Khaw Boon Wan got another job waiting for him

Khaw Boon Wan must thank his colleagues for providing all the opportunities to make him look so good, by digging holes for him to fill and to be carried around like the hero that is there at the right time to save a bad situation. The housing problems in Singapore were so classic that it must be the best case study of how a govt can turn a good situation into the biggest flop in public housing. And it did not need a genius to turn it around. Surprisingly no other ministers was confident or smart enough to see the opportunity to turn it around, and for this credit must go to Boon Wan to seize the moment, to make it right.

Now with the Transport Ministry facing a crisis with all the super talented ministers failing one after another, it would be foolhardy for any minister to volunteer for this job.  Boon Wan ended with this unenviable task to right a very difficult task. This one I must admit would test his mettle in working out a sustainable long term solution.

Should Boon Wan come up on top in the Transport Ministry, he has another job waiting for him urgently. He would be badly needed in the Health Ministry this time to stop the rot. An outbreak of hepatitis C and causing so many death is just unbelievable and unacceptable in Singapore. This kind of thing is quite normal in 3rd World countries when basic hygiene, equipment, facilities and well trained medical staff are lacking. How could it happen in our everything world class, everything so expensive hospital? Are we that much different from the 3rd World village medical standard?

And as expected, we have no talents to deal with such a bad situation and the MOH is calling for foreign experts to find out why and to provide the solutions. I would like to suggest the academia and professional bodies to decorate our local talents with more beautiful titles, strings of them, to add glory and colour to their credentials so that they will be invited to sit on such expert boards to solve our problems. They may also be invited to solve problems of other countries as experts. Give them more and better titles as specialists, experts, emeritus or whatsoever, to walk around and be noticed.

Boon Wan better get his job in the Transport Ministry done quickly as he is badly needed, urgently needed in the Health Ministry. This is a job waiting for him, the master problem solver, the minister with all the answers when other ministers are found wanting.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, Boon Wan or no Boon Wan, what's the issue? Come election time, majority (aka 70%) will still vote for PAP, tio bo? Bo tio meh?

Anonymous said...

If not Khaw Boon Wan, then who? Chee Soon Juan?

Anonymous said...


Yes! As I had said before......KBW is the man!

Yes! KBW is the BEST BEST BEST of PAP.

Yes! KBW is PM material......no problem is too big for KBW.

Yes! KBW.....nothing nothing in this tiny city state can trouble KBW.

Yes! KBW can in fact...... "one-leg-kick" or "一脚踢"!

Yes! KBW is the man! KBW! KBW! KBW!

Yes! KBW can oso be the concurrent Minister Of Health (Special Projects)
to restore the lost healthcare image of Singapore after the Hep C saga.

Yes! Reward KBW the new car registration series SKW1A.


Anonymous said...

KBW don't give a shit of what military rank Desmond Kuek was holding therefore he can get things done the way he wanted because he is the "boss". Liu is also a military man, he has to give "face" to Kuek (rank higher than him). This may be the reason he resigned because he cannot get things done the way he wanted.

Anonymous said...

He previously screwed up at the Health Ministry with his reluctance to build more hospitals, and you want him back there? He wants to send you and your parents to Johor, and you still want him to look after you when you retarded, oops, retire?

Anonymous said...

I think PM Lee's government needs a Coordinating Minister for "Commissions of Inquiry".
- we seem to need a lot of these types of COIs over the last 10 years

Since the majority of the residents in Singapore are from 3rd world countries
(counting the foreign workers and maids and PMETs)
- it is only logical to classify Singapore as a 3rd World country
- we should apply to the United Nations for foreign aid

Anonymous said...

There were two massive cases of Hepatitis C outbreaks in USA
- it seems both cases involve Alien doctors from 3rd world countries
- Can happen in Singapore or not ah?

Fremont, Nebraska Outbreak

Las Vegas Outbreak


/// ... reuse of syringes, using single-dose bottles of anesthesia on multiple patients and in some cases failing to clean equipment thoroughly between patients at the clinics. ///

/// Results of genetic testing allowed the health district's epidemiology team to positively identify the two individuals as the source cases among clusters of patients who underwent procedures on the same dates. Samples were tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ///

Anonymous said...

Do we need a Coordinating Minister to help coordinate the Coordinating Ministers?
- oh. sorry.
- the Prime Minister is suppose to coordinate the Coordinating Ministers.

