Is Singapore really interested in solving haze problem?

The govt has taken legal actions against 5 companies suspected of being among the culprits causing this environmental and health hazard. The Singapore Environment Council, SEC, is also calling up local companies to sign an agreement to declare they did not source from possible haze culprits. One suspected company involved in the haze problem has been named as APP. 10 companies have signed but another 7 have yet to sign. What can the govt do if they don’t sign?

One firm that did not sign said they have stopped getting supplies from APP and would clear their APP stocks before signing. Fair enough. What about those that refused to do anything? Seah Kian Peng of NTUC Fairprice said the company is investigating and also yet to sign the declaration. It was reported that that 20% of the company’s paper products came from APP.

‘Case President Lim Biow Chuan urged consumers to stop supporting companies who have not pledged to be socially responsible. “This will send a strong signal to the errant companies that consumers’ goodwill should not be taken for granted,” he said.’

Would he be having a word with his colleague in NTUC Fairprice about this? Can APP and other culprits take NTUC Fairprice for granted? What is the point of asking the consumers to boycott the paper product suppliers when one of the biggest companies continues to buy from APP?  Is the govt serious in tackling haze culprits or just another wayang , one hand say this and the other doing something else? Oh, forgot, no coordinating minister in charge of haze, trade and SMEs.

And there was a comment by Sinkie Ah Q, a Singapore version, who said what is the point, Singapore is a small market, if his company does not buy from APP, APP can sell to the rest of the world. This kind of attitude is quite understandable from daft Sinkies.

By the way, is APP the only company whose products are sold here? What about Indonesian companies whose products are sold here? Or is it a case of it happens, nothing can be done, let’s move on?

PS: Why are we paying these companies to smoke us?


Anonymous said...

Is Singapore really interested in solving haze problem?

PAP is really interested to make majority (aka 70%) Sinkies feel or see that Singapore is really interested in solving haze problem.

Or else how to get them to vote PAP again in the next election, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

RB and netizens failed to make majority Sinkies feel, see or even think that they should not vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

To APP and other likewise companies, Money is their God. Burn more on the ground and get rich. You die your own business!

Anonymous said...

Talking about the haze, sad, very sad, very very sad!

Why must we suffer this? Why? Why/ Why?

We can only kpkb kpkb but the top top people from other country "no-hue-you"!


可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

agongkia said...

Even if one is interested it does not mean one is capable to solve the problem of Haze .Signing of documents has little effect and eventually may be made a laughing stock especially if one fail to get a signature. Even if all sign there will still be haze.
If SIN is really interested, the first thing to do is to STOP listening to those fools or simple minded Sinkies like those bloggers who know nothing about nature and the use of brain except kpkb with the slightest smog.
These jokers probably have not heard of the story on how a turtle can got away free from the fisherman , by using the brain instead of kpkb..
So long as there is forest there will be haze..even in 100 years later...

Anonymous said...

don't believe that there is forest there must be haze.....

there will be some burning but not large scale land clearing by burning......

please please please....there are other land clearing methods.......

use the head.......think think think..... think out of the box lah.......

what so difficult to do......


Anonymous said...

Resolve to solve the annual smokey thingy? Easy!

One way and only one way:
Insha~~~~~Allah-mak-!!!!!!!!! thank Thy Godliness mak-mak, KKK kop kun krap!

Just (big enough) so the whole freakin' ginormous island of Sumatra can be drenched for months on end... no, drowned in its miserable inhabitants' own sorrows for years if not decades...

No, better yet: let the whole useless MALAYSE-infested Indonesian archipelago sink perpetually, till the end of humanity!

Only this time, make the earthquake(s) that cause this hitherto unseen, unrecorded & unimaginable super tidal wave even bigger than the H23.3.11東日本大震災, the 1972 Chile temblor, 1986 Mexican 'WAVE', 1994 LA Shake'It, magnitudinally larger than Krakatoa, Tambora, St Helen's, Pinatubo ALL PUT TOGETHER!!!!!!!

That'll teach those sitting tightly and comfortably on their pussy asses in Jakarta or hiding away in their Yogyakarta villas lesson

Hopefully this super tidal wave will be huge and long lasting enough to tide across the breadth of Sumatra and the Riau Islands and the Straits of StinkierPOO to reach our shores, overwhelm these useless wretches who can only grouse and grouse to no end for the last seventeen long years!

"Come, baby, come! Come to Papa Lee!!! Come bury with me and my families!!!!!"

jjgg said...

RB not being realistic la..u sign the document today n then when the haze clears up for the next 11 months? What you do..buy similar products at double the price from other paper companies who probably buy their supplies from Indonesia anyway. Perhaps buy from Alibaba or eBay? RB ..don't be daft..buy a mask..take a holiday out of Singapore in sept n October .. Leave the huffing, puffing n posturing to our overpaid fat cats....hehe

Anonymous said...

This is the job cut out for Chan Chun Sing.

Agree kee chiu.

Anonymous said...

There is but one word to describe this
- plus all other ills staring squaring at all of you irredeemable miserable poor low lives out there: 貪

All of you are no different from that Oei Hong Leong's 92yo old papa back in Indon on his sick bed (suffering from the same smog as everyone, every poorer lesser mortal too, hsha - served him right) still wearing that fabled diamond-crusted belt to hold up whatever meat and bones are left of his near century-old frail corpse-like torso
- about same as the satanic LKY when he exited 3/23 this year, so we need fret not since they were very good business buddies and Old Mr Wee will very soon go meet his friend burning down there in the deepest pits of hell.

Cheers! For there is hope yet!
Hallelujah! For there is a God yet!
(Or A-One Paper! Whoever is your favorite paper manufacturer, hahah)

Anonymous said...

"2015 FINA World Cup Singapore: Day 1 Finals Canceled Due to Air Quality"


Haze Not Safe For Swimmers.
- But haze is very safe for Singaporeans to go to work.

Is this double standard?
- Aliens get preferential treatment.
- Citizens are treated like slaves.
- But still 70% want to vote for PAP.
- Why are the 70% so stupid?

Anonymous said...

But still 70% want to vote for PAP.
Why are the 70% so stupid?
Anon 10:28 a.m.

70% are really stupid if they vote for the opposition to be govt when the opposition is not even ready to be govt.

And not being ready to be govt and yet stupid enough to contest 100% seats some more, the stupid opposition is really asking the smart 70% not to vote for opposition. Hence the stupid opposition deserved to lose big big.

Anonymous said...

Hopeless situation!!! In that tiny lil' menstrual-dirty-red-dot of yours, I say.

There's nothing anyone
- not the Lord your God, your Allahs, whatever Singapore Higher Institute of Take-no-logic (SHIT), Buddha, Kuan Yim (or her antithesis of Kuan Yew), Guru Whatever-Bayi-Singh-a-Poo, etc -
Stink-a-poo-Lians are, by nature, stupid and downright dumb and retarded, what can anyone say - courtesy of the fact present-day StinkierPOOlians are themselves sons and daughters of coolies and slaves who knew nothing other than to submit!!!!

To whomever are able to wield the whip that lashed splittingly down hard on them.

Or whomever are able or apt or won't to give them a few puny crumbs if leftover poo-d... Oops, sorry, I mean food.

No questions asked, these poor downright low lives of a descendant of those early slave-migrants...

So, dun con plane now lah! Got balls go get LHL's lil' pink balls, cut them out to make your favorite Rochor Road a-bo-Leng tangyuans lohz!!!! Hahaha