Leadership style – Hsien Loong versus LKY

The no nonsense style of LKY is well known by the pioneer generation and those who had worked with him or during his watch. No mistake was tolerated and any major mistake would mean heads would roll. There was little room for kindness and tolerance. When a major mistake was committed, out you go. In a way it worked. Everything was tip top, efficient and everything was expected to work with the push of a button. We were the best in many things, we were clean and green, a model city to be admired and emulated.

We are still good in many things, but some are showing signs of crumbling. The multiple train breakdowns would see heads rolling, but not under Hsien Loong’s watch. Everyone still got paid just as much and happily going about their work as if everything is normal, the breakdown is normal, just work on it to get it better.

The latest hepatitis C breakout when innocent lives were lost is the same. And Hsien Loong said, the important thing is to find out what happened and make sure that it would not happen again and do better the next time. Would there be heads rolling, no, don’t bet on it. This is the new style and new ethos. Work hard and do your best, we understand you are doing your best. No need to worry that you will lose your job if some big mistake is committed. It’s ok, make sure it does not happen again.

Working under this new leadership style of Hsien Loong must be easier and less stressful. The boss understood and would be kinder, would not carry a big stick. The contrasting style is obvious. Would the new leadership style lead to a more efficient Singapore? For sure, it would be a more pleasant work environment, more people oriented and not necessary less task oriented.
Make a mistake, admit your mistake, say sorry, apologize and explain. Then move on.


Anonymous said...

"Working under this new leadership style of Hsien Loong must be easier and less stressful."

Tiok. So if I were lucky to be Hsien Loong, I will make my leadership style even more easier and less stressful for those at the top, and even more pay and bonuses even if they cockup.

And best of all, 70% are OK with it, so what's the issue, u tell me lah?

So just wait for my coming pay increase announcement for ministers and top civil servants, OK?

Anonymous said...

"High-Salary-High-Cost-Sub-Standard" Model

With our "High-Salary-High-Cost-High-Standard" model, it is fair
for the masses to expect ERROR-free efficient services from our
govt organisations.

Whether the "High-Salary-High-Cost-High-Standard" model be replaced
by the "High-Salary-High-Cost-Sub-Standard" model and become the
NEW NORMAL will very much depends on the leadership going forward.

Is this the start of SG100?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Lee Kuan Yew's leadership style is over-rated?
Do you think Singaporeans would have achieved so much more with David Marshall as Prime Minister?

Lee Kuan Yew spent the last 20 years of his leadership allegedly "mentoring" a new leadrship team to take over from him and his Old Guard.

We are now seeing the fruits of LKY's labour .... LHL's leadership and government.

May God have mercy on Singaporeans ... at least the 30% of us.
The rest of the 70% deserve what they get ... including Hepatitis C.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We had LKY's brash and abrasive style and Chok Tong's more caring style.
Hsien Loong is still developing his style and this will be clearer in this new term without anyone watching him over his back.

LKY is gone and Chok Tong too is as good as gone and Hsien Loong is no more the apprentice. The new style will evolve over time.

Anonymous said...

" ... Hsien Loong is no more the apprentice. The new style will evolve over time."
October 12, 2015 12:16 p.m.

Old wine in a new bottle.
Like father, like son.
Until LHL organizes a book burning ceremony of LKY's "Hard Truths", .... nothing much has changed.

AIM and AHPETC ... anything got change meh?

Anonymous said...

So what then is SMRT?
A Temasek Brand or a PAP Brand ?

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a Singapore Brand.

Andrew Toh said...

Sorry man, the guy has to lead first before he can have a leadership style! Sure he manages some things but lead? He is a hollow shell of a PM.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Andrew, welcome to the blog.
It is very tough to measure him against his father.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Singapore needs a benevolent dictator. Or else the Asian ***** of Singapore will play fuck leading to the end of a great Hotel.

LHL has not yet "made his bones" by utterly DESTROYING the lives of his political opponents. LKY had many notches in his bow: Chia Thye Poh, Tan Wah Piau, JBJ, Said Zahari, Lim Hock Siew...they lost time and money or their home and their freedom (all cannot reclaim...gone forever)....not for committing any CRIME, but simply for going up against LKY (silly move).

LHL is too soft, too much of a "nice guy". Unlike his knuckle-dusting and hatchet-wielding dad.