How low can the Washington Post go?

Britain was attacked by the Washington Post for ‘kowtowing’ to China. Below is a report in the Global Time showing the low thinking of their China bureau chief.

‘The Washington Post on Wednesday ran a commentary by its China bureau chief Simon Denyer, which accused Britain, as its headline suggested, of "bending over backward to prove its friendship to China." 

What sour grapes!

The article criticized the British government as having been "working overtime to ingratiate itself with
Beijing" and for "complete kowtowing to the Chinese dictatorship." The article also mocked British Chancellor George Osborne for envisioning a "golden relationship" between China and the UK.

The British newspaper The Times also ran an article blasting
China's "despotism," and demanded that the British government should raise the human rights issue when Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Britain next week. 

Apparently the concept of a "golden era" between the two countries has made some people uncomfortable. The former imperial power is placing much of its future on
China. This has hurt the twisted dignity of those who still consider the West the center of the world….’

Can anyone believe that this is the kind of thinking in the Washington Post, making spiteful and callous remarks like spoilt adolescents? My God, Washington Post, aren’t you supposed to be some high brow newspaper? Or is the Washington Post now another trashy tabloids indulging in sleazy gossips?

This is the new normal, the new quality of America’s standard bearer, supposedly a top and reputable media. What a shame!


TracyTan said...

Any wise politician can see that China's star is shining whereas USA's future is dimming. Washington Post is grasping to try and delay the inevitable swing of countries away from USA. Britain appears to know what is good for their future and has taken tentative steps to get close to China

Anonymous said...

hey, I happen to like reading the washington post.

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:16,

That's great. Reading Washington Post is better than reading Straits Time. If we just read the Straits Times, we will end up like the 70% who believe that PAP is God's gift to Singapore

Anonymous said...

Please lah, USA is still the most powerful in the world, both in the economic and military spheres.

Why US dollar, and not Renminbi, is the international currency of trade and commerce?

Why do you think China is lending so much money to the USA? Why Alibaba want to list on the NYSE, and making Jack Ma the richest man in China?

Why President Xi Jinping visited China first before visiting Britain? Why President Xi has not even visited Sinkieland yet, despite already having visited Malaysia?

Why Sinkieland welcome the US to use our naval bases to support and service their Pacific naval fleet?

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@9:24,

You made some good comments and asked interesting questions. Some answers are more obvious than others.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Golden era between China and UK will be over very fast.
Just like the Golden Era of Opposition politics in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Note: Simon Denyer of WP and Adrian Brown of AJ are Brits who often get together in an Irish pub in Sanlitun. Whenever they've had too much to drink, they start unleashing racist rants. While they take advantage of China's kindness & hospitality, they are spitting the Chinese people in the face. Perhaps it's time for the government to permanently bar them from entering China and stirring up trouble. Same goes for Orville Schell, who's been calling for the US congress to undermine the CPC

Anonymous said...

Washington Post is compromising it's professionalism and it's credibility by using words like "kowtowing" and tabloid style mud throwing at Britain. Such peasant woman talk is harming Washington Post's image, reputation and credibility therefore diminishing it's influence.

Anonymous said...

Is Tracy Tan the same sexy babe in cnbc?

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@10:09,

You may be right. Good relationships can easily be soured. Only time will tell how long the good UK/China relationship will last

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous@11:17,

Yes, Simon and Adrian are taking China's kindness for granted and treats it as their birth right. How silly of Simon and Adrian. Doesn't the same happens in the case of foreigners who are guest workers in SG? These crude foreigners think it is their birth right to experience kindness in SG but instead repays Singaporeans with caustic remarks and gangster like behaviours. It's time the PAP puts these foreigners in the rightful place

TracyTan said...

Dear Anonymous @11:24,

Yes Washington Post shows lack of professionalism

TracyTan said...

I am Tracy Tan from Singapore