Missing Veritas

Veritas have been missing in this blog for a while. So I visited his blog, http://veritas-lux.blogspot.sg, to see what he has been doing. And as usual, he posted a very strong opinionated piece based on PISA 2012 report on ‘How Malaysia compares with its neighbours’ on the educational standards of students in Mathematics, Reading and Science.

I must say that his post would make many people very upset. But that is Veritas, holding nothing back and inviting controversies and challenges to what he thinks and says. He is definitely more controversial, hundreds of times more controversial than Redbean.

If Veritas were to put his comments here in this blog, it will blow the top of many readers.  Am I glad he keeps his strong views in his blog.

Incidentally Veritas is getting a lot of attention from those who don’t agree with him.


agongkia said...

I miss him/her too.Was worry on his/her appearance.
Glad that RB show concern on his readers where about.

agongkia said...

I mean me too was worry on his/her dissappearance.

agongkia said...
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Veritas said...

I am back. I am really very busy recently for recent years. Plus, PAP sort of become milder and no so much excitment in bashing PAP here.

Anonymous said...

/// I must say that his post would make many people very upset. But that is Veritas, holding nothing back and inviting controversies and challenges to what he thinks and says. ///

Do you think what I say below is true?

Which is better?
Veritas with his strong and controversial opinions.
Our bunch of nodding PAP parrots (I mean MPs) nodding their heads in agreement to everything their PAP Minister (who carried them into parliament on the GRC ticket) say?

Who will make Singaporeans think better and harder?
Veritas or nodding parrots in parliament?

Veritas said...

What is important is the truth but not politically correct statement. The truth is Sunni Islam in the most current form is xxxxxx, judging by the fact that 99% of Muslims even in Singapore hate Jews.

Also PAP and all other government use "sensitive" to prevent us to provide constructive criticism towards Sunni and that make them worse.

Also in Malaysia appalling 62% of Sunni is thinking about murdering someone once this person no longer believe in Mohamad.

Basically Sunni modus operandi is "moderate" Sunni want extremist to kill you. And when you say Muslim is violent, these "moderate" Sunni Muslims are going to accuse you racist and say 99.99 Muslims good 0.01% bad, so Sunni is the most peaceful religion in the whole world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome back Veritas.

The other one that is still missing and not back is Darkness. Can't find him in the dark: )

agongkia said...

I am not concern about those who impose condition to be here lah.The one that you should be concern is that so call WingChun master Wally Buffay ,
Maybe Cpf kena kena stuck with Lijiang meimei till finger no strength to hit keyboard.
And that Virgo.Hopefully happily enjoying his quarterly payout at gotong raya , else his angmo neighbor story will never end.

The said...

The BBC article titled “Asia tops biggest global school rankings” is rather meaningless as Asia is so huge and diverse that it doesn’t mean anything. Malaysia and Indonesia are also in Asia, but they are nowhere near the top of PISA rankings. If you look at the Top 5 in the ranking, you would notice that they are mainly from East Asia. However, Singapore is not in East Asia. I have therefore coined the term “chopsticks wielding” countries. If you look at the high IQ countries and similar rankings, you would notice that the top-ranked are the usual suspects – Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, and China.

Not sure if it due to the dexterity with using chopsticks, or due to the written Han Chinese characters, since the Korean (Hanja/Hanzi) and Japanese (Kanji) languages are also based on the Chinese scripts. Perhaps the Chinese words, similar to hieroglyphs and pictograms, are conducive to improve memory and spatial reasoning. Whatever the cause, there is a high correlation between these chopstick countries and high performance. Or, maybe there are too many tiger mothers in these countries.


Anonymous said...

Having high IQ and the ability to think are two different things. I find that high IQ chopstick people can only regurgitate information but unable to interpret information. So they ended up being mindfully manipulated by the westerners to parrot like westerners. What is good to the westerners must be good. When the westerners told them eat shit is good, they will also go and eat shit.

Unknown said...

Yes, you are right of course. High IQ and book smart may not translate into street smart. And good PISA score may be due to tiger mums! No need westerners to tell them eat shit - their own governments are screwing them!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have this wonderful trait. They like to be screwed, by the government and by the foreigners and would ask for more.