Then what are the Deputy Ministers for ah?

Anonymous said...

Is this KBW related to a Khaw Kah Boh. I believe he was

the Director of Special Branch in Lim Yew Hock timw.

Any Pioneer Generation here who can remember. I think

he was from Penang too.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if those that died and affected by the Hepatitis C due to complacency and negligence of the Healthcare Staff can sue the Hospital for compensations.

Anonymous said...

That KBW was another FT in the early days spoke tonnes for his versatiltiy.

Anonymous said...

/// .. Germany's untouchable until recently Iron Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing of a "national disaster" at home, where politicians across the spectrum increasingly demand shuttering the borders as Germany expects up to one million migrants this year, or else hinting it will be Merkel's scalp. ///

Germany already kpkb even before 1 million refugees target is met.
What about tiny Singapore?

Are we bigger and better than Germany?
Can we take more that 5 million ... Alien maids, foreign workers, PMETs, PRs and new citizens?

Is our train system broken?
Is our hospital system broken?
Is PAP's ability to manage broken?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to Germany's kpkb over 1 million refugees.


Anonymous said...

Sweden: From Crippling Poverty to Unheralded Prosperity Through Laissez-Faire Capitalism
Some 250 years ago, the area we recognize now as “Sweden” was a frozen tundra inhabited by a huddled mass of starving peasants.
Their lives were tightly controlled by a series of kings, aristocrats, and other men of artificially high esteem.

As award-winning author, Johan Norberg points out in this excellent piece on Sweden, it took a series of classically-liberal minded revolutionaries to wrestle control from the elites and put Sweden on a path to prosperity.

What about Singapore?
When will 70% vote Opposition to wrestle control from the PAP elites and aristocrats;
- and put Singaporeans on a path of prosperity?

Anonymous said...

Singapore got no problems with foreigners lah. We have the most brilliant leaders in charge and they will know how to assimilate and integrate them with Singaporeans. And one strange thing, any foreigner coming here will become good and will not give problem to Singapore or Singaporeans.

I think drinking Newater must be the reason. This Newater can make every foreigner to be like Singaporeans, to like and love Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Where is sexy babe Tracy Tan today?

Anonymous said...

ya, where is Tracy?

Anonymous said...

Health minister?!?! KBW already did that job before -- he's not interested in re-doing that job now.

Anyway he was the fucker who corporatized all the govt hospitals --- turn them from civil service stat boards into bastardised semi-private organisations where the emphasis is on cost recovery & maximise profits from A-class & B1-class patients, as well as promoting health tourism to rich Indoes, Burmese, Peenoys, Cheenas, Ahnehs.

Under that fucker, the total number of C-class & B2-class beds in Singapore shrank by 20%, declaring that Sinkies prefer to pay more for higher class service.

He was also the fucker to start mass recruitment of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, radiologists, etc from 3rd world countries. Do you know that now, every 3 months MOH together with 2-3 general hospitals will fly over to 3rd world countries like Philippines, China, Burma, India to recruit healthcare workers --- nurses, doctors, allied health people.

It has come to the point where angmoh physiotherapists from Oz & UK are fighting to be selected to work in our general hospitals, as their salaries are much higher than back in Oz or UK. Don't believe you go into the rehab or orthopaedic wards in SGH, CGH, TTSH, KTPH, NUH, NTFH. You'll see plenty of angmoh PTs/OTs walking about.

And don't forget KBW was also the fucker who started going into means testing to see whether & how much subsidy you qualify when you go into hospital.

Anonymous said...

I bet you the mother fucking miracle worker will increase our MRT prices once he has "fixed" our MRT train system.
- when I go to hell, I will definitely look for his mother and fuck her upside down on behalf of all Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

What an irony !

A pious Buddhist getting
himself swear at and cursed
alive and into his ancestors.

What the hell is wealth and
fame(infamy to be exact) for ?

Please do not give his heart
and family problem and worry
though he deserves much of the

Anonymous said...


Virgo49 said...

Also he implemented the turn-tilte vistors visiting system where two vistors are allowed each time.

Like a detention camp

Old folks wanted to see families together as a get well therapy.

Send them to their graves fast like detention wards.

Poor sinkies treated like criminals and yet voted them to screw them wholeheartly.