Jokowi to put out fires in two weeks

JAKARTA: Indonesian President Joko Widodo said authorities target to put out forest fires burning in parts of the country in two weeks, with the help of other countries.’ Channel News Asia

Indonesia has found the solution to the fire burning across Sumatra and Kalimantan. The answers will come from 6 countries in the form of big and bigger aircraft that can carry more water to douse the flame. With these aircraft, Jokowi is confident that Indonesia would be able to end the fire in two weeks.

Actually there is no need for such aircraft and fire fighting equipment. The raining season is coming, and the fire will go off by itself just like a bout of flu. But Indonesia is so impressed by the big planes and their capabilities that they are planning to acquire some of them to fight the next fire in the next haze season. And if the planes proved effective, they would probably buy more to continue to fight the fire annually till eternity.

Would it not be cheaper to think of ways and plans to prevent the fire starters from starting the fire? If the fire fighters can be stopped, there is no need for more expensive planes and logistics to fight fires. The present inventory of planes and fire fighting equipment would be more than adequate if there is no fire or only a few fires that could and should be killed in the early stages. Prevention is better than cure.

By the start of the raining season, there will be no more fire. The Indonesian govt only needs to ensure that no one starts the fire in the next season. There could be bush fires started naturally by the heat of the day. I am sure the planners would be able to come up with ways to prevent these fires from starting. The fleet of fire fighting equipment could be deployed to throw water in vulnerable areas even when there is no fire to prevent fire from starting. Oops, apologies for suggesting this weird way of pouring water when there is no fire.

Would it be better, be more cost effective to set up a fire prevention force than a fire fighting force? For a start they can set up a review committee or a BOI. If they did not know how to set up these committees, ask Singapore, we are the experts in setting up BOIs and review committees. We have such committees after every fiasco that occurred in our little island. We just have one for the hepatitis C outbreak. We have had committees for the Little India Riot, the Mt Kinabalu earthquake too. We can even lend them the experienced officers who have sat in such committees as advisors.

What do you think? Chicken and egg problem?


agongkia said...

A little haze once a while is good.
At least it helps smokers like me to stop smoking till today.Think of other benefits that I mentioned before. .
Go think of future safety and security measures than to think of prevention.

Anonymous said...

"Would it not be cheaper to think of ways and plans to prevent the fire starters from starting the fire?"

Tiok, it would be cheaper, if Hsien Loong, instead of Joko Widodo, were President of Indonesia. Just like it would be cheaper to have foreign talent PMETs, and Hsien Loong did just that. But no no for cheaper minister salaries, though. The more expensive the minister salaries, the better will be the calibre of the ministers.

Anonymous said...

Hepatitis C cases soar with Maine heroin epidemic

While no-cost screenings are available, the state lacks treatment options, especially for low-income addicts.


How about free Hepatitis C screening for all Singaporeans and Aliens.
(Just like in Maine, USA)

Identify the infected.
Isolate the infected.
Control and manage the infected.

And I am not even a PAP Millionaire Minister.
And only took me 5 minutes to sketch out a solution roadmap.
No need months like Gan Kim Yong.

What do you think?

At the very least I am better than those $16,000/month PAP MPs nodding in silent agreement to everything the PAP Minister say.
Tio bo?

Anonymous said...


In the small farming community of Fremont, Nebraska, townspeople eagerly welcomed an acclaimed doctor as the first full-time oncologist at their new cancer treatment center—but the fanfare soon turned into a nightmare.

During chemotherapy treatments, 857 patients who were already waging the fights of their lives against cancer, were inexplicably exposed to the deadly, blood-borne hepatitis C virus.
At least ninety-nine of them contracted the lethal illness.

The horror was unprecedented—this was the largest healthcare-transmitted outbreak of hepatitis C in American history.

A Never Event—a term used to describe a preventable medical tragedy—is a searing story of recklessness, deception and betrayal.
It’s part mystery, part courtroom drama.

Written by a survivor of the tragedy and an attorney who represented many of the victims, A Never Event is a wake-up call to medical and legal communities nationwide.


Anonymous said...

Hepatitis Cases May Be Linked To Reuse of Needles at Clinic


"Dr. Safranek said the episode came to light when a local doctor noticed that several patients had a rare strain of hepatitis C, genotype 3A. All turned out had been treated at the Fremont clinic.

Those contacted for testing were seen at the clinic from March 1, 2000, to Dec. 31, 2001.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said Dr. Javed left for Pakistan several months ago citing a family emergency and had not returned. "

Anonymous said...

Nebraska: Doctor Denies Blame in Hepatitis C Outbreak
- From CDC National Prevention Information Network
- September 9, 2003


Dr. Tahir Javed, who is accused of using unsanitary practices that caused the hepatitis C infections of 99 patients at his Nebraska cancer clinic has denied any wrongdoing.

The patients, who were receiving treatment at Javed's Fremont Cancer Clinic, contracted hepatitis C between March 2000 and December 2001.
One of the infected patients has died.

Nebraska filed a petition against Javed in July that could result in the loss of his medical license.
More than 80 lawsuits have been filed against the doctor.
Although the state was not made aware of problems at the clinic until September 2002, two months after Javed left the country, area doctors had warned Javed for months that something was amiss, the state's petition contends.

Javed, who is now Punjab health minister in northeastern Pakistan, told Pakistan's Daily Times newspaper that the allegations are part of anti-Muslim propaganda in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States.

"There is currently an anti-Muslim campaign in America that is also targeting educated Muslims," he told the paper.
But attorney James Allen Davis, who represents about 20 lawsuit plaintiffs, said concerns about Javed were raised more than two years before the attacks.

Anonymous said...

Jokowi to put out fires in two weeks.
Really ah.
He got big balls to commit to a timeline.

What about PAP?
Can they put out all the MRT and Hepatitis C fires in two weeks?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hepatitis C outbreak will not happen here. This time is a once in 50 year event. It will never happen again for the next 50 years.