Johore threatening to secede from Malaysia

The comments by the Johore royalty of the possibility of Johore seceding from Malaysia have hit the news again. The Crown Prince has said it again, indicating that the frustration over the mess created by the Federal Govt and the politics of  racial unrest have upset the royal family in Johore. Several news agencies have the same report below:
“I am going to be the future Sultan of this state and my main responsibility goes towards the people of Johor. Malaysia is important to me, but Johor and JDT will always come first.
He also explained that Johor only agreed to be a part of the Federation of Malaysia provided “several basic terms” were fulfilled and added, “And if any one of those terms are breached, we have every right to secede from this country.”
Expressing his strong sense of duty to the people of Johor first and foremost, he said, “You can accuse me of instigating state-based sentiments, but to me, I’m merely doing my duty to the people of Johor, and reminding them of the history and heritage behind this great land.”
He also said it was important that everyone was aware that the current political and economic maelstrom in the country was not of the Johor royalty’s doing.
“People deserve to know, that the mess we have in the country right now, should in no way be associated to the Johor royal family. Over the years, we’ve always been strong and independent as well as resourceful.”….
Talk of secession first surfaced in June when the crown prince’s brother, Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim, posted a reminder to Putrajaya over Instagram that the Johor government had joined the Federation of Malaysia on the conditions Islam be declared the religion of the state; that the state have absolute right over water and land issues; and that the state royal house has its own armed forces….

He said that over the decades and centuries, the people of Johor were encouraged to be united and committed to a cause.
"So politicians may instigate racist sentiments, but the people of Johor will always be racially united and that very unity will go on to become the backbone of this football club," said Tunku Ismail. See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/johor-always-first-says-crown-prince#sthash.Dd5HiHtt.dpuf

The frustration by the royalty family with Federal policies that in many ways could scuttle the State’s development plans must be a big sore point given the mammoth development projects in Johore and the risk of them being killed prematurely. Johore is in a rapid phase of economic development, probably the fastest pace among all the Malaysian states and huge funds are involved. Failure for these projects to take off is something the Johore royalties will not swallow without a good fight, and secession is a last option that may be considered if the big plans are put to risk.
With a small city state like Singapore, 1/100 the size of Johore, succeeding in going alone, big states like Johore, Sarawak and Sabah, with huge natural resources, land and people and good leaderships, cannot do worse and breaking off to found new states is a very attractive option. Singapore and many smaller countries in the world have proven that small states can carve out a living and be sustainable as small economies. Bigger states like Johore would have lesser problems with sustainability issues. Johore is self sufficient in everything and an independent Johore, Sarawak or Sabah and as new members in Asean would be a natural outcome. Brunei is doing exceptionally well too in Asean as an independent state.
The fear of the politicians in KL turning Malaysia upside down and burning is very real. The cries for independence and statehood to the more progressive and dynamic leaders who could be founders of new nation states and to be able to chart the destinies of their people and country in their chosen path, to be in full control, must be a very attractive and sexy inspiration. Why would they want to let foolish politicians to destroy their plans for their states and people?
If the politicians in KL do not get their acts together and continue to run down Malaysia, the secession dream could become a reality. The Johore royalties are no longer the little village sultans but sophisticated and worldly statesmen with clear vision of what is good for their people and state. They would not tolerate imbecile politicians to ruin their plans and statehood.

The prophecy of the 6 prime ministers of Malaysia in the name ‘Rahman’ is coming to an end with Najib as the last PM. After him, there is no mention of another PM. What would it be for Malaysia, who would it be as the next PM, or would it be a case of no more PMs?


TracyTan said...

Secession is a serious matter for Johore and Johoreans. Is it just a royal rhetoric by the Prince? Secession is not only for the Johore Royal family to decide. It affects the whole of Malaysia and Johore in particular

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Malaysia was culled together by the British to become a new country with great promises for all its inhabitants. Today it is increasingly turning dysfunctional in the hands of imbeciles and corrupt leaders. Johore is not the only one thinking of seceding, Sabah and Sarawak and several other states are also thinking of breaking away.

The corruption in the federal govt is no joking matter. The bigger states are not smaller than Singapore or Brunei and have everything in them to be independent states and chart their own destinies. Why work so hard for the corrupt and be bullied by the corrupt?

TracyTan said...

Dear Redbean@8:45,

I agree with about the mismanagement in Malaysia. The country has so much potential but is sadly misgoverned by corrupt leaders. Is secession the best and only answer? Breaking up of a country has its bad effects. Is there a better solution to save the country from its corrupt leaders?

Will SG one day be plagued with such problems too?

Anonymous said...

The corruption in the federal govt is no joking matter.

Even if this is very true and hence no joking matter, it is still the lesser of 2 evils for Sinkieland as compared to Johor seceding from Malaysia.

After all, what makes you think Johor being independent will be a good thing for Sinkieland, anymore than the Sinkie opposition becoming govt will be better for Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

When will Aljunied-Hougang threaten to secede from Singapore?
When will opposition be ready to win a General Elections?
When will Tan Cheng Bock win the Presidential Elections?
When will Singaporeans stop voting PAP?

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:12,

Whether the opposition is better than the PAP is something none of us knows now. But I know that the pap is bad for Singaporeans.

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:22,

The answer to your question is blowing in the wind

Anonymous said...

Shiok M'sia going to have civil war soon. Our GLCs like ST Engineering, ST Kinetics, Singtel, Sembawang Corp, etc better ramp up production lines 24/7 to sell weapons systems to the Mats. Every 3 months PAP can give out war dividends (ang baos) to Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

When will Singaporeans stop voting PAP?
Anon 9:22 a.m.

When WP Teochew Ah Hia announce that WP will contest 100% seats in a GE and he is also ready to become PM.

Of course that's another way of telling you that it is near impossible, or even impossible, for that to happen.

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:31,

SG should not try to profit from Malaysia's misery.

Isnt it better for SG that Malaysia is peaceful and prospering?

Isnt it true that when the neighbouring countries prosper, we prosper too?

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:32,

Our next step is to reduce the number of PAP MPs in Parliament and reduce the percentage of PAP votes at the next GE

Anonymous said...

@ Tracy Tan

Can somebody please tell Chee Soon Juan and Tan Jee Say
- the policy papers in their websites may be good
- but policy papers do not win elections

Please focus on making house calls.
- if Singaporeans won't even talk to you in a house call, they certainly won't vote for you or read your policy papers

And please tell Goh Meng Seng, Roy Ngerng and HHH
- public rallies in Hong Lim Park will not work either

What works?
- whatever Workers' Party is doing
- learn from them

The said...

Let's have Straits Settlement v2.0

Anonymous said...

Never has so few, been paid so much, for doing so little.
- Do you think this is true of the PAP government?

Where is the proof?
How about redbean writes a series of articles called "Failures of the PAP government"
- Singapore's fertility rate - FAIL
- Singapore's productivity - FAIL
- Singapore's train system - FAIL

Anonymous said...

Have not RB written enough?

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:48,

Good suggestions!

I can see your heart if for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Let us continue to do our best for Singapore and Singaporeans

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@11:38,

You said: "Never has so few, been paid so much, for doing so little.'

I agree with you fully. LHL has resorted to hv two Ministers in the Education and Trade Portfolios. The PAP Ministers are underworked and overpaid.

The PAP has also resorted to increase the number of Office Holders without much work. the PAP is perhaps the most inefficient ruling political party in the world. So many Ministers, Ministers of State, Mayors, parliamentary Secretaries in a 700sq km country.

The increased in Office Holders is not to do work but to reward obedient MPs

Anonymous said...

More Failures Of The PAP Government
Cooperation with Indonesia to stop the multi-decade haze problem - FAIL

A thriving private tuition industry indicating a complete failure in PAP schools delivering a quality education to Singaporean children - FAIL

LKY's self appointed task of forecasting for PAP government - FAIL

LKY's self anointed task of "grooming" a next generation of capable PAP Ministers - FAIL

PAP government's attempt to develop our next generation of hawker talents does not meet previous announcements of high tech industries - FAIL
(Seriously? We pay million dollar salaries to PAP Ministers to develop a hawker industry !!!??? )

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@3:48,

I agree with what you said. PAP has failed Singaporeans. 69.9% has been blinded by pap's rhetoric. We need to wake them up

Anonymous said...

More Failures Of The PAP Government - True Or Not?
The new fighter jet F-35SG for RSAF - FAIL

Temasek's Glencore investment - FAIL

Anonymous said...

Many things failed in Sg.

So whats ?

70% are fine with it,
why must the 30% worry
and kpkb so much ?

Can the 30% show the 70%
that they are capable of saving
the failures or problems ?

TracyTan said...

dear Anonymous@6:58,

Yes, hope SG doesn't get conned and buy the F35 fighter aircraft. It is not proven and if SG were to buy, it is just a clear sign of sucking up to the Americans and that we are helping to defray the cost of building the F35

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@7:23,

Let us not be disheartened by the 69.9%, Let us continue to speak up and reveal the evils of the pap. We may not be able to enlighten all the 69.9%, but by speaking up we will be able to convert some of them and they in turn will be able to convert others.

Unless the pap change, I am confident that it is a matter of time that they will be voted out if they remain deaf and if they refuse to see Singaporeans' misery.

So gird up and be ready to fight for SG and kick out the pap

JayF said...

Rtheoric like yours truly are the reason that the PAP beat the oppies black and blue despite all that bluster pre election. Rather than trying to tell people how bad the PAP is (they are the govt since 1965, every voter knows) tell them what the opposition has to offer them.

In clear simple terms. Less than 10 words. The WP got the messaging thing down pat but failed the new msg part. All the other parties were running like it is 2011.

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF@8.51,

You are just like the PAP IB. You attack the real, effective Opposition which can defeat the pap but gloss over PAP's bad deeds.

The 69.9% voted for the pap don't know that the pap controls the SG media, gerrymeanders electoral boundaries, uses public funds to benefit pap, etc. You don't agree with what I listed?

Anonymous said...

JayF is an unthinking parrot.

JayF said...

The SG electorate demonstrated again and again they dont care. Political parties messaging something they do not hive a rat ass about will not win even said rat ass.

The WP actually won something by promising something other than wat u peddled by failed to update their message. Your strategy will only result in another beating

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@10:24,

You have a point abt JayF

But I think JayF is quite intelligent and knowledgeable. But as in the PAP IBs, they are conditioned by PAP propaganda and believe what they were told by PAP. Look at the PAP MP Sam Tan! He complained that WP didn't answer PAP's queries abt AHPETC. But did Sam Tan look at the PAP. Did PAP answer WP's and Singaporeans' queries abt AIM?

Look at LHL and KBW! They were very quick to shoot at WP when the YSL extra marital affairs broke and were so quick to scorned at WP's selection system and asked for answers from WP. But God is fair and followed quickly with Michael Palmer's case to humble LHL and KBW.

So what is Sam Tan talking abt? He should looka t PAP's record of transparency and accountability before he shoots his mouth

TracyTan said...

Dear JayF@10:58,

Good that you have an opinion on SG's political scene. Looks like you are interested in what happens in SG. Whether you are right or I am right, as Singaporeans, we should work for the love of SG and make its political landscape more transparent, fair and better.

My wish is very simple...that SG loving leaders win in the Elections rather than self serving goons get elected.