How should Boon Wan be paid?

The role of Boon Wan in the SMRT is getting recognition for the intensity and furiousity he is going about it. And many rightly questioned whether Boon Wan is indeed the CEO of the SMRT, not even the Minister of Transport. He is fully involved and ensnarled in the nitty gritty of getting the SMRT back on its feet and running. If solving the SMRT problem is indeed a major part of his portfolio, then should Boon Wan be redesignated as the CEO of the SMRT instead of being a minister? And should not he also be paid like the CEO of the SMRT or at least SMRT must foot a big part of his ministerial pay for spending so much time to run the SMRT?

The other question people have been asking is the role of Desmond Kuek, the CEO that was roped in to do exactly what Boon Wan and his specially appointed team are doing? It is still fresh in the minds of the public that Desmond Kuek was head hunted to undo the mess in the SMRT caused by his predecessor. With Boon Wan’s involvement in such a high profile role, who is doing what? Are they sharing the job or has Boon Wan taken over Desmond’s job?

What was not said, after Desmond brought in his army buddies, is that things were not working or improving as he and his team would want them to. And that must be the reason why Boon Wan has to roll up his sleeves to dirty his hands in the SMRT.

The challenges of the SMRT is revealing itself as more than what Desmond Kuek and his team could handle, more than even what Boon Wan could handle. Heard that a section of the train is down again this morning. The intrinsic problems that Desmond and Boon Wan have inherited are deeper and more complex than what they anticipated.

Perhaps Boon Wan should take leave from the Transport Ministry and dig in full time to tackle the SMRT problem, and SMRT be made to pay for his salary. It is just not fair for the public to be paying Boon Wan’s salary as a minister if he is working for the SMRT, a public listed company that is a profit making business.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Rb // The intrinsic problems that Desmond and Boon Wan have inherited are deeper and more complex than what they anticipated. //

Used to have high regards for the horrible man when as an innocent primary sch boy.

In secondary school, JC, NS and as an undergraduate later on, observed that many aspects in the system are far, far worst than what they were made out to be.

Sinkies are generally VERY PRACTICAL and would not show disapproval if so called foreign components of our labour force and population in such huge disproportion in essence can DO GOOD for sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Boon Wan has the mandate from 70% Sinkies to do what he thinks he should do, and Boon Wan's boss, Hsien Loong also has the mandate to decide how Boon Wan should be paid.

So what's there to argue? Not happy? You want to do it your way? Then get the mandate from the 70% first lah, then talk. Can or not?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese coined an age old adage:

" 江山易改, 本性难移 "

Noticed the reverse order of the two verbs used in the above Chinese adage?

Anonymous said...

The fallacies and false assumptions that infinite and unlimited instant trees are panacea to sinkieland's messed-up birth rate problem are likely huge contributory factors to the cracks and slippery roads downwards going forward.

What does that mean?

Understand the Chinese words " 庸材, 庸君, 庸主"?

Anonymous said...

Pay KBW! Pay KBW! Pay KBW!

Yes! Of course KBW is the man! If not KBW, then who?

Yes! Pay KBW on top of his ministerial salary.

Look at KBW. Action and on-the-ground from Day 1.

Yes! Pay KBW on top of his ministerial salary.

Worry not fear not! No problem is too big for KBW. KBW can "一脚踢"!

Yes! Pay KBW on top of his ministerial salary.

How much???

Just loooooooooooooook at the CEO's annual $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as a guide!


Anonymous said...

Sinkies are generally VERY PRACTICAL...
Anon 9:39 a.m.

Sinkies are forced to lah, because they have no better choice than Boon Wan and Hsien Loong mah. Get Dr Chee Soon Juan to take charge and things will be better? How to?

Dr Chee as leader cannot even make his own party SDP strong and better, so how can he make other things he is in charge strong and better? Likewise for WP Low Thia Khiang, who can't even get his Town Council financial accounts OK, so how to get a SMRT running OK or a nation's accounts OK, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Because sinkies are so daft, an idiot will comparatively look smart in the midst ......

If this hypothetical assumption holds, then that explains almost everything ......

The horrible guy misguided "wisdom" looks "brilliant" in a mud pool ......

Anonymous said...

The horrible 老ah pek's so called ( trashy ) hardtruths should work if they are really brilliant!

The fact that the spokes and wheels are falling off the sinkieland's CHOO CHOO train at this part of a short journey cast SERIOUS doubts about the sustainability and medium term viability, much less long term survivorship. ......

Read his books ( though they are quite toxic ), he even admitted many times that sinkieland may not be around in the long term!

Anonymous said...


How many gazillion face palms?

YEW decide!

Anonymous said...

Whatever lah. Whether got M'sian Fucker Cow or no M'sian Fucker Cow, fares for MRT & buses will be increased 100% by 2016. Who gives a fuck?!?! 70% fuckass Sinkies have spoken. Mandate of heaven given to PAPies liao. Everything is right. Everything is good.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland grew from strength to strength between 1819 to 1959.

It was going strong for 140 years ......

Just after less than 60 years, now the spokes, wheels ...... almost everything are coming off .......... the sinkieland's CHOO CHOO train?

Anonymous said...

Raffles was never deified but the system and governance he laid down worked for 140 years and going strong. .....

If hardtruths REALLY work, it should work for another 1,000 years .........

Why even the horrible man cast aspersions on the long term survivorship of sinkieland if his ideas are sound over the long term?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland did survive for several hundred years before PAPIGSISM sunk roots in sinkieland.

It is recorded that sinkieland history dates back to the 13th century during the time of the Mongolian Empire.

That's more than 700 years history!

Anonymous said...

You want quality to improve, pay lah.

Anonymous said...

Uniquely Singapore. That wretched Saw was paid millions to create the mess; Kuek(quack?) is being paid millions to undo the mess but messed it up; and million dollar Minister Khaw is trying to undo the messed-up mess and you ask how much more he should be paid?

Anonymous said...

Why under PAPIGSISM the horrible man lamented sinkieland may not be around in 100 years time?

Sinkieland survived for more than 700 hundred years since the 13th century without the (trashy ) hardtruths ......

Why after PAPIGSISM sunk root then sinkieland long term survivorship becomes an issue?

Anonymous said...

Daft sinkies!

Ask yourselves which is which?

Is sinkieland not viable in the long term or PAPIGSISM itself not viable in the long term?

Anonymous said...

With the cheers fr the crowd here.
Boon Wan arteries or veins will be
choked or burst.
If he survives 2015,
2016 will be a big challenge
for him.

Anonymous said...

All self-serving ministers and MPs are exceedingly overpaid. So are the so called CEOS of government linked companies and the permanent secretaries and directors of all government departments. Thus please don't ever suggest any more pay increase for these shameless people. As New Zealend prime minister told his ministers that if they are thinking of getting rich in politics they should resign and get into business for in politics there is a certain amount of calling and dedication to serve the people and the country and not a short cut to attain wealth, glory and prosperity for themselves. Does Singapore need a xu Jingping to overlook the politicians here so that they know when not to overstep the line?

Felt Cheated Citizen

Anonymous said...

/// The challenges of the SMRT is revealing itself as more than what Desmond Kuek and his team could handle, more than even what Boon Wan could handle. ////

What about Singapore?

Are the challenges of Singapore revealing itself as more than what LHL and his cabinet could handle, more than even what Kuan Yew could handle?

Anonymous said...

See what true-blue sinkies Desmond Kuek and his SAF pals did after taking over SMRT. Nothing very much.
But see what malaysian turned singaporean KBW did with SMRT after taking over the transport role so recently?
So it's true after all, that foreign talents are more capable than locals.

In this situation, it is clear to me that when everyone shares the same SAF background, they will cover each other's ass and nothing gets done (for fear of making another look bad). That is why LTY cannot achieve much when he was the MOT. But KBW is not part of that old boys' network. And we can already see that changes are happening to smrt.

Conclusion: Diversity in parliament can only be good for us. Hopefully, the pea-brain "silent majority" can comprehend this.

Anonymous said...

12:37pm .... So it also shows that NS and SAF are bad for Singapore as it creates old boy's network and licking & covering each other's asses. KBW didn't do NS and knows fuck about SAF, so he doesn't feel the need to cover asses, just need to fuck ass that's all.

Anonymous said...

Should Khaw be doing the job for Kuek? He is a minister you know.

But if Khaw did not put his fingers into the matter and MRT keeps breaking down how?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone assuming that SMRT will
NOT breakdown anymore or much less frequently now that Khaw Boon Wan has put in his divine intervention ?

If he is reading this Site, his head shall swell. But, his heart and blood vessels may not be able to take it. Worse, if the trains breakdown later in the Day or in a few days.

Onitofu !

Anonymous said...

Desmond must quit the CEO post as it is very embarrassing to have another boss over him. Two possible explanation: One, CEO is useless. Messing up the systems and have no idea how to fit them or two, the problems are so serious that we need two head to resolve.

Anonymous said...

Horrible 老ahpek called his ideas hardtruths.......?

What was he thinking?

More like toufu-truths or beancurd- truths! Hardly sustainable or very softly unsustainable?

Anonymous said...

Can somebody change the title of the book to ......?

Anonymous said...

..... TOUFU-TRUTHS OR BEANCURD- TRUTHS to keep Sinkieland going down the drain?

Anonymous said...

What kind of hardtruths when barely after being incinerated for 6 mths all the cracks and worms surfacing?

Anonymous said...

@ trying to change history liar 12.37Pm

YEW really think sinkies STUPID?

Who created the mess originally?

The SAW bitch, do YEW know?

And since when she was born a sinkie unless YEW consider matland as part of Sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

Horrible 老ahpek had hounded and chased away 300,000 tier one and two sinkies to faraway land .....

Now when needed, who want to come back to S E ASIA DPRK?

Sinkieland may have to make do with 8th or 9th tier forland tearlan to solve Sinkieland's problems gg fwd ......

Anonymous said...

"One, CEO is useless. Messing up the systems and have no idea how to fit them or two, the problems are so serious that we need two head to resolve."
Anon 2:34 p.m.

Whatever lah, even though 70% may think SMRT CEO is useless or the problem so serious that need 2 heads to resolve, but with PAP as govt, it is still the lesser of 2 evils as compared to the opposition being elected as govt.

If PAP govt is bad, it will be worse or even a disaster if opposition with Sinkies like Low Thia Khiang become PM and Chee Soon Juan and Tan Jee Say as ministers.

So between bad and disaster, the choice for 70% Sinkies is obvious, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Tier 3, 4 and 5 sinkies could be soon following the tier 1 and 2 in the exodus ..... Out of Sinkieland.

Before the wheels and spokes fully come off the Sinkieland's choo choo train.....

Leave Sinkieland to rot under the ching ho and her (incompetent) cronies..... Like the quack quack quack .......

Anonymous said...

// So between bad and disaster, the choice for 70% Sinkies is obvious, tio bo? //

Ib has admitted hardtruths is not only trash but bad also?

Anonymous said...

...a disaster if opposition with Sinkies like Low Thia Khiang become PM and Chee Soon Juan and Tan Jee Say as ministers."
Anon 2:59 p.m.

Seriously quite true and also very scary if it really happens. So seen in this light, not really surprising why a solid 70% voted for PAP.

Anonymous said...

If just 0.0001% or 3 of the 300,000 capable overseas sinkies return to Sinkieland, problems solved liao.....

Anonymous said...

Khaw is now the most clever minister in the cabinet.
Sinkapolang no more talent leow.
The PM never dare put one of the young PMs to be to be trouble shooter. Sure fire blanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Khaw can also help Ho Jinx and Temasek to improve investment returns?

Anonymous said...

// However this social outcasting happened to me when I started asking questions.

I started mentally calculating how much money the church was making (10% tithe + offerings of $2 at a conservative amount of per pax), it gave me a rather high number.

After thinking through it all, I realised every month the church should have a bit of money left after operational costs.
Then why did they constantly ask for money all the time?

So how much were they paying the pastors?
What else are they spending on?
Shouldn’t the leftover money be put into the church’s own building fund, instead of asking for more from the people? Wasn’t the money given to God, for God’s people? ///



The above paragraph is about City Harvest Church.
Written by a blogger called Geraldine.

Do you think all Singaporeans should learn to ask questions like her?

Anonymous said...

9 Reasons Why City Harvest Church Was the Devil To Me
Posted on October 22, 2015 by gerashen


//// I’ll probably receive some flak from City Harvest people – but through my years I’ve learnt that all they know is to spout out loud their blinded ‘opinions’.

People: They’re not opinions if you were brainwashed into it; that just makes it an influence over a weak mind.

I dare say this.
Why? Because I was one of them. ////

If all young Singaporeans could think critically like this blogger;
Then there is hope for all of us.