Make this the last haze with more haste

Many years back the Indonesians said they needed a satellite to help them spot the hot spots to fight haze. Of course no one was willing to buy them a satellite even if they could afford it. It was nonsensical. In the last few days the Indonesians have been wavering from wanting our help to send our aircraft to help them fight the haze to not necessary, too little to make a difference.

Yesterday they said they are willing to accept our offer of help or anyone willing to help. And what they need are bigger planes that can carry more water to douse the fire. Sounds logical, big fire needs big planes and more water.

Have they forgotten what Siti Nurbaya Bakar said, that they should tackle the haze problem from the source and prevention. Prevent the fire from starting and no one needs to go around lugging pots of water to douse the fire. Is this too difficult to understand? Oops, they may request to install CCTVs in every corner of the jungle to track down fire starters. Now how many million CCTVs would be needed on paper?

Can anyone teach them on a more efficient, effective and less costly way to prevent the fire from starting?

The momentum to take actions against fire starters has taken a first baby step. The ban and boycott of products and related products from such companies must remain in place until the next haze season and only be lifted when haze is not reappearing.  Please do not lift it next month when the sky is clear, no haze already, so no more problems. And this campaign must be expanded not only to cover more companies. Taking just APP alone is definitely not enough, it must also extend to other affected countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and perhaps the Philippines. The ban can only be effective if there is a concerted effort to stop this menace and not just talk, talk and talk.

The haze can be stopped if serious enforcement measures are taken to prevent the fire from being lighted or to be killed at the early stages of the fire. After this haze season, all the fires will be out, and no haze, when the wet season arrives. The situation should be kept that way and close monitoring, early warning and detection system must be in place to keep a look out for fire starters in the next season.

The haze can be stopped next year, not another 3 years if there is a political will to stop it. The different countries can assist the Indonesian govt in law enforcement with equipment and financial resources to beef up the forest rangers and law enforcement officers. The satellites are there and it is only a matter of getting a dedicated team or ministry to work on it. It is all about prevention, not fighting fires.

Let there be no outbreak of fire or putting them out at earliest possible. And make the firestarters pay. Keep the ban in place on all the culprits, not just one company, until next year. The haze is not caused by just one company.


Anonymous said...

"Make this the last haze with more haste"


I think it is easier and with more haste to make the Sinkie opposition strong and ready to be govt by 2020 than to make this the last haze with more haste.

Anonymous said...

No! No! No! It Is Not Easy! Not Easy! Not Easy!

It is not easy to solve the burning and haze problems there.

The burning and haze problems have been going on for many years.

Many many "people" and many many "layers" may be involved!

Can the current political will and strength enough to put a permanent
stop to burning and haze problems?

The key word here is.......PERMANNT stop!

We shall see.


Virgo49 said...

Kong lai kong kee see LUI ah!

Got pay extortion monies- no fires

No pay- smell my forest fires

agongkia said...

The only one who do not understand the whole picture are the dafts here including one lau uncle blogger like the You Know Who.
Lazy to make them understand or repeat as it is just 對牛彈琴。How much one understand forest and nature.Many here even born staying in pigeon holes.
Haze is good.I have gave up smoking easily because of haze.Less cases of dengue because if haze...Less foreigners coming here to compete with my living space because of haze....
Think of the benefits it bring us instead of kpkb like a kid.
Stop having entitlement mentality like you own the earth.Our neighbour are just being polite, humble and accommodating and dun think they need help badly.
Head getting bigger but got brain or not.Or brain masuk ayer.
Have faith with President Joko and its people.
Soft approach is the only way to reduce such haze but cannot guarantee it will not happen again.

agongkia said...

You Huan Siong liao.
How come you talk like that.Blinded by quarterly payout see bo?

agongkia said...
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agongkia said...
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jjgg said...

Wah..our Govt really showing its fangs n claws..no more Paseo products on shelves..Singaporeans reverting to newspaper to clean their shit..btw..which company does our shitty times buy their newsprint from ah..looks like tissue aunties will be a multi million $ industry...hehe

Anonymous said...

70% voted for PAP.
Singaporeans are getting the haze we deserve.

LKY live until over 90 years old.
We paid him millions in salary during his life time.
Did LKY solve the haze problem?
You really think the son can do better than the father?

Anonymous said...

Why are we risking Singaporean lives to make clean air for our Aliens in Singapore?
If Aliens want clean air, they should go back home.

Anonymous said...

Indoes should continue burning more bigger forests. Fuck the Sinkies lah. Just a fucking red small snort to be flung out the window.

Anyway PAPies only know how to punish their own people (APP is sinkie company). PAPies don't dare to touch the other 4 Indonesian companies which have been revealed.

PAPies also cannot do fuck to touch the other 100s of Indo companies that are still being kept secret & protected by the Indo govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As I said before, this is not against the Indon govt. We are on the same side with the Indon govt. The Indon govt got to take care of the health of millions of Indonesians as well.

It is against companies doing the burning. Once the issue is misdirected into Singapore versus Indonesia, then nothing works.

Difficult to 對牛彈琴.

Huan siong or khongcum, no difference.

Anonymous said...

"It is against companies doing the burning."
RB 12:01 p.m.

Tiok. Just like against the PAP for being the ruling party. Can win or not?