Is anything good coming out of the CHC trial?

With the 10 year imprisonment terms hanging in the air or more, dark clouds are forming over the City Harvest Church but hidden by the haze. Would anything good come out from these expensive court trials ending with millions changing hands?  More than $10m was quoted and the lawyers must be smiling. Imagine how this sum of money could benefit the needy.  That is a opportunity cost gone wrong. Assuming that the prison terms are unavoidable, Changi Prison would then become home to one of the great preachers in Kong Hee and he will have his key lieutenants by his sides, like the loyal disciples at the last supper.

The presence of Kong Hee and his team in Changi must be a good thing, at least to the inmates. They would then have the service of Kong Hee in person to preach to them about the good news and to be saved.  There is a new hope for the sinners. City Harvest would have a lot of new members with another church inside Changi Prison.

Maybe this is God’s work, to bring salvation to the lost sheep in Changi. Here they will have the best to be in their service and in their company. God works in a miraculous way. There will be many more happy people in Changi singing hymns and praising the Lord.

Charity begins at home. America can wait. The Crossover Project can wait. The inmates in Changi will have priority to be saved.



Anonymous said...

The presence of Kong Hee and his team in Changi must be a good thing, at least to the inmates.

Tiok. And not only good, but maybe also the best thing to happen to the inmates? I mean, how often do you get a pastor(or is it ex-pastor?), and a famous one some more, among the inmates?

Indeed God works in a miraculous way!

Anonymous said...

同情! 同情! 同情!

One important thing that people saw ...........

The lady in the centre is absolutely "free"!

Yes! Absolutely "free"!

The rest, very "siong" very "siong" very "siong"!

Maybe kana jail! kana jail! kana jail!

Don't know what to say lah!

Can only 同情! 同情! 同情!

agongkia said...

I find his look is quite likable and is a very good target for many buddies there especially the male .
Many inmates got luck and will say Heng Ah.

jjgg said...

Aiyah..leave the church teachings alone lah...how to understand this mambo jumbo...good things..thy Will be done...bad things also thy Will be done.. See? All bases covered.....hehe

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious you.

How can you say it will be a good thing with Kong Hee propagating in Changi Prison. As if the present crop of untrustworthy white collar convicts going in is not enough, can you imagine what will happen if blue and black collar criminals indoctrinated by Kong Hee were to let loose on the streets in time to come?

Sure the crimimals will be saved, but make sure you and I can remain safe.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I still say Kong and his fellows didn't do anything "wrong", i.e. as in cause harm directly to the aggrieved party/ parties.

However, whatever they did were fucking insanely stupid things. However it is not against the law (nor should it be) to be insanely stupid....unless direct harm to another party results from said insane stupidity.

If people who firstly believe in, and lovingly worship an invisible angry sky-fairy, then go on to donate their heard-earned cash for the purposes of promoting a Singing Horse which looks like a washed-up junkie Bangkok transvestite...why should anyone stop them?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

This is Enlightened
View from a Fellow

Well done !