sake of growth, let’s welcome them and integrate more with them.

But Jetstar is an Australian company lah. So what growth are you talking about? It's not like this pilot Koke is working for SIA or SilkAir, u know.

Anonymous said...

When they are here, they contribute to our economy, they eat, drink, sleep, take taxis and spend on many things. GDP will increase.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Amos Yee should have called LKY an " Asian ***** " ??
- then maybe Amos Yee would not have ended up in jail ?
- instead Amos Yee went overboard and called LKY a "horrible man".

Can we call PAP MPs a bunch of " Asian ***** " at the next General Elections?

Anonymous said...

Hepatitis C at the SGH.
Can you " Asian ***** " at the MOH please hurry up and solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

MRT Breakdown again.
Can you " Asian ***** " at the Ministry of Transport please hurry up and solve the problem.

agongkia said...

Jialat lah.Jetstar pilot as young as 24 and alcoholic some more. Got to think twice flying cheap.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Please lah, many Asians like to walk abreast slowly, talking cock without giving one shit that other people are also on the move and thus don't have their lives to waste "lengang lengang".

This definitely qualifies them for the epithet of Asian *****, I'll fill in the ***** for all you ASIAN cry-babies: cunts, assholes, (or arseholes, if one is to be more British or Aussie) motherfuckers, niggers, dickheads.

Asians are also big cry-babies who put far too much importance on their "feeeeeeelllliiinnnggs" ("Feelings, nothing more than feelings"....very popular karoke song, grown men are known to cry singing this song). So if you call an Asian a "nasty name", you can rest assured they will lose their shit. This can be very comical. 😂😂 Almost want to make you do it on purpose, just for shits and giggles 👻💣

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ misreported?

>> Joshua Powell Koke, 24, a pilot with Jetstar <<

I think he's with Air Asia. Unless he's changed employers since the photo.

The report in the ST did not mention the airline by name.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr. RB, dont play play with us Brits. At one time we are numpar one as Lords of the Empire that never sleeps you farking squint eyes chin chin chinchslok squaw legged Asians.

We have our convicts bros and sisters more terror than your Chinatown or Lorong Tai Seng tiger and dragon tattoos gangsters in Australia.

There, we loved to call the chin chin chinchalok yellow or other colored skins farking Asians like Matilah to provoke and abused them.

They just simply smiled. Sheepishly but can be very bold in your RB blog to let go his frustration as kena humiliated by by us.

Every where we go, we turn the towns Red with blood. But not in Thailand as the bloody Thais are like sakais. They chopped you to hundred pieces and feed to the crocodiles. Their brethren in uniforms simply closed their eyes.

Sama Sama in Matland. If you bullied the wrong kind like brown. You are a dead man but ok if its yellow or black.

We loved Sin Ka pore. The sickies or oops sinkies are really good punching bags.

We even jump into F1 pit and stroll like a king. We whacked your cabbies.

Your excellent government of which your daft 70% had given them s new mandate to screw you lot simply just fined and kissed us.

We are the saviours to help create jobs for you hopeless no back bones deserved to be whacked called daft by your masters.

Good die.

b said...

Good and bad people everywhere irregardless whether white, yellow, brown or black.

Anonymous said...

Live and let live. Singapore needs FT to boost economy so every now and again you get incidents like this. RB, please be kinder to FTs because unless FTs come to Singapore, your GDP will not exceed 3%. Be linder OK?

Anonymous said...

" ... please be kinder to FTs because unless FTs come to Singapore, your GDP will not exceed 3%. Be linder OK? '
October 13, 2015 5:20 p.m.

This one must be a member of the Prostitutes' Action Party.

Anonymous said...

That Matilah ***** is defending his adopted kind. And as usual, cursing his mother, sisters and daughters.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has such a colonial mindset, and from the election's result, a slave mentality. Makes one despair. In other countries East or West, Koke would have been fired. Especially since he works in the service industry, such behavior should not be tolerated by his employer even if it is tolerated by Sinkie apologists. Intoxicated or not. I am so glad there are more PRCs flooding in, maybe the mainlanders can teach us a thing or two about having a backbone.

Anonymous said...

This is your captain speaking. All you Asian *****, get back to your seats fasten your seatbelts. This is an order, *****.

Anonymous said...

The Asian ***** and apologists should apologise to Koke, or is it pronounce as cock, for the inconvenience caused to him and spoilt his day in this lovely city that welcomes him with legs wide wide.

Anonymous said...

Singapore authorities should compensate foreign talent Briton Joshua Powell Koke for his humiliation and stress in being prosecuted. I hope the learned Judge apologises to him on our behalf